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Romance Stories

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 — He proves that love is the most important thing. by Dude672901/26/03Editor's Pick


 — BBW gains appreciate of self. by grgy5601/26/084.06

M&M Kisses

 — Sweets revenge exposes a weakness and opportunity. by Tx Tall Tales10/01/124.84HOT

Mac and Me

 — He meets entrancing redhead at convention. by silverace102/07/054.28

Macon Ch. 01

 — She gave him the love of a lifetime. by blackrandl195811/23/174.80HOT

Madam Zira & the Henderson Affair

 — On the road with Madam Zira. by Lisa CJ01/09/024.73HOT


 — After 15 years apart, they find each other. by Moms_Son04/30/083.93

Maddie's Gift

 — Maddie learns what true erotic passion feels like... by Sedonia Guillone07/16/064.63HOT

Maddie's Sexual Journey

 — She gets lots of good loving. by ainu211/23/114.31

Maddy Ch. 01

 — US businessman meets Aussie girl in London. by ninefe2dg08/25/074.50HOT

Maddy Ch. 02

 — US businessman meets up on flight with new flame. by ninefe2dg08/26/074.55HOT

Madeleine Ch. 01

 — Love in the time of chaos and madness. by jack_straw03/24/114.56HOT

Madeleine Ch. 02

 — Love finds its spark as the war deepens. by jack_straw04/01/114.64HOT

Madeleine Ch. 03

 — Love finds its voice in a night of passion. by jack_straw04/07/114.69HOT

Madeleine Ch. 04

 — Love passes its first major challenge. by jack_straw04/14/114.62HOT

Madeleine Ch. 05

 — Love takes a back seat to the war. by jack_straw04/22/114.54HOT

Madeleine Ch. 06

 — Love becomes a refuge in the deepening crisis. by jack_straw04/29/114.63HOT

Madeleine Ch. 07

 — Love faces difficult moments. by jack_straw05/19/114.65HOT

Madeleine Ch. 08

 — Love survives its most difficult challenges. by jack_straw06/12/114.76HOT

Madness in the Method Ch. 01

 — Katrina searches for love in college. by LaRascasse03/06/134.55HOT

Maelstrom Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Prologue. by TwistedSight08/02/154.23

Maelstrom Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by TwistedSight08/07/154.32

Magazine Quality

 — The woman had that magic "something." by magmaman08/12/104.70HOT


 — A widow finds the crazy red-head she used to be. by ofloveandlust01/13/164.62HOT

Maggie and The Professor

 — An middle-aged professor meets an alluring younger woman. by lazyways02/06/124.60HOT

Maggie Climbs the Corporate Ladder

 — Stunning woman is attracted to her boss. by Dinsmore05/23/054.78HOTContest Winner

Maggie Mae - DGH

 — First love & romance with an older woman. by DG Hear11/16/074.69HOT

Maggie's Hard Day

 — Maggie gets spoiled after a tough day. by Bubba40200103/03/014.29

Maggie's Story

 — After a suicide attempt, Maggie finds love and herself. by rwsteward10/08/094.79HOT


 — A spell is cast for two lovers. by jack_straw04/14/054.58HOT


 — Does magic work? by Justtoold07/30/154.38

Magic Allie's Story

 — Does magic help save a relationship. by Justtoold05/04/164.25

Magic in the Woods

 — She remembers spontaneous sex in the woods. by dreamsweet10/05/01

Magic Lamp

 — I find an old lamp on the beach. What is it? by oggbashan01/24/184.66HOT

Magic of the Cove

 — A quiet cove, and love as deep as the ocean. by bodaciousbarbie08/21/014.29

Magic Room

 — A one-night-stand fantasy. by htchl812/11/083.56

Magic Words

 — Dramatic romance. by wetapap01/29/104.58HOT

Mahal Kita

 — An erotic encounter between two lovers. by Firefox03/12/034.78HOT

Mai Corn's Tale

 — Witness relates the events of Miss Pepperidge's adventure. by StoryPal07/26/094.73HOT

Maid Elizabeth

 — They meet by the boat. by smilodonwriter08/06/024.59HOT

Maid for More

 — Simple service blooms into mutual passion. by Couldntbe04/08/174.01

Maid with Benefits

 — When an ill friend calls for a maid. by MythsOfMischief10/07/154.25

Maiden Voyage of the Amethyst Dream

 — A couple's first night of love making. by D A Stone08/19/034.30

Maiden Voyage: The Next Day

 — Day two of the maiden voyage. by D A Stone02/07/044.45

Mail Order Bride

 — Strangers on a train end the day as man and wife. by Alex De Kok12/30/124.80HOT

Maimuna The Somali MILF

 — Haitian stud mesmerized by Somali woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/21/152.14


 — Just a matter of trust. by demure10112/14/124.54HOT

Make a Wish

 — She's missing you on your birthday. by ELLERODERICK07/15/084.25

Make a Wish

 — She finds a genie, but doesn't want to make a wish. by PennLady05/02/094.79HOT

Make a Wish

 — She gives fiance birthday present while on tour with him. by heartgirl1401/20/134.19

Make Me Want It

 — Please? by YouDidWhut02/01/184.86HOT

Maker Girl Ch. 01

 — She knew chips. by SierraSprite10/05/154.72HOT

Maker Girl Ch. 02

 — Homework at Big Sur. by SierraSprite10/09/154.76HOT

Makeup Sex

 — All lovers fight, which is what Makeup Sex was created for! by jimmydeltoro08/05/123.85

Making A Baby On Sunday Afternoon

 — Well trying too is fun. by alexcarr06/10/133.72

Making Beautiful Music

 — Two friends at a concert make their own music backstage! by allychris406/03/143.52

Making Decisions Pt. 01

 — After a somewhat wild life, Jim looks for love. by DG Hear04/13/084.54HOT

Making Decisions Pt. 02

 — He found her; can he hold on to her? by DG Hear04/14/084.64HOT

Making Decisions Pt. 03

 — Jim and Kim are together, will they stay that way? by DG Hear04/15/084.77HOT

Making Her Fall in Love with Me

 — Making the woman you love, fall in love with you... by flamboyanceinlife01/11/183.38

Making Her Yearn for More

 — My visit to her office has a purpose. by MyAntonio10/06/113.73

Making It Work

 — Introductions. by cassandraharper10/31/124.35

Making It Work Ch. 02

 —  Ana being Ana. by cassandraharper01/08/134.50HOT

Making It Work Ch. 03

 — Decisions must be made. by cassandraharper02/08/134.54HOT

Making It Work Ch. 04

 — The argument. by cassandraharper02/16/134.68HOT

Making It Work Ch. 05

 — Getting used to goodbye. by cassandraharper03/28/134.64HOT

Making It Work Ch. 06

 — Life goes on. by cassandraharper05/16/134.70HOT

Making It Work Ch. 07

 — The heart knows what it wants. by cassandraharper07/29/134.59HOT

Making It Work Ch. 08

 — Finally moving forward. by cassandraharper11/04/134.62HOT

Making Love

 — He makes love to his wife. by ThePerfectGentleman10/16/014.38

Making Love in the City of Love

 — He takes her to Paris for Valentine's Day. by WFEATHER01/21/054.55HOT

Making Love to Teresa

 — Teresa, a voluptuous woman I met online, and I make love. by chefgiovanni03/09/114.39

Making Love to You

 — How he would make love to my lady. by Crazzytrucker07/21/053.75

Making Love To You...

 — Rainy morning turns into sweet passion. by sweetvee04/19/014.40

Making Love Under A Waterfall

 — What she would love to do to you. by prime of life06/07/034.30

Making Memories Of Us

 — A story about Love found over 3000 miles away. by Sweetevil04/10/073.80

Making Memories of Us

 — One more song, one more story. by MugsyB11/10/124.70HOT

Making Music

 — Daniel and Halushaka make love. by Moondrift09/04/044.58HOT

Making Our Baby

 — An homage to mothers everywhere. by MiliktheRed09/05/134.73HOT

Making the Most

 — Unconfident Stephani finds love. by Supah_Bi06/23/074.21

Making Time for Gina

 — A husband finally makes time to please his neglected wife. by Talldarkhandome6906/05/094.55HOT

Making Up

 — Couple reconciles after an argument. by Ed061310/10/004.18

Making Up

 — Making up with the one you love. by mysterylady92703/13/034.32

Making You Mine

 — Giving you a son. by inkquisitive02/24/164.34

Male Man's Delivery

 — Guy writes note to co-worker. by stoneypoint02/10/063.55

Mallie's One Night Plan

 — She was determined to open only her legs, not her heart. by johnnieblue4412/19/094.63HOT

Mammary Mansion Ch. 09

 — Monica and Michael give each other a night of bliss. by dass445005/21/034.72HOT

Man and Woman

 — After cancer, rejected by partners, they meet on Valentine's Day. by hoo_hoo_boo01/21/144.47

Man for the Job

 — Love finds it way. by Blkwas6905/26/174.54HOT

Man in Blue

 — He gave her a chance to run; why didn’t she? by sticky_cherry_syrup07/20/08HOT

Man of Her Dreams

 — She meets the man of her dreams, but is she willing to try? by shatee2309/24/124.17

Man's Best Friend Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter leads to romance. by ariel5807/19/174.67HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Greg and Alice's relationship deepens. by ariel5807/26/174.76HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 03

 — Greg begins to discover Alice's adventurous side. by ariel5807/27/174.76HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 04

 — Alice turns the tables on her lover. by ariel5807/31/174.74HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 05

 — Did somebody mention the L-word? by ariel5808/02/174.76HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 06

 — A concert, a stolen afternoon and a decision is made. by ariel5808/04/174.78HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 07

 — Greg finally gets to meet Alice's daughter. by ariel5808/07/174.64HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 08

 — Can Greg and Alice's relationship be saved? by ariel5808/09/174.78HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 09

 — The start of a new life together. by ariel5808/11/174.80HOT

Man's Best Friend Ch. 10

 — The final chapter. by ariel5808/13/174.81HOT


 — With 'use 'em and lose 'em' rep, who'd have thought... by Sven the Elder05/13/024.49


 — A musician, missing shoe and quest for love... by moonlitclover02/26/154.68HOT

Mando & Lek

 — I will never finish this story. It's up for grabs. by Purple_Raihne02/21/123.80

Manny and Christina Ch. 01

 — Two friends are ditched. by Dreaco08/08/103.88

Manny and Christina Ch. 02

 — Manny has an accident and Chris has a plan. by Dreaco08/15/103.88

Mansion in the Wood

 — Widower drifts through life until things change dramatically. by curious2c05/28/084.74HOT

Marathon Girl

 — Marathoner in Training has an admirer. by ninefe2dg10/02/074.53HOT

Marcos and Kaylia

 — Thrilling tail of a strong mountain man and his petite lover. by MarcosPopoli02/10/124.09

Mardi Gras Time In New Orleans

 — Fran finds passion in New Orleans. by in_a_hawks_world07/23/044.33


 — I never knew that I could love someone this much. by Texas Refugee02/18/074.53HOT

Margaret Talks Dirty

 — Bored Wife takes initiative to spice up our sex life. by Pimpleia08/14/164.41

Marge and Sarge

 — Old habits for new lovers. by PTBzzzz04/06/114.55HOT

Margie and the R Man

 — Margie is rescued on the edge of financial difficulties. by mattwatt4312/12/114.69HOT

Maria Pays The Rent

 — She compromises herself but things work out for the best. by oneofthetwelve04/15/083.93

Mariah's Angel

 — A twist on a classic Christmas story. by LilaBlossom11/26/104.76HOT

Mariam And Elijah In Ottawa

 — Jamaican student seduces Somali Hijabi in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/13/142.14

Mariam Hanaffi Of Somalia

 — Students from opposite faiths meet in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/28/151.80

Marian the Librarian

 — A chance encounter leads to passion and romance. by Sandman831408/13/144.42

Marianne Ch. 01

 — Marianne has chance to be with coworker Matthew. by valexander08/23/034.71HOT

Marianne Ch. 02

 — Marianne and Matthew continue their affair. by valexander10/15/034.74HOT

Marianne Ch. 03

 — Marianne and Matthew at the convention. by valexander10/07/044.68HOT


 — A man meets a woman unlike any other. by roswalien06/15/144.54HOT

Mario's Restaurant and Louise

 — Sort of romantic with a twist. by alexcarr09/18/103.77

Mark & Tara

 — Their first time. by haylz8711/01/073.85

Mark & Tracy

 — Coworkers finally get chance to enjoy one another. by redtease6911/27/044.55HOT

Mark & Tracy Ch. 02

 — Co-workers continue their love affair. by redtease6912/02/044.67HOT

Mark and Geri

 — Hiking partners become life partners. by IntrospectiveWanderer06/06/154.72HOT


 — A theory tested, a secret shared. by WFEATHER02/21/054.20

Marked and Off-Limits

 — Romantic encounter. by JackJawnson999908/02/134.29

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 01

 — My husband surprises me. by Curiousaboutlove06/17/154.61HOT

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 02

 — We surprise each other. by Curiousaboutlove06/20/154.78HOT

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 03

 — Deepening our love and desire. by Curiousaboutlove06/24/154.79HOT

Married But Not To Each Other: His Side

 — Online lovers imagine they're together. by zipps10/12/012.92

Married Life

 — A steamy little fic about a young married couple by MirrorWidow04/22/034.50HOT

Martha in America Ch. 08

 — Too much? A Great Bundle of Love. What to do with it? by leBonhomme08/07/134.96HOT

Martin and Olivia

 — A lost foreigner is rescued by a beautiful young woman. by StevenMonel40007/18/143.92

Marty the Midget's Erotic Christmas

 — A midget love story. by Dingus Guy12/08/034.69HOTContest Winner

Marvin, the King of Bohemia

 — Rumour and innuendo spark a lonely man's love life. by Greenbill03/24/154.41


 — She occasionally blew into town. by coldmint07/09/034.15

Mary and Alvin Ch. 01

 — The first encounter of an unlikely couple. by MelissaBaby11/14/174.73HOT

Mary and Alvin Ch. 02

 — After meeting Alvin, Mary reflects on her past. by MelissaBaby12/14/174.70HOT

Mary and Alvin Ch. 03

 — Alvin makes a voyage, and reminisces about another. by MelissaBaby01/26/184.82HOT

Mary and Alvin Ch. 04

 — Alvin returns and receives a mixed reception. by MelissaBaby02/17/184.73HOTNEW

Mary Beth and Jordan

 — Oh that's the easy part JD I'm reclaiming what's mine. by markelly08/06/104.78HOT

Mary Christmas

 — Mary wraps herself up in lights as a Christmas present by The_Technician12/25/134.27

Mary Returns a Favor

 — A middle-aged widow wants to return her neighbor's kindness. by AliceShayne05/15/104.47

Mary's Bet

 — Lovers make a bet and enjoy the consequences. by RedJohnny11/15/094.22

Mary's Guardian Angel Ch. 01

 — An innocent woman is betrayed by her husband and arrested. by beagle969008/03/164.56HOT

Mary's Rescue

 — An excerpt from 'A Queen From Eden'. by WRJames05/25/073.50

Mary, the Beginning

 — Their meeting created a life time friendship. by sloerides01/16/034.00


 — Traveler meets a beautiful colleague. by ninefe2dg10/26/074.25

Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Bread

 — Ellen makes a wonderful meal for her husband. by blondiesheart09/29/064.73HOT

Mask of Kara

 — Romance and deception at Pharoah’s court. by sr71plt07/30/114.51HOTEditor's Pick


 — Story of a masquerade ball and tryst following. by AntoniusDench11/02/104.43

Masquerade Ch. 01

 — Posie & Kevin enter the other room. by Tree_frog10/15/044.50

Masquerade Pt. 01

 — Sometimes you get what you didn't know you wanted... by livelaughlovedream309/13/144.25

Masquerade Pt. 02

 — The anticipation continues... by livelaughlovedream309/14/144.51HOT

Masquerade Pt. 03

 — The conclusion of her wildest desires... by livelaughlovedream309/15/144.55HOT


 — A rubdown gets intimate. by Nathon_8805/01/013.41

Massage by the Fire

 — Romantic encounter massage by firelight. by fireguydfw03/26/094.21

Massage Ch. 1

 — He rubs her the right way. by db_0110/19/003.72

Massage Ch. 2 & Ch. 3

 — Two erotic writers "massage" each other. by db_0110/19/003.89

Massage Ch. 4 & Ch. 5

 — Two erotic writers continue "massage" by db_0110/19/004.57

Massage Fantasy

 — Sometimes all you need is a massage...and a happy ending... by WantonTease11/14/173.40

Massage Mat Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Beth's Awakening. by KatieAnnBB08/16/154.77HOT

Massage Therapist, My Wife

 — His wife uses him to live out a fantasy. by barnabus05/19/044.16

Massage Therapy

 — He travels cross-country to meet true love. by Soft Touch10/08/004.58HOT

Massage Therapy

 — Masseuse gets close to client. by Silver Sea10/20/004.46

Massage to Ecstasy Ch. 01

 — A romantic homecoming of two lovers. by cb31101/04/183.75

Massaging Trish

 — Our first sexual encounter. by Rob in AZ08/05/034.54HOT

Master & Slave Meet

 — A Master's recount of their first moments together. by Garth03/18/013.94

Master Elrick

 — She learns to trust the master. by wannabeluver199111/10/124.35

Master's Love

 — Intense pleasure, based off a personal experience. Enjoy. by Sauscio12/06/173.67

MasterPC Ch. 14

 — David takes Julia on a romantic weekend. by mstrhole02/22/134.65HOT

Matching Day

 — To love risks more than just her heart. by SmallTownPrincess08/23/114.48

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