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Music To My Ears

 — The social worker and the disabled ex-pianist. by Mythrana05/23/054.58HOT

Music To My Ears Ch. 02

 — Nicky tries to break through to Eric. by Mythrana06/04/054.70HOT

Music To My Ears Ch. 03

 — The breakthrough. by Mythrana06/22/054.76HOT

Music To My Ears Ch. 04

 — Eric's full acceptance. by Mythrana11/04/054.76HOT

Musical Mornings

 — An early morning crescendo. by KatsaWanker02/26/123.80

Muslim Roles

 — Brother is sister's keeper. Who protects him? by oggbashan06/18/043.64

Must Try Harder

 — A teacher, a dog and an old folks' club. by Gunnlaug05/02/144.66HOT

Mustang Romance Ch. 01

 — Love blooms in the Texas canyons. by leejames07/18/104.54HOT

Mustang Romance Ch. 02

 — An interesting dinner. by leejames01/13/114.57HOT

Mustang Romance Ch. 03

 — The auction. by leejames03/15/114.58HOT

Mustang Sally

 — The Myth of the Missing Lover. by Softouch91103/28/054.55HOTContest Winner

Mutual Rescue

 — An older man and a younger single mom heal each other. by Lucky Mann01/30/174.52HOT

Mutual Support, Mutual Pleasure

 — Two lonely people discover each other. by madengineer306/25/124.26

My Adorable Protégé

 — Apparent heartless two-timing man notices Bunny. by Egmont Grigor05/15/054.69HOT

My Affair

 — I loved two women; one loved me. by GToast09/19/084.52HOT

My Affair

 — How I have fallen in love with another woman. by MrHardMisWet05/20/133.76

My Affair With Brenda

 — He drops by for business. by cheerfulnut09/18/034.22

My All Time Fantasy

 — Girlfriend yearns to seduce her boyfriend. by smurfet_197804/03/012.95

My Angel

 — The first meeting with his angel from above. by Plato200208/23/024.47

My Angel on the Line

 — A love story between man and his wife. by dirtyjoe6907/12/064.58HOT

My Angel, My Valentine

 — Nothing can seperate them ever again. by Mystery_Love_Girl01/27/084.09

My Anime Girl

 — I'm an unwilling host to an out of town guest. by sourdough99908/29/104.43

My Ass Misses Your Hands

 — An email sparks a fond recollection of a previous encounter. by Shinzon06/21/104.50

My Austrian Adventure

 — Online lovers make their dreams cum true. by UPhoria09/21/134.30

My Awakening

 — Their paths crossed as they were meant to. by Jade Love10/26/014.60HOT

My Balkan Adventure

 — Rick goes in search of a beauty he glimpsed on TV. by Pussyrider02/26/084.37

My Ballantyne Ch. 01

 — Failing dancing school becomes school of seduction. by Egmont Grigor06/19/054.33

My Ballantyne Ch. 02

 — The Ballantyne School of Seduction opens. by Egmont Grigor06/19/054.56HOT

My Barista: Finale

 — A small kind of romantic ending to my series. by Azuldrgon05/04/094.39

My Beautiful Jolene

 — David recalls his first date with Jolene. by funtoppings01/03/114.48

My Beloved Husband

 — Young Man courted me arduously after breakup with my daughter. by jackjill811/01/164.25

My Best Friend

 — Two friends meet each other. by Bleeding_Poet04/03/074.20

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Ch. 04

 — Jessica finds out she's pregnant and fucks Oliver. by secretsugar08/02/163.97

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 01

 — A chance reunion leads to quality time alone. by hafnium1004/20/094.27

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 02

 — The next morning they want what they missed last night. by hafnium1004/25/094.52HOT

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 03

 — It has been so long since they have been with anyone. by hafnium1004/26/094.64HOT

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 04

 — Their bodies come together again by hafnium1004/29/094.62HOT

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 05

 — Will she stay or will she go? by hafnium1005/03/094.71HOT

My Best Friend's Ex

 — Lindsey seduces her best friend's ex. by sweetpea7807/29/024.65HOT

My Best Friend's Ex Ch. 2

 — Lindsey, Ed, and Amy go to a club and things get hot. by sweetpea7808/09/024.29

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — The first chapter of a love story between two taken people. by jacklangston09/12/124.06

My Best Friend's V Day Massage

 — Daniel finally makes his move on his best friend Violet. by storyteller1902/07/184.51HOT

My Best Friend... Or More?

 — Stacy learns her BFF, David might be moving away. by RedSquirrel8403/20/154.13

My Best Friends Father Ch. 02

 — Erika surprises Mr P and he takes advantage of the situation. by _Kushiel_11/10/114.70HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 03

 — Erika tries to keep her secret from Becky, but it's hard. by _Kushiel_11/11/114.52HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 04

 — Left alone again with Mr P, what will he do to her now? by _Kushiel_11/12/114.62HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 05

 — Erika gets an after dinner performance like no other! by _Kushiel_11/13/114.74HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 06

 — Becky finds out about Erika and her Father! by _Kushiel_11/14/114.72HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 07

 — Mr P tells his daughter some home truths. by _Kushiel_11/15/114.71HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 08

 — Mr P takes a day off work to be with her. by _Kushiel_11/16/114.73HOT

My Best Love

 — When she couldn't have him, she settled on being his friend. by sweetk1sses01/23/094.54HOT

My Big Balls and Cock

 — Helping to solve a problem. by flashgordon56200607/22/173.70

My Birthday Fantasy

 — Female writer meets cyber partner for a day of orgasms. by hacongi12/06/014.60HOT

My Birthday Present Ch. 01

 — They set out for the mountain cabin. by LMP_Jessilin12/03/094.20

My Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — Skinny dipping in the lake. by LMP_Jessilin12/10/094.37

My Birthday Present Ch. 04

 — Raphael gets out of the shower and the fun begins. by LMP_Jessilin03/13/104.62HOT

My Black Step-Sister

 — He came back for her birthday. by mustanger7up04/22/034.56HOT

My Blonde Pixie

 — A story of the unity of friends and breaking the friend zone. by Dyln_1110/24/163.85

My Boner Turns Me Invisible Ch. 03

 — A sexually frustrated high school student turns invisible. by JeffreyFreemont06/03/124.32

My Boss, My Lover

 — Dictation takes on a whole new meaning. by Honey12306/13/044.66HOT

My Brother's Widow

 — Danny and Cathy seek comfort after Steve's death. by Pussyrider10/23/084.62HOT

My Bus Driver

 — Her bad day ends well. by scarlettalice07/07/124.26

My Cam-Girl

 — An intense erotic & mental relationship. by Archangel3410/28/033.62

My CEO Pt. 01

 — An employee gives in to her boss after years of denying it. by SkipForeplay01/23/184.44

My Christmas Eve Wish

 — How she wants to celebrate the holiday. by nautynursing08/29/054.20

My Compass

 — I've always been different.... by dainii01/10/154.31

My Computer Vendor

 — Indian boys deliver more than just packages. by pooja12/13/024.00

My Corvette Summer

 — He grows into a man while on a great adventure. by woodmanone07/08/094.62HOT

My Cowboy, My Heart

 — She falls for uncle's ranch foreman. by camogirl8809/19/084.49

My Cup of Tea Ch. 01

 — What happens when two lonely people meet. by soweet_cowgirl12/07/064.55HOT

My Cup of Tea Ch. 02

 — Rain is like the pitpat of my heart. by soweet_cowgirl12/08/064.33

My Cup of Tea Ch. 03

 — Love is like a rose... by soweet_cowgirl04/25/074.23

My Cup of Tea Ch. 04

 — Flaming Llamas first kiss. by soweet_cowgirl04/26/074.22

My Cup of Tea Ch. 05

 — Define our relationship by soweet_cowgirl04/27/074.73HOT

My Cup of Tea Ch. 06

 — Love is never between you and me only. by soweet_cowgirl04/28/074.45

My Dark Prince Arrives

 — My love arrives at my doorstep... by laurambell11/25/093.69

My Darling Seducer

 — Robbie's long wait for freed murderess with two kids. by Egmont Grigor06/18/054.53HOT

My Date With A Teenager

 — He spends evening with 19 year old. by A Dave in PA04/15/024.46

My Date with You

 — I prepare for our evening together. by vulpes3206/07/094.65HOT

My Daughter's Best Friend

 — Love the second time around. by darkrivers12/21/034.39

My Dearest Becky Pt. 01

 — The continuation of Becky's Marine. by Betrayer_of_Skalathrax12/22/154.76HOT

My Dearest Becky Pt. 02

 — The continuation of Becky's Marine. by Betrayer_of_Skalathrax12/31/154.77HOT

My Dragon Man

 — A Dragon Slayer and the woman of his dreams. by wolftras08/08/084.33

My Dream

 — The night we finally meet. by Missy1887308/24/083.60

My Dream Meeting

 — She finally meet the man of her dreams. by kbs242508/17/032.89

My Dream Santa

 — Jen always dreams of Santa, but this year he comes early by Spencerfiction11/14/174.84HOTContest Winner

My East Coast Cowboy

 — A lovely passionate woman resigned to an unhappy marriage. by beagle969006/19/104.56HOT

My Editor and Me

 — A fantasy of meeting. by Brandie6906/26/124.05

My Eros 63: A Little Treat

 — That little something special after a long day. by MyEros33307/06/023.64

My Eros 68: You Come To Me Naked

 — Feeling you, touching you, savoring you fully. by MyEros33307/08/023.91

My Eros 69: You Dream Of Me

 — Alone you sleep, he enters deep, your heart to keep. by MyEros33307/25/023.91

My Evil Stepsister

 — My mother remarries a man with a daughter. by Web_Spinner07/08/104.71HOT

My Ex Wife And I Find Each Other

 — Out to dinner, they rediscover their passion. by DarkrSide10/07/114.46

My Ex-Girlfriend Rosy

 — I get a chance to fuck an ex girlfriend and get her pregnant. by PervWolf05/15/183.51

My Fantasy

 — All great stories start out "No shit, there I was..." by TheAlien01/25/084.33

My Fantasy

 — Married woman's fantasy about married man. by romance4me04/20/143.88

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 01

 — Meeting my fantasy girl. by raggmopp08/16/104.35

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 02

 — First date with my fantasy girl. by raggmopp09/14/104.43

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 03

 — The courtship of my fantasy girl. by raggmopp12/17/104.46

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 04

 — The Fantasy. by raggmopp01/01/114.70HOT

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 05

 — The Reality. by raggmopp01/14/114.22

My Fantasy Girl Ch. 06

 — Epilogue: the end of my story. by raggmopp02/11/114.25

My Father

 — A coal miner's daughter dreams of becoming a ballerina. by sbrooks103x10/10/174.47

My Father-in-Law Ch. 1

 — Husband's dad gives them a gift they truly cherish. by VikingLass02/20/014.34

My Favorite Christmas Party

 — The best present I ever got. by Honey12312/10/034.25

My Favorite Color

 — Will Darlene survive a date with rich, dominating David? by MarciaR12/11/044.09

My Favorite Holiday

 — A young man's most hated holiday becomes his favorite. by SteelAndSilk08/10/084.40

My Favorite Roommate

 — My roommate had a boyfriend but I wanted her. by Brian658806/23/174.21

My Favorite Student

 — You seduce your sex Lit professor. by TeraJY05/23/013.23

My Film Debut

 — The best fuck of his life, all caught on camera. by SupervillainX09/15/074.49

My Fireman: Love at Last

 — Fireman and ER nurse finally admit heir feelings. by Randys toy03/06/054.30

My First BBW - Jane

 — My first BBW sexual experience. by big_girls_are_my_weakness04/20/154.44

My First Erotica

 — Shy girl meets kind guy from the past. by LadyPenny09/06/044.20

My First Hanukkah

 — Love grows over eight crazy nights. by JayDavid11/15/124.74HOT

My First Love

 — She spends the night with the man of her dreams, you. by LittleNell7607/01/074.38

My First Massage

 — A college student enjoys her first sensual massage. by storytyme06/18/143.99

My First Night As A Wife

 — Couple consummates marriage in jacuzzi tub. by JulieGillman08/17/083.94

My First Night With Kevin Cox

 — She tempts seemingly disinterested man. by ShadowOfDeath18407/19/033.83

My First Night With Rajesh

 — My breasts swayed furiously before his eyes. by Saswati11/13/064.11

My Fling

 — Co-workers enjoy late night office mischief. by mdp_200412/09/094.33

My Flower Is Now in Full Bloom

 — Two lovers finally explore each other for the first time. by Erotic_librarian04/03/174.64HOT

My Friend And I Finally Connect

 — A college girl finds passion with a long time friend. by cubsrule197202/15/093.68

My Friend Cathy

 — A meeting between two former lovers. by dadnukum03/20/063.60

My Friend, Lover, and Wife, Arlene

 — Husband can't say good-bye to his wife after 40 years. by PositiveThinker01/22/09HOT

My Frustration

 — A story of my wife, her mother and I. by Lamh Dearg02/06/063.97

My Frustration Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of wife, her mother and him. by Lamh Dearg04/01/074.71HOT

My Frustration Ch. 03

 — Frustrated no more? by Lamh Dearg04/09/074.36

My Funny Valentine

 — Jonas has a special surprise in store for Andrea. by moonbladem02/03/054.54HOT

My Funny Valentine Ch. 01

 — Too much expectations for love day. by maxicue10/17/134.55HOT

My Funny Valentine Ch. 02

 — The day improves greatly. by maxicue10/18/134.63HOT

My Funny Valentine Ch. 03

 — The next morning brings dark secrets. by maxicue10/22/134.64HOT

My Funny Valentine Ch. 04

 — Our first anniversary becoming a couple. by maxicue11/02/134.32

My Funny Valentine Ch. 05

 — A Valentine's Day wedding. by maxicue11/03/134.47

My Funny Valentine Ch. 06

 — Our pornographic home. by maxicue11/04/134.14

My Funny Valentine Ch. 07

 — Years later and epilogue. by maxicue11/11/134.80HOT

My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 08

 — The Wedding night..... by jaylee50702/23/054.60HOT

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