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My Twin Loves

 — He falls in love with one twin, the other, or both? by christo01/12/024.77HOT

My Valentine

 — Two college kids spending the weekend together. by Lingerielover143404/28/124.22

My Valentine's Day Fantasy

 —  A fantasy that was fulfilled. by thunderbelle01/27/043.95

My Warrior Wife

 — Courting couple discover a mutual love for boxing. by SubmissiveRomantic02/28/134.52HOT

My Weather Girl

 — A tale of romantic bliss. by alexcarr09/14/103.82

My Weeping Heart

 — Trudie lay in bed with me. by exquisitelifetime07/23/112.50

My Wife's Sister

 — How his wife's sister became his lover. by allyn08/06/044.44

My Wild-on Waitress

 — Meeting someone important by maxdname11/26/074.70HOT

My Wish

 — A little late afternoon day dreaming. by SweetestDistraction10/24/074.67

My Woman From Kyoto

 — He's rewarded with boss' daughter. by portlanddrew07/20/114.11

Mysterious Fantasy

 — He's seduced by a not so mysterious stranger. by knitedreams02/29/044.52HOT

Mystery Lover

 — Woman meets her Mystery Lover. by bunny337410/27/073.92


 — Strangers are brought together by a waterfall. by tammyaz07/16/013.97

N-Day on V-Day

 — Who says marriage is boring? by YDB9501/20/134.44

NAAFA Goddess

 — A chance meeting at the NAAFA Convention. by amadthon04/18/074.33


 — A Halloween summoning leads to love. by rugbydad5610/05/154.85HOTContest Winner


 — first installment of projected straight romance. by biflipperguy03/28/143.57

Naked Beneath

 — Even when life lays us bare, love still remains. by lovecraft6807/01/154.89HOTContest Winner

Naked Dancing with Lilly

 — Jacques fantasises about Lilly but hides his true desires. by LilianLeight11/19/154.07

Naked in the Naked City

 — The fireworks began in Rockefeller Center on New Year's by trigudis11/24/164.43

Nancy and The Evil One

 — Nancy learns the pleasures of sex. by Icey708/01/113.17

Nancy's Place

 — Nancy's Place gives Nancy love. by Moondrift09/18/034.53HOT

Napping in the Afternoon-sun

 — A couple having sex after work. From the man's perspective. by GivingGuy06/15/164.75HOT

Nash McLeod, Hard to Figure

 — A hard bastard is tamed by a likeable young woman. by Egmont040911/27/094.50HOT

Nassau Beach

 — You have a romantic interlude on the beach. by Dalesy03/09/084.80HOT


 — Middle aged man falls in love with a working girl. by princepavel02/14/054.15

Natalia Ch. 02

 — Middle-aged man falls for a working girl. by princepavel02/16/053.80


 — He helps everyone find love but himself, until she arrives. by Kirk48200205/11/054.76HOT

Natalie's First Time

 — Beautiful innocent loses her virginity. by Kentucky Blue03/25/023.88

Natalie's Truth

 — Real life for Natalie and Raphael. by Poisonlove10/28/124.50HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 01

 — A burn in exchange for a soul mate. by Poisonlove07/11/124.44

Natalie-Alone Ch. 02

 — Fighting your feelings will take you nowhere. by Poisonlove07/13/124.63HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 03

 — Life gets in the middle. by Poisonlove07/15/124.76HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 04

 — Tempting devil... by Poisonlove08/20/124.68HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 05

 — Tempting devil...part 2 by Poisonlove08/23/124.74HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 06

 — Meet the Vegas (Meeting the Witch part 1). by Poisonlove10/19/124.67HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 07

 — Meet the Vegas (Meeting the Witch part 2). by Poisonlove10/20/124.06

Nate's Fantasies Become A Reality

 — Blondey and N8 had been going out with each other for a few weeks. by It_WazNotN808/03/154.14

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 01

 — A 'country boy' goes to Sydney to pick up experience. by EgmontOriginals10/05/164.58HOT

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 02

 — Nath takes two sexy women home to the family farm. by EgmontOriginals10/06/164.62HOT

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 03

 — Nath prepares to propose marriage and has a choice. by EgmontOriginals10/08/164.77HOT

Nathalie's Sister, Élise, Visits

 — Nathalie's sister, Élise, comes to stay. by swollenbell05/24/174.40

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 01

 — She gives her first blow job to get her first tattoo. by completeexperience11/20/124.30

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 02

 — She gets a blow job lesson from an experienced pro. by completeexperience11/25/124.00

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 03

 — She smokes weed until passing out, aims at keeping Butch. by completeexperience11/28/124.24

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 04

 — She smokes weed, gets pissed on, and gets her cherry popped. by completeexperience12/09/124.17

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 05

 — The morning after losing her virginity, she's back in action. by completeexperience12/21/124.11

Nativity Scene

 — We need to replace our Christmas Grotto. by oggbashan11/15/104.34

Natural Beauty

 — You take an erotic walk in the forest. by Writing Cowboy01/09/064.40

Natural High

 — Couple gets sensual in mountain cabin. by Tony10/20/003.88

Nature Lovers

 — Chris and Melissa could hardly wait. by yetti166902/06/124.44

Nature's Beauty

 — A former princess raised by animals is found by her prince. by Daydream04/29/014.42

Nature's Call: A Fantasy

 — Lovers lose their inhibitions & passion takes over. by Firebuggie06/01/024.30

Nature's Light Show

 — Watching a thunder storm turns into a window show. by Mirt71306/21/104.29

Naughty Francy & The Scotsman

 — Passionate, romantic spanking in local pub. by francypants11/19/044.72HOT


 — Sunday morning post-drinking goofiness. by Redhipple08/06/044.00

Nawty Fun

 — ...on a hot summer day... by NawtyGrl08/02/013.98


 — Some can only act on fantasies with a stranger. by circesf11/29/034.55HOT


 — A night with the perfect woman. by hobodrew02/03/113.64

Ned McGee

 — An Australian's time with an American and later her sister. by egmontgrigor201007/05/104.68HOT

Need For Revenge Ch. 04

 — Final chapter. Questions answered. by DG Hear06/06/124.51HOT

Need You Now Ch. 01

 — Sometimes a friendship is just that...a friendship. by claudzilla12/25/104.04

Need You Now Ch. 02

 — Halloween fun in a graveyard! by claudzilla12/26/104.08

Need You Now Ch. 03

 — Love comes full circle at Christmas time. by claudzilla12/27/104.44

Needed Changes

 — Woman needing a change hires a sexy painter. by Emmiex08/27/094.38

Needling to be Kind

 — Bondage before dinner for a change. by SweetOblivion02/03/073.75


 — I feel neglected so I have to fulfill my needs another way. by GreenEyedBostonGirl11/05/163.56

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 17

 — Henry and Randi spend quality time together. by LittleHenry01/10/154.72HOT

Neighborly Affection Ch. 01

 — Neighbors who were friends become lovers. by noni267409/22/094.36

Neighborly Affection Ch. 02

 — Dani and Rafe continue their romance. by noni267409/30/094.46


 — First meeting with the new next door neighbor. by KinkyQueen04/30/054.12


 — Somehow moving next door changed everything. by Scorpio44a06/07/094.62HOT


 — A college student and his older neighbor start a new life. by bumpercars10/28/174.57HOT

Neighbors with Benefits

 — It seemed like the ideal arrangement until she fell for him. by toffeepopnz06/03/124.51HOT


 — A neighbour helps out. by d80812/23/154.34

Neil Ch. 01

 — Cyber lovers meet after many months. by elizabeth2267311/01/064.66HOT

Neil Ch. 02

 — Their first afternoon into the next day. by elizabeth2267311/09/064.80HOT

Neil Ch. 03

 — A bit more spicy. by elizabeth2267312/09/064.86HOT

Nerds in Love

 — Realization came slowly. by jjcolejr05/02/144.60HOT

Nerdy by Nature

 — First time fantasy of mine based loosely on a life event. by Staldion03/02/173.62

Net Meeting

 — She meets you online, then in person. by isabelle20021204/27/054.07


 — The hustle and bustle of everyday travels and business was hard. by MunsonUnlimted12/01/113.29


 — What kind of man have I just met? by CountryBoy8504/06/124.23

Never A Word

 — A lonely guy meets a sexy mime. by JohnB7307/20/034.36

Never Again Ch. 01

 — 10 years ago... lust and denial bring them together. by bellerebelle06/05/114.62HOT

Never Again Ch. 02

 — 10 years ago, still...Scott and Gia meet again. by bellerebelle06/16/114.72HOT

Never Again Ch. 03

 — Present Day - they meet again. by bellerebelle06/24/114.81HOT

Never Again Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Layna and Jason confess their love. by Dien11/13/094.41

Never Again Ch. 04

 — Dinner, discussion and fireworks. by bellerebelle09/09/114.62HOT

Never Again, Again

 — Wife plans an evening of seduction for herself & hubby. by RedHairedandFriendly03/20/074.63HOT

Never Again?

 — A passionate affair re-ignites; will it destroy them again? by will_4_rp04/28/114.48

Never Better

 — To change she had to run away. by teresawrites2u12/15/083.11

Never Forget Your Roots

 — How marriage reunites old friends. by locodriver877607/24/084.38

Never Forgetful

 — Cristal gets a break after a long day. by IronKitten01/10/034.07

Never Forgotten Graduation Party

 — Long day at work turns into a fun night. by sexyhun8310/26/053.88

Never Just Friends

 — Romance blossoming between friends. by romanticredhead08/10/074.53HOT

Never Let You Go

 — Kai and Asago's story. by teddylove03/29/084.33

Never Lose That Feeling

 — You make ordinary walk extraordinary. by apathykiss07/11/044.33

Never My Love

 — A very long and drawn out story of love. by MoogPlayer07/20/13HOT

Never Say Never

 — Love isn't always enough. by dancingqueen36912/28/123.12

Never Would Have Imagined

 — A bus ride turns into so much more. by CianPerrel05/09/124.29

New and Improved Olivia

 — One woman's journey to redefine herself. by SimonO02/17/174.58HOT

New Beginnings

 — Couple find themselves again after years of being together. by donnache04/14/014.00

New Beginnings

 — Making new memories. by EmeraldKitten12/07/114.76HOT

New Beginnings

 — A woman starts a new romance after a break-up. by HannahRosie2304/10/144.38

New Beginnings Ch. 01

 — A Western romance. by softkisses08/21/094.69HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 02

 — An Old West romance. by softkisses08/22/094.82HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 02

 — Things heat up a little.... by HannahRosie2304/15/144.15

New Beginnings: Bob and Jolynn Ch. 01

 — The Beginning. by TexasFarmBoy08/06/134.79HOT

New England Vacation

 — The kids are grown and out of the house! by ReedRichards05/03/174.41

New Girl on the Block

 — Nick has a nice new neighbor, and she is single. by Andubious74508/25/094.30

New Girl on the Block Ch. 01

 — Will's New Life. by Andubious74512/10/104.56HOT

New Guy

 — A mysterious man ensures his first day at work is exciting. by Erotymous07/28/124.08

New Home Christening

 — Sandy discovers Joel's his penchant for her orgasms. by ilikeice11/18/094.63HOT

New Love Ch. 01

 — Caitlin and Mark's first meeting by RomanticGirl01/19/034.31

New Neighbors

 — You'll be fighting to be her neighbor... by frankies9007/18/014.17

New Neighbors

 — Daughter is hot, and so is mom. by Isopropyl09/26/074.34

New Pleasures

 — Seth and Candace get frisky in his backyard. by Hobo_Joejoe10/14/113.76

New Widower Thinks Sex

 — At least four times Jerry White had lost Melba. by Egmont040908/30/094.36

New Workout, New Partner

 — Widower & escort in home gym start something new. by curl4ever12/02/084.65HOT

New World

 — An unexpected sensual awakening. by Lady Muriel11/19/034.12

New Year's

 — Boyfriend and Girlfriend get steamy on New Year's Eve. by Hugo_S01/20/154.44

New Year's Day

 — Sex is a great way to bring in the new year! by trim_n-fit05/09/014.21

New Year's Eve

 — Married man's New Year's Eve surprise. by Nicola_Italia101/18/043.89

New Year's Eve

 — He'd planned to head home when his shift ended. by doloresdivine05/23/104.04

New Year, New Changes Ch. 01

 — Shannon shows Rick he needs a change this new years! by sexy_mama_0902/16/114.38

New Year, New Changes Ch. 02

 — Rick shows Shannon he meant what he said. by sexy_mama_0904/14/114.51HOT

New Year, New Changes Ch. 03

 — Rick's roommate's back and guess who he's fucking now! by sexy_mama_0904/26/114.17

New Year’s Surprise

 — Tamara helps Ben forget he got dumped. by Lothario the Great07/21/074.82HOT

New Years

 — A dance to remember. by dancewithme51103/02/074.23

New Years Eve

 — Happy New Year!!! by Redrosesx04/25/034.27

New York Love Affair

 — Two people from different walks of life meet. by GuadalupeCalderon01/12/124.58HOT

New York Nights-Northern Lights #01

 — Barbie is engaged to an Exxon geologist. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo10/02/164.36

New York Nights-Northern Lights #02

 — Wanted: Writer needing to have a Romantic Alaskan adventure. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo10/08/164.19

New York Nights-Northern Lights #03

 — Oh, oh...and then there was Laurel, the dreaded triangle. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo10/11/16HOT


 — A wife seduces her husband on her day off. by Tastytwenties01/21/174.42

Newlyweds Ch. 01

 — Horny new husband greets his wife after work. by pbidude02/11/074.14

Next Steps

 — A young man shares his first oral experience. by chatbug03/04/013.91

Next Time in London

 — A boatman doesn't quite get it on an Island. by Euan03/03/084.54HOT

Next Time in London Ch. 02

 — The Boatman gets it in London: the first afternoon. by Euan02/01/094.81HOT

Next to her Sleeping Sister

 — Her sister was next to us but we couldn't hold back. by henk6910/26/173.57


 — Marriage on the rocks, he turns to his friend and his advice. by sirsemega10/05/084.73HOT

Neyna and David Ch. 01

 — A young couple have their first wild sexual encounter. by SanMat1205/15/123.76

Ni Ai (That Love)

 — Intensity brews. by Lady Wysteria08/27/03

Ni Ai (That Love) Ch. 02

 — A frustrating second chapter. by Lady Wysteria09/05/03

Nibbling Fortuna's Toes

 — The statue of Fortuna has damaged toes. by oggbashan01/21/164.59HOT

Nic & Emi

 — Caught in a mountain cabin during a snow storm. by PKsCrookedHalo11/21/114.16

Nic and Sophia Ch. 01

 — Billionaire beauty runs away. by sweetangelkisses07/04/094.60HOT

Nice Guys Come at the End

 — He wanted to cheer her, but she made him very happy. by Otzchiim05/22/054.18

Nick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 01

 — Two lonely older online friends get together. by hafnium1004/10/114.09

Nick n Paula Together at Last Ch. 02

 — Two older internet friends continue their first explorations by hafnium1004/11/115.00

Nicks Women Plus Real Ones

 — A writer's heroines and real women in his life appeal. by Egmont040909/03/094.77HOT

Nicola Nefertiti

 — At the Conference. Stunned by the beautiful Queen Nefertiti. by quandom04/19/094.66HOT

Nicole & Ian Ch. 01

 — She gives him the official tour. by GrammarIsSexy12/01/104.67HOT

Nicole's Swing

 — Caution: Tearjerker. 36-year-old male, 21-year-old female love. by JimBob4412/04/094.76HOT

Nigel Summers Rebounds

 — Back in work Nigel flexes what he thinks is sex appeal. by Egmont040911/29/094.54HOT


 — An evening together. by hiskitty04/11/034.45

Night Alone

 — A steamy night for just the two of them. by Smernie06/14/094.71HOT

Night Angels Ch. 4

 — Lucy's girlfriend calls and comes to his bed. by moonfire08/26/024.61HOT

Night at the Bar

 — Anna meets Eric. by thoiblush03/23/054.23

Night at the Bar Ch. 02

 — Anna and Eric share their first kiss. by thoiblush04/02/054.78HOT

Night at the Bar Ch. 03

 — Anna and Eric make out in the bathroom. by thoiblush04/05/054.52HOT

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