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Romance Stories

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Night at the Bar Ch. 04

 — Anna and Eric go to the stip club. by thoiblush04/14/054.55HOT

Night at the Light

 — The perfect setting for a proposal. by Deadwood12/04/074.30

Night at the Movies

 — Young love sparked in a car. by pburn88402/18/074.47

Night Class Ch. 01

 — Allison meets Bill in night class. by captivate03/02/024.54HOT

Night Class Ch. 02

 — Ally & Bill spend day having fun & falling in love. by captivate03/31/024.66HOT

Night Class Ch. 03

 — Allison & Bill spend their first day together. by captivate03/11/024.69HOT

Night Class Ch. 04

 — Allison and Bill are moving toward making love. by captivate09/22/024.71HOT

Night Games

 — Woman's frustration forces her to become creative. by drscar07/02/064.49

Night in the Woods

 — A passionate moment between ex-lovers turns into much more... by author_shortstory06/13/153.32

Night Lights

 — Could a one night stand turn into something more? by Lechone01/13/113.96

Night of Fun

 — A heated exchange between a young couple. by SimplyAnotherAuthor06/07/154.24

Night of Longest, Strongest Orgasms

 — An evening yields pinnacle orgasms and surprising results. by Crystal_L_Veey04/01/164.29

Night Of Passion

 — He loved her like no other man had. by EroticMuse12/18/014.48

Night of Passion

 — A night of passion with a day with the friends. by Mounga08/10/153.89

Night of the Encounter

 — They took a hot vacation. by SinsiousSiren11/12/074.00

Night of the Maiden's Love

 — Beach party luau celebrating the spirit of love. by JaxRhapsody03/10/153.50

Night Out

 — Man takes wife to the stars. by LaReine03/21/024.23

Night Play

 — Tonight is just for her. by CelticShadow08/17/074.50

Night Rider

 — She enjoys a solo flight. by Carnal Syn05/21/024.22

Night Shift

 — Johnny visits his lady working late. by JohnnyRose05/29/114.00

Night Song

 — You share a lovers dream. by silverace110/23/054.50

Night Swim

 — Newlyweds find themselves alone in the pool. by hotturkey04/10/063.87

Night Thoughts

 — It hapened twice, first as fantasy, then as ecstasy. by Otzchiim03/08/094.50HOT

Night Time Play Time

 — Sensuality in four parts. by nighttimeplaytime08/24/064.00

Night Train to Istanbul

 — Adventures on the night train with a beautiful young woman. by soylentgreen2301/04/104.51HOT

Night Visions

 — She awakens her lover to fill a need. by Jerrys_Mistress10/31/044.54HOT

Night Visitor

 — Out of the night storm comes a loving stranger. by Starlight05/03/024.47

Night Visitor

 — A knock on the door brings about an interesting turn. by gwylym06/08/093.82

Night With A Friend

 — Night holds many pleasures for couple. by Bob10/20/004.43

Night With An Angel

 — Married woman spends time with online lover. by ColoradoMan02/21/024.49

Night Wolf Ch. 00

 — Prologue: the vision of a young brave in the Old West. by Lady_Blackhawk03/21/094.30

Night Wolf Ch. 01

 — A vision comes true. by Lady_Blackhawk03/22/094.52HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 02

 — The finding of friends and new enemies. by Lady_Blackhawk04/05/094.44

Night Wolf Ch. 03

 — The daring rescue of his vision woman. by Lady_Blackhawk04/07/094.59HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 04

 — Claiming his prize. by Lady_Blackhawk04/10/094.74HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 05

 — Homeward bound after a gentle initiation. by Lady_Blackhawk04/13/094.64HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 06

 — Ione's first night in the village. by Lady_Blackhawk04/30/094.70HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 07

 — Ione's learning begins. by Lady_Blackhawk09/07/094.68HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 08

 —  A beautiful night turns into a disasterous morning after. by Lady_Blackhawk10/18/094.65HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 09

 — Uncovering clues and finding the guilty party. by Lady_Blackhawk01/25/104.64HOT

Night Wolf Ch. 10

 — Samantha learns what it's really like to be a woman. by Lady_Blackhawk07/28/104.59HOT

Night's First Kiss

 — One woman's desire for her love. by TwilightsRage06/07/074.50


 — A true Loving Wives Story. by northlander03/24/114.60HOT

Nights With Sable Ch. 01

 — A man contemplates suicide, but dreams save him. by Elithal08/27/143.79

Nights With Sable Ch. 02

 — Scott finally meets Sable, but real life turns for the worst by Elithal09/19/144.22

Nights without Grace Ch. 01

 — Love, secrets and change. by Pinknite08/01/174.29

Nights without Grace Ch. 02

 — A sexy villain. by Pinknite08/02/174.56HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 03

 — New love in Portlandia. by Pinknite09/15/174.68HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 04

 — Party play. by Pinknite09/17/174.68HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 05

 — Wild ride. by Pinknite10/19/174.67HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 06

 — Movie cowboy. by Pinknite11/17/174.75HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 07

 — The devil you know and the cowboy you need. by Pinknite12/24/174.29

Nights without Grace Ch. 08

 — Free Fallin. by Pinknite05/21/184.65HOT

Nighttime Fun, Daytime Decisions

 — Annie must chose between a sexy fling and her ex. by HRose12/23/113.88


 — Meeting the woman of my dreams! by ninja-mon01/16/183.65

Nikki Finds a Sound Guy

 — Mr Right proves wrong, but Mr Unlikely proves just right. by Egmont040911/18/094.62HOT


 — A story of lovers separated by the bonds of war and duty. by masonrk01/14/184.28

Nikos and Pietra

 — A harried sculptor carves his masterpiece. by SmileyPappas07/11/174.36

Nina's Garden

 — Love is in the garden air. by BioRenegade09/09/114.52HOT

Nine Roses

 — Your first date with Jon. by TexPlayboy05/23/034.07

Nine Times Out of Ten

 — Stepping out of your comfort zone can be very rewarding. by thepiratequeen08/14/144.71HOT

Nite, Nite, Jackie O

 — A story of Innocence Lost... & Justice Served? by Stillthehub09/20/164.33

Nitty Gritty

 — Two country lovers share a moment by sage_vixen04/16/114.33

No Better Way

 — The down time can be the best part. by EmeraldKitten10/16/104.34

No Boundaries

 — Sometimes you can be taught unexpected lessons. by EmeraldKitten02/03/114.69HOT

No Imagination Needed

 — Keyboards no longer hinder them. by shroomie8201/01/064.50

No Longer Alone

 — Destined to be alone or so she though. by pmpkty12/09/114.47

No Longer Apart

 — Sequel to 'An Ocean Apart'. by 2lips4u08/05/054.67HOT

No Matter How Late

 — Her first step toward healing her past. by tinybitotrouble03/25/083.94

No More

 — A story about something that should never happen. by MoogPlayer10/25/14HOT

No More Games

 — A man stuck in Love learns to love again. by nightstalker196011/24/074.59HOT

No More of That, Dear

 — You reunite with your lover after a long absence. by madamefielding02/01/113.86

No More Questions

 — Love blooms between couple who are married to others. by redlily_3501/23/074.21

No More Questions Ch. 02-03

 — The story continues between the two lovers. by redlily_3502/06/074.64HOT

No More Questions Ch. 04-05

 — The end of the story of the two lovers. by redlily_3503/13/074.55HOT

No Names

 — She has a perfect day with her lover. by Sean Renaud07/07/094.00

No Names Ch. 01

 — Salim and I meet. by lalla rookh09/29/083.50

No One

 — When a song means so much. by PrincessErin10/25/124.40

No One Can Ever Love Me

 — Can a woman with an unlucky past find love by jj2680903/24/154.52HOT

No One's Out of Your League

 — Dominic meets Rebekah and things really surprise him! by blackstallion2103/18/124.31

No Ordinary Rescue

 — How to thank a man who rescues a woman in the snow. by Catplay03/05/183.99

No Present?

 — He forgot to buy wife a Valentine's Card or present. by oggbashan02/01/054.32

No Regrets Ch. 02

 — Mark and Deacon go further together. by nem001/04/104.70HOTContest Winner

No Regrets Ch. 10

 — Cathy's accident leads to sex with Sean. by AnonSky10/08/004.66HOT

No Second Acts

 — A blind date in summer '64 leads to a life-changing event. by trigudis03/02/163.95

No Sex Before Marriage Slut! Ch. 02

 — Frolic in the field. by kel66211/23/034.21

No Sex Before Marriage Slut! Ch. 03

 — The rest of Kelly & J's day together. by kel66211/25/034.33

No Such Thing as Time Ch. 01

 — Will Mara be alone forever when most of the world dies? by CoffeeWithMonkeys02/24/184.32

No Such Thing as Time Ch. 02

 — Will Mara, Amanda and the new house guests get along. by CoffeeWithMonkeys02/27/184.55HOT

No Such Thing as Time Ch. 03

 — Mara & her friends try survive, and maybe fall in love. by CoffeeWithMonkeys02/28/184.76HOT

No Such Thing as Time Ch. 04

 — Mara and Eddie get closer. by CoffeeWithMonkeys03/03/184.75HOT

No Such Thing as Time Ch. 05

 — Mara and her friends continue to survive, and get along. by CoffeeWithMonkeys03/13/184.59HOT

No Time for Words

 — A romantic encounter that just couldn't be helped. by flutterbykiss6402/06/064.38

No Time to Waste

 — Time is passing and she has no mate. by China_Miss12/11/154.33

No Tricks, Just Treats

 — "Be as bare as you dare! Come in for a scare into the witch's lair." by ChloeCallie10/01/124.52HOT

No Turning Back Ch. 02: Peter and Sam

 — Peter reveals his feelings to Samantha. by Ryan_Hero08/21/154.27

No Words

 — Handsome stranger saves her ruined day. by Rosebud10/20/003.98

Noah's Salvation

 — Friends finally give into passion & love. by greeneyelove10/02/044.62HOT

Nobody's Neighbors

 — The criminal exploits of a loving couple. by wantsomefun195108/04/164.28

Nocturnal Comfort

 — The heat wave is over...but things only get hotter. by SensualBlade12/14/113.38

Norman the Cat

 — It took a kitty to bring two lost souls together. by davidwatts11/18/054.80HOTContest Winner


 — Romantic tale about a chance meeting turned into more. by drsalt05/25/064.69HOT

Northanger Abbey: The Lost Chapter

 — Mr. and Miss Tilney cause much flustration for Catherine by Greymead11/25/154.33

Northern Closure

 — He heads up north to get away and finds another jilted soul. by HoserProser01/30/074.82HOTContest Winner

Northern Ecstasy

 — A cross-country trip pays off big-time... by RogueNavy11/03/014.32

Not a Typical Friday Night

 — He shows up at her house. by bb_peaks11/04/083.54

Not a Word...

 — An inexperienced woman gets pleasure from a mystery lover. by Openyourmind8908/29/093.56

Not Always But Tonight

 — A couple enjoy some late night romance. by lipstickandligature10/30/133.86

Not Awkward

 — An exciting new lover comes from the unlikeliest place. by lil_smurfette08/10/104.57HOT

Not Daddy Christmas

 — Sonia needs help but I'm too old for her. by oggbashan11/29/164.53HOT

Not Going Home Alone

 — 2 young strangers want each other. Some bondage. by moonstar6910/29/134.34

Not Just A Touch And A Tickle

 — She was living in an imaginary world of 50 years ago by alexcarr04/29/143.78

Not Just Another Love Story Ch. 01

 — Cyber Love. by Femerotic05/26/104.24

Not My Brother's Wife

 — Paul acts on erotic fantasies he has for his sis-in-law. by writeonjd10/14/093.97

Not My Type, Except

 — She's not his type, until she is. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra04/24/154.79HOT

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