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Not My Type: Adele

 — It's hard to hide her attraction. by firstkiss04/18/104.77HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 02

 — She takes a step into his world. by firstkiss04/26/104.77HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 03

 — Nate makes a move. by firstkiss05/02/104.73HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 04

 — They are stranded alone together. by firstkiss05/10/104.83HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 05

 — Things aren't much clearer in the light of morning. by firstkiss05/18/104.80HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 06

 — The secret is out. by firstkiss05/25/104.75HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 07

 — A confrontation, a confession; a scrap, a surprise. by firstkiss06/01/104.82HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 08

 — Living a life without fear. by firstkiss06/08/104.83HOT

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 09

 — Love conquers all. by firstkiss06/13/104.87HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 01

 — He doesn't even notice her. by firstkiss09/13/104.82HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 02

 — She meets the family. by firstkiss09/20/104.79HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 03

 — She finds her voice. by firstkiss09/28/104.81HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 04

 — He couldn't be jealous, could he? by firstkiss10/05/104.83HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 05

 — It's hard to resist the romance at a wedding. by firstkiss10/12/104.87HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 06

 — The moment she's dreamt of for so long. by firstkiss10/19/104.85HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 07

 — It's amazing who will back you up in a crisis. by firstkiss10/26/104.78HOT

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 08

 — An apology and a climax (or two, or three...) by firstkiss11/05/104.85HOT

Not One of Those Women

 — I'm glad she's not one of those women. by Cromagnonman03/15/124.51HOT

Not Passing Go! Ch. 06

 — Staff Daniel's family gets bigger; Freddie gets a girlfriend. by Spencerfiction09/07/174.52HOT

Not Passing Go! Ch. 07

 — Staff Daniel finds himself in solitary, going nowhere. by Spencerfiction09/08/174.67HOT

Not Quite Sex

 — An innocent morning wake-up. by LegendNight06/09/104.12

Not So Much a Stable "Boy"

 — A lady seduces her family's stable boy. by BootyLaBooty07/19/154.31

Not So Private Dancer.

 — Don't quit your day job. by leapyearguy04/19/074.71HOT

Not So Trivial Pursuit

 — A young woman plays a game with life changing consequences. by virtualatheist01/01/154.67HOT

Not the First but the Last

 — A husband's admiration for his wife. by sweettea218905/19/124.40

Not The Night She Had Planned

 — She plans a simple night, but he has other ideas. by hell_cat4504412/07/073.69

Not the Woman he Knew

 — Just love and stroke. by Dinsmore02/10/124.68HOT

Not What I Expected

 — Keeping a promise was much more than I expected. by DG Hear04/11/134.76HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 01

 — Past, Present & Complications. by Ascii02/17/114.49

Not What It Seems Ch. 02

 — Confrontations, Truths, and Complications. by Ascii02/24/114.63HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 03

 — A Million Dollar Complication. by Ascii03/02/114.59HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 04

 — Does Sex Really Complicate Matters? by Ascii03/07/114.63HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 05

 — A Trip Down (Complicated) Memory Lane. by Ascii03/20/114.72HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 06

 — Love, Lust & Complications. by Ascii05/13/114.64HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 07

 — Love, Vengence & Complications. by Ascii07/10/114.70HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 08

 — Will this complication ever end? by Ascii04/10/124.73HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 09

 — Sometimes we make life complicated. by Ascii07/16/124.70HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 10

 — Does love complicate matters? by Ascii09/22/124.70HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 11

 — The end of one complication, the beginning of another. by Ascii12/28/124.81HOT

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny

 — Celebrity couple's nanny finally seduces her boss. by EverydayMermaid05/22/084.31

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 02

 — A celebrity nanny gets to know more about her bosses. by EverydayMermaid05/26/084.34

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 03

 — A celebrity nanny gets a week alone with the husband. by EverydayMermaid06/04/084.44

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 04

 — Wherein one leaves and two are left waiting. by EverydayMermaid06/12/084.46

Nothing Better

 — Allie and Evan take a memorable boat ride. by unknownlovers10/18/133.44

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 01

 — It was his job to make sure nothing got through. by PennLady09/24/094.80HOT

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 02

 — Learning the rules, making mistakes and killing penalties. by PennLady10/01/094.80HOTContest Winner

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 03

 — A tight game can go either way. by PennLady10/02/094.79HOT

Nothing Gold Can Stay

 — Last page in the Final Chapter. by GothKitty02/04/054.43

Nothing is Ever What It Seems Ch. 01

 — Haunted By The Past. by Ascii07/13/134.60HOT

Nothing is Ever What It Seems Ch. 02

 — Run! The past is catching up... by Ascii08/02/134.51HOT

Nothing is Ever What It Seems Ch. 03

 — Can't move forward - the "past" is back. by Ascii03/11/154.18

Nothing is Random Ch. 03

 — A card game bet leads to hot fun and a romantic date. by HannahRosie2308/09/134.07

Nothing is Random Ch. 04

 — A bit of conflict, can their burgeoning love endure? by HannahRosie2309/24/134.45

Nothing Left to Lose

 — When the cards are in your favor, bet it all. by PompousBuffoon03/09/114.28

Nothing Like a Witch

 — From despair to a life in full again. by EgmontOriginals04/12/164.33

Nothing One Compares To You

 — A sad love story. by The_Trouvere02/05/113.77

Nothing to Lose Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of Jasmine and Arnold. by J-Nite06/21/074.39

Nothing Underneath

 — You have sex at picnic. by Tom Soup02/20/034.70HOT

Now I Lay Her Down to Sleep Ch. 04

 — Chelsey completes her agreement in bed. by storytyme01/21/134.65HOT

Now I'm a Believer

 — A 52-year-old woman experiences love at first sight. by Purpletoenails03/08/144.37

Now What In The Hell?

 — There was a sudden noise outside. by magmaman09/14/124.70HOT

Now, Where Was I?

 — Short story about one couples' night of bliss. by kb_198712/19/093.33

NSFW Ch. 01: Not Safe for Wife?!

 — Her new fiance would never keep secrets from her...would he? by solitarycafe02/24/184.12

NSFW Ch. 02: Not Suffering from Waiting?!

 — Is all porn bad, or does she need to loosen up a little? by solitarycafe03/29/184.82HOT

NSFW Ch. 03: Nerdy Sisters Find Ways

 — Skylar gets a maid of honor... and a reality check. by solitarycafe05/31/184.66HOT

Nude Day in Greece

 — Woman in Greece goes all natural with a native on Nude Day. by amazingrace6907/09/124.40

Nude Modeling

 — Agreement to nude model becomes more than expected. by JamieTurbid07/29/024.24

Nude Years

 — Long time friends bring in the new year the right way. by MoonlitGoddess08/04/104.12

Nursing a Relationship

 — The things we do for the ones we love. by Halin2410/24/154.48

NYC Tryst

 — A married man and woman meet to rediscover passion. by wistud198003/12/053.65

Nymphet Goddess

 — The next step in their romance. by AussieBBW08/25/114.27

Nymphs in the Woods

 — A recovery National Nude Day celebration leads to romance. by Woodbgood06/25/194.39NEW


 — He was having a bad day. by quirkybee11/25/163.75

Objects of Desire

 — A piece of art brings two people together. by sadbluekid11/10/114.38


 — Selene the daughter of the moon goddess finds fulfilment. by Starlight11/22/024.59HOT

Observing Christmas Traditions

 — Childhood friends are reunited at Christmas. by KennyWright01/06/114.81HOT


 — Not all people are treated equal. by DG Hear07/11/064.70HOT


 — Literary erotica. by terotica01/02/123.62

Obsession Ch. 01

 — A man obsesses over his ex-girlfriend. by michchick9806/10/074.40

Obsession Ch. 02

 — The conclusion. by michchick9806/15/074.43


 — Star crossed lovers. by Troughton196306/02/182.76


 — The sea reminds her of his love. by Nise10/20/003.18

Ocean Blue

 — He's hot and she's cold, but can they get over themselves? by IamVermilion04/19/183.91

Ocean Prince Ch. 01

 — This fairytale was inspired by a workplace crush. by dourdan11/01/184.29

Ocean Prince Ch. 02

 — Elena must journey to the ocean to save her love. by dourdan11/07/184.56HOT


 — A natural water experience. by sugarsback04/01/023.40

October Weekend

 — Couple creates their own heat in an unheated rental cabin. by JBRabbit06/14/164.27


 — A troubled young woman shatters Tyler's cool reserve. by lazyways09/04/114.66HOT


 — The story of Tiernan and Odelia, a forced marriage. by blondevixen4073503/12/144.51HOT

Odette's Night

 — She went out and found something amazing. by PrincessOfSex05/29/073.61

Of Choices Made and Paths Taken

 — Jacob romances his deceased buddy's aggrieved wife. by trigudis12/10/184.38

Of Demons And Men Ch. 01

 — A succubus gets a request from an unlikely visitor. by Crimson_Rivers02/16/154.55HOT

Of Dogs and Deliveries

 — A young dog walker almost misses out on true love. by Flibber_T_Gibbet03/19/174.71HOT

Of Fate and Premonitions

 — It began with a collision riding a four-foot wave. by trigudis12/28/174.38

Of Heaven and Hell, My Side Ch. 01

 — Teacher tells her side. by bmunchausen07/19/124.70HOT

Of Heaven and Hell, My Side Ch. 02

 — Sr. Carol continues telling her side of the story. by bmunchausen09/08/144.82HOT

Of Heaven and Hell, My Side Ch. 03

 — Sr. Carol continues her story. by bmunchausen10/22/144.90HOT

Of Hell and Heaven

 — Young man falls in love with his teacher. by bmunchausen05/26/124.77HOT

Of Hell and Heaven Ch. 02

 — A young man falls in love with his teacher. by bmunchausen06/02/124.79HOT

Of Love and Ink

 — Drunken dreams of a broken love. by jesstoyou09/03/114.36

Of Love and Ink Ch. 05

 — Marriage Maybe? by jesstoyou02/08/124.47

Of Love and Iron Ch. 06

 — The women deal with the aftermath of Annabelle's actions. by WitchOfSwords06/13/144.40

Of Love and Lust

 — She wanted her story to have a happy ending. Not that kind. by ofloveandlust03/26/164.48

Of Lovers & Picnics

 — His eyes became the master of her universe. by conz03/05/024.20

Of Lust and Love

 — Love is close but lust is closer. by Kojak0112/20/184.79HOT

Of Roses and Lace

 — Revealing secret of the older man she truly loves. by honeyfairey05/07/083.69

Of Self and Selfishness

 — An old flame returns into his life...with an 18-year-old daughter. by sirdave6403/24/164.59HOT

Of Sinners and Saints Ch. 01

 — A student & a teacher have something going on between them. by LustAndDepravity08/31/153.83

Off the Beaten Path

 — Couple takes a steamy break during a hike. by kdsmith7111209/23/144.18

Off The Plane An In The Bed

 — Long distance couple finally meet. by Rabenschwarz01/05/114.15

Office Affairs Ch. 1

 — You'll never want to leave the office again. by frankies9010/17/014.41

Office Affairs Ch. 2

 — Working is worth every minute you spend at the office. by frankies9010/19/014.40

Office E-Males

 — Sarah's unexpected office romance - in "e-males." by kriskat10/06/093.67

Office Fantasy

 — I fantasise about a manager. by Redmagik02/25/114.22

Office Hours

 — You have an office romance. by The_story_writer200303/30/044.00

Office Hours

 — She finds special help in his office. by T0ny_Parks11/22/034.42

Office Joke

 — Was this just another one of their cruel pranks? by starrkers01/22/074.70HOT

Office Party Extraordinaire

 — Two hotties make Franks holiday something special. by R_U_Romantic12/06/064.64HOT

Office Politics

 — Tom has a plan but gets more than he bargained for. by buxtonboy03/15/154.13

Office Politics Ch. 01

 — A story of her new found submissive side. by Alura201104/16/114.26

Office Politics Ch. 02

 — Her first lesson continues. by Alura201104/18/114.42

Office Relations Ch. 01

 — To save their jobs they had to get along, but could they. by dr13bone02/19/123.98

Office Sex

 — An unexpected blast from the past returns. by Ninjafish06/20/154.19

Officers and Men Ch. 01

 — Army officer falls for soldier she knows she can't have. by Androgynousother02/14/174.88HOTContest Winner

Officers and Men Ch. 02

 — Getting to know all about the Corporal, and letting him in. by Androgynousother02/17/174.86HOT

Officers and Men Ch. 03

 — Old enemies and new friends. by Androgynousother02/27/174.88HOT

Oh - Okay Pt. 02

 — What? A Father at 71? by ElderDirt11/29/184.63HOT

Oh Brother

 — He always seemed to come out ahead. by BigGuy3308/21/164.59HOT

Oh How She Misses Bill

 — The magical summer before TJ met Junior. by MisstressTray07/11/093.62

Oh My God Ch. 01

 — A bicycle collision brings a young man and woman together. by TstormF109/08/134.57HOT

Oh My God Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Meeting caused by a bicycle collision. by TstormF109/09/134.62HOT

Oh My God Ch. 03

 — Ian starts tutoring Kathy. by TstormF109/10/134.67HOT

Oh My God Ch. 04

 — Kathy moves in with Ian. by TstormF109/28/134.67HOT

Oh My God Ch. 07

 — Kathy is stalked by Donnie. Ian rescues her. by TstormF110/06/134.75HOT

Oh My God Ch. 09

 — Ian and Kathy get married with Paul and Lila. by TstormF110/12/134.74HOT

Oh My God, It's You

 — I thought I'd never see her again. by Cromagnonman02/27/144.57HOT

Oh Those Summer Nights

 — Rachael romps in the sand. by Meggi04/06/044.45

Oh Wicked Wanda

 — It is a story about my first love. by borntosurf06/14/194.69HOT

Oil and Water

 — Office buddies find they have much more to share, by Tomcatfive06/28/134.68HOT

Old College Try

 — A Teacher's Assistant learns how her professor feels. by jennatickler02/03/094.71HOT

Old Dishes And Oak Cabinets

 — It started at a yard sale. by thornapple02/16/094.80HOT

Old Farmhouse - La Vielle Maison de Ferme Pt. 01

 — Girl finds old house in which to be naked and to play. by Drmaxc06/27/195.00NEW

Old Fashioned Love Ch. 01

 — Two brothers, one woman, and a triangle of romance by trcyeveland09/13/13

Old Fashioned Love Ch. 02

 — Thomas, Jake and Isabel's love triangle continues. by trcyeveland09/14/13

Old Fashioned Love Ch. 03

 — What happens when Thomas leaves? by trcyeveland09/23/13

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 01

 — Elizabeth remembers her past. by paper_miracle04/26/054.65HOT

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth is surprised at the ball. by paper_miracle04/28/054.71HOT

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 03

 — Jack breaks the news. by paper_miracle04/28/054.69HOT

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 04

 — Kidnapped. by paper_miracle05/02/054.47

Old Friends

 — Two friends get together. by hellsstraydog09/21/063.03

Old Friends and New Mistakes

 — Frustration can always be relieved. by adamsro04/17/064.39

Old Friends Come Together

 — Old friends make love even after marriage. by sunnyboyz10/08/023.10

Old Habits Never Die

 — Random appearance from past flame reignites passion. by darkdeception06/02/064.30

Old Love, New House

 — Old love returns when her husband is away. by eluckenbach08/15/083.19

Old Man Eli

 — Just an eccentric old man - or was he? by thornapple12/05/084.67HOT

Old School Ties

 — At an interview, the interviewee recognises the interviewer. by Storm6202/02/124.56HOT

Old Spice

 — She needs the scent of her man for release. by Acktion12/23/124.66HOT

Old Wounds

 — Do they heal with time? by hotprof197306/23/194.44NEW

Olde Tale of Herbs & Healing

 — Lady Gwen eases Lord Robert. by Uncle South Loop01/12/044.52HOT

On A Cloud

 — Couple savors love in an elevator. by nfatale7509/11/024.24

On A Rainy Night

 — He and Katie enjoy a hot bath. by Jk_111610/20/003.62

On Call

 — Trading call led to an unforgetable evening. by Jeff81806/07/044.56HOT

On Fire and Thin Ice Ch. 01

 — She felt a tear run down her cheek... by aRedheadWrites03/30/174.60HOT

On Forgetting

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie11/14/074.47

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