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Romance Stories

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On Forgetting Ch. 02

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie11/18/074.66HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 03

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie11/24/074.75HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 04

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie12/12/074.76HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 05

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie12/24/074.72HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 06

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie01/01/084.74HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 07

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie01/06/084.69HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 08

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie01/09/084.74HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 09

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie01/15/084.77HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 10

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie02/01/084.78HOT

On Forgetting Ch. 11

 — What does she do with two years missing? by ewebie03/08/084.82HOT

On Impulse

 — A casual meeting between two Litsters, or is it? by Honey12305/24/084.41

On Line and Linda

 — Shared fetish. by vinceh2310/31/164.00

On Madison's Avenue

 — A long road finally leads Madison to her lover's strong arms. by LSanders10/09/084.09

On My Way Home

 — Continuation of "Exactly What I Needed". by storytime61104/28/064.52HOT

On Point

 — A basketball star enjoys a night with her boyfriend. by DebrasFantasy10102/10/164.52HOT

On The Beach

 — Romantic get-together in Hawaii. by Gsibbery08/10/044.74HOT

On the Beach

 — Dog lovers find each other. by Cromagnonman07/30/104.62HOT

On the Bridge

 — Romantic moment on a wooden bridge. by Anvil07/27/013.38

On the Charles

 — Solo ice skating turns erotic. by lovejazz07/08/06

On The Couch

 — A quiet night spent relaxing on the couch. by ajsell03/14/113.82

On the Couch

 — He makes love to her. by creativetalent08/04/124.46

On The Line

 — Two lonely people put it all on the line! by td10109802/18/194.43

On The Other Hand

 — A young husband avoids a costly mistake. by woodmanone01/23/114.60HOT

On The Path to Sharing Love...

 — A married couple's foundation for their non-monogamous acts. by Doingitsamewise111/24/183.63

On The Prowl

 — V-Day at a bar leads to romance. by Thisisntme01/26/104.64HOT

On The Radio

 — Co-workers learn to share themselves. by FoxMWonderful03/02/083.31

On the Rebound

 — Wrong sister but the other sister attended to that. by EgmontGrigor201107/05/114.31

On The Rebound

 — She wouldn't take no for a answer. by sagacious2111/08/114.62HOT

On The Rebound Ch. 02

 — Learning to have a girlfriend. by sagacious2111/10/114.65HOT

On The Rebound Ch. 03

 — Memories are made of this (Pt. 03 of 04). by sagacious2111/11/114.56HOT

On The Rebound Ch. 04

 — Ugly only hides for so long. Part 4 of 4 by sagacious2111/13/114.52HOT

On the Road Again Pt. 01

 — An exercise in middle aged fantasy come true. by Daunti06/25/154.74HOT

On the Road Again Pt. 02

 — An exercise in middle aged fantasy come true. by Daunti07/18/154.67HOT

On The Rocks

 — Growing feelings whilst at a commercial exhibition by Storm6212/10/114.39

On The Roof in the Rain!

 — He had her pinned tight on himself, her tender wet back arch. by RoomaniSyaahi04/02/193.42

On The Shoulder

 — Another tale of life on the street. by Adrian Leverkuhn04/05/06HOT

On the Tracks

 — They take a stroll down some railroad tracks. by penguinlust02/16/044.32

On Thin Ice

 — Can Nick grow to love his new skating partner? by Pussyrider10/25/074.58HOT

On Thin Ice Ch. 01

 — Neither one of them are ready to admit their feelings. by MugsyB09/17/104.76HOT

On Thin Ice Ch. 02

 — Could they really be ready for the next step? by MugsyB09/22/104.79HOT

On Thin Ice Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Meg and Zane's story. by MugsyB09/27/104.81HOT

On Top of a Mountain Ch. 02

 — He asked his Boss for a transfer. by Jena12109/16/124.33

On Top of a Mountain Ch. 03

 — Will you marry me? by Jena12109/17/123.63

On Top of a Mountain Ch. 04

 — "I have something to tell you." by Jena12109/19/123.78


 — Debra runs into a childhood friend and many fond memories. by EZ_CUM_EZ_GO10/09/094.28

Once & Again

 — Woman celebrates boyfriend's love for her. by naughtyangel2410/26/034.31

Once A Maiden

 — Couple uses magic to help their household. by WFEATHER04/23/044.72HOT

Once Bitten

 — A strip club worker seeks love amid a den of lust. by Autarchic4Ever06/30/124.21

Once in a Blue Moon

 — As Mr Hammerstein said: 'And you meet not really by chance'. by SamScribble05/29/174.62HOT

Once in a While

 — Sometimes people meet again. by dutchrain03/26/144.18

Once Upon a Dream

 — She relives their last encounter. by Taylor Brown10/20/004.75

Once Upon a Futon

 — Peter was a dick. by wilderness01/27/064.63HOT

Once Upon a Time

 — At least for one night, you are alone together. by lastdance04/04/024.33

Once Upon a Time

 — She sets up a sweet seduction for her prince. by Mahala12/25/044.31

Once Upon a Time

 — Two hearts, yet a single destiny. by fantasywriter07/01/054.19

Once Upon a Time is Forever

 — A lifetime of waiting for an eternity of love. by ronde08/18/024.84HOTContest Winner

Once Upon a Valentines

 — Ann & David discover love at a Valentine's Ball. by moonlight elf02/08/054.54HOT

One Autumn Morning

 — Husband & wife take the time to enjoy each other. by nighttimestories05/24/064.31

One Blissful Day and Night...

 — You visit a little earlier than expected. by sexyscorpio1107/18/014.40

One Blissful Night

 — Ignoring all distractions, you enjoy teasing. by LittleMissDreamer10/08/064.67HOT

One Chance for Love

 — Can he prove he's man enough to satisfy her. by Bakeboss11/23/094.24

One Day

 — One day that changed two lives forever. by B5900102/12/143.96

One Door Closed...

 — Mike's locked out of his room in the freshman dorm. by Onagerian Surmise02/01/064.69HOT

One Fine Day

 — Cara gets Jack into trouble. by Blonde_eng11/07/073.52

One Fleeting Glance

 — Our eyes met and led to much more. by Cromagnonman05/28/084.62HOT

One for the Road

 — Maya has one more night with her "f-buddy". by OBillyHill08/28/184.29

One Girl, Two Guys Pt. 01

 — A shy girl has a fantasy to have a three some with two guys. by justkeepwriting08/17/164.00

One Great Night

 — I had to listen to what she tells me. by h2o011111/20/084.00

One Hell Of A Sexy Stranger

 — From a boring day in the office to an exciting evening. by NaomyJ05/17/163.34

One Hot July Afternoon

 — Angie visits her ex while her guy is away. by Jaguar04/29/014.29

One Hot Night

 — Hot night of unbridled passion. by flutterbykiss6408/13/033.60

One Hot Night With Brother's Friend

 — Nineteen-year-old seduces older guy. by msstar06/20/023.94

One Hot Summer Day

 — Daydreaming becomes reality with lover's arrival. by maggie200206/08/024.21

One Hot Summer Night

 — A night spent with someone that I have desired for years. by CherishXTC10/20/014.12

One Incredible Night

 — A man gets the wish of a lifetime. by Kivrin04/02/024.45

One Last Kiss

 — She drops by to see him one last time. by roughdraft10/03/104.34

One Last Time

 — Never let the moment pass you by. by Miss.Savannah10/28/014.50

One Last Time

 — Imminent death reunites two former lovers. by bumblegrum01/11/124.71HOT

One Last Valentine's Day

 — Jack and Sara have one last special Valentine's Day. by CambriaRose01/26/124.74HOT

One Last Wish

 — Her final wish was for unconditional love. by Moonlight_3303/21/014.66HOTEditor's Pick

One Little White Lie

 — One lie leads to another; Jennie must pay the price. by Cat507/27/034.85HOT

One Long Day

 — Girl finally gets the dream guy. by firstkiss6901/21/114.25

One Long Day Ch. 02

 — From where they left off. by firstkiss6901/25/114.41

One Long Day Ch. 03

 — Things get interesting between Jason and Kelly. by firstkiss6911/17/114.33

One Loving Night

 — A night spent working, but interrupted most pleasantly. by SenatorBlink05/26/074.12

One Man's Affair

 — A man is contacted by a former lover. by tantricjim02/18/124.15

One Man's Heart

 — How much love can one man's heart hold. by GatorRick06/20/144.83HOTContest Winner

One Memorable Night

 — If nothing else, I'll never forget that night. by LoreLai11/20/104.38

One Midnight Eve

 — It's a cool summer's night. by ClintonW02/04/094.20

One More Chance At Love

 — Love is more than enough for happiness. by damppanties02/04/044.26

One More Day

 — He had gone through the motions this year. by sweethomealabama12/01/064.68HOT

One More Day Ch. 01

 — They meet again, and don't want to ever part. by FreakSeeker11/20/084.33

One More Life To Live

 — A cop falls in love with a barmaid. by ronde07/29/044.71HOT

One More Night

 — Two lovers finally meet up. by unknownlovers08/02/133.96

One More Reason I Fell In Love

 — A blissful evening with my love. by lick_me_there03/16/044.29

One Night

 — Conversation between long-time friends turns to romance. by dash4207/28/014.07

One Night

 — You have a lusty night of passion. by PassionateBeing01/14/143.92

One Night Ch. 01

 — Tired & lonely, she finds much-needed break. by Rumour02/17/054.81HOT

One Night Ch. 01

 — Romantic sex between roommates. by Ben_Holmes12/15/163.82

One Night Ch. 01: Trip to the Club

 — What a one night stand turns into. by sexalonglove11/21/143.82

One Night Ch. 03-04

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel1306/13/114.57HOT

One Night in Chicago

 — A surprise first meeting. by AngelEyes4802/03/094.08

One Night in Dubai

 — On the run from her conservative father in the City of Gold. by LoquiSordidaAdMe04/23/194.82HOT

One Night in Foxton

 — In a town that everyone leaves, she returns. by rescatooor04/23/194.80HOT

One Night in Kilmeaden

 — Young Scottish nobleman loves a fiery Irish lass. by surober107/02/104.54HOT

One Night in Nome

 — One Strange Night. by KalDarov04/23/194.13

One Night in Paris

 — An old friend won't ever let you down. by YDB9504/23/194.63HOT

One Night in Philly: Flower Show

 — A reunion in a city that loves second chances. by MichaelFitzgerald04/23/194.53HOT

One Night Only

 — Strangers meet and flirt, erotic adventure ensues. by justjohn101308/16/084.50HOT

One Night Stand

 — Love found in a strip club. by TxRad07/02/084.73HOT

One Night Stand For Life

 — Shanice fell in love with her one night stand. by monkeyma04/16/091.83

One Night Together

 — Online lovers meet after years apart. by Labowski_Em10/04/064.61HOT

One Night Together

 — Two people finally together for one night. by pervalette12/10/064.25

One Night with Mrs McFie

 — Male divorcee rekindles interest in women. by Egmont040907/10/094.41

One Night With You

 — Young couple relish each other. by Monsoon639106/19/134.19

One of THOSE days

 — After I've had a lousy day, my boyfriend comforts me by Svenskaflicka02/09/034.19

One of Those Days

 — A lustful snapshot. by Mrs. T10/01/054.43

One Piece at a Time

 — God will gather the pieces. Forgiveness is Rick's job. by EmeraldKitten03/12/114.54HOT

One Rainy Day Lead to Many More

 — A woman meets the man of her dreams on a rainy day. by unique_symohony1407/20/143.24

One Red Flower

 — Husband and wife deal with the realities of married life. by Ellisyn01/27/024.20

One Romantic Evening

 — A new relationship warms up on a cool evening. by ceb3506/23/034.33

One Romantic Evening

 — Now that you two are all alone... by Davids82212/19/063.60

One Romantic Night

 — Camping mate is full of surprises. by speed6512/09/003.26

One Snip Short

 — Karen is one snip short. by bradley_stoke06/26/064.06

One Storm to Another

 — She walked through the woods to escape what she found there. by Otzchiim10/31/084.09

One Time at Band Camp...

 — Two high school crushes reunite during a storm at band camp. by amazingrace6904/04/124.39

One Unexpected Summers Night

 — It was a Sunday afternoon in May. by Alicia_Maria03/14/114.17

One Valentine After Another

 — A visit from an odd man leads to a wonderful Valentine's Day. by NickFoxx02/18/144.36

One Weekend

 — Calvin and Cici admit their long repressed love. by crazieaznkid03/17/174.14

One Winter Morning

 — Some fun to stave off the winter chill. by Nicole_Striplin11/09/134.27


 — Online acquaintance comes to visit Patrick. by Patrick-Donovan11/21/044.75HOT

Online Ch. 1

 — Cyber lover makes big announcement. by MorningStar10/20/002.88

Online Ch. 2

 — She has a secret of her own. by MorningStar10/20/003.38

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