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Passionate Pleasures

 — A hot weekend away. by ThePurrrrrfectLady05/02/024.08


 — His love is blind..folded. by DemonicAnge104/17/013.58

Passions of Time

 — Passion and desperation were interlocked. by Pure_Essence01/31/083.50

Passions Pt. 01

 — Was it such a chance meeting? Maybe for one person it was. by LukeSmart01/12/193.83

Passions Within The Palace Walls

 — Two lovers elemental journey between mounting desires. by ViXxXNKisses02/20/074.31

Past Desires

 — My first story; please critique it very harshly. by Aleksandir12/02/084.00

Past Desires - The Beginning

 — Alex and Angelina met in a chat room. by Aleksandir12/20/083.67

Past Renewed

 — Couple rekindles lust. by ShySky10/09/003.60

Past, Present and Future

 — Emma takes a holiday to recover from a lost love... by musicalchick11/18/144.39

Pat's Lover

 — From empty marriage to passionate lover. by Starlight09/24/024.47

Patches of Ice

 — Does the romance continue for Lena and Anatoli? by MugsyB08/22/094.79HOT

Patchwork Knight

 — A knight in blue denim and his lady of sorrows. by Innuendos03/17/124.26


 — A romantic meeting long over due. by plumpmistress03/26/083.77


 — Patience, time and love really do heal. by Jaisen12/16/104.72HOT

Patience, or Finding the Pearl

 — The new colonial wife of a man at sea comforts herself. by LargoKitt09/28/104.49

Patience: Riley Is Home

 — Riley has come back to his Patience. by plumpmistress04/03/084.48

Patiently Waiting for Marie

 — A guy finds sex elsewhere while romance builds slowly. by egmontgrigor201010/25/104.68HOT

Patrick and Cathy

 — Middle age couple find each other on the road. by IntrospectiveWanderer03/27/154.58HOT

Paul and Sharon

 — Tennis buddies, both married - had there been more? by Dinsmore06/24/064.65HOT

Paul Meets Amy at a College Reunion Ch. 01

 — New Love found after loneliness. by Ingrid11B12/14/174.44

Paul Meets Amy at a College Reunion Ch. 02

 — Note's From Amy's Diary. by Ingrid11B12/15/174.55HOT

Paul's Goblins

 — Just who's working to get Laurie hooked up for Halloween? by 4glory610/05/144.53HOT

Paul/Cadence Ch. 02

 — Their secret romance continues after a night out. by PlasterCaster08/16/054.42

Pay Attention

 — Always pay attention, you might miss something. by luv2laugh45504/11/124.01

Peaceful Easy Feelin’

 — The Lady and the truck driver. by The Wanderer03/06/084.82HOT

Peach & Yellow Roses

 — He goes to Shay's World. by Sweet_Shay04/16/044.68HOT

Peak Sneak

 — A Clandestine Tryst... In Rehab. by NicholasClarke03/29/164.18

Pearl Creek

 — Nicky always seemed so perfect. by Bryce3D02/02/064.47

Peasant Girl's Tale

 — She winds up in an 18th century English brothel. by Ember Faye10/07/034.39

Pecker Pump

 — Happiness in a plain brown wrapper. by bassbelly07/28/084.24

Peddle of Dark Lightning

 — Fate brings together a King and a peasant woman. Or has it? by SINGODWAY7609/26/083.75

Peggy & I Ch. 01

 — Shy geeks become bold lovers. by PanesOfGlasss02/03/154.69HOT

Peggy & I Ch. 02

 — Cousin Sara needs sexual instruction. by PanesOfGlasss04/04/154.49

Peggy Gordon

 — A couple find love in ancient Ireland. by MugsyB12/25/084.73HOT

Penelope Layne

 — A young woman finds her boss as a knight. by jj2680907/15/164.57HOT


 — It was a chance meeting. by BigGuy3302/08/174.82HOT

Penns Goil

 — Two childhood friends reunite by wilderness09/01/024.36


 — An asexual woman blossoms into sensuality. by Many Feathers09/08/084.42

Penny For Your Thoughts

 — The ups and downs of childhood friends. by Web_Spinner07/18/104.73HOT

Penny Saved

 — A homeless woman is help by a gentleman with a kind heart. by bbare01/16/194.57HOT

Penthouse Suite

 — A hotel fantasy. by manandmask05/08/043.50

People Watcher Ch. 02: Nothing in Common

 — Tanya tells another story. Do opposites really attract? by rnebular05/25/194.57HOT

People Who Need People

 — Julie's hospitality to a younger man leads to... by daddy195008/16/174.06

Pepermint Patties

 — Short enjoyment made better with peppermint. by BladeQueen01/03/074.40


 — Is Tanya's charmed life really as great as it seems? by rnebular12/18/184.56HOT

Perchance to Dream

 — A Valentine's disaster turns into a dream for Jenny. by LSanders06/23/094.54HOT

Perchance To Dream Pt. 01

 — A mystery woman appears as if from a dream. by mojavejoe42012/18/164.69HOT

Perchance To Dream Pt. 02

 — We learn more about Melanie by mojavejoe42012/23/164.68HOT

Perchance To Dream Pt. 03

 — Melanie and Jim come to an accord. by mojavejoe42012/29/164.66HOT

Perchance To Dream Pt. 04

 — The continuing adventures of Mel and Jim. by mojavejoe42003/24/174.75HOT

Perchance...To Dream

 — A Midsummer's Night come true. by fantasywriter01/15/064.54HOT


 — An excavator and her deaf partner find something unexpected. by solitarycafe08/08/184.67HOT

Perfect Evening

 — Romantic date and sweet loving at the beach. by Kuvi_Wildwolf08/28/104.45

Perfect First Date

 — Two meet for the first time. by inspector30205/08/053.50

Perfect Gentleman

 — An older man reunites with his kids' babysitter years later. by Vysis02/04/154.68HOT

Perfect Harmony

 — Sue was lonely until she met Dave. by alexcarr01/17/143.90

Perfect Moment

 — A sensual moment to remember. by DSnow71312/23/123.56

Perfect Shot

 — House sitter gets a pleasant surprise. by Themoodyone11/07/094.28

Perfect Union

 — Job hunters find each other. by ClarkAThatcher04/15/064.47

Perfect Whore

 — Two wrongs don't always make a right, or do they? by mariarendes04/18/133.67


 — Woman finds love in an unexpected person. by RainbowBrite11/21/01


 — Sometimes, you get stunned. by dharma_bum05/03/044.00

Perfectly Pleasing

 — Cont. of Fearful No More- Submission of the soul & body. by HisTigress020305/15/174.24

Perhaps Someday

 — Her dream lover. by nautynursing09/04/05

Pernilla Does Padjelanta

 — Falling in love in Padjelanta National Park. by miedsal04/05/104.69HOT

Perpetua's Revenge

 — 4, 700 words erotic romance/mystery narrative. by Aspergine11/09/093.75

Persephone's Promise

 — Persephone and Lionel find solace with each other. by Scorpius194511/11/174.37


 — Never Give Up! by RobertVance02/04/194.42

Personal Bodyguard

 — DI Carlisle has some fun with a witness. by Doctor_who_lover08/11/083.93

Personal Touch

 — She takes herself to the edge and beyond. by Zoeeee12/19/024.28


 — Byron's and Jenny's points of view. by Moondrift07/26/084.68HOT


 — Barbara wonders about youth and love. by Dale_Arden09/08/074.56HOT


 — He had nothing, she was famous, they had fun. by risgrynsfisk04/05/164.58HOT

Pet Sitting

 — Older man comes to the rescue of a college girl. by joan65804/12/094.56HOT

Petal's Unfurling

 — Ms. Lycette is a mother's age, with eyes on Lutecia's son... by MrPornWriter07/06/193.75

Petals of Pleasure: A Valentine...

 — Couples first Valentine's ends steamily in bath. by LuciousBi-Writes4U02/07/054.36

Peter and Me

 — Sequel to Community Service - Peter and Wendy continue their sexy clandestine meetings. by Ausgirl6602/10/184.29

Peter Eric and Samantha

 — The third story of Peter, Eric and Samantha. by Ryan_Hero04/21/194.62HOT

Peter's Promise

 — Dump a cheating fiance, move, find a better life. by SW_MO_Hermit09/20/134.76HOT

Petra the Small

 — The beginning of an adventure in Loving. by Scorpio4408/25/074.66HOT

Petra the Small Ch. 02

 — Moving is a new adventure, in love. by Scorpio4408/31/074.65HOT

Petra the Small Ch. 04

 — Throwing a party discovers a miracle. by Scorpio4405/25/084.80HOT

Peyton Finds Her Place

 — Unlucky in love Peyton, moves to yet another location. by egmontgrigor201011/11/104.57HOT

Phantom Hands

 — The gentle hands touched her nakedness. by thornapple12/30/084.75HOT

Phantom Lover

 — He comes to her to show her new delights. by Scheherrazade12/26/014.25

Pheobe Sex Pot

 — A woman in her 30's in love with a young male prostitute. by MsPersuasive08/11/173.82

Phil and Heather

 — He found her adorable and with a little luck... by Dinsmore04/30/064.68HOT

Philly: Hubby's Welcome Home

 — A week apart leads to good times. by Anopheles06/13/074.70HOT

Phoebe & Chris

 — High school sweethearts find each other. by Portia J12/07/003.93

Phoenix Ch. 1

 — Man and woman enjoy time in Arizona hotel room. by Trassik10/20/004.33

Phoenix Ch. 2

 — She wakes him in a very sexy way. by Trassik10/20/004.00

Phone Play With My Lover

 — He had one thought...she had another. by victors_angel03/03/023.14

Phone Sex

 — Telephone calls can be fun. by Speakeasy04/26/064.33

Phone Sex

 — Johnnie and Laura take their friendship to the next level. by lovebugxxx10/03/114.22

Phone Sex Newbie

 — Michelle allows herself to get what she wants on the phone. by wetandwhat02/14/154.06

Phonesex between a Husband and Wife

 — Weeks they have been apart resulting in this erotic call. by HawkerDeHavilland11/30/174.71

Photo Ops

 — Some coeds will do anything for a date with a hunk... by YDB9503/05/184.68HOT

Photo Shoot

 — Her boyfriend gets ideas when she poses on his car. by DanielsCami10/22/074.04

Photo Shoot

 — We enter a competition to use a Studio for Christmas photos. by oggbashan11/18/104.32

Photo Shoot

 — A maternal photo shoot turns erotic. by ToBeContinued09/18/154.51HOT

Photographs and Memories

 — What if you had a chance to change something in your past? by Desdmona01/30/034.72HOT

Photography and Fashion

 — Two lovers, lost and then re-found with a family twist. by Ghostwalker06/12/164.45

Physical Therapy For The Soul

 — She trains his knee, then his heart. by Tony15502/23/064.82HOTContest Winner

Piano Man

 — His Mom knew how to help him find his way. by Scorpio44a03/12/104.76HOT

Picked by a Pepper

 — Faded friendship renews over tough times at the office. by WMDean10/12/094.76HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 01

 — Meeting Amanda. by REGade12/10/094.56HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 02

 — Brian meets Peggy and her family. by REGade12/11/094.62HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 03

 — Fourth Date. by REGade12/12/094.63HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 04

 — Amanda. by REGade12/13/094.68HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 05

 — Peggy gets her way. by REGade12/13/094.70HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 06

 — From Ecstacy to Anguish. by REGade12/14/094.67HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 09

 — A few chance meetings. by REGade12/17/094.62HOT

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 10

 — Becoming Close. by REGade12/18/094.48


 — First real time meeting of cyber lovers. by Electra04208/17/024.37

Picnic at the Falls

 — A picnic down at the falls turns into a erotic adventure. by uncarvedblock11/30/084.19

Picnic Passion

 — He takes beautiful Carrie for a picnic. by DPresido02/09/054.57HOT

Picnic Surprise

 — They fuck for the first time. by claire4u11/04/034.00

Picnic with Karen Ch. 1

 — When does Dave get to finally get it? by litdave09/24/023.92

Picnic with Karen Ch. 2

 — Dave is still the nice guy. by litdave10/04/024.00

Picnic With Karen Ch. 4

 — Another frustrating time with her. by litdave11/14/024.00

Picnic With Karen Ch. 5

 — Well, it's a start! by litdave11/15/024.58HOT

Picture A Day

 — A married couple's relaxation. by Yael033003/13/14

Picture at the Park

 — I just had to wonder if she knew she was wired for sound. by markelly10/16/174.80HOT

Picture Man

 — A photographer, his assistant and a rich client. by thornapple03/18/094.72HOT

Picture Night

 — Dinner with you and pictures to follow. by ckklover01/03/054.53HOT

Picture This

 — Anna's dream becomes reality. by annanova06/22/104.66HOT

Pictures to Remember Me By

 — A story of love and memory. by coldwater104/21/164.82HOT


 — I'm confused. Does she want me? Or not? by oggbashan01/20/154.59HOT

Pillow Thoughts & Next Morning

 — Is sex about thinking or doing? by will6801/31/024.14

Pin-up Girl

 — A wartime romance. by wantsomefun195103/12/144.84HOTContest Winner

Pina Colada Story

 — Surprise lovers' meeting. by Kristi Seaton07/07/043.85

Pinball Wizardess

 — He meets her at the arcade. But there is a problem... by DrTool03/26/144.62HOT

Ping Pong

 — Things get steamy during a ping pong game with my boyfriend. by FriendlyNiff12/05/184.64HOT

Pink Hibiscus

 — They find each other last. by DawnJ07/18/124.38

Pippa Ch. 03

 — Starting a new job leads to a healed heart. by Vector90006/17/174.07

Pirates and Disney Princesses

 — A Halloween Surprise for the Irish Washerwoman. by PrincessJezebel10/03/144.68HOT

Pit of Desire

 — A couple spends some "quality time" together. by In_My_Pants10/10/124.41

Pizza with a Side of Candied Bacon

 — Pizza Delivery with a side of lust. by KalicoKitty10/26/183.62

Place at His Table

 — Wife leaves for greener pastures, but there are none! by maninconn07/22/104.46

Plain Jane

 — A rather different sort of romance. by Thomas Drablézien01/11/094.25

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up

 — Two years after High School. by maxicue04/23/034.39

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 02

 — Jim's wild secret. by maxicue04/29/034.47

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 03

 — Jim & Jane's Mom & Jane's Gynecologist. by maxicue05/04/034.60HOT

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 05

 — After a bumpy start, she finds a lot to like about Jim. by maxicue05/13/034.62HOT

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 07

 — Jane's mother cums to NYC. by maxicue05/31/034.57HOT

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 08

 — Jane and Harry discover a kink. by maxicue06/11/034.75HOT

Plain Jane Full of Surprises

 — Plain but with a brain Jane wowed them. by Egmont Grigor03/22/094.59HOT

Plain Jayne

 — ...finally finds out what love's like. by demure10104/21/124.69HOT

Plane Ride to Heaven

 — A plane ride that changes Helen's life forever in many ways. by Maria2412/23/184.22


 — Former fantasy turns into reality. by IronKitten02/12/034.13


 — Who has stronger willpower? by trashyfantasies03/23/153.83

Play Ball

 — America's favorite pastime. by Baloo the Bear07/28/044.52HOT

Play Date

 — Childhood friends meet again. by Member38903/09/174.81HOT

Playa Samara

 — Romance blossoms on the beach - or does it? by geronimo_appleby03/28/124.24

Player Retired

 — A returned serviceman does the right thing and finds love. by SW_MO_Hermit08/21/144.73HOT

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