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 — Desire is a game played coyly. by Calpurnius Erex01/21/034.59HOT

Playful Wrestling

 — Speaking directly to reader and what I want to do to her. by Givechase111102/12/163.50


 — Mike and Val find new ways to play. by Lily_Magda01/09/064.22

Playing Doctor Ch. 01

 — A lady doctor and the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker06/08/064.75HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 02

 — A lady doctor and the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker06/18/064.81HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 03

 — A lady doctor and the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker06/25/064.83HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 04

 — Lady doctor & bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker07/02/064.81HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 05

 — Lady doctor & the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker07/08/064.82HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 06

 — Lady doctor & the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker07/14/064.86HOT

Playing Doctor Ch. 07

 — Lady doctor & the bad-boy artist search for something. by Wine_Maker07/21/064.71HOT

Playing Favorites

 — Leaving the past behind, Lindsay finds her favorite... by JustJaney03/29/184.84HOT

Playing Hooky

 — They don't go to work. by TeretheTree03/19/033.70

Playing Hooky Ch. 1

 — Even big girls do it and sometimes they get caught. by Magicien08/30/024.09

Playing in the Shower

 — Heterosexual couple fun in the shower. by Elliena03/31/163.80

Playing It Cool

 — Circumstances conspire as the snow falls. by redzinger12/04/144.55HOT

Playing Up Ch. 03

 — Happily shagging ever after or not meant to be? by redzinger07/19/124.79HOT

Playing with Fire

 — Nick takes advantage of his wife's multi-orgasmic state... by ShyVixen3303/20/114.43

Playthings: Docile

 — Cathie meets David and they dabble in office fraternization. by 88DetholmLover8805/02/113.70

Playtime Ch. 01

 — Joyce and I break in a new playmate. by lkrumwiede02/14/114.09

Playtime Ch. 04-05

 — Happy, or not-so-happy, Christmas. by lkrumwiede03/21/114.00

Please Love Me Ch. 01

 — Angry wife is fed up with husband's neglect. by brazen198811/20/08

Please Love Me Ch. 02

 — Wanting a baby... by brazen198812/18/08

Please Love Me Ch. 03

 — Prick - 'nough said. by brazen198801/07/09

Please Not Like This Ch. 03

 — Chad & Charity reunite. by Master_Vassago11/12/034.47


 — Lovers show their hunger for each other. by angel`2904/20/013.97

Pleasure Cove

 — Mel & Johnny fall for each other in secluded cove. by s_xuereb_6903/25/013.22

Pleasured by A Pirate

 — She's romanced and seduced by a pirate's great-grandson. by justboycrazy03/11/103.54

Plentiful Pleasuring

 — A night devoted to her man's every desire & passion. by frankies9008/13/014.19

Plucked from the Crowd

 — April gets pulled up on stage. by Perfideous06/19/134.31

Plumbing Inspection

 — She finds something that fits nice and deep. by acup12/17/164.61HOT

Plunging into the Abyss

 — The follow-up to 'Quiet Desperation'. by trigudis09/04/174.48

Poetry and Lemon Cakes

 — A proprietress and soldier find love amidst war. by AstridOnnan04/01/154.49

Poker and Happiness Ch. 01

 — How he really got to know his future family. by bbrake01/04/074.59HOT

Poker Night at the Lab

 — Instead of studying, some friends play strip poker. by milordrevan08/22/134.71HOT

Pol Science Ch. 01: The Proposal

 — How passion and love flourishes in uncertain circumstances... by NamesOfDreams04/03/154.31

Pol Science Ch. 02: The Marriage

 — Love finds ways. by NamesOfDreams04/07/154.00

Pol Science Ch. 03: Communication

 — Love finds ways. by NamesOfDreams04/30/154.29

Pole Position

 — Matt isn't happy about his wife helping cover the bills. by rdodger09/17/174.05

Polite Society

 — Sean and Trish become lovers. by fadedgiant11/13/134.27

Poly-Dexterous Moments

 — She brings another girl in the bed, so why is he unhappy? by sirsemega09/14/084.35

Pond Clearing

 — Coed & friends convince man she's no boy. by jeanne_d_artois03/30/044.40

Pond Life

 — Jimmy Pond - a Swedish James Pond? No. by risgrynsfisk01/20/164.71HOT

Pool Love

 — She enjoys nighttime swim. by Melody_lane10/20/004.06

Pool Party

 — They try out a pool for the first time. by 2lips4licking04/21/054.17

Pool Weekend Ch. 01

 — Lisa and Andy take a break from college. by tabber05/16/044.44

Pool Weekend Ch. 02

 — Lisa & Andy finally get wet. by tabber05/28/044.48

Poolboy Benefits

 — She's desperate for help. The question is, how desperate? by Tx Tall Tales09/02/124.87HOTContest Winner


 — Sexy couple pleasure each other by the water. by Rachel Baldwin10/20/004.06

Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 4

 — Katrina and Don resume communication, but not face-to-face. by LeoDavis09/07/134.43

Poolside Massage

 — He helps lovely woman with her sunscreen. by Raven10/20/004.03


 — Going to the movies has never been so fun. by hidanwriter08/26/092.42

Popping the Question

 — He asks for her hand. by thepiratequeen08/08/144.69HOT

Pornstar Pet Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Perfect Picture Cindy makes plans for the future. by Oupa9911/30/124.45

Port in a Storm

 — How far will you go to save someone? by LoneGirl03/11/174.83HOT

Portrait of Jeanne

 — A story of and for lovers. by Adam Strange12/06/034.59HOT

Portraits from Pictures

 — Diane's artistic calling comes back to life. by Listener177602/20/184.33

Posing for The One

 — I met him at a photo shoot... would I see him again? by goosexxx06/27/104.17

Possessing Bella Ch. 09

 — The kiss that lingers revisited. by xelliebabex09/09/144.73HOT

Post 9/11

 — Kim remembers Jens comforting her after events of 9/11. by Jenslady04/26/023.92

Postal Pleasures

 — An unusual Romance. by beagle969004/07/184.68HOT

Postcard from San Juan

 — Young honeymooners find adventure. by NCmVoyeur02/16/013.30

Power Cut

 — ...and then the lights went out. by potsherd2201/09/174.26

Power Relationship

 — Can true love develop from a relationship based on power? by charlottebraddon05/03/154.49

Powerball Ch. 01

 — He picked the right numbers but the wrong woman. by Web_Spinner07/12/104.82HOT

Powerball Ch. 02

 — Will the right woman pick him. by Web_Spinner07/15/104.83HOT

Pram Wheels

 — Pram wheels damage our lives. by oggbashan08/30/174.68HOT

Pranks & Promises

 — Sam sets up his sister AND repays an old debt. by Chrysalis6508/04/014.67HOT

Praying For Hope

 — "I can't Make you love me, if you don't." by WmForrester08/25/094.17

Preachers, Pulpit, Parishioners and... Ch. 01

 — How could things be the same after all we had gone through? by kestoncarmichael01/18/142.95

Preachers, Pulpit, Parishioners and... Ch. 02

 — Saints and Sinners. by kestoncarmichael01/29/144.42

Preachers, Pulpit, Parishioners and... Ch. 03

 — Let the church say amen. by kestoncarmichael02/02/143.92

Precious Fate Ch. 01

 — An addicted man finds love reunited after years of recovery. by mythrender09/30/034.70HOT

Precious Fate Ch. 02

 — The romance continues for the reunited recovering couple. by mythrender10/01/034.80HOT


 — Fantasy of maintenence man in her apartment. by kelticray01/28/034.28


 — One more tale of life on the street. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/15/15HOT

Predator Ch. 02

 — Shadows, shadows and more shadows. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/15/17HOT

Predator Ch. 03

 — The lioness and the tethered goat. by Adrian Leverkuhn02/06/17HOT

Predator Ch. 04

 — The lioness, the tethered goat, and the four horsemen... by Adrian Leverkuhn02/24/17

Predator Ch. 05

 — Running through the sky. by Adrian Leverkuhn02/26/17

Pregnant Friend

 — He enjoys sex with pregnant coworker. by mustanger7up04/12/034.39

Pregnant Surprise

 — My wife's insatiable sexual appetite. by Beardmann01/17/174.37


 — A romantic rekindling of lovers. by mstwistedangel11/04/123.90

Premiere: Dani DeVine's Diary 1

 — Dani DeVine meets a reckless driver. by astazia02/27/014.07


 — Preparing for my fantasy. by holidayanne01/02/133.81

Preparing for My Lover

 — Sensual woman prepares for lover's anticipated visit. by curiositykitten03/20/074.21

Presumed Guilty

 — How can I prove my innocence. by Cromagnonman04/08/134.37

Pretend For Me Ch. 01

 — Is this Lexi's fantasie? by angelsdelight2906/09/134.36

Pretend For Me Ch. 02

 — Plan in action. by angelsdelight2906/17/134.51HOT

Pretend For Me Ch. 03

 — Aunt Sophia interrupts. by angelsdelight2906/25/134.28

Pretend For Me Ch. 04

 — Will Lexi come home? by angelsdelight2907/07/134.51HOT

Pretend For Me Ch. 05

 — Finally they're together. by angelsdelight2910/24/134.41


 — Be who you want for Valentine's Day. by dr_mabeuse02/05/054.77HOT

Pretending Ch. 01

 — It was her idea, and he ran with it. by PennLady07/02/094.76HOT

Pretending Ch. 02

 — Were they ever really pretending? by PennLady07/03/094.83HOT


 — I've got the biggest one in town. by oggbashan06/19/044.26

Pride and Stubbornness

 — A modern fairy tale. by Boadicea08/25/064.77HOTContest Winner

Priestly Passions

 — Beautiful young woman learns lessons from her new priest. by super6405/19/024.48


 — A man rediscovers what it is to be a man. by Calpurnius Erex10/25/024.52HOT

Prince and the Poor Girl Ch. 01

 — Anupam meets Fulava. by vantyaak08/25/094.38

Prince and the Poor Girl Ch. 02

 — Anupam ravished Fulava on her wedding night. by vantyaak08/25/094.28

Prince and the Poor Girl Ch. 03

 — They fuck to no end. by vantyaak08/26/094.62HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen

 — The Prince of Darkness meets his match. by coldhands_warmheart07/27/134.67HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 02

 — Is the Prince of Darkness looking for the light? by coldhands_warmheart08/08/134.83HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 03

 — Fucked - unfucked - refucked - defucked. by coldhands_warmheart08/24/134.88HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 04

 — The Heir to the Throne. by coldhands_warmheart09/19/134.88HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 05

 — The Best Gift. by coldhands_warmheart10/04/134.85HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 06

 — The Vanishing. by coldhands_warmheart11/29/134.80HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 07

 — "Happily Ever After" said the snarling unicorn. by coldhands_warmheart12/04/134.78HOT

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 08

 — Laci's Birthday Gift. by coldhands_warmheart12/29/134.69HOT


 — A suitor tries to bed the princess. by PenanceS09/29/033.28

Princess & The Pauper

 — A moving story of true love... and big boobs. by GeorgeTasker05/06/143.65

Princess & The Stud

 — Dame Ballbuster gets her way. by belle9010/01/094.45

Princess & The Stud Ch. 02

 — Nate hastily closed the French doors. by belle9011/08/094.45

Princess & The Stud Ch. 03

 — Lila and Michael come to an agreement. by belle9011/17/094.80HOT

Princess & The Stud Ch. 04

 — Katie vs. Nate. by belle9012/02/094.70HOT

Princess & The Stud Ch. 05

 — Things go further. by belle9012/21/094.70HOT

Princess & The Stud Ch. 06

 — A truce? by belle9012/30/094.70HOT

Princess & The Stud Ch. 07

 — The truth. by belle9001/06/104.78HOT

Princess Ch. 01

 — Royal princess disappears, takes up new life, finds love. by SteveWallace06/24/154.75HOT

Princess Charming

 — The beginning of a love story. by Olivia Wynter05/26/044.00

Princess EmmaP

 — How at last he might make love to her. by Antics08/21/044.60

Princess for a Weekend

 — Pampering that special someone for a weekend. by KyBedroomEyes08/19/064.06

Princess Love

 — Who better to fall in love with than your guard. by love_of_the_dark04/17/103.71

Princess Ransom

 — A young princess becomes a ransom for her nation. by Wifetheif11/04/144.35

Princess Ransom Ch. 02

 — Elle settles in to life as a slave. by Wifetheif11/09/144.46

Principal's Harem Ch. 02

 — The Principal has small talk with his student. by mrnotally6712/18/173.74


 — Wife manages to get pregnant again and again and again. by vargas11102/26/044.32

Prison Dreamcaster

 — Incarcerated man discovers what real love is. by jd4george11/21/044.72HOT

Prison Release

 — She picked a new friend up from prison. by shimmer75209/25/074.39

Prison School Ch. 03

 — The next chapter... teacher is threatened by a student. by bawidgetcoms06/28/143.91

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 01

 — Woman can choose between the gallows or his bed. by RubiaLaFaye01/31/164.25

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 03

 — Rosebud bathes her lord and master. by RubiaLaFaye02/02/164.52HOT

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 03A - Bonus

 — English Rosebud in the harem of the Sheikh (bonus chapter). by RubiaLaFaye05/08/174.68HOT

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 05

 — Rosebud becomes Lisbeth again. by RubiaLaFaye02/20/164.62HOT

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 06

 — Pride and prejudice in a harem. by RubiaLaFaye03/03/164.76HOT

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 07

 — Arab prince marries his English former slave - (the end?) by RubiaLaFaye04/13/164.81HOT

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 08

 — Epilogue. by RubiaLaFaye11/24/164.77HOT

Prisoner No More

 — Unfair prison sentence isn't the end. by bassbelly02/06/084.51HOT

Private Dick

 — Detectives, Dames and Killers in Heels. by SteveGx05/21/153.69

Private Revelations

 — A young woman reveals a CFNM event that changed her life. by likewilson04/01/134.32


 — The life and times of a football player. by bassbelly01/26/094.36

Problems and Opportunities

 — He's fired and and then gets his life back. by Egmont040906/18/094.56HOT

Problems Shared

 — We help each other solve our problems. by Cromagnonman12/09/154.71HOT

Prodigal Daughter

 — Maura finds a kindred spirit on Christmas Eve. by YDB9511/10/154.52HOT

Prodigal Father

 — A loving wife deals with her ex's release from prison. by sbrooks103x12/02/174.20

Professor Bones and Esmeralda

 — The Astounding Patent Medicine Show. by Todd17211/23/174.85HOT

Professor in Need

 — Comforting upset professor leads coed to love. by mr_dash04/12/054.57HOT

Professor Kane's Erotic Dreams

 — They began when he read a student's sex story. by CAP81108/27/094.63HOT

Professor Pam & Mr. Roberts Ch. 01

 — First sign that she's interested in student. by DukeDakota03/05/044.26

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