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Professor Pam & Mr. Roberts Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by DukeDakota03/09/044.16

Professor Pornstar

 — Aiden has a special "tutoring" class with his hot professor. by Frank34112/05/173.85

Projecting the Wild Man

 — An idealistic woman makes an eccentric man her project. by subtlekiss08/08/184.76HOT

Prom Night

 — Two seniors enjoy the leg opening prom. by IdahoFireGuy05/03/053.74

Promise Nothing

 — The is no cheating love. by LibbyHarding07/20/102.94

Promises, Promises

 — Some desires can only be denied so long... by LizsPirate09/15/184.61HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 01

 — Procrastinating student finds down-on-her-luck classmate. by LocusOnus05/09/104.46

Promising Danielle Ch. 02

 — A new roommate, movie night with her, and her night terrors. by LocusOnus05/10/104.63HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 03

 — Her ugly past and the happy present. by LocusOnus05/11/104.76HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 04

 — Breakfast for Danielle, but Toby has to go without. by LocusOnus05/12/104.78HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 05

 — Conquering her fears. by LocusOnus05/12/104.78HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 06

 — The past rears its ugly head. by LocusOnus05/15/104.73HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 07

 — Miscarriage of justice. by LocusOnus05/16/104.59HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 08

 — Fulfilling oaths. by LocusOnus05/16/104.67HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 09

 — From the depths of depression, hope for the future. by LocusOnus05/17/104.79HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 10

 — The best father's day. by LocusOnus05/18/104.74HOT

Promising Danielle Ch. 11

 — The beginning of a teasing summer and Epilogue. by LocusOnus05/19/104.82HOT


 — Garen provides a gift, and finds one in return. by The_Defective_Pawn07/20/164.30

Proof of Love is a Powerful Thing

 — A story of a young woman searching for love... with a friend. by Silenteye04/27/124.47


 — Love and Life in Fire and Death. by Adeline05/17/054.00

Prowling Ch. 02

 — Vanessa goes prowling again by mattwatt4308/15/114.77HOT

Pubic Air

 — Sex in a plane. by idope24701/16/184.41

Public Handjob

 — You give a handjob then surprises husband with the results. by ckklover09/22/043.85

Public Transportation Ch. 01

 — Frustrated fry cook looks for love and purpose. by TheAutumnComes11/13/064.39

Public Transportation Ch. 02

 — A struggling single mom gets a pink slip. by TheAutumnComes11/20/064.32

Puellula Veniliatrix

 — The Roman poet Juvenal asks, 'Do you Love me, Surfer Girl?' by Stultus05/03/104.53HOT

Pulling On The Wool

 — Sometimes things are just the way they are. by magmaman11/22/114.38

Pumping Heat

 — Thermodynamics meets family dynamics. by Privates1stClass03/29/104.33

Pumpkin Patch

 — A very personal pumpkin patch worth exploring. by TenderBottom10/23/174.26

Punk Chick

 — Lorraine's grand epic of sex, drugs, and punk rock. by DaveDevlin05/06/07

Punk Rock Girl

 — I found her on a dark cold night, and held her. by qualite02/21/153.87

Punk Rock Romance Ch. 01

 — Two musicians rock both on and off stage. by doll66609/21/083.94

Puppy Love

 — How to fish in the park. by bassbelly08/14/084.18

Puppy Love

 — Does anyone understand me? I really love her. by DG Hear08/28/104.80HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 01

 — Can she give love a second chance? by honey2809/02/114.52HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 02

 — The first date. by honey2809/12/114.68HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 03

 — Closer. by honey2809/22/114.82HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 04

 — Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. by honey2809/26/114.74HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 05

 — Fix you. by honey2810/22/114.76HOT

Puppy Love Ch. 06

 — An unexpected guest pushes David over the edge. by honey2811/10/114.77HOT

Pure and Simple Ch. 01

 — Jak and Alora go on a blind date. by JayBirds03/06/154.21

Pure Desires

 — He knows exactly what pleases you. by RoseDiamond12/15/084.42

Pure Lust

 — Experience the story of Kadari and Ardress' passion! by TextualChocolate10/08/134.25

Pure Pleasure

 — Tobias treats popular girl, Katya, to a night of love. by DrMib09/08/133.63

Purple Hair Ch. 02

 — A baby, weddings, more babies, Leo accepted by Tina's family. by R410a04/22/194.64HOT

Purple Silk

 — Two friends meet and renew their acquaintance. by victorecho07/29/084.28

Purple Sproutin' Broccoli

 — New life for over fifties. by alexcarr11/09/114.37

Push Me Ch. 01

 — An early 30s man tries to remember who he is. by datedsoul10/02/124.84HOT

Push Me Ch. 02

 — Gifts from Shelly and Moira. by datedsoul10/15/124.83HOT

Push Me Ch. 03

 — The date. by datedsoul11/01/124.85HOT

Push Me Ch. 04

 — The day after, and the darkness. by datedsoul11/26/124.78HOT

Push Me Ch. 05

 — Shelly's birthday. Two nights at a hotel in Charleston. by datedsoul12/27/124.74HOT

Push Me Ch. 07

 — Everything Changes. by datedsoul10/30/134.66HOT

Pushing the Limits

 — He decided to show her what she had been missing. by ShyVixen3303/29/114.59HOT

Pussy Pact

 — She tells her husband about a bachelorette party. by Desdmona03/31/034.33

Put to the Test Ch. 01

 — He finds his future in Brazilian woman's heart. by Chagrined01/28/05HOT

Put to the Test Ch. 02

 — Brazilian woman finds love in a strange place. by Chagrined01/29/054.50HOT

Quarterback and Cheerleader

 — Will Bobby finally return sexy Gina's love? by JoeDreamer04/23/094.73HOT


 — Walks on the beach, candlelit dinners? Not for you. by FayeMS02/28/083.55

Queen in the Streets

 — The passion she ignites in me is at times overwhelming. by 46knight4604/16/174.18

Queen of the Sea Ch. 01

 — A naval officer goes undercover to capture a pirate. by Lady_Katka08/07/074.59HOT

Queen of the Sea Ch. 02

 — A naval officer works for a female pirate captain. by Lady_Katka12/22/074.50HOT

Queen of the Sea Ch. 03

 — More things are revealed to Carlix. by Lady_Katka05/01/084.62HOT

Queens of Love Ch. 01-02

 — Coaching an all women's eSports team is not so easy... by Sonreyes01/23/194.43


 — An online affair leads to self-discovery. by KaseyKlein07/01/114.17


 — A woman pays off a bet in a first time encounter. by annanova04/25/104.40

Quiet Desperation

 — Smitten cyclists ride themselves into a moral dilemma. by trigudis08/17/174.50HOT

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars Ch. 01

 — Turning points and the way ahead. by Adrian Leverkuhn10/27/174.72HOT

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars Ch. 02

 — Turning points along the way. by Adrian Leverkuhn10/30/174.74HOT

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars Ch. 03

 — Dreams and echoes. by Adrian Leverkuhn11/01/174.75HOT

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars Ch. 04

 — Seasons and reasons – why. by Adrian Leverkuhn11/07/174.66HOT

Quiet Song

 — Everything comes to (s)he who waits. by Cinner11/08/123.85


 — Fate, Love, & Christmas. by FallenSeraph12/19/023.70

R and L's Story

 — She finds Love on a 2 week vacation. by Countrygirl9912/01/114.37


 — A meeting with a Soldier 5 years later. by allassandhips12/30/173.96


 — He willingly gave up his one love to make her happy. by markelly04/29/094.51HOT

Rachel's Rapture Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by paula_ardmore03/17/164.36

Rachel's Rapture Ch. 01

 — Rachel learns to survive by herself. by paula_ardmore04/30/164.39

Rachel's Rapture Ch. 02

 — Rachel sees signs of others. by paula_ardmore07/31/164.72HOT

Racing Back to Love Pt. 01

 — A racing driver returns home under difficult circumstances. by demon16006/04/184.76HOT

Racing Back to Love Pt. 02

 — Will Matt's love for Melissa last? by demon16008/02/184.84HOT

Racing the Moon

 — A moonlit ride to remember. by thebuffalo06/19/133.50

Rafael's Piano: A Love Story

 — A professor is saved from a melt down by her student. by mattwatt4306/28/104.40

Rafael's Piano: A Love Story Ch. 02

 — Seven a.m., she'd better be ready. by mattwatt4307/02/104.56HOT

Rafael's Piano: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Rafael's affair with his teacher Catherine intensifies. by mattwatt4307/04/104.70HOT

Rafael's Piano: A Love Story Ch. 04

 — Conclusion of story: Rafael's Piano by mattwatt4307/07/104.72HOT

Raging Storm

 — Snowed in, two strangers fall in love literally overnight. by flyndance10/18/114.58HOT

Rags to Reunions

 — Lily attends her high school reunion, a nerd no more. by KennyWright05/19/114.68HOT


 — Weather enhances the perfect picnic. by Christina10/20/003.63


 — Lovers reunite for a morning. by Sharpguy06/07/014.25


 — Passion and love in the rain. by griffiev07/16/023.96

Rain Lust

 — Couple savors sex in a downpour. by NRX10/20/004.24

Rain of Infidelity

 — A night in the rain - should've felt so wrong. by nascarangel3807/27/073.62

Rain of Infidelity

 —  by CarolinaAmber06/26/143.26

Rainey's Song

 — Her first (& embarrassing) encounter with Aidan. by EveHasFallen04/15/054.65HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 02

 — An unexpected encounter. by EveHasFallen04/24/054.70HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 03

 — The attraction deepens. by EveHasFallen04/24/054.78HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 04

 — Work forces Rainey and Aidan together. by EveHasFallen06/11/054.80HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 05

 — Can Rainey and Aidan be 'just friends'? by EveHasFallen06/22/054.80HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 06

 — Desires flare at Jean's party. by EveHasFallen06/23/054.83HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 07

 — Rainey decides to get what she wants. by EveHasFallen07/09/064.83HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 08

 — Rainey and Aidan decide to go on a date. by EveHasFallen11/14/084.82HOT

Rainey's Song Ch. 09

 — Aidan & Rainey spend time together; he gets bad news. by EveHasFallen12/13/084.83HOTContest Winner

Raining On Sunday

 — What alternative is there when it's pouring rain? by MugsyB01/20/124.68HOT

Rainstone Ch. 02

 — Ryder and 'Sonya'. by Daniellekitten12/29/154.79HOT

Rainstorm with the Man I Love

 — He arrives from the airport during storm. by FaerieDreams06/29/054.68HOT

Rainy Day

 — A venture to develop his stories. by Silent_Lover08/16/074.10

Rainy Day at Mudd Lake

 — A romantic fantasy. by flutterbykiss6409/06/023.89

Rainy Day People

 — Another Gordon Lightfoot song. by StangStar0609/07/104.26

Rainy Day Play

 — Sarah and David ignite when it's wet. by DaddysGrl01/12/034.34

Rainy Nights

 — Surprised visit turns to more. by YumaMccall703/22/173.71

Rainy Romance

 — A little love and fantasy in the rain. by Nitabug01/31/034.20

Rainy Summer's Eve

 — Summer sprinkle satisfies a fantasy for two. by Nyala02/10/013.71

Rainy Sunday

 — Lovemaking to start the day. by Swilly10/11/164.45

Rally Girls

 — I was infatuated but my accident changed everything. by DG Hear03/05/144.61HOT

Ramona Jean's Sinful Weekend

 — Sheltered deaf girl meets boy in the late 1950s. by Piedmont72203/24/164.67HOT

Ramona Jean's Wanton Honeymoon

 — A well-consummated union in the late 1950s. by Piedmont72209/19/164.80HOT

Ranch Undressing

 — A family's ranch is the setting for lessons in life and love. by bbare12/09/174.57HOT

Rancher's Dream

 — Widow finds love & a bit more from a stranger. by RedHairedandFriendly10/13/054.78HOTContest Winner

Random Strangers

 — While on a tour, 2 young strangers meet with instant passion. by MaskedMadien12/02/154.06

Randy And Sherri Ch. 01

 — Randy and Sherri have an Internet Romance. by Bald_Eagle01/14/074.22

Randy And Sherri Ch. 02

 — Randy and Sherri have an Internet romance. by Bald_Eagle01/25/074.20

Randy And Sherri Ch. 03

 — Randy and Sherri have an Internet romance. by Bald_Eagle02/21/074.75

Range of Motion

 — A receptionist provides her own regime of physical therapy. by WyldBreeze01/10/064.44


 — Erotic version of the classical fairy tale. by fallen-angel06/08/043.28

Rate Ch. 01

 — A lap dance. by rirebelle12/31/124.06

Raunchy, Romantic Escapades Ch. 01

 — Chrissie takes a shy boy's virginity. by redheadhotness08/10/184.35

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 04

 — Raven enters her past. by Satin and Lace01/25/064.71

Ravens Fly at Night

 — A musician struggles with unrequited love for his songbird. by Stultus06/20/094.77HOT

Raver QT Gets Her Fantasy

 — Kozmik finally rawks Josh's sailor world. by Kozmik_Fantasy05/04/014.27


 — A girl truly understand the term 'to be ravished'. by mariarendes05/08/074.36

Raw Intensity

 — My desire for you. by rwthomas04/24/064.75HOT


 — Historical erotic adventure & romance. by Sighber_playmate200104/21/024.85HOT

Rayne Ch. 01

 — Historical romance. by Undercoverwriter04/21/094.59HOT

Rayne Ch. 02

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/22/094.71HOT

Rayne Ch. 03

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/23/094.56HOT

Rayne Ch. 04

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/24/094.69HOT

Rayne Ch. 05

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/25/094.71HOT

Rayne Ch. 06

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/26/094.68HOT

Rayne Ch. 07

 — Historical Romance. by Undercoverwriter04/28/094.61HOT

Rayne Ch. 08

 — An historical pirate romance. by Undercoverwriter05/03/094.62HOT

Rayne Ch. 09

 — Historical Romance by Undercoverwriter05/06/094.67HOT

Rayne Ch. 10

 — Fantasy Romance. by Undercoverwriter06/01/094.39

Rayne Ch. 11

 — An erotic pirate adventure fantasy. by Undercoverwriter06/05/094.62HOT

Rayne Ch. 12

 — A fantasy romance. by Undercoverwriter06/12/094.64HOT

Rayne Ch. 13

 — Fantasy Romance. by Undercoverwriter07/01/094.64HOT

Razor Ch. 01

 — Mary's story of thinking too much, and trying too hard. by SomeSayLove03/21/164.53HOT

Razor Ch. 02

 — The sins of the mother, and father. by SomeSayLove03/27/164.70HOT

Razor Ch. 03

 — The importance of friends. by SomeSayLove04/05/164.74HOT

Razor Ch. 04

 — Smarter, stronger, safer? by SomeSayLove04/12/164.67HOT

Razor Ch. 05

 — A truly long day. by SomeSayLove04/26/164.89HOT

Razor Ch. 06

 — Pain, pain, go away, go away. by SomeSayLove05/10/164.87HOT

Razor Ch. 07

 — Come back again another day. by SomeSayLove05/24/164.84HOT

Razor Ch. 08

 — Like a growing addiction that I can't deny. by SomeSayLove06/08/164.89HOT

Razor Ch. 09

 — What is love? by SomeSayLove06/23/164.89HOT

Razor Ch. 10

 — Love lifts us up where we belong. by SomeSayLove07/02/164.93HOT

Re-Discovery Ch. 01

 — Young widower finds way to rekindle fire. by Strict_Gorean05/16/044.68HOT

Reaching Climax

 — Short story of lovers reunited. by dirtysombrero06/14/174.31

Reaching the Summit Ch. 01

 — She teaches him how to ignite her. by Scotsman6905/31/094.45

Reaching the Summit Ch. 02

 — He passes a test for her. by Scotsman6906/07/094.45

Reaching the Summit Ch. 04

 — Searingly sexual Scots. by Scotsman6909/24/094.53HOT

Reaching the Teacher

 — A teacher is romanced by her student. by mattwatt4302/12/114.61HOT

Read to me

 — I love listening to your voice. by merriweather4201/02/174.04

Reading is Fun

 — Guys get something out of romance novels, too. by raven1010110/02/044.52HOT

Reading the Defense

 — She slipped right into the arms of a gridiron. by ILmonamour05/31/114.64HOT

Reading the Defense Ch. 02

 — Gabe and Samantha get to know each other better. by ILmonamour06/09/114.76HOT

Reading the Defense Ch. 03

 — A tackle goes a long way. by ILmonamour06/15/114.82HOT

Reading the Defense Ch. 04

 — Samantha realizes you can't win them all. by ILmonamour06/27/114.83HOT

Reading the Defense Ch. 05

 — Broken words and a struggle for the sacrifice. by ILmonamour07/09/114.80HOT

Reading the Defense Ch. 06

 — All good things come together in the final two minutes. by ILmonamour08/01/114.83HOTContest Winner


 — Virgin tells lover how she sees first time. by CarmeloCremoso10/17/174.14

Real Girls Ch. 01

 — Her first new lover after marriage, divorce and children. by MsJess012510/08/064.66HOT

Real Love

 — He finally shows his feelings. by Tigerlady77701/07/033.76

Reality Bites

 — Cyber-lovers meet for the first time. by redbeerd200208/27/024.61HOT

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