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Selling Sister's Cookies

 — She gets lucky on her sister's cookie route. by licksit11/28/074.59HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 01

 — A "Lonely Hearts Murder" mystery. by calibeachgirl12/08/114.57HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 02

 — Have I told you lately that I love you? by calibeachgirl12/14/114.66HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 03

 — A trip to the Magic Kingdom. by calibeachgirl12/15/114.75HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 04

 — She was his wife, this was their wedding night. by calibeachgirl12/16/114.69HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 05

 — Hot chocolate! by calibeachgirl12/17/114.68HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 06

 — Bonds can be harder to break than promises. by calibeachgirl02/08/124.67HOT

Semper Fi Pt. 07

 — ...and he kissed her just to prove it. by calibeachgirl02/13/124.69HOT

Semper Fidelis

 — She lost her husband and gained his twin. by Sean00612/14/084.12

Send In The The Clowns

 — Wouldn't you like to screw a tax inspector? by DavidShaw04/06/044.31


 — A chance encounter with the woman of my dreams. by Dngnmastr07/09/094.08


 — He describes the sensations of sex. by Willing2Do01/11/063.45


 — A tantric adventure. by TasteTee06/23/034.00


 — A romantic sensual experience. by SweetWildMan07/01/044.33

Sensual Adventures of a Lover

 — Peter has an exciting adventure with a long time friend. by rf6mohawk07/02/094.48

Sensual Adventures of a Lover Ch. 02

 — Pete's back for some lustful lunch. by rf6mohawk08/10/094.29

Sensual Affair

 — What a sensual night looks like from a woman's perspective. by professorforfun05/22/154.09

Sensual Massage Ch. 01

 — Rupa enjoyed the sensual full body massage. by Saswati01/21/074.42

Sensual Massage Ch. 02

 — Happy ending of sensual full body massage. by Saswati02/10/074.55HOT

Sensual Shorts

 — Snippets, Fantasies, and Daydreams. by _Lynn_05/12/124.33


 — Mature woman discovers full range of her sensuality. by The-oldmans-wife06/28/024.33

Sensuality Still Hangs in the Air

 — Dinner, discussion and degradation - yum! by SweetOblivion01/18/084.25

Separate Lives Pt. 03

 — His ex has two roommates. by Longhorn__0707/20/054.65HOT

Separated by Lies

 — Couple is separated by another's lies. by bratcat78610/17/054.06

Separation Anxiety

 — A relationship is stressed by a year-long work separation. by sbrooks103x04/21/174.24

September Diaries

 — You dive into an orgasmic dessert. by Du Lac03/12/054.78


 — He's melted by the lovely D'aunne. by Eros4Play10/20/003.33


 — Would you wait a year for your true love? by PrincessErin01/20/094.48


 — A woman should never sell herself short. by Dinsmore01/09/074.77HOT


 — After centuries, Cupid finally finds the ONE for him. by silkstockingslover01/31/134.71HOT


 — Several seemingly unrelated events define a young man's life. by mindventure07/03/154.81HOT

Serial Bad Decisions

 — Old friends meet again after a chance encounter. by Storm6210/24/124.65HOT


 — When he has to have her, she's there to be taken. by Justmyimagination09/30/084.43

Setting Up Cupid

 — The tables are turned. by JayDavid01/29/154.69HOT

Settling In

 — Follow-up to A Bus Worth Missing. by trigudis05/10/164.56HOT

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 08

 — The final surprise of the week. by Master_Vassago05/29/034.66HOT

Seven Days Without You

 — He shows her how much he missed her. by orgamimime06/19/104.62HOT

Seven Falls

 — Do nice guys always finish last? A college kid comes of age. by darkoverlord603/27/194.69HOT

Seven Year Itch

 — Did she really say that? by Just_Words03/28/194.30

Seven Years Since The Motel

 — It's been seven years and a lifetime since that one night. by LettersFromTatyana12/16/104.67HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 02

 — It's an interesting morning for both of them. by LettersFromTatyana01/07/114.71HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 03

 — After breakfast, Maisie comes clean. by LettersFromTatyana03/02/114.80HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 04

 — A long afternoon dream by LettersFromTatyana04/15/114.81HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 05

 — Maisie makes a decision. by LettersFromTatyana06/30/114.80HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 06

 — A game of bridge, followed by more interesting events. by LettersFromTatyana09/28/114.83HOT

Seven Years Since The Motel Ch. 07

 — An argument, an ending, and an epilogue. by LettersFromTatyana12/17/114.86HOT

Sex & Philopsphy

 — A sexual encounter between two intellects. by MorbidAngelRen10/10/033.53

Sex In School

 — He lusts for Rachel in class. by TheChado07/11/053.45

Sex in the Coffee Room

 — A girl surprises her boyfriend in the back of a coffee shop. by AidanLewis07/11/074.04

Sex in the Lounge

 — The night was young when she met him. by Naughty Widow06/13/023.74

Sex in the Office

 — We have sex in our office. by Sodicox908/11/153.78

Sex in the Rain

 — Sexual encounter outdoors. by Ab8307/14/184.00

Sex in the Snow

 — Succumbing to wife's fantasy of sex in the snow. by WFEATHER02/10/064.10

Sex in the Surf

 — Ian helps his fiancée open up. by Rabbit10810/20/004.53HOT

Sex In Times Of Cholera

 — Two aid workers stranded in the middle of nowhere. by lagneau blanc04/22/124.12

Sex In War

 — Soldier has sex with his female lieutenant. by lordraiden12/20/044.31

Sex is Best with Your Lover

 — A Love Story. by flashgordon56200610/28/173.72

Sex on Fire

 — Club encounter leads to heated sex. by B5900102/23/112.89

Sex on the Beach

 — An old fling lights a new flame under the stars on the beach. by petofkeon06/13/154.17

Sex on the Beach

 — A first person situation where two lovers connect. by JamesyBond11/09/163.25

Sex on the Wine Train

 — Caught enjoying each other as the train rocks along. by A_Class_Act03/30/194.12

Sex Opens Door

 — People do exchange information for sex. by Egmont Grigor04/21/084.62HOT

Sex Requires Lust, But Making Love?

 — He teaches her to slow down and enjoy the ride. by Pshhhh12/24/124.37

Sex Slave Shyamalavathy

 — Recent widow becomes sex slave to young man. by xyshiva04/07/183.65

Sex with a Stranger

 — She shares passion with a mysterious man by Sxxyangl10/09/004.34

Sex with Lady Boss

 — A male employee gets with his Lady Boss. by sunnyboyz09/10/023.21

Sex With Neighbour

 — His pretty neighbour comes home. by sunnyboyz09/05/024.08

Sex With Student

 — How a teacher had sex with his 19yr old student. by sunnyboyz09/01/023.51

Sex with the Ex

 — A visit to his office turns into sex on his couch. by ceb3512/07/103.06

Sex Without Outcomes

 — A guy meets a guy who also has not found romance. by EgmontGrigor201103/27/114.69HOT

Sexploits Ch. 07: Abigail Pt. 02

 — Abby gets my hopes up one more time. by dpingjessie06/11/174.47

Sext Me! Won't You Be Mine?

 — A Valentine Fairy Tale. by ManAmorous01/23/194.69HOT


 — Saucy message exchange speeds a boring day. by spencerfoxy10/04/173.80

Sexual Appetite

 — You end dinner date with dessert at home. by Bridget6907/20/064.23

Sexual Awakening of Farrah

 — A divorcee is brought back to sexual life by a nomad. by Egmont Grigor03/10/094.27

Sexual Awakening of Geneva

 — First two hopeless husbands, then along came Michael. by Egmont Grigor03/11/094.46

Sexual Awakening of Hugo

 — Hugo finds a very interesting woman in waiting. by Egmont Grigor03/12/094.47

Sexual Awakening of Inverness

 — Sole family survivor reunites with the guy who saved her. by Egmont Grigor03/15/094.48

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 01

 — Divorce leads her into a new life. by iowamale5156601/02/064.56HOT

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 02

 — Kira and Tyler savor a picnic date. by iowamale5156601/02/064.70HOT

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 03

 — Kira's sister Misty has first sex. by iowamale5156601/09/064.50HOT

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 05

 — Kira and Tyler each enjoy a massage. by iowamale5156601/17/064.44

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 06

 — Misty washes her Jeep. by iowamale5156601/18/064.65HOT

Sexual Discoveries Ch. 07

 — Misty watches her neighbors. by iowamale5156601/26/064.42

Sexual Disorientation

 — Can two virgins' love overcome "sexual disorientation"? by GrampyWriter06/09/064.71HOT

Sexual Healing

 — She's in desperate need of attention from paramedic. by mzvampyre02/20/013.92

Sexual Healing

 — Can love really conquer all? A love story, in every sense. by Exakta6603/03/104.61HOT

Sexual History of a Man Pt. 05 Ch. 01

 — Grant goes on maneuvers-and how! by oldlover4002/08/104.32

Sexual Hunger & Secret Desires

 — April has amazing sex after leaving doomed marriage. by erinluvsjay0405/12/064.49

Sexual Pleasure

 — Passion is explored. by soulma08/29/033.50

Sexual Politics

 — Ambition or passion - will she join the Nude Day Parade? by neonlyte06/16/064.55HOT

Sexuality Lost & Found

 — Woman rediscovers her sexual self after surgery. by ronde09/17/024.77HOT

Sexy Affairs Ch. 02: Smitten

 — Cheating girlfriend falls in love with the younger brother. by Fatalfury04/06/174.33

Sexy Ash BBW

 — 20-year old woman and 39-year old man in hotel encounter. by completeexperience12/05/104.06

Sexy Ash BBW Ch. 02

 — Intense encounter of lust and romance. by completeexperience12/16/104.20

Sexy Ash BBW Ch. 03

 — She gets her first fist job and gets her soles worshipped. by completeexperience12/20/104.00

Sexy Ash BBW Ch. 04

 — An intense night of hookah smoking and sex. by completeexperience01/10/114.31

Sexy Night in Vegas

 — A detailed story of a naughty wife and willing husband. by FictionGreenhorn03/26/194.46

Sexy Short, Ethan & Lana

 — A long awaited meeting turns out better than any expectation. by ICM878101/08/154.30

Sexy Shree Ch. 02

 — The dark skinned Indian Beauty by maverick201004/29/144.00

Sexy Surprise

 — Sweet after-work surprise. by LadyWhiskers07/27/064.38

Sexy Wife Gets Assertive

 — Beautiful wife takes a risk, and starts giving orders. by A_Lloy12/04/184.51HOT

Shackled and Confused Ch. 02

 — Pierre cannot get the lovely Catharine off his mind. by Butterflies51201/25/133.56

Shackled Ch. 01

 — The Package. by Story_Spinner12/22/114.11

Shackled Ch. 02

 — Liam and Emma meet. by Story_Spinner12/23/114.37

Shackled Ch. 03

 — Liam comes to Emma's rescue. by Story_Spinner12/28/114.66HOT

Shackled Ch. 04

 — Emma shows some pluck. by Story_Spinner01/03/124.71HOT

Shackled Ch. 05

 — Stuck together. by Story_Spinner01/09/124.69HOT

Shackled Ch. 06

 — Emma's story is revealed. by Story_Spinner01/14/124.75HOT

Shackled Ch. 07

 — Emma is given a choice. by Story_Spinner01/18/124.76HOT

Shackled Ch. 08

 — Going to the movies. by Story_Spinner01/20/124.76HOT

Shackled Ch. 09

 — Emma meets the good doctor. by Story_Spinner01/24/124.75HOT

Shackled Ch. 10

 — Liam shares his story with Emma. by Story_Spinner01/25/124.75HOT

Shackled Ch. 11

 — Emma tries to comfort Liam and sparks fly. by Story_Spinner01/26/124.73HOT

Shackled Ch. 12

 — The day after and plans are made. by Story_Spinner02/11/124.79HOT

Shackled Ch. 13

 — Things heat up again. by Story_Spinner02/12/124.80HOT

Shackled Ch. 14

 — Dinner is forgotten. by Story_Spinner02/13/124.82HOT

Shackled Ch. 15

 — A cold shower warms up. by Story_Spinner02/17/124.81HOT

Shackled Ch. 16

 — The team comes together. by Story_Spinner02/29/124.79HOT

Shackled Ch. 17

 — Confessions. by Story_Spinner03/06/124.79HOT

Shackled Ch. 18

 — Laura finally gets some action. by Story_Spinner03/07/124.75HOT

Shackled Ch. 19

 — The afterglow. by Story_Spinner03/08/124.80HOT

Shackled Ch. 20

 — Un-shackled. by Story_Spinner04/14/124.64HOT

Shackled Ch. 21

 — Liam's inner struggle. by Story_Spinner02/15/134.59HOT

Shades of Jessica

 — Jessica is a tiny woman who yearns for a strong man. by shptchr11/23/184.26

Shades of Jessica Ch. 02

 — Claudia finds a new lover and Larry approves. by shptchr11/29/183.60

Shades of Jessica Ch. 03

 — Jessica makes a decision & Claudia visits a sex club. by shptchr12/09/184.45

Shades of Jessica Ch. 04

 — Peach learns obedience. by shptchr12/10/184.67

Shadow Dancing Ch. 01

 — Dawn & Bob find solace in each other. by Colorado_bd09/19/044.66HOT

Shadow Hall Ch. 01

 — An Unexpected Visit Home with an Unexpected Guest. by hugs_and_kisses09/24/094.00

Shadows of a Love

 — She enjoys a last lusty night with old flame. by erotica14306/23/014.18

Shadows of Life Ch. 01

 — Introducing Hunter and Tourment. Will she give in to him? by drews_lette1112/09/124.44

Shadows of Life Ch. 02

 — Tayla loses her virginity and Prophecies are explained. by drews_lette1112/13/124.64HOT

Shaft Construction Ch. 01-02

 — Boss and Administrative Assistant realize they are in love. by KarinDiSeduzione04/23/114.29

Shakespeare's Birthday

 — She was top totty; he was a working class boy on his way up. by SamScribble01/21/144.44


 — Sexsomia, lightning, or MFF sex, which was her worst fear? by 2Xwidderwoman09/05/084.54HOT

Shall We Dance? Ch. 01

 — A Musician's View of Life and Love. by ontheroadforever08/27/164.64HOT

Shall We Dance? Ch. 02

 — Bumps in the road to romance... by ontheroadforever09/10/164.49


 — An erotic romance from Mumbai, India. by mixoscopist08/22/054.75HOT


 — He had almost given up, and then he met the perfect mate. by Will Bailey12/30/024.73HOT

Shards of Crystal

 — Love after tragedy. by Bebop304/03/194.53HOT

Share the Road

 — An engineer, a lawyer, and a sailboat... by Thucydides08/02/114.88HOT

Shared Chip

 — The chips are down with a stranger on a bus. by olivias01/31/174.26

Shared Spaces

 — An after work encounter with a happy ending. by WTalbot05/24/164.41

Sharing My Love Ch. 02

 — She's suprised by friend's acceptance. by PlushLips01/11/124.48

Sharing the Magic of Loving

 — You share your deep desires with your lover. by alexcarr06/15/143.50

Sharon's in Love

 — Two twenty-somethings tentatively reach for each other. by Egmont Grigor04/10/094.64HOT

Sharon's Treasure

 — An adult, modern-day, romance, fairytale. by Wildfire847006/30/133.92

Shattered Hero

 — A sex-filled vacation leads to something more. by dkalish06/30/154.51HOT

Shave and a Trim Pt. 01

 — A romantic story. by felttip05/16/193.32

She Breathed

 — A young woman awaits the return of her lover. by Tina Gale02/01/014.12

She Calls Him 'Prince of Sex'

 — Lewis becomes more mature about sexual relations. by EgmontGrigor201904/27/194.23

She Chose Me

 — Dealing with the aftermath of his wife's death. by DeYaKen10/03/134.44

She Couldn't Change Me

 — She wanted me to change, but I couldn't. by woodmanone07/11/094.57HOT

She Danced

 — Finding salvation in the damndest of places. by Liar02/04/054.73HOT

She Dreams

 — She dreams of a fantasy lover. by nitegazer03/05/034.45

She Forgot Morning Ch. 10

 — Bill takes Sarah out for a romantic evening by MungoParkIII12/21/074.38

She Forgot Morning Ch. 11

 — Bill and Sarah begin their romantic evening. by MungoParkIII12/23/074.39

She Forgot Morning Ch. 12

 — Sarah and Bill's romantic continues, leading to a surprise. by MungoParkIII12/23/074.28

She Had A Secret

 — BD recalls his first real-life 'mystery woman'. by BlackDarwin09/11/014.48

She Had it All

 — Fame and fortune had just made her miserable. by Dinsmore02/12/074.84HOT

She Knew He'd Be There

 — Sara and Greg finally give into their passion. by wannabemygirl08/26/104.53HOT

She Let Herself Go

 — She finds what she was missing. by babydawn03/05/064.44

She Loves Me

 — Nerdy guy breaks from the friend zone. by paulskins06/09/164.60HOT

She Met Him In Her Inbox Ch. 01

 — Literotica PM causes urges to be fulfilled. by GWNorth3211/19/124.50HOT

She Met Him In Her Inbox Ch. 02

 — Literotica PM causes urges to be fulfilled. by GWNorth3211/27/124.36

She Met Him In Her Inbox Ch. 03

 — Literotica PM causes urges to be fulfilled. by GWNorth3212/05/124.56HOT

She Painted

 — He came to her door. by SierraSprite09/29/174.35

She Rides the Unicorn

 — Forbidden love. by KaseyKlein07/31/114.00

She Said Yes

 — Will he get what he wants for Christmas? by dragontatto12/24/064.76HOT

She Said, He Said

 — An extremely hot affair. by Tdpl3712/02/054.26

She Started Something

 — What was it that she started? by Cromagnonman03/20/124.28

She Taught Me How To Love

 — A random meeting at college becomes much more. by storytyme10/08/144.35

She Wants Me

 — The beautiful, sexy girl wants me. by ainu209/19/114.53HOT

She Was So Damned Cute!

 — She was none of my business, but she was so damned cute! by BikeWriter02/26/104.32

She Will Be Loved

 — First impressions aren't everything. by janevalenz01/11/054.31

She'd Left No Forwarding Address

 — The last man she ever expected to see again. by Dinsmore06/10/074.72HOT

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