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Smile and Remember

 — Hey says goodbye to the woman he loved. by Many Feathers06/18/074.46

Smile For Me

 — A firefighter spends the night with his wife. by stephtothestar11/03/084.48


 — Woman looking to get laid, man with curly mustache, date. by Megoosh25812/30/133.17

Smithfield Don, You're History

 — It's never too late for revenge, so watch out dad. by Egmont Grigor07/21/084.48


 — A WWII seduction. by daddy195010/18/154.42


 — When times were clear through the cigarette smoke. by fisherman12/03/034.74HOT

Smoke Ch. 01

 — Finding love in the 50s. by calibeachgirl07/09/114.57HOT

Smoke Ch. 02

 — California Dreamin'. by calibeachgirl07/10/114.71HOT

Smoke Ch. 03

 — Greg, Cindy and Mrs. Shocley return. by calibeachgirl07/13/114.70HOT

Smoke Ch. 04

 — Things heat up in the kitchen. by calibeachgirl07/22/114.76HOT

Smoke Ch. 05

 — What happens in Vegas... by calibeachgirl08/16/114.71HOT

Smoke Ch. 06

 — A wedding is planned. by calibeachgirl09/03/114.73HOT

Smoke Ch. 07

 — A flat fish, a strange dinner and a lawfully wedded wife. by calibeachgirl09/20/114.51HOT

Smokey Mountain Man

 — She went looking for a legend, she found reality. by darkstone5703/07/084.37


 — An intimate glimpse of a first meeting. by DandyMan08/23/013.94

Sneaking Under The Stars

 — She tries to win back true love. by Ashlynn10/20/003.75


 — Lost in a snowstorm, Lauren finds a lover. by LoveLily10/20/004.52HOT


 — A sexy little love story. by rosilindjune03/11/164.84HOT

Snow and the River

 — A bittersweet tale of seizing the moment. by dr_mabeuse11/24/054.54HOT

Snow and the River Ch. 02

 — Twenty-four years later. by dr_mabeuse11/29/054.69HOT

Snow Angel

 — Man loses hope, then finds special help. by americandemon11/19/03HOT

Snow Angel

 — Love after a wintery walk. by silverace101/24/064.33

Snow Bunny

 — In the midst of a blizzard, Bunny finds true love. by Old_Blue11/10/094.44

Snow Bunny Surprise Ch. 01

 — Two friends find each other on the ski slopes. by FireFighterFranky06/23/134.60HOT

Snow Ch. 04

 — Things get a bit kinkier, a bit sweeter. by napebaf11/15/144.82HOT

Snow Elf

 — A magical holiday tale about recovering from loss. by Kikoro12/10/124.14

Snow Encounter

 — Snow and fire together. by Karien347401/16/044.32

Snow for Christmas

 — He gives her a wonderful Christmas after all. by lady_cat1312/08/054.78HOT

Snow, an Elf and a ... Dragon?

 — Because a mall is a magical place at Christmastime. by glynndah12/08/164.15


 — Cabin is more than a haven from a blizzard. by mascaife02/25/023.92


 — He rescues her from a blizzard. by peaches0703/10/154.63HOT

Snowed In

 — Beth is snowed in with hunky savior. by lizziebeth03/03/074.30

Snowed In

 — The ice queen melts. by Ninjafish06/21/154.50HOT

Snowed In Ch. 02

 — Beth's story continues. by lizziebeth06/15/074.67HOT

Snowed in on Mt Hood

 — Your online romance becomes a very real life love affair. by Randyincvx12/13/154.13

Snowy Day

 — His sad morning takes a turn in the bathroom. by DreamerKitty03/06/084.25

So Crazy

 — I'm lying down right now... by plaidpink02/17/114.00

So Far Away...

 — Internet friendship becomes something more - overnight. by galaxygoddess02/15/083.75

So Long Apart

 — An old castle, a tragic story and 21st century Jane. by J G Parkes04/29/074.69HOT

So Long, brookie, My Love

 — Master bids a fond farerwell to His lover. by bbkradwell11/25/144.80

So Many Stars

 — Come along, take a journey with Sheep Shit Airways. by Adrian Leverkuhn11/15/16HOT

So Much More

 — More than simply candlelight, wine and a soft kiss by Zrnko_Pisku11/19/123.25

Soccer Mom

 — Soccer Mom & Dad finish season with wild romp. by blade599912/08/034.50HOT

Socially Challenged Ch. 1

 — Lonely computer nerd makes up for lost time. by YourhotLilgirl12/27/014.32

Socially Challenged Ch. 2

 — Sarah gives Brian a few more Firsts. by YourhotLilgirl12/31/014.39

Sofa Passion

 — Reunited, they just couldn't wait. by kallie18206/24/034.27

Soft Love

 — She woke him in a most unusual fashion. by zkitty106/28/023.76

Softball Dad Ch. 01

 — Jim never expected romance with a softball mom. by bgmisfun02/25/144.13

Softly Falling

 — Moving slowly, not wishing to damage a new love by PSOtterman09/02/084.08

Softly, Softly: The Piano Man

 — Broken woman lets her barriers down to a younger man. by DulcianGrey02/27/094.58HOT

Soixante Neuf

 — Romantic evening leads to 69 fantasies. by superstud11/10/044.65HOT

Soldier Homecoming

 — A solider makes a surprise visit to his wife on Christmas. by Belle_in_south12/07/034.48


 — In this game, not all the action is strictly solo. by sticky_cherry_syrup07/11/08

Solstice Ch. 01

 — I swapped one blind date for another. by evanslily08/14/074.75HOT

Solstice Ch. 02

 — Alone with my blind date on a moon-flooded hillside. by evanslily08/15/074.85HOT

Solstice Ch. 03

 — He wakes me up for the sunrise. by evanslily08/18/074.81HOT

Solstice Ch. 04

 — I face the consequences. by evanslily08/23/074.87HOT

Somali Empress in Ottawa

 — African-American student meets Somali chick in Ontario. by Samuelx10/05/131.69

Somali Girls into Christian Guys

 — Muslim gal from Somalia falls for a Christian guy. by Samuelx02/26/142.00

Somali Lesbian Diaries Ch. 01

 — Two Somali lesbians fall in love in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/11/153.20

Somali Lesbian Diaries Ch. 09

 — Tall Hijabi meets Somali tomboy in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/09/151.00

Somali Men Are Great Swimmers

 — Black man confronts racist and dates sexy bodybuilder. by Samuelx01/28/141.50

Somali MILF In Ottawa

 — Jamaican stud seduces Somali female psychiatrist. by Samuelx03/12/153.29

Somali Women Are All That!

 — Somali cleaning lady saves suicidal businessman. by Samuelx01/15/142.26

Somali Women: Magically Delicious

 — Haitian man and Somali woman connect at Carleton. by Samuelx09/03/142.44

Some Comfort Here Ch. 01

 — Brandon tries to help Isabel overcome her past. by LoneGirl11/04/164.60HOT

Some Comfort Here Ch. 02

 — Memories of the past, hopes of a better future. by LoneGirl11/06/164.77HOT

Some Comfort Here Ch. 03

 — Away from home, Brandon misses Isabel. by LoneGirl11/09/164.68HOT

Some Comfort Here Ch. 04

 — Showbiz is hard. Can Brandon keep Isabel in his life? by LoneGirl11/12/164.74HOT

Some Comfort Here Ch. 05

 — Healing love that lasts forever. by LoneGirl11/16/164.86HOT

Some Days Life Doesn't Suck

 — "You did Mandi Baxter?" Bobby laughed. by magmaman12/17/104.49

Some See With Their Heart

 — Daughter, then mother meet quality men. by Softly03/18/014.57HOT

Some Things Are Meant to Be

 — Is it a chance meeting or something more? by HLD01/23/094.84HOT

Somebody Take Me Drunk...

 — ...I think I'm home. by Pultoy05/20/124.44

Someday...I'll Find You

 — A love that bridged the centuries. by TE99910/01/074.72HOT

Someone Like You

 — Charlie & Jordan finally give in to their desires. by MsBHaved09/09/054.44

Someone To Love

 — Handsome stranger comes to Valerie's aid. by CruizeNessa112/16/004.12

Someone To Watch Over Her

 — His lady is not feeling well. by Maximus~the~great09/29/014.61HOT

Something About Breasts

 — A guy with a consuming interest in breasts makes good. by Egmont Grigor10/30/074.53HOT

Something About Hannah

 — Why did she have to die? by crichtondog04/15/074.25

Something about Kate

 — A young woman with unusual attributes wows people. by EgmontGrigor201111/21/114.43

Something Different Ch. 03

 — A scene in the shower. by Syana03/30/064.17

Something For Kate: Late One Night

 — Longing for home leads to a late night phone call. by lazarus8209/30/114.33

Something from Nothing Ch. 01

 — It started with a struggle between loss and hate. by MadeTenderbyKisses10/18/094.56HOT

Something from Nothing Ch. 02

 — Violet finds heat in the middle of winter. by MadeTenderbyKisses10/24/094.72HOT

Something in the Wind

 — Long distance phone call helps a man decide. by NaCaoireDubh02/05/074.17

Something Special

 — Lovers meet in a most curious manner. by Sannion12/19/014.33

Something Special about Maxine Ch. 02

 — Christopher falls in love with Maxine on Padre Island, Texas. by MADMADMADMAXine04/02/164.10

Something To Make You Smile

 — A mutual seduction. by CalmExterior12/06/034.09

Something Unexpected

 — 20-something recollects affair with his sexy, older boss. by Von Hauffen12/10/064.84HOT

Something Unexpected Pt. 02

 — Affair with older boss continues; emotional turmoil ensues. by Von Hauffen12/17/064.87HOT

Something Warm & Wet Ch. 1

 — He soaps you up in shower. by db_0110/20/004.20

Something Warm & Wet Ch. 2

 — She returns the favor. by db_0110/20/003.20

Sometimes Dreams Come True

 — A sweet story about true love. by MoogPlayer11/18/13HOT

Sometimes Life Gets It Together

 — Love can help others, too. by GrandTeton02/16/16

Somewhere Between Bliss and Ecstacy

 — Best friends get closer. by WalkingContradiction02/05/084.35

Sonait Meets Jay

 — Two people meet online & connect in person. by pgbrowngirl05/13/044.71HOT


 — The thread of love in the fabric of humanity by LaRascasse09/08/134.44

Song For Maria

 — A musician, lonely for his wife, connects with Eros. by jazm4910/13/03

Song of Euphoria

 — Did the bluebirds really turn around & fly back north? by Charley_Ace10/03/014.58HOTEditor's Pick

Song of the Night Bird

 — A moment of physical passion between a husband and wife. by PoisonBeauty11/30/034.68HOT


 — Jenny opened the doors to a new world. by Liar07/25/044.82HOT

Songs for the Soul Ch. 02

 — Can their love last? by youdonwannaknow06/21/074.60HOT

Songs for the Soul Ch. 04

 — A story of love embraced at Christmas. by youdonwannaknow12/19/074.36

Songs for the Soul Ch. 05

 — When is it time to break up? by youdonwannaknow08/09/084.62HOT

Songs for the Soul Ch. 06

 — Don't tell me you love me. by youdonwannaknow02/17/094.50HOT

Songs of the Heart

 — Sensual, emotions of the other woman. by Satin and Lace03/29/064.67HOT

Sonnet Seduction

 — Makes a woman want to make love to him using words only. by zenuall09/26/133.79

Soothe and Seduce Ch. 01

 — Danicka meets and falls in love with a virgin. by KatKliffe02/13/174.60HOT

Soothe and Seduce Ch. 02

 — Danicka and Sam realize they share a similar kink. by KatKliffe02/18/174.69HOT


 — Serious student catches the eye of a playboy doctor. by undergroundwall10/05/054.65HOT

Sophia Ch. 02

 — Sophia's in a good mood and Tom takes advantage. by undergroundwall10/06/054.72HOT

Sophia Ch. 03

 — Sophia & Tom get a little closer; Tom makes a decision. by undergroundwall10/22/054.74HOT

Sophia Continued Pt. 01

 — The continuing story of Don & Sophia; Barbara speaks out. by northlander01/04/114.69HOT

Sophia Continued Pt. 02

 — Don and Maria get on the same wavelength. by northlander01/11/114.68HOT

Sophia Continued Pt. 03

 — Don and Maria deal with the witches and finally wed. by northlander01/22/114.73HOT


 — Nature infested love story between the narrator and lover. by pussymagnet05/26/114.50

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