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Sweet Dreams Ch. 07

 — Dreams, nightmares, and inner strength. by Jenna_In_Dreamland02/03/064.14

Sweet Dreams, My Love

 — Dreams bring them together. by youdonwannaknow01/04/084.59HOT

Sweet Embrace

 — Scarlett & Drew embrace each other, with heavy passion. by prokirti05/19/144.22

Sweet Escape Ch. 01

 — A new couple retreat into an isolated country house. by EllaFiction03/10/103.57

Sweet Flashback

 — The memory of how it all got started. by goodlittlesubie02/10/083.77

Sweet Harvest

 — Young lovers reunite. by eroticveronika04/06/12

Sweet Interlude

 — Two musicians find love in NYC. by lovin6901/30/084.58HOT

Sweet Lass

 — What tempting thoughts arise when seeking that first meeting. by Shadownight_Keeper06/09/064.17

Sweet Love Making After Prom

 — Daniel and Danielle make love after their senior prom. by Destiny696909/14/023.58

Sweet Memories

 — A tender love letter from a guy to his girlfriend ~ by josl802/02/033.17

Sweet Memories

 — A young woman loses seven years of memories. by virtualatheist01/01/154.41

Sweet MILF Shannon Ch. 04

 — Mr. Brightside (The Killers - 2004) by grgy5601/04/183.73

Sweet Nan Ch. 01

 — A romantic first time circa 1965. by SEANACHIE12/16/074.15

Sweet Nothings

 — Will Jack find love with his new employee this Valentine's. by valalili01/31/114.58HOT

Sweet Outdoor Sex

 — You have spontaneous sex outside. by sexylilthang09/02/074.00

Sweet Revenge

 — Barbara and I share a great night. by Ha27507/27/162.80

Sweet Rose Lake

 — A unknown man, now in her arms like in her dreams. by Lady_Wonders_How10/24/013.70

Sweet Sally

 — Was my wife, my high-school sweetie, betraying me? by GToast03/04/094.40

Sweet Seduction

 — A woman seduces her love. by ARaynes12/18/014.00

Sweet Summer Love

 — Heartwarming, sweet, and very sexy story! by Carson4301/16/194.26

Sweet Summer Nights

 — Sometimes a shower of rain can be very welcome. by SamScribble08/21/154.81HOT

Sweet Summer Serenade

 — Musician meets a secret admirer. by lukeanthony06/13/104.40

Sweet Surprises

 — Weekend in the woods leads to something sweet. by Dusty Farkworth04/19/024.48

Sweet Surrender

 — BBW meets Army man on way to sister's wedding. by Kitten2005705/28/094.79HOT

Sweet Surrender

 — Two lovers making passionate love to each other. by mariarendes04/18/134.17

Sweet Surrender Ch. 02

 — BBW finds love with Army man on way to sister's wedding. by Kitten2005706/03/094.79HOT

Sweet Surrender Ch. 03

 — BBW meets Army man on way to sister's wedding. by Kitten2005706/11/094.76HOT

Sweet Surrender Ch. 04

 — BBW meets Army man on way to sister's wedding. by Kitten2005706/20/094.78HOT

Sweet Surrender Ch. 05

 — BBW meets Army man on way to sister's wedding. by Kitten2005706/24/094.83HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 01

 — Anna's fed up with Jason's recklessness. by EveHasFallen12/14/084.78HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 02

 — The fight continues. by EveHasFallen12/22/084.80HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 03

 — Jason's redemption? by EveHasFallen01/01/094.81HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 04

 — Jason deals with his unexpected attraction to Anna. by EveHasFallen01/22/094.81HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 04.5

 — Revelations. by EveHasFallen04/28/094.77HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 05

 — From bad, to worse. by EveHasFallen05/20/124.73HOT

Sweet Talk Ch. 06

 — When all the chips are down... by EveHasFallen10/11/124.74HOT

Sweet Temptation

 — He tempted her and together changed their lives. by Cathleen09/02/044.56HOT

Sweet Temptations

 — Sweet loving after a hard night at work. by tnblondie05/01/074.38

Sweet Torture

 — The best part of waking up... by ZZ_Todd10/09/063.50

Sweet Torture

 — She awakens him with a surprise. by hhb2709/09/074.57HOT

Sweet Tuesdays

 — Two retired people enjoy their Tuesday meetings. by Moondrift01/10/104.31

Sweet Valentines Kisses

 — You make love in the kitchen. by Paul4402/02/054.56HOT

Sweet Victory

 — Guys claims victory over best friend's hot sister. by mariarendes04/18/133.54

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

 — Lonely wife's fantasy lover comes for her. by KayannaRose11/06/023.94

Sweeter than a Summer's Dream

 — She gets to meet her new and attractive neighbour. by NymphMyosotis02/22/124.50HOT

Sweetness Ch. 01

 — Annie could only dream about it. by hara_chan200008/16/054.54HOT


 — A morning get away in the Sea of Cortes. by ericviking6908/30/023.70

Swing Time Ch. 01

 — Romantic Overture for Virgins in F. by l8bloom12/07/074.40


 — Niece's boyfriend actually is after her Aunt Sandy. by mattwatt4304/07/114.51HOT


 — A summer night in Aspen, 1975. by coldsteel11/30/124.75HOT


 — TLC in the shower is just what she needs after surgery. by LunaEroticaMystica06/19/104.48


 — A beautiful young girl is seduced by a powerful king. by JenniferGreen04/16/173.17

Tahitian Sunset

 — A meeting on a Tahitian island that starts soft & ends hot. by Shane Grey11/08/014.15

Tainted Love Ch. 01

 — Their First Meeting. by lyricalpoet9504/03/134.41

Tainted Love Ch. 02

 — They can't get each other off their minds. by lyricalpoet9504/19/134.28

Tainted Love Ch. 03

 — Sibling rivalry, phone calls and failed 2nd meetings. by lyricalpoet9504/23/134.42

Tainted Love Ch. 04

 — Best friends and real first dates. by lyricalpoet9504/26/134.37

Take a Shower with Me?

 — Me, taking a shower and imagining you are there with me... by Justien04/25/194.21

Take Cover from Tracy

 — Jessie & Jake shelter from a Christmas cyclone. by RetroFan12/12/174.67HOT

Take Five Ch. 01

 — How much can a man stand? by bassbelly09/09/074.60HOT

Take Five Ch. 02

 — He can take all of it! by bassbelly05/05/084.48

Take Me Back to Our First Time

 — Re-creating their first time together in a hotel room. by anxious20something01/24/183.33

Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

 — College crush finally noticed me as a man. by MajorEasy09/22/104.37

TAKE Pt. 01: Tyne's Story

 — Tyne spends quality time with her daughter's boyfriend, Kyle. by MarieMcKee06/20/184.11

TAKE Pt. 02: Kyle's Story

 — Kyle's version of events. by MarieMcKee07/19/183.27

Take The Pledge

 — They both desperately needed love, but wouldn't allow it. by Dinsmore10/18/064.80HOT

Take Two

 — It's hot in the kitchen with Kristina and Damien. by evmonroe12/14/113.92

Taken My Heart Ch. 01

 — She meets her first boyfriend. by purplelily06/25/063.83

Taken My Heart Ch. 02

 — Romance, watching, participating. by purplelily11/22/084.00

Taking a Chance

 — Conservative banker takes risk in business and love. by Spyauth08/28/164.78HOT

Taking Care of Business

 — Businessman forced to face the truth. by Cromagnonman05/22/154.60HOT

Taking Care of Dan

 — Dru takes care of her lover for the night. by Tori_2_6911/06/014.25

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 01

 — Chapter One - Our Beginning, Mary and Ken. by kb416usaret03/08/184.52HOT

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 02

 — Chapter Two - Togetherness - Love - Growth. by kb416usaret03/18/184.55HOT

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 03

 — Chapter Three - Love - Life. by kb416usaret04/16/184.40

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 04

 — Tragedy - Transitions - Revelations. by kb416usaret06/13/184.62HOT

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 05

 — Starting Anew. by kb416usaret08/14/184.44

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 06

 — The Conclusion Vacation - New Home - New Life. by kb416usaret11/23/184.63HOT

Taking Care of Him

 — He's had a rough week and she gives him the proper release. by thepiratequeen07/26/144.58HOT

Taking Chances

 — They were old friends - but could they be more? by silentwhisperer01/23/084.48

Taking Chances

 — A rough beginning for Kayla. by KayVamp10/13/094.02

Taking Chances

 — An older married woman cheats and finds passion. by peacekeeper2508/19/113.40

Taking Down Tony

 — Jake has to protect his sister and her friend. by Web_Spinner08/06/104.74HOT

Taking Flight

 — A snowstorm grounds two lonely travelers in Nebraska. by DwellerDark10/05/164.64HOT

Taking Me Ch. 01

 — You're lost in lust. by Otterpancake111606/14/114.12

Taking Me Ch. 02

 — You spend more time lost in lust. by Otterpancake111606/15/114.36

Taking My Breath Away

 — Online loves get together for hot love. by mysterylady92702/02/034.31

Taking the Jewel from the Bar Home

 — Detective Micheal has a run in with a gem of a woman. by A_R_Red01/04/154.27

Taking the Long Shot Ch. 01-02

 — When your down low enough, the only way is up! by Denham_Forrest03/21/094.60HOT

Taking the Long Shot Ch. 03-04

 — When your down low enough, the only way is up! by Denham_Forrest03/22/094.67HOT

Taking The Next Step

 — The divorce, and the recovery. by tthecat199907/03/094.43

Taking the Reigns

 — A young woman life changes dramatically. by xelliebabex06/21/134.75HOTContest Winner

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 10

 — Home and trials; love and confessions. by silver_firefly11/21/104.67HOT

Tales after Dusk 01

 — 1. Cinderfella. by AfterDusk09/25/184.78HOT

Tales after Dusk 04

 — 4. Repugnant. by AfterDusk10/17/184.81HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 01

 — Book 2 of "Death by Fucking". by thebullet05/10/044.71HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 02

 — She's driving Eamon crazy. by thebullet05/20/044.77HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 03

 — Elle loves Eamon; the Ice Age cometh. by thebullet05/31/044.78HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 04

 — A news conference. by thebullet06/12/044.81HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 05

 — Moves and counter moves. by thebullet07/04/044.80HOT

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 06

 — The eKids get stronger; the glaciers get weaker. by thebullet09/03/044.80HOT

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 12

 — Isolde has Tantric sex with the Prince of Persia. by sexynursechef04/18/194.88

Talk Between Sex

 — Open sexual conversation between sexual rounds. by yawlit05/02/043.88

Talk Messy When You Write

 — Muse takes on an (enormous) lost cause. by PenningFreer10/01/094.44

Talking Turkey

 — A long-term friendship almost turns a page. by Scooped12/02/123.50

Tall Stranger at the Door

 — Romantic. by Blossom196411/05/162.84

Taming Fire

 — A tomboy desperately seduces firefighter friend. by knitedreams08/20/074.67HOT

Tammy and I Discover Ourselves.

 — First time. by alexcarr08/12/103.89

Tammy Meets Her Lover

 — After months of teasing, Tammy & John finally meet up. by storyteller102301/31/094.28


 — Erotica on the dance floor with a stranger. by KennedyFlynn11/11/103.44

Taniya and Farhan Pt. 01

 — She is married to a handsome looking man Arnav. by jackpoll99911/04/183.58

Taniya and Farhan Pt. 02

 — The dick head disappeared between her beautiful lips. by jackpoll99911/06/184.20

Taniya and Farhan Pt. 03

 — Farhan immediately released his cum in her asshole. by jackpoll99911/08/183.73

Tank's Farewell

 — Going to say good-bye wasn't that simple. by Scorpio44a03/14/094.80HOT

Tanned All Over

 — Tanning cream leads to hot sex. by PeterR06/25/013.26

Tantric Tradewinds Ch. 1

 — Reunited lovers enjoy a tropical paradise. by AnonOne08/17/004.07

Tantric Tradewinds Ch. 2

 — Couple enjoys a hearty breakfast... of each other. by AnonOne08/17/004.00

Tanya's Temptation

 — Will Tanya cheat on her husband with Paul? by echodancer09/19/102.89

Tash and Torc

 — Old friends and roommates connect in a new way. by LastFirstKiss06/19/194.81HOT

Tash and Torc Pt. 02

 — Natasha is falling in head over heels. by LastFirstKiss06/25/194.82HOT

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