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Romance Stories

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That Day At The Fair

 — A reunion turns into something more. by PolarJuice09/25/014.24

That Girl Sue Ch. 03

 — We learn why. by callmejack07/13/064.71HOT

That Hidden Place...

 — She takes a forbidden ride in and on a Corvette... by baldman4u03/09/164.11

That Hippy Chick

 — He wasn't what she expected. by xelliebabex03/29/134.68HOT

That Old Feeling

 — One-night-stand brings back old memories by LUVNTHOTS12/17/054.48

That Old House

 — An exciting variety of happenings in an unexpected place. by OVERLAND09/08/104.63HOT

That Old House Ch. 03

 — Gary and Gerry's household gets a little complicated. by OVERLAND09/18/104.71HOT

That Quiet

 — The end of a love story. by Sensual_Goddess04/19/124.20

That Story about LARPing

 — LARP leads to a Sexy Situation. by Wulfric_Alpha06/15/163.83

That Summer of Good Feeling

 — first-year counselors connect at Camp Nanticoke. by trigudis07/21/164.38

That Summer with Kate

 — I find love one summer with Kate. by Cromagnonman10/24/154.67HOT

That Was Then - This is Now Pt. 01

 — Cheating happens with dire consequences. by Wasted_Raven11/01/144.66HOT

That Was Then - This is Now Pt. 02

 — Erica tries to explain. by Wasted_Raven11/03/144.45

That Was Then - This is Now Pt. 03

 — The conclusion (Includes part of Pt. 2). by Wasted_Raven11/08/144.29

That's All That Matters

 — What volunteers do for love. by _Lynn_03/03/084.66HOT

That's Life

 — Young hooker meets a sweet man. by jackalpup07/14/024.49

That's Life

 — Mature man retires and starts a new life. by DG Hear07/25/104.83HOT

That's Not For Sale

 — He finds love in an antique shop. by wineryguy08/27/024.32

That's the Spirit

 — Romance with a woman with secrets. by JBEdwards12/06/163.88

That's What Friends Are For...

 — Two friends help each other through a dry spell. by rebel398702/19/174.37

The 11th: Train

 — A loving husband's Valentine's Day gift. by Lenny02/08/023.54

The 12-Step Program

 — It was about developing, not curing, an addiction. by Otzchiim12/18/004.34

The 4th Lady McKenzie

 — A stubborn man, a fiery woman: will they marry? Their kids do. by Egmont040908/28/094.72HOT

The 7 Year Wait is Over

 — This is a story of how i had amazing sex with my colleague. by rohanverma_0210/12/174.57HOT

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 02

 — Nights of passion with my hot married colleague. by rohanverma_0211/18/174.87HOT

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 03

 — Public & kinky sex with married colleague on a business trip by rohanverma_0211/29/174.87HOT

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 04

 — Our kinky fun continues in Goa with her first threesome. by rohanverma_0212/23/174.88HOT

The 9-5 Struggle

 — A Romantic encounter of unreal proportions. by Bvillebball3203/28/143.62

The Abbey

 — Lady of Quality visits a brothel. by Ctyolene11/24/114.27

The Ability

 — Power corrupts. by qhml101/06/174.88HOT

The Accident

 — Two injured people find each other. by madengineer308/21/094.20

The Accident

 — Accidents happen. by DreamCloud04/19/154.85HOT

The Acquisitive Lady

 — Madeline finds that money is not enough. by Moondrift01/16/044.37

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter starts something fun. by bdbeauty11/05/174.46

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 02

 — A chance encounter leads to more fun. by bdbeauty11/06/174.72HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 03

 — A third meeting builds more tension. by bdbeauty11/09/174.70HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 04

 — More drama for the budding couple. by bdbeauty11/11/174.79HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 05

 — The couple starts to get to know each other. by bdbeauty11/15/174.76HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 06

 — Vee and Jesse start to get to know each other. by bdbeauty11/17/174.77HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 07

 — The Next Chapter. by bdbeauty11/20/174.74HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 08

 — The Walls start coming down. by bdbeauty11/21/174.72HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 09

 — A Secret Revealed. by bdbeauty11/28/174.56HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 10

 — The flower opens. by bdbeauty12/01/174.46

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 11

 — Trouble Lurking in the Wings. by bdbeauty12/02/174.38

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 12

 — The inevitable. by bdbeauty12/03/174.40

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 13

 — A New Beginning by bdbeauty12/06/174.60HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 14

 — Future Plans. by bdbeauty12/07/174.77HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 15

 — Growing Pains. by bdbeauty12/09/174.63HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 16

 — Saving Vee. by bdbeauty12/10/174.64HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 17

 — Closure? by bdbeauty12/14/174.31

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 18

 — Pain and Suffering. by bdbeauty12/17/174.46

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 19

 — Hawaii. by bdbeauty12/19/174.76HOT

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 20

 — The End. by bdbeauty12/24/174.83HOT

The Admiral's Invasion

 — Admiral Griffon continues his stratagem to seduce the Lady. by ThexHistoricalxCourtsean08/12/124.51HOT

The Adventures Of Dylan McCoy

 — Restless Mccoy finds his peace. by chirambadoro06/28/072.80

The Adventures of Emily Rybolt Ch. 01

 — Poolside fun between a contractor and a homeowner. by Clovis_Wilbourne04/19/184.38

The Adventures of Jake Cunningham

 — He convinces his girlfriend to ride bareback. by Turdsmith05/17/103.77

The Affair

 — Co-Workers explorer their sexual desires. by gotti107010/06/044.31

The Affair

 — A passionate affair between two Swedes. by AussieArtist09/22/153.65

The After-Party

 — She doesn't need a man to cum. by YoungAdult06/17/132.88

The Aftermath

 — Evan visits a woman with whom he had an affair. by CAP81112/07/064.33

The Agency Ch. 01

 — Roberta the Witch. by jjcolejr05/02/144.69HOT

The Agency Ch. 02

 — Anthony and Sara. by jjcolejr05/03/144.86HOT

The Airport

 — Their first face to face encounter. by The_Black_Knight07/16/074.42

The Alberta Cold

 — Warming up her man after a cold Canadian day. by alwaysinlovewithhim04/27/074.62HOT

The All or Nothing Game

 — Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Woolfe. by thomcats09/29/134.72HOT

The Aloha is Long Gone

 — Religious conflict complicates a romance. by trigudis09/19/164.10

The Ancient Curse

 — Ushas breaks the ancient curse of sexual defilement. by Starlight10/15/024.43

The Angel & the Old Man

 — Sometimes past and present can be at the same time. by Maximus~the~great10/20/013.83

The Angel and I

 — Love explodes at a church camp. by bassbelly07/10/094.56HOT

The Angel on the Christmas Tree

 — Coming up to a lonely Christmas. by northlander11/26/124.38

The Anniversary

 — Matt & Amy celebrate 5 years of marriage. by Master_Vassago11/20/024.56HOT

The Anniversary Weekend

 — A weekend of teasing, and romance. by bedouin1310/01/174.36

The Apartment Ch. 2

 — Lovers order lunch from different kind of menu. by Miltone07/15/024.75HOT

The Apple Tree Ch. 01

 — Apprentice discovers something about her Master. by Nigel Debonnaire05/11/14

The Apple Tree Ch. 02

 — Becoming a Magician by Nigel Debonnaire05/12/14

The Apple Tree Ch. 03

 — More lessons in Good and Evil. by Nigel Debonnaire06/06/14

The Apple Tree Ch. 04

 — Fighting Evil. by Nigel Debonnaire06/07/14

The Aquarium

 — A twist on the nerd and the cheerleader. by Sean Renaud10/13/134.14

The Archer

 — Medieval romance, an Archer remembers a good deed. by Spencerfiction01/11/154.84HOTContest Winner

The Argument

 — Blowup has unexpected results between roomates. by Monsoon639106/18/134.37

The Arrangement Ch. 01-03

 — Childhood enemies turn into life long lovers. by imjustsexy9812/01/114.12

The Arrangement Ch. 04-06

 — A past unveiled. by imjustsexy9812/09/113.82

The Arrival

 — She Came, She Saw, She Came. by GreatOne9910/31/013.81

The Art of Adornment Ch. 02

 — Arianna is awakened to her wild side. by Allyshaa05/28/114.05

The Art of Love

 — Celeste meets a new artist at the gallery. by wiltingdaisy11/30/073.76

The Art of Nude Bicycle Riding

 — You enjoy your birthday present. by Paul4405/16/043.78

The Art Opening

 — Lovers become Art on their first date. by Upendo11/12/034.48

The Art Subject

 — Longtime friends go to the next level...finally. by ninefe2dg08/19/074.68HOT

The Artist

 — Aria has to decide between dating a loser and an older man. by Kitkat10309/10/103.81

The Artist and I Ch. 01

 — Gina meets up with a man from her past at a frat party. by rebellian11/26/114.31

The Assistant

 — Brother and his sister's assistant have intimate exchange. by DSnow71312/30/124.23

The Assistant (A Romance)

 — A young woman falls for her sexy and famous employer by MsWriter2601/30/034.40Editor's Pick

The Assistant (A Romance) Ch. 02

 — She'd been having thoughts of him. by MsWriter2607/22/034.51HOT

The Assistant (Prequel)

 — Prequel to 'The Assistant (A Romance)'. by MsWriter2602/05/034.35

The Assistant Ch. 03

 — Will Matt and Karla finally get together? by MsWriter2607/28/034.64HOT

The Assistant Ch. 04

 — Games ensue after they spend the night together. by MsWriter2608/24/034.18

The Assistant Stage Manager

 — Tough Rachel is softened by love. by Moondrift02/21/044.59HOT

The Attraction Of Ice

 — A cool drink leads to some erotic fun. by viking_kitten09/26/104.45

The Australian

 — He's seduced by a hot Austrailian coworker. by Seattle112001/08/023.82

The Author

 — It was dark, rainy and cold here in New York City. by MendonFishers04/22/114.58HOT

The Awakening

 — She was everything he hoped, and more. by 46knight4605/02/174.71HOT

The Awakening of Angel Ch. 02

 — Angel gets unsettling instructions and fights arousal. by SonOfHimeros02/19/164.42

The Awakening of Jennifer Ch. 01

 — Jennifer's "awakening" began simply enough. by tm186310/19/034.11

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