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Romance Stories

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The Clergyman's Wife

 — Will she or won't she? by richardpuffer08/11/064.26

The Client

 — Marsha had to do whatever it took to make the client happy. by Tammy_Nguyen_7703/02/134.23

The Cliff

 — Sebrina has sex under the stars. by MorbidAngelRen10/16/034.50HOT

The Climbing Tree!

 — Lost and found. by Denham_Forrest12/01/134.79HOT

The Closest Thing Ch. 01

 — The kindness of a stranger. by ladylana10/03/094.13

The Closest Thing to Heaven

 — A husband talks to his wife. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/13/05HOT

The Clown Ch. 01

 — Sushmita finds love in an unusual way. by james_only4u01/10/173.12

The Club

 — Hot night at the club turns into a hot night after the club. by mellowgyrl09/30/074.33


 — Nurse Assistant adapts to the sad conditions. by Ingrid11B11/12/174.11

The Coach

 — She had her eyes on the Rugby Coach. by steelvalentine10/18/024.10

The Coffee Shop

 — It began over coffee... by LillithArchivist03/29/114.40

The Coffee Shop Ch. 02

 — It began over coffee... by LillithArchivist04/08/114.66HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 03

 — She helps him cope, then disaster strikes. by LillithArchivist05/17/114.78HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 04

 — Protecting Caleb is harder than she realized. by LillithArchivist06/08/114.78HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 05

 — Peyton's past determines their future. by LillithArchivist07/17/114.72HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 06

 — Their relationship is sealed by a kiss. by LillithArchivist09/09/114.88HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 07

 — Lust, love, and lawyers. by LillithArchivist10/17/114.89HOT

The Coffee Shop Ch. 08

 — A change of scenery, a change of heart. by LillithArchivist10/28/114.82HOT

The Colonial Wife Ch. 01

 — A beautiful lonesome wife. by Miiithra12/07/064.25

The Color of Hunger

 — Their first Valentine's Day together is a work of art. by Tegan_Rourke02/23/074.62HOT

The Colors Of Punishment

 — Maid receives sweet punishment from her Master. by littleluscious11/12/044.38

The Colors Of Punishment Ch. 02

 — Isabella receives another punishment from Master Paul. by littleluscious11/20/044.32

The Colors Of Punishment Ch. 04

 — Master Paul & Isabella celebrate the Summer Solstice. by littleluscious04/26/054.59HOT

The Colour of Silence

 — A wintery tale of loss, rescue and love. by past_perfect01/15/104.71HOT

The Come Up

 — Angel reinvents herself after a life of domestic abuse. by summercamille07/11/173.81

The Coming of Two

 — Finally, the woman of his dreams. by SxyEyes04/15/154.09

The Company - Ashley 01

 — Ashley celebrates her third wedding anniversary. by Sixty-nine07/03/024.32

The Company Party

 — A sexy bartender must face her past. by JuliaBonham12/05/124.18

The Company President’s Driver

 — A young widower and adulterous wife play on Wednesdays. by Egmont040910/10/094.54HOT

The Company Retreat

 — A story of love and lust in New Hampshire. by riverboy10/10/154.56HOT

The Composer...

 — Romantic adventure with Byzantine, dreamlike imagery. by kylea06/11/025.00

The Concert

 — A concert turns out to be just the Prelude... by Writeman07/22/014.42

The Conference

 — Woman on business trip lives a fantasy. by Silver Sea10/21/004.33

The Conner Family Ch. 03

 — Her past accident still haunts her. by Rugrat6011/09/134.63HOT

The Conner Family Ch. 06

 — Lifelong friends after serious injury - but how long? by Rugrat6005/03/144.66HOT

The Conner Family Ch. 07

 — Jennifer and Kenneth Conner - their beginning. by Rugrat6009/30/144.67HOT

The Conquerer Frog

 — How he got his Mojo working. by dr_mabeuse10/27/034.75HOT

The Conquest Pt. 01: Fay

 — Private school guy is put into a sexy two week course... by national_youth6905/11/143.67

The Conspiracy

 — It seemed impossible to get Jason to snare Nancy. by HansTrimble12/16/124.55HOT

The Conspiracy

 — Old friends are the best friends. by Malinov03/18/124.34

The Contact Ch. 1

 — You help lovely lady find her lost contact lens. by CAT~~09/01/003.86

The Convention Pt. 01

 — Two would be lovers meet by chance. by MissDXX05/04/153.95

The Conversation

 — A telephone friendship turns to romance. by EverythingChanged11/30/014.67HOTContest Winner

The Coolie

 — Chillin' Out. by Suite21men09/30/104.40

The Cornfield

 — A summer's evening walk. by Lady_Fiona01/06/104.14

The Corporate Ladder

 — Could Joel take down the bad guy and get the girl? by Dinsmore10/25/064.83HOT

The Corset War

 — Sub and dom argue over a poorly fitting corset. by SpiceNWolf06/11/134.63HOT

The Cotillion

 — A modern twist on an old fairy tale. by DreamCloud10/01/154.90HOT

The Cottage

 — An unexpected affair in a cottage. by KimMings01/04/134.07

The Country Affair

 — A Regency romance of mistaken identity. by sushi_taco06/28/104.80HOT

The Country Cop

 — A decision is forced on Sergeant Chilvers. by Cromagnonman09/06/104.70HOT

The Country Drive

 — Who's seducing who? by KarinDiSeduzione05/09/074.14

The Couple

 — Sometimes the options are limited, until... by Ronnie Wachuka07/06/06HOTContest Winner

The Courtship of Maria Theresa

 — Older Italian Couple find each other discovering love again. by maggie200203/18/034.83HOT

The Cove

 — Nick finds her. by JessBraithwaite01/10/104.31

The Cover-Up Ch. 01

 — Every affair needs a cover-up. by WaitingForOctober06/13/114.27

The Cowboy

 — A different kind of encounter. by harrlequin02/08/093.93

The Cowboy

 — A woman lets down her walls for a moment with a rugged man. by stikiniki09/11/104.52HOT

The Cowboy and the Biker Bitch

 — Romantic fantasy with light sp, reluctance. by BadgerAngyl10/05/063.95

The Cowboy and the Biker Bitch Ch. 02

 — Bondage and romance. by BadgerAngyl10/11/064.03

The Cowboy And The Lady

 — Girl visits sister after she finds her boyfriend cheating. by katxmeowx09/29/094.40

The Cowboy And The Lady Ch. 02

 — Katie finds her exciting, passionate, and adventurous guy. by katxmeowx12/15/094.55HOT

The Cowboy And The Lady Ch. 03

 — The night after. by katxmeowx02/15/104.67HOT

The Cowboy and the Schoolgirl

 — Cockriding schoolgirl gets her man. by MrJack09/23/094.48

The Cowboy's Wife

 — Newly weds find their sexlife constantly interrupted. by LMFranklin2005/16/134.36

The Crimson King Ch. 01

 — Thorne Halsbury, vampire, meets Sammi Glass, reporter. by velvetpie11/06/044.65HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 02

 — Sammi learns some vampire history. by velvetpie11/07/044.64HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 03

 — Thorne has a taste of Sammi. by velvetpie11/08/044.72HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 04

 — Sammi tests Thorne's limits. by velvetpie11/09/044.70HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 05

 — Sammi offers herself to Thorne. by velvetpie11/11/044.63HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 06

 — Pieter searches for a cure. by velvetpie11/11/044.47

The Crimson King Ch. 07

 — The group assembles at Thorne's house. by velvetpie11/12/044.69HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 08

 — Sammi begs Thorne to make her a vampire. by velvetpie11/13/044.65HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 09

 — Sammi becomes a vampire. by velvetpie11/15/044.67HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 10

 — The Crimson King is revealed. by velvetpie11/20/044.42

The Crimson King Ch. 11

 — Pieter discovers Beauregard's Solution. by velvetpie11/22/044.52HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 12

 — (FINAL) The future unfolds. by velvetpie01/23/054.57HOT

The Cruise

 — Getting to Florida. by schmoe_12807/04/083.94

The Cruise

 — Stephanie doesn't have a thing to wear. by Dawns06/28/083.55

The Cruise

 — I am forced to take a cruise. by Cromagnonman03/03/154.65HOT

The Cruise Ch. 02

 — All Aboard. by schmoe_12808/16/084.18

The Cruise Ch. 03

 — Sea sickness, it's not always a bad thing. by schmoe_12811/17/084.50HOT

The Cruise Ch. 04

 — With a new day comes new waves. by schmoe_12807/02/094.38

The Crush

 — It's only a crush, but he feels much more. by victoriawhita10/25/044.51HOT

The Crush

 — Woman is reunited with her high school crush. by highclassic05/03/104.50HOT

The Crush Pt. 01

 — She had a crush on a workmate, then he showed up at the gym. by mrshyboy06/25/164.09

The Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Continuing the story of a gigolo who falls in love. by trevorm08/27/093.74

The Cure Ch. 01

 — To save his sister, he has to fight the allure of darkness. by CaraDailey04/30/124.38

The Cure Ch. 02

 — To save his sister, he has to resist the allure of darkness. by CaraDailey05/01/124.67HOT

The Cure Ch. 03

 — To save his sister, he must resist the tempting demoness. by CaraDailey05/07/124.61HOT

The Curse

 — If cursed to love, you start cursing love. by past_perfect01/20/074.72HOT

The Curse

 — Birthday boy dreams of his soulmate. by moonlitclover05/21/074.30

The Cut

 — Lonely, underappreciated girl finds love. by Prairie Princess05/14/044.39

The Cyber Lit Bar

 — The mystery of the dragon dragon's eye. by Crypt_Keeper04/22/163.85

The Cyclists Ch. 01

 — 2 cyclists meet and fall in love. by Kalavo04/01/184.71HOT

The Cyclists Ch. 02

 — Our couple gets married and gets a roommate. by Kalavo04/06/184.72HOT

The Dance

 — A woman meets a mysterious stranger. by The_Lady_In_Red12/15/004.08

The Dance

 — She slips into the tub. by MissIntrigue05/30/044.44

The Dance

 — Do you know just how badly I want you? by Somatic10/12/084.19

The Dance

 — A fictional take of a non-fictional event. by bws111/06/144.10

The Dance of Passion

 — Student finds love in a dance. by Cromagnonman07/02/094.62HOT

The Dance of the Snow Faries

 — It was silent for a few moments. by Randomguy66407/09/124.54HOT

The Dare

 — Boyfriend & girlfriend share a great weekend. by TheBiggestThing12/05/053.97

The Dark Alley

 — Though she hated me, I would have died for her. by StrangeSounds200307/21/083.59

The Dark Side of Chocolate

 — A reporter gets herself involved with an assassin. by stubborn_dreamer02/06/144.73HOT

The Date

 — Man yearns for lovely large woman. by Elliot10/21/004.42

The Date

 — Couple gets passionate before they even get home. by Peter10/21/004.47

The Date

 — A date she'll never forget. by Nightbird08/03/064.52HOT

The Date

 — A couple meets for a hot date. by sfifty02/01/074.08

The Date

 — He takes his wife on a date around the world. by RoMiBa35706/14/084.32

The Date

 — A married couple go out for dinner & have fun. by TabooTeller02/02/094.24

The Date

 — He gives her the night of her life. by str8andhard08/15/084.00

The Date Ch. 01

 — A special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/01/084.27

The Date Ch. 02

 — A special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/02/084.63HOT

The Date Ch. 03

 — A special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/03/084.70HOT

The Date Ch. 04

 — A special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/04/084.48

The Date Ch. 05

 — A special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/05/084.43

The Date Ch. 06

 — The conclusion of a special anniversary date. by LadyIlsa03/06/083.75

The Date Experiment

 — They've been friends forever. Can they be more? by talia_navar08/29/104.71HOT

The Dating Scene

 — Not everyone has the perfect looks. by DG Hear01/21/084.74HOT

The Dawning of a New Life

 — His personal life was going south and now his career is too. by TexasFarmBoy10/07/154.42

The Day After

 — Bar owner gets the Birthday girl by TakeMe01/23/034.35

The Day After

 — Husband makes amends. by pandybear31101/28/134.31

The Day Before a Trip

 — Oh a Night to remember. by h2o011103/21/083.25

The Day Custer Got His Ass Kicked

 — Cherokee man meets an angel. by jacktar4806/02/144.37

The Day Has Come

 — Newlywed husband returns from business trip. by Optimystique12/25/044.26

The Day Hell Froze Over Ch. 01

 — Intro: guy runs into a familiar girl at a big university. by Beach Boy12/08/074.52HOT

The Day I Lost My True Virginity

 — Angel falls for the neighbor. by HDTopper06/26/124.09

The Day I Lost My True Virginity Pt. 02

 — Angel submits to John. by HDTopper07/03/124.61HOT

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