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Romance Stories

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The Lighthouse

 — Nature's lessons on love and loss. by dr_mabeuse04/05/064.58HOTContest Winner

The Limousine

 — Woman finds love in the back of a limo. by Sweety1946@aol.com10/21/004.50HOT

The Link

 — A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloud02/16/164.91HOTContest Winner

The Link Pt. 02: The Hunted

 — A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloud05/20/164.93HOTContest Winner

The Link Pt. 03: The Huntress

 — A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloud10/08/164.92HOTContest Winner

The Literotica Annual Valentine's Day Contest!

 — Congratulations to the winners!! by Literotica02/14/18

The Little Black Dress

 — After dinner embrace results in an explosive ending. by mcds56604/04/154.14

The Little Boy at the Grocery Store

 — Jill Meets James Because of Toddler. by Ingrid11B11/19/164.47

The Little Boy at the Grocery Store Ch. 02

 — James' Recovery. by Ingrid11B11/29/164.57HOT

The Little Boy at the Grocery Store Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by Ingrid11B11/30/164.57HOT

The Little Boy at the Grocery Store Ch. 04

 — James needs time to think about relationship with Jill. by Ingrid11B12/01/164.61HOT

The Little Boy at the Grocery Store Ch. 05

 — Love and good sex win out. by Ingrid11B12/03/164.57HOT

The Little Boy in the Boat

 — 1853: A teen stows away aboard a whaler. by Penelope Street08/25/044.74HOT

The Locker Room (Don't Worry Baby.)

 — jes's locker room fantasy tryst with Lil. by jes_da_man12/15/103.83

The Locker Room (He Is Here!!)

 — Lil's real sensual locker room break. by jes_da_man12/15/102.33

The Locket

 — Love hurts. by AuralSects6901/24/084.06

The Lodge

 — A story that takes place in Alaska. by Positraction02/19/134.42

The Log Cabin Ch. 4

 — Lovers spend romantic day at the beach. by Miltone05/27/024.41

The Lonely Salesman Ch. 02

 — Connie's perspective on a growing romance. by R_U_Romantic11/30/064.73HOT

The Lonely Salesman Ch. 03

 — Holidays are for hearts. by R_U_Romantic12/19/064.84HOT

The Long and Winding Road Ch. 01

 — Middle aged man recalls his love life. by smj54ap06/15/074.55HOT

The Long and Winding Road Ch. 02

 — Middle Aged man recalls his love life. by smj54ap07/18/074.59HOT

The Long Awaited Neighbor

 — Kate's neighbor is object of her fantasies. by DuchessMorgan06/19/044.26

The Long Awaited Valentine

 — Two lovers lost, so long ago, reunited. by JassiraX01/20/044.22

The Long Day

 — Taking care of teacher after a long day in class. by sensualav8r04/08/134.45

The Long Gun

 — A Thailand vacation turns into more. by Paniolo Boy12/11/154.79HOT

The Long Wait

 — Long lost lovers reunite passionately. by Stump10/20/004.18

The Long Wait

 — His fear keeps him from his dream woman. by DarkNess10/21/004.06

The Long Wait

 — Finding the right wife. by SW_MO_Hermit08/31/124.76HOT

The Long Wait

 — After a long break, they come together. by creativetalent10/28/124.42

The Long-Awaited Night

 — Two couple after waiting their whole lives. by dreamweaver1301/24/054.59HOT

The Longest Weekend Ch. 01

 — Alone all weekend with girlfriend's younger sister. by fouryearstrong07/04/093.61

The Look of Love

 — You never grow old in the eyes of your lover. by zenuall01/19/154.56HOT

The Lost Camera

 — His life changed when he lost his camera. by thornapple12/19/094.67HOT

The Lost Poem

 — Lonely poem draws two souls together. by victoriawhita03/20/044.72HOTEditor's Pick

The Lost Year

 — He finds you again, after losing you a year ago. by slowhaands02/07/034.35

The Love of a Huntsman

 — A fairy tale of sorts. by SensitiveSuccubus06/27/013.62

The Love of a Lifetime

 — Gary finds the love of his life by BrettJ04/25/114.53HOT

The Love Potion

 — Science - or magic? by darkstone5707/17/104.65HOT

The Lover

 — He makes passionate love to his partner. by heartofgold6912/15/003.81

The Lover Ch. 02

 — Stefan takes Eve out. by sexdoll1970h01/09/08

The Lover Ch. 03

 — An erotic dinner. by sexdoll1970h01/10/08

The Lover's Dream

 — A vivid imagination. by FoxMWonderful03/22/084.00

The Lover's Reunion

 — He returns early from business trip to surprise wife. by silverace108/14/054.55HOT

The Lovers

 — A love affair that won't end. by Mari1204/12/123.24

The Lovers

 — A tale of romantic passion. by RomeoDreams02/20/164.41

The Loves of My Life

 — A story of the two women I've loved. by georgefunguy12/13/164.44

The Loving Tree

 — A tree learns what it is to love. by Mr. Unsexy04/02/074.50HOT

The Lunch Date Ch. 01

 — You went on a business trip to the UK. by The_story_writer200311/04/043.58

The Lunch Date Ch. 02

 — You take a shower. by The_story_writer200311/04/044.20

The Lunch Date Ch. 03

 — The end of the lunch date. by The_story_writer200311/06/044.71

The Lustful Truth

 — A longtime lusting is finally entertained. by lise_johanneson08/19/074.64HOT

The Lustful Truth Ch. 02

 — Part two of a complicated love story.... by lise_johanneson06/26/084.59HOT

The Lustful Truth Ch. 03

 — Love takes a sharp turn. by lise_johanneson10/30/084.75HOT

The Lustful Truth Ch. 04

 — The conclusion of our story. by lise_johanneson12/06/084.82HOT

The Lusts of Romance: Story 01

 — Wife gives relief as she practises massage. by Paul4410/02/053.95

The Maestro Ch. 01

 — Matthew plays to Meredith's heart. by captivate11/12/024.64HOT

The Magic Coin

 — She saw a penis and scrotum where her pussy used to be. by Tallgentleman09/30/074.58HOT

The Magic Flute

 — A new large ride appears at our village fete. by oggbashan08/29/134.60HOT

The Magician Ch. 04

 — Detectives help brother in trouble. by Grey Eagle 28612/11/054.33

The Maid Epilogue

 — A final look at how Andi and Steph are doing. by karaline07/15/154.77HOT

The Maid of Honor Ch. 01

 — Who would have thought a wedding could be so much fun? by lost_on_earth07/04/074.58HOT

The Maid: Domestic Indulgence

 — A married couple decided to engage in romantic power play. by MsPersuasive08/06/173.46

The Mail Girl

 — A package delivered with love. by riverboy12/14/144.63HOT

The Mailman Delivers

 — Sexual encounter with a mailman. by htchl805/19/104.14

The Making of Anna

 — From trampy slut, to regal Princess. by crichtondog10/02/063.92

The Male Corsetier

 — Back from Europe, a guy worms his way into fitting bras. by Egmont Grigor05/12/084.71HOT

The Male Escort Ch. 02

 — Out of college and looking for the right women. by DG Hear05/13/084.70HOT

The Male Escort Ch. 03

 — Amy speaks. Do they solve their differences? by DG Hear05/14/084.77HOT

The Maligned Kiss

 — Intimacy in Switzerland. by Martin Hawks07/17/043.50

The Mall Santa

 — Playing Santa, I possibly discover old friend. by DG Hear11/30/124.79HOT

The Man From Nowhere

 — Serena meets stranger on the beach. by livsonluvstreet05/25/023.32

The Man Of Her Dreams

 — Sometimes dreams come true. by Jeff81811/23/044.47

The Man of My Dreams

 — Angel meets the man she has dreamt of. by bella2611/30/014.17

The Man on the Phone

 — She stumbles into a spiderweb. by JamieB09/10/034.37

The Man Who Came from Nowhere

 — What Goes Round Comes Round. by TexasFarmBoy12/28/174.81HOT

The Man with a Beard

 — You take your lover to bed. by Kristi Seaton05/25/044.31

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 01

 — Meeting Susan. by OldSarge6908/07/134.67HOT

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 02

 — Visiting Her Ranch. by OldSarge6908/08/134.65HOT

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 03

 — Their first night together. by OldSarge6908/09/134.71HOT

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 04

 — They grow closer. by OldSarge6908/10/134.69HOT

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 05

 — Love Grows, Love Lost. by OldSarge6908/12/134.67HOT

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 06

 — Aftermath and Reconcilation. by OldSarge6908/13/134.67HOT

The Marks Brothers: Prologue

 — A legacy begins. by arisamorak01/30/144.23

The Marks of the Scar

 — A lady hits rock bottom, then climbs back to happiness. by RCSA102/11/094.28

The Marquee

 — Player seeks, finds, fucks, leaves, but has a revelation. by mitchawa08/06/133.85

The Marriage Ch. 01

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/03/154.81HOT

The Marriage Ch. 02

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/05/154.82HOT

The Marriage Ch. 03

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/06/154.86HOT

The Marriage Ch. 04

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/07/154.84HOT

The Marriage Ch. 05

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/08/154.85HOT

The Marriage Ch. 06

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/11/154.88HOT

The Marriage Ch. 07

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/12/154.86HOT

The Marriage Ch. 08

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/14/154.87HOT

The Marriage Ch. 09

 — The trials of a forced marriage. by DreamCloud03/18/154.91HOT

The Mask

 — Life changes after accident. by DG Hear12/01/104.73HOT

The Mask

 — Girl breaks into a house to discover a Masked Man. by Kayadale09/05/124.59HOT

The Mask Ch. 02

 — The girl returns. by Kayadale09/17/124.82HOT

The Mask Ch. 03

 — Secrets from the past are uncovered. by Kayadale09/26/124.46

The Masked Ball

 — A brief encounter that they will never forget. by hotmama7205/04/104.43

The Masked Ball Ch. 02

 — A brief encounter that they will never forget. by hotmama7205/05/104.50

The Masquerade

 — At a masquerade, you never know who's who. by Sexual Narcotic05/09/034.48

The Masquerade Ch. 01

 — She has a delightful discovery of a mystery man. by Eskimo_Kiss01/28/124.61HOT

The Masquerade Ch. 02

 — The mystery man is unmasked. by Eskimo_Kiss02/02/124.62HOT

The Masquerade Ch. 04

 — They wake early, but are late to work! by Eskimo_Kiss02/16/124.75HOT

The Masquerade Ch. 05

 — The day continues, and so does the fun. by Eskimo_Kiss02/29/124.67HOT

The Masquerade Ch. 06

 — A confrontation and its aftermath. by Eskimo_Kiss03/05/124.65HOT

The Masquerade Ch. 07

 — He tells her how he got the calluses on his fingers. by Eskimo_Kiss04/05/124.73HOT

The Massage

 — Two friends finally cum together. by dreamer34708/13/014.50HOT

The Massage

 — A road to bliss. by Bobby Boren05/12/053.75

The Massage

 — Helping a friend becomes intimate. by cubesphere04/19/153.74

The Massage

 — The doorbell rings and it's time for a massage. by Chrissyandjack01/13/164.00

The Master and The slavegirl

 — A short scene of love & passion. by lindiana01/28/054.38

The Mathematics of Love

 — Robin find math coaching love making. by Moondrift05/09/074.74HOT

The Matinee

 — He and I enjoy our favorite way to wake up. by NotSoMuchVanilla04/18/134.48

The McCullen Ranch

 — I did have a strange relationship with Jade. by markelly11/23/174.85HOT

The Meadow

 — She takes you on a sensuous outdoor journey. by MYundt01/21/014.20

The Meadow Ch. 01

 — You begin a romantic and erotic vacation with your lover. by Diamond_Tip12/05/064.88

The Meadow Ch. 02

 — The romantic vacation continues. by Diamond_Tip12/05/064.33

The Meaning of Life

 — I don't remember the first time I saw her. by Oforyou10/12/134.08

The Meaning of Life

 — Can't buy me love. Or meaning. by risgrynsfisk03/01/164.70HOT

The Measure Of a Man Ch. 02

 — One good turn deserves another. by virtualatheist12/27/144.38

The Medicine Show

 — A huckster meets a preacher's wife. by Silverstag11/15/054.65HOTContest Winner

The Meekering Incident

 — A coward punch starts a chain of events. by Cromagnonman07/27/164.60HOT

The Meet

 — Carrie flies to meet her online love, Juan, 4 the first time. by living_deadgyrl08/16/103.56

The Meeting

 — A his and hers story of unrequited love. by Kristi Seaton11/28/014.46

The Meeting

 — Internet lovers meet for the first time. by KayceeBare6905/18/024.00

The Meeting

 — Two married lovers meet for the first time. by chalamgr10/30/033.82

The Meeting

 — He had promised never to show up on her doorstop. by BANJAR01/05/064.23

The Meeting

 — Two people meet after chatting online. by AMATIVEDRAGON08/15/074.60

The Meeting

 — A first meeting between lovers. by JeanPierreLeBear05/07/084.33

The Meeting

 — Finally they meet and love. by _kyrie_04/09/094.29

The Meeting Ch. 01

 — They meet after too much time on opposite coasts. by ardent_woman02/21/064.33

The Meeting Ch. 1

 — The fantasy of all those who find love online. by Rainchyld09/05/014.37

The Melody Maker

 — Simple pleasure. by Alice23105/30/153.33

The Memoirs Of A Young Victorian Lady Ch. 2

 — Young lady lusts & loves. by rlfj02/15/014.72HOTEditor's Pick

The Memories

 — A day I'll always remember. by AshtonTheodore09/17/164.37

The Memories of Trees Ch. 01-03

 — As the world ends, a lost love rekindles. by cheesy80s09/23/054.58HOT

The Memories of Trees Ch. 04-05

 — Collin's rendezvous with Melissa finally happens. by cheesy80s04/04/064.53HOT

The Memory of Place

 — 2016 rewrite. by Adrian Leverkuhn08/01/16HOT

The Memory Star

 — Overcoming grief and realizing what you have. by Desdmona09/18/034.73HOT

The Merchant's Daughter

 — Romance on the High Seas- a Kidnapping. by Calypso3111/08/074.31

The Midas Touch Ch. 01

 — Brothers find an injured woman. by pagemaster12/21/104.45

The Middle of Nowhere

 — You find country love. by txprincess7412/16/054.36

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by LordBrionGrenwall06/22/144.65HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 01

 — A medieval fantasy romance. by LordBrionGrenwall12/16/134.48

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2: In the Garden. by LordBrionGrenwall12/21/134.64HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3: Dinner with the Earl. by LordBrionGrenwall12/26/134.62HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 04

 — Chapter 4: A Midnight Meeting. by LordBrionGrenwall12/31/134.66HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 05

 — Chapter 5: Asking the Earl. by LordBrionGrenwall01/04/144.65HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 06

 — Chapter 6: A Kiss and a Dance. by LordBrionGrenwall01/09/144.74HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 07

 — Chapter 7: Dinner for Two. by LordBrionGrenwall01/19/144.61HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 08

 — A Matter of Honor by LordBrionGrenwall01/22/144.72HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 09

 — Chapter 9: Down the Tilt. by LordBrionGrenwall01/25/144.77HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 10

 — Chapter 10: A favor returned. by LordBrionGrenwall02/21/144.76HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 11

 — Chapter 11: Making Plans. by LordBrionGrenwall04/01/144.78HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 12

 — Chapter 12: The Burning Question by LordBrionGrenwall04/10/144.65HOT

The Midnight Maiden Ch. 13

 — Chapter 13: Epilogue. by LordBrionGrenwall07/11/144.39

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