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Brockton's Favorite Bisexual Man

 — Black man makes a life for himself in Brockton. by Samuelx11/28/073.32

Broke Oak: Millie's Backyard Neighbor

 — Gus and Mille try some backdoor play. by lpmsa11/24/084.44

Brooke's Booty

 — Using the Back Door to get into the Treasure House. by Don Grampa08/01/034.42

Brother Samuel vs BBW Wrestler

 — Bisexual black man meets big female wrestler. by Samuelx10/24/083.32

Brother's Anal Surprise

 — Siblings discover a whole new experience. by Robb02/26/024.25

Brown Coffee

 — He surprises her in the coffeeshop bathroom... by Iloveallbutts08/04/144.44

Brown Sugar

 — A woman at a concert finds her new favorite song. by alcyon197706/25/114.12

BtB: Ashley's Anal

 — Their first time with anal sex. by Edge2311/08/054.20

Bubble-Butt Style in Switzerland

 — John and his kinky Airbnb host. by TrueAlias11/06/164.10

Buffalo 08

 — Women's first extra marital and anal experience. by Reggie103/29/133.99

Buggered to Bermuda

 — She found herself an object of desire. by voluptuary_manque08/31/134.41

Building Trust

 — The two of you explore new anal possibilities. by Augustus63BC08/06/073.36


 — Max finds Sarah is willing to bet her innocence... by maverick_kelzar01/15/194.65HOT

Bum Fascination

 — How I realised the fascination men have for girls' bums. by sammican109/02/094.50HOT


 — My introduction to anal lovemaking. by Louetta10/23/184.15

Bundle of Joy

 — Alan and Lynn continue to grow sexually. by LittleHenry03/16/094.66HOT


 — She heats him up, bites into him and wraps him up for later! by Violette12/26/013.39

Burlesque and Black

 — Joanne date cancels, but she goes out and has fun anyway. by CaptainSquiggles04/17/123.76

Burned Ass

 — She experiments, then a cop helps her with relief. by ANAL_LOVER8211/06/073.40

Bus Breakdown to Kinky Sex Pt. 01

 — A wild story of how two strangers have kinky fun. by kinkucurious04/11/193.10

Bus Breakdown to Kinky Sex Pt. 02

 — Story is a continuation of the kinky sexual encounter on bus. by kinkucurious04/17/193.38

Business and Pleasure

 — Exec & Admin Assistant attend a conference together. by walterio05/29/144.47

Business Conference Aftermath

 — My business conference buddy drops by. by janetsue01/15/084.39

Business First

 — BBW co-worker reads his journal. by stoneypoint05/08/063.82

Bust My Bottom!

 — Extreme bottom pleasure fetishist finds a playmate. by libidinal11/19/024.57HOT

Busty Back Pain

 — Busty girl's back pain ends in an FMF threeway. by grunit8910/20/174.14

Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 02

 — She discovers the joys of double anal sex. by sethp09/25/094.29

But a Big Dream Ch. 02

 — Chi and her hobby, and keeping in touch with the boyfriend. by CoyoteMittens12/08/174.00


 — Anal drive causes one to look elsewhere. by topwise08/23/074.45

Butch Black Girls

 — Butch black woman discovers she likes men. by Samuelx05/13/103.39

Butch Black Women Ch. 03

 — Butch black woman tries sexy black man. by Samuelx05/12/102.82

Butch Black Women Ch. 07

 — Butch black woman with strapon seduces black stud. by Samuelx05/21/102.77

Butt - a Princess!!!

 — Taking her through to submitting her ass. by lordthorus09/18/093.86

Butt Cookies

 — A story of casual free use style sex. by Username_of_Sean10/21/163.15

Butt Crack at the Library

 — He meets a wild housewife with a great ass. by rdm345601/27/084.11

Butt Fucked

 — A selfish butt-fucker gets his just rewards. by Angelscuck12/23/094.05

Butt Fucking

 — First person account of how I get fucked in the ass. by AfroerotiK03/15/104.26

Butt Hanging Out

 — He offers his girl friend's butt to two friends. by cowboy10908/23/123.43

Butt Sex

 — Why doesn't he ever fuck her ass? by KarennaC02/18/094.24

Butt Sex with My Girlfriend

 — Here's a letter written to my girlfriend about anal sex : ) by Lovelock3612/27/173.44

Butt Slut

 — She tells of her love of anal sex. by neargraduate08/07/074.26

Butt Sluts Ch. 1

 — Young cousin teaches Crista about anal sex. by Sickboy09/24/014.16

Butt, Balls & Pitts

 — A hotel guest is surprised by his maintenance person. by rovingphoto109/30/044.48

Butt, It's My Birthday!

 — With help, Phil talks Danielle into an anal birthday present. by clarissaj198207/19/163.99

Butt-Fucking Big Black Women

 — Black man becomes addicted to anal with black BBW. by Samuelx08/09/082.99

Butt-Fucking Davin

 — Seducing my roommate. by AralMons05/28/194.46

Butt-Slut's Gratitude

 — She gets out of tight spot; he gets into HER tight spot. by Dracthyus06/30/054.48

Butter Ch. 01

 — She is lightly dominated by her boyfriend. by victoria.vixen06/01/054.13

Butter Ch. 02

 — She gets to know a stick of butter. by victoria.vixen06/03/054.43

Butter Ch. 03

 — Her boyfriend brings out the beads. by victoria.vixen06/03/054.47

Butter Her Butt

 — Pancakes and anal sex for breakfast. Mmmmmmm. by ReverendAnimal06/04/104.14

Buttered Salami

 — They have a little sex at the stove. by midniteblueflier09/05/043.35

Buttfuck Buddies Ch. 01

 — Nick and Mia's passion for anal sex inspires Ashley... by ZenZerker05/08/154.76HOT

Buttfuck Buddies Ch. 02

 — Ashley joins Nick and Mia... by ZenZerker05/09/154.79HOT

Buttfucked Twice in One Day

 — She learns how to enjoy anal sex. by notnice6606/30/044.39

Buttsex with a Hooker

 — My first experience with assfucking a hooker. by shadoblivion05/17/194.15

Buy y'all some wine?

 — "What's in it for me?" he asked. by JimBob4406/23/194.63HOTNEW

By Cracky I Think I've Got It

 — First time with a Chocolate Goddess. by TheycallmeMrBig10/30/154.23

Bye Bye Blackberry

 — Loving wife uses strap-on to focus her husband's attention. by InDesire03/05/114.59HOT

C Train to North Amsterdam

 — Roxxana is on her way home. by VinsanityOrElse12/12/093.75


 — You unite in a Cabin. by cinnamon_kitten11/13/033.72

Cabin Vacation Ch. 01

 — A beautiful winter cabin, a night by the fire, and more. by WritingMyOwnReality09/03/073.96

Cabin Vacation Ch. 02

 — You owed her a favor, and where happy to pay. by WritingMyOwnReality09/04/074.17


 — He would never have guessed that this is what it's like. by luciusmalloy08/24/121.75

Calendar Girl

 — Snap shots of sexual fantasies. by Salacity02/14/054.38

Call Me Teddy

 — Sexy lingerie with a twist. by smithjon191904/09/094.40

Calliope's New Life Ch. 03

 — He takes her virgin ass. by xelliebabex01/08/144.47

Callipygian Excursion

 — An unabashed story about the joyful booty, the unrivaled ass. by AAAtheist02/16/184.11

Camelot Ch. 02

 — A Queen is gallantly double penetrated by movies_maidens_n_manmeat09/12/044.44


 — Sizzling sex on a camping trip. by aperfectidiot12/23/043.89

Camping Is Always Fun

 — Five young people share a twisted camping trip. by David Phillips01/30/024.33

Camping Out

 — A wild weekend adventure! by Sexyleggs10/30/183.60

Camping Trip

 — A subtle tale of anal sex. by NikkiTrakz06/28/13

Can Bailey Take It?

 — Can Bailey handle the stress at work or will she blow? by mistyfox03/14/114.38

Can You Help Me With My Bra?

 — He was playing a game until you interrupted him. by eixirnyhs07/10/073.84

Can't Help but Cum

 — I can't avoid an orgasm so you give it to me good. by KinkyCalliope01/16/084.27

Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

 — Blind date works out well. by LeCoach09/13/104.47

Candice's Idea

 — Just how much cock can a woman take? by claretwine08/28/054.34

Candy Ass

 — First time anal sex for Ann. by Diamond-Dan07/05/054.32

Candy Ass

 — The sweet pleasure of analingus. by Fullmoonfever03/26/084.20

Cape Verdean Bitches Need Anal, Too

 — Cape Verdean BBWs need anal, too. by Samuelx08/23/082.68

Capri an Isle of Love Ch. 04

 — Commander's wife willingly pays for a Marine's silence. by walterio10/05/064.62HOT

Captain Cook's Cruises Ch. 07

 — A friend's daughter turns out to be an anal freak. by techsan08/26/064.64HOT

Car Fucked

 — His car gets him laid. by Analqueen2202/07/123.72

Car Tricks

 — Auto salvage owner gets in deep. by Eroticalover196806/05/143.41

Car Wash

 — Watching her wash her car turns them both on. by opels06/03/064.65HOT

Cara's Irresistible Bottom

 — Chance meeting leads to great anal sex. by walterio09/17/144.26

Carcasonne Ch. 03

 — Don Carlos and Rodrigo explore some dark passages! by bad_hobbit08/01/114.55HOT

Caress Me

 — An anniversary to remember... by TheSubmissiveSlut06/30/173.75

Carla Rachel Lee Meets Patty Parker

 — Carla gets her chance at Patty Parker's BIG BUTT! by patty_parker6005/03/194.58HOT

Carmen's Slut Story Ch. 03

 — Carmen teaches her son's friends. by sutter home cab06/02/044.07

Carmen: Butt Slut Brand Lube

 — Jeff walks in on his roommate's wife. by Donkeepuncher01/19/093.98

Carmen: Comic Book Cumvention

 — Carmen gets ass fucked by Darth Vader at a comic convention. by Donkeepuncher03/12/093.92

Carmen: Cumming Attractions

 — Carmen runs into an ex at the movie theater. by Donkeepuncher01/31/094.14

Carmen: Daddy's Home

 — Carmen's father in law is in town & he wants some ass. by Donkeepuncher02/25/094.18

Carmen: Grand Slam

 — Carmen is violated up the ass...twice. by Donkeepuncher01/23/093.37

Carmen: Stoner Boner

 — A couple of stoners take advantage of Carmen. by Donkeepuncher01/22/094.05

Carmen: Taco Truck Fuckin'

 — She lets a friend fuck her in the back a truck. by Donkeepuncher02/19/093.55

Carmen: What the Fuck is in My Ass?

 — Carmen gets into a tight spot inside of a food truck. by Donkeepuncher11/21/103.60

Carmen: You're a Virgin?

 — Carmen plays with a virgin and then gets fucked by a friend. by Donkeepuncher02/09/093.87

Carnal Cravings

 — She has a dirty foul mouth bitch inside her. Can he help? by mutterguffin201/12/174.40

Carnal Cruise

 — Playing third wheel on a couple's cruise ends with butt sex. by hotcheesycakes01/23/184.02

Carny Ch. 07

 — Steven takes Lacey from the rear. by velvetpie05/15/054.26

Carol Gives It Up (At Last!)

 — Carol finally opens to a new experience. by Madman159710/12/014.33

Carol's Anal Introduction

 — She helps boss to introduce wife to first anal. by regina_allen5509/13/053.81

Carol's Anal Surrender

 — It took a long weekend but it finally happened. by walterio12/11/124.55HOT

Caroline the Teenage Bum Slut

 — Caroline at school, the doctor's, and home as anal slut. by lordodie02/11/154.44

Caroline's Dark Desire

 — A story of how Caroline revealed all. by BlurredLines113806/25/143.08

Caroline's First Ass Fuck

 — Make sure you pick the right man for your first time. by matthewair5611/15/123.95

Caroline's First Movie

 — Caroline gets a tattoo and makes her first movie. by Kinkykille7610/25/073.86


 — A T girl's fantasy is realized. by Dawns07/17/083.95

Carrie's Caboose

 — Nothing beats the caboose for a memorable train ride. by Maquinna10/27/024.57HOT

Carrie's Car Sex Fantasies

 — 36-year-old living the life she missed out on as a teenager. by walterio11/14/134.34

Casanova Redux Ch. 15

 — Cassia offers her anal virginity. by velvetpie02/24/05

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 02

 — A probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust06/22/034.37

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 03

 — A probing study of the analytical method - sinking deeper. by itsoktolust01/30/044.36

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 04

 — A probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust05/09/043.38

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 05

 — The Eastern philosophy. by itsoktolust06/19/044.38

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 06

 — Probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust07/31/044.55HOT

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 07

 — A probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust01/06/054.10

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 08

 — A probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust02/01/054.00

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 09

 — Analysis complete. by itsoktolust02/21/054.32

Case of the Black Widow Ch. 04

 — Satisfying an agent's need for a good anal. by WifeWatchman04/27/144.61HOT

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