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Cat Tail

 — A miserable post-breakup Halloween party turns feral. by Albatross10/16/014.56HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Catching Amy

 — He watches as his girlfriend gets tag teamed. by Mike Franklin01/15/074.17

Catching Jennifer Red-Handed

 — Office worker discovers that larceny does not pay. by JRob10/03/014.29

Catherine Gives and Receives

 — Catherine gives & receives oral & anal sex. by tkinsc01/22/054.41

Catholic Schoolgirls & Virgin Asses

 — Two friends cherish their cherries, but up the ass is okay. by RedHairedandFriendly01/11/134.44

Cathy and Chris Ch. 06

 — Brother in law and sister in law - She wants it where? by Crazeems01/18/114.52HOT

Cathy and Chris Ch. 08

 — Brother in law and sister in law - all tied up. by Crazeems02/03/114.33

Cathy and I Get Caught

 — What happens when hubby comes home early. by RiteofSpring09/26/163.98

Cathy's Cock

 — A strap-on helps the reversal of roles. by IHaveControl05/25/064.51HOT

Catwoman's Treat

 — She has a crush on her sister's boyfriend. by jessy1910/21/044.58HOTContest Winner

Caught From Behind Ch. 01

 — She gets what she wants. by couerdeglace05/30/073.98

Caught in the Act

 — He's caught masturbating by his sister in law. by The Freek04/13/064.30

Caught in the Act

 — You get caught using something of hers. by WritingMyOwnReality08/18/074.31

Caught in the Shower

 — Seeing my wife as she pleasures herself. by ThunderMac08/11/154.39

Caught in the Web

 — A chat room meeting becomes reality. by Frankly12/11/014.25

Caught Reading Erotica

 — He finds out her fantasy and gives it to her. by AliSaintRose04/05/184.25

Caught Red Handed

 — My wife and her friend return from shopping. by zappbranigan05/21/084.41

Caught Short In The Rain

 — A wet journey home is cut short by a lonely housewife. by Alexunderbass06/19/123.68

Cautious Smiles Ch. 03

 — Chloe finds pleasure in anal sex. by xiola-blue11/19/064.49

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 01

 — Anal sex National Nude Day at Perverted Men's Symposium, PMS. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/22/083.33

Celebrating Our 18th Birthday

 — My boyfriend and I have birthdays that are only 5 days apart. by Leezy07/30/114.21

Challenging Ch. 03

 — Bob helps Molly forget the past. by QuietSurprise04/13/114.14

Champagne and Other Fun

 — An erotic anal adventure. by cynthia96jones09/14/174.48

Champagne and Other Fun Sequel

 — After learning to love anal play our lovers celebrate. by cynthia96jones09/23/174.25

Champagne Pussy and Sodomy Dreams

 — Dirty Girl Anne enjoys a naughty drink. by SueDanym01/24/184.69HOT

Chamēlèon Ch. 03

 — Cathy's first time becomes Mark's first time too. by BigHotMama10/26/064.28

Changing The Ref's Call

 — A group of female hockey players plead their case. by Sport777711/30/033.84

Chantelle the Office Slut

 — She gives me an anal treat. by FluteMaster10/10/064.48

Chapter 03: Abby's Anal Adventure

 — Noah wants to try something different tonight. by dark_flower05/01/084.35

Chapter Three

 — Anal loving at the edge of the ocean. by redheadsub09/21/054.30

Charitable Deal

 — Wife sells her ass for charity. by Tdisk04/21/113.96

Charlie The Angel

 — An unexpected night. by cadet197205/24/064.42

Charlie The Angel Ch. 02

 — Charlie has a surprise for me. by cadet197202/04/134.31

Charlie's Arse Manifesto

 — Taking the backdoor to heaven. by CharlieB405/31/163.94

Cheating Asshat Bastard

 — Temptation is too great for one man. by jasliz07/26/114.55HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 04

 — Rick takes Nancy home and gets another lesson. by tk555509/20/124.50HOT

Chelsea's Anal Adventures

 — Chelsea enjoys getting her ass fucked by random men. by PrincessErin11/29/124.16


 — Sparks fly between lab partners. by fieryjen10/10/064.47

Cherie's Massage

 — Sexy Older Neighbor hits all the right spots. by illegalsmile3809/01/024.17

Cheryl's House Slut

 — Michael submits as Cheryl's anal slut. by royalrogue07/31/044.51HOT

Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Devastated Girl gets a helping hand and more. by FinalStand05/14/124.47

Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Revenge is enacted and relationships strained. by FinalStand05/15/124.65HOT

Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Taylor and Joe conclude their business. by FinalStand05/16/124.56HOT

Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 04

 — Playing games, settling in, and setting relationships. by FinalStand05/18/124.59HOT

Cheyenne's Revenge Ch. 05

 — Cheyenne, Sierra, and Taylor have some explaining to do. by FinalStand05/22/124.69HOT

Chicago - My Kind of Town

 — A memorable affair in Chicago before heading to California. by walterio10/29/104.55HOT

Chinese Restaurant

 — They meet in person for the first time. by ericviking6909/05/034.05

Chloe Ch. 01

 — He's having fun with a cheating anal-slut. by changer66607/15/034.21

Chloe's List

 — A first time anal story featuring a man and woman. by AlexSlaine11/19/174.44

Chloe's Way

 — Only an older man can satisfy Cloe's need. by Naughty_Witch03/19/094.20

Chris & Dawn

 — Personal trainer & client get in one last workout. by cbf31609/17/013.00

Chris & Denise (Denise's Revenge)

 — Chris's girlfriend finds out he cheated on her. by cbf31607/10/013.56

Chris & Gina

 — Gina tells him her favorite fantasy. by cbf31607/05/013.93

Chris & Heather

 — He gets his next door neighbor's ass, and she his. by cbf31608/19/013.70

Chris & Janice

 — He gets more than a workout at the gym. by cbf31607/09/013.99

Chris & Miranda

 — Couple tries anal. by cbf31609/20/013.51

Chris & Monica

 — A fitmess modle has her way with an ex boyfriend. by cbf31609/20/013.58

Chris & Nicole

 — She finds weakness & uses it to her advantage. by cbf31609/28/013.51

Chris & Nina

 — Ex porn star becomes boss for a week. by cbf31609/22/013.17

Chris Brings My Fantasy To Life

 — She lets a neighbour do some dirty deeds. by b_anality03/15/064.07

Chris's Adventure of His Sex Life

 — Chris meet redhead girl in class and have a sex with her. by DeafGuyporn11/30/142.77

Chrissy: Prepares For Date With Ted

 — Chrissy wants anal to avoid impregnation by Vwrite01/26/034.00

Christa Calls on Me

 — Fuck her ass to save her cherry. by Boxlicker10102/22/044.42

Christening The Wife's Wheels

 — Steve breaks in the hood of his wife's BMW. by Cherona06/04/024.15

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 04

 — Fighting for the Weekend. by FinalStand03/29/134.69HOT

Christian Housekeeper's First Anal

 — First time. by trevorb96803/08/104.59HOT

Christie's 'A'

 — Teacher takes advantage of determined student. by TennesseeHillbilly10/27/084.34

Christina's Paybacks Ch. 03

 — Christina deflowers Doc's virgin ass. by TX_Fun_Dr07/11/084.59HOT

Christina's Paybacks Ch. 04

 — Christina unleashes the gang bang of Doc's ass by TX_Fun_Dr07/12/084.65HOT

Christine Visits the Head Shop

 — Sexcapades ensue down by the beach. by Donkeepuncher10/18/103.99

Christine's Favorite Teacher

 — Christine shows her teacher that she is a great student. by Donkeepuncher10/14/104.24

Christine's First Anal

 — It's a night of firsts for young Christine. by Donkeepuncher04/11/103.92

Christine's Second Anal Intrusion

 — Christine gets into another compromising situation. by Donkeepuncher04/14/104.24

Christine's Visit to the Anal Clinic

 — Good doctor opens her up to new anal experience. by Wet_dream_maker07/04/024.13

Christmas 'Round the World

 — A new husband gets an unexpected Christmas gift. by WRJames11/28/073.59

Christmas Ass

 — More than punch and cookies at parents' Christmas party! by Theusual6901/03/033.67

Christmas Eve

 — I spend a lonely Christmas Eve in Boston. by VinsanityOrElse12/28/093.47

Christmas Holly

 — Man gives his friend a beautiful young whore for Christmas. by 1masterslut12/08/114.11

Christmas Kink

 — Young lovers experiment with anal. by juggith03/21/023.97

Christmas Party With Boss's Wife

 — Boss's wife enjoys anal affair with younger associate. by Wet_dream_maker07/04/024.31

Christmas Pleasure

 — She gets caught pleasuring herself in the shower. by Cherry_Rose12/30/114.28

Christmas Present

 — Wife goes Slutty for Husband and enjoys it. by pfanv01/21/174.62HOT

Christmas Present Pt. 02

 — Wife goes Slutty for Husband and enjoys it. by pfanv01/24/174.48

Christy Caught Masturbating Ch. 02

 — Even their home movies could be improved upon! by LeggoMyEars06/17/104.08

Chronicles of a Changed Man 02

 — Paddy gets another call. by WobieTide04/13/154.62HOT

Chronicles of the Special Stretch

 — Preparing my tight little ass for my lover's desires. by AngelPie4Mongo11/11/143.94

Chubby Anal Banquet

 — A loving rimming session with my girlfriend. by passionforass01/26/134.23

Chubby Chaser Ch. 02

 — Asian woman with a HUGE ASS waiting for him to get off work! by mondotoken03/18/164.14

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 01

 — Frantic lust at the corner shop by white_on_brown08/25/104.56HOT

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 03

 — Jasmine tells her anal story. by white_on_brown11/26/104.58HOT

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 04

 — Mud and thunder; Jasmine goes to ground. by white_on_brown08/01/114.37

Cin 24: 3:30 to 4:15

 — She receives a surprise from her lover. by GentleGeorge03/04/043.89

Cindy's Doctor Visit Ch. 01

 — My reaction shocks and amazes me. by cindyexposed10/14/144.19

Cindy's Finger (& Her Strap-on)

 — His girlfriend unexpectantly puts on her strap-on. by thomstevens01/06/184.55HOT

Claire and the New Guy

 — Claire gets used like a whore. by sad8ed_butterfly02/04/114.41

Claire and the New Guy Ch. 02

 — A whore is pushed even further. by sad8ed_butterfly02/12/114.55HOT

Claire's Bequest Ch. 01

 — Claire takes his virgin ass. by digitagraphy06/16/043.22

Class Reunion

 — He is hoodwinked by wife and old school friends. by 3M_TA308/10/014.04

Class Reunion

 — My hand is firm on the back of your neck. by baltimoreblues08/01/094.37

Claustrophobia Cure

 — Candace's anal elevator adventure. by RisiaSkye11/13/014.37

Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex

 — A woman's guide to anal sex etiquette. by Samuelx09/03/072.88

Cleaning Cath Properly

 — Anal MF. by pussycatmeowth02/22/174.33

Cleanliness Next to Goddess

 — Surprised in the shower, twice. by Strapping Young Lad06/21/014.01

Closing the Deal

 — A creative shared commission on a real estate transaction. by johnnieblue4411/22/094.48

Closing Time Ch. 03

 — Sara gives Danny a special surprise. by RoscoeRanger05/10/184.52HOT

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 09

 — Pam is filmed as she's taken anally. by quimmaster05/28/034.53HOT

Cobalt Blue

 — Female seduction in a coffee house. by Zorel09/25/064.32

Cocking a Virgin Ch. 02

 — Taking her virgin ass. by kenya_tree12/11/124.24


 — A spoiled brat learns her place. by Bruno102705/14/054.37

Coconut Delight

 — Anal loving for him & her on the 4th. by lord_jefe07/12/134.20

Coconut Delight Ch. 02

 — The 4th is over, but the fireworks continue. by lord_jefe07/14/134.30

Coed Coalition

 — Two female basketball players do their assistant coach. by stoneypoint09/25/063.77

Coed Dates Older Man

 — College girl dates older men and appreciates money. by blacklovr11/26/073.92

Coed Wrestling Championship

 — It's men versus women, all over again. by Samuelx08/14/062.45

Coffee and Cream

 — Valentine's Day Party Preparation. by Zakharov01/21/144.15

Cold As Hell

 — Woman neighbor saves him from the cold. by Ghost Writer01/11/024.04

Cold Feet

 — Danielle wants one more night of fun before the wedding. by damonX04/10/094.55HOT

Cole Ch. 02, or Breaking and Entering

 — Another first time, another body part. by helena_snow_renn09/16/024.00

Cole Meets Nikki Ch. 02

 — Nikki and Cole go on a real date and things get hot. by KINKYCanada02/19/153.88

Colin's Bi-Sexual Side Of Life Ch. 03

 — Colin returns to the female side, briefly. by walterio09/07/084.34

College and Anal Reunion

 — Two anal lovers meet at the college reunion. by walterio01/28/154.12

College Changes a Guy

 — College roommate's girlfriend is drunk and horny. by JoeDreamer09/15/134.31

College Tutor

 — College tutor commands student to deliver. by stoneypoint07/12/063.19

Come Again?

 — Her first time... sort of. by smithjon191903/02/084.16

Come Back When You're 18 Sweetie

 — The senior forgot he told Ruthie that, but she hadn't. by Madabouthair10/11/174.25

Come In

 — A secretary accepts an indecent proposal. by Dolma Kalem08/04/024.15


 — Man hooks up with girl who loves to take it up the butt. by Dar_Jisbo07/12/173.83

Coming Home

 — Returning home from Reno. by pamper107/02/033.99

Coming of Age Ch. 02

 — Amber joins in on the fun. by Daddysgirl024102/17/153.98

Commuting Home

 — You love carpooling. by Julez6201/19/094.17

Company Xmas Party Ch. 08

 — A couple of firsts. by Inthracis07/18/084.52HOT

Company Xmas Party Ch. 12

 — This one time, in the sauna... by Inthracis06/26/114.52HOT


 — On Saturday my girlfriend introduced me to her asshole. by Kaishaku02/20/113.88

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