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Handy Trade

 — Some people just rub you the right way. by Lend_A_Hand01/21/033.68

Hannah's Anal Curiosity

 — Lifelong female friends explore anal fantasies together. by HeyAll08/31/144.55HOT

Hannah's First Anal

 — One couple's first anal experience. by Stringer32103/05/093.85

Hanson House Ch. 04

 — Amanda's learns anal and gets extra tuition. by mjar6508/06/144.44

Hanson House Ch. 05

 — Amanda finishes anal and roomies share more homework. by mjar6508/22/144.39

Hanson House Ch. 09

 — Grace's tits get more but the staff take Elissa's arse. by mjar6511/05/144.27

Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 06

 — The Final Frontier. by Abby_Normal_712/30/034.67HOT

Happiest of Endings

 — Man finally checks out the massage parlor near his house. by n00bwriter12/27/093.95

Happy Anal-versary

 — Long time lovers try something new. by Rog12/18/014.20

Happy Birthday

 — I give my girlfriend a birthday surprise she will remember. by Chris6206/23/154.34

Happy Birthday Beautiful

 — She's just the best there is. by jwm04/04/044.59HOT

Happy Booty-Day, Dear Pt. 01

 — After careful prep, it is on to the main event... by Tara_Neale12/03/144.25

Happy Booty-Day, Dear: The Prep

 — A special birthday surprise from a wife to her husband. by Tara_Neale11/23/143.82

Happy Ending

 — An erotic thrill from the massage therapist. by tcwild10006/14/114.41

Happy Ending Ch. 02

 — The therapist tries a new technique. by tcwild10006/15/114.39

Happy Ending Ch. 03

 — Raina Learns the Skills - the Science of LSRT. by tcwild10007/17/114.66HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 04

 — Working the Tip and Beyond. by tcwild10010/30/114.68HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 05

 — Raina Takes Center Stage. by tcwild10011/02/114.51HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 06

 — The Cyrus Effect - the Boss finds out. by tcwild10011/04/114.68HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 07

 — The team expands - Ami Park joins Raina and Michele. by tcwild10011/07/114.34

Happy Ending Ch. 08

 — Ami trains - Raina works - New Clients. by tcwild10011/09/114.65HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 09

 — Ami qualifies, Michele does a DP, Raina is found out. by tcwild10011/12/114.53HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 10

 — New Techniques, Ami and Ben, Raina tries a threesome. by tcwild10011/14/114.65HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 11

 — Raina and Gil, Michele and Michael, Ami meets Barry. by tcwild10011/16/114.71HOT

Happy Ending Ch. 12

 — Raina's 4-way, Ami & Michael, Brad's 2nd. by tcwild10011/21/114.64HOT

Happy Fucking Birthday Frank

 — Fiona makes his birthday very special. by tk555512/10/134.29

Hard Times at the Hotel

 — Established Domme/sub Couple at a Hotel for Fun and Pegging. by RubyRyder08/15/104.52HOT

Harem Ch. 4

 — The final addition to the harem. by TheWriter08/05/024.24

Harry & Melissa

 — Sequel#3 of Harry's continuing matinee romantic escapades. by pilotcomes04/12/10

Haunting The Chapel

 — The good Father won't face retirement alone. by velvetpie07/26/043.28

Have a Good Day

 — Strap on fucked in the kitchen. by smithjon191908/01/114.47

Have an Open Mind

 — Old classmates reunite after 39 years. by AnalMajor09/20/164.30

Have You Been A Good Girl?

 — She fulfills her Christmas Fantasy. by blueeyeandy01/28/074.29

Having Anthea

 — Hitchiker Anthea pays her way. by alexcarr08/26/133.46

Having My Way With Her

 — Pot cookies enhance couple's mood. by godot01/03/043.63

Hayley Strikes Back

 — Cheating husband, her revenge, fantasy becomes reality. by GWBosh04/26/094.63HOT

He Came Home Early

 — New navy boyfriend taking control. by ReneeWright05/22/103.99

He Did What He Did To My Rear

 — The very painful truth about her first anal. And a song. by bb121211/02/143.54

He Fucks My Virgin Ass

 — He takes her anal virginity. by Slut2theHeart04/14/074.49

He Said Butt...She Said But...

 — Lovers exchange anal Xmas gifts. by DeadlyJokerSarahhh12/03/034.33

He Takes My Ass

 — It's kinda self explanatory, isn't it? by mygateway7401/08/073.90

He Wouldn't Stop

 — He dreamt of her, and now she was naked in his bed. by DireLilith03/17/07

Head Cheerleaders Virgin Ass

 — The captain of the cheerleaders has her anal cherry popped. by jonstevens04/09/064.22

Healthier Habits

 — Gym buddies, guy and a girl, become FFB's. by NeverSmart03/18/124.60HOT

Heart-Shaped Ass for Valentine's Day

 — Sally has a special gift for Dave. by pilot6301/20/114.57HOT

Heather Gets A Huge Surprise

 — Heather gets fucked hard anally. by BigDickSteve04/09/143.83

Heather's Anal Mouth

 — Heather gets that anal taste in her mouth. by NiteWriter11/03/014.31

Heather's Sore Bottom

 — One of those things housemates have to do for each other. by HectorBidon02/11/134.47

Heather's Virgin Ass

 — Young innocent blonde resists her first anal. by NiteWriter10/26/014.29

Heatwave in Spokane

 — A romantic enocunter gets a little nasty. by theaterchick08/03/013.09

Heidi's Revenge

 — Jason and Heidi shoot a porn tape. by LeCoach08/22/124.32

Heidi's Tiny Panties!

 — Carpenter snoops at the job. by LeCoach07/22/124.37

Helen's Enjoyment

 — Helen & Keith are over, & there's a new man in her life. by Just-Legal09/13/013.29

Helmand's Secret

 — When a mission goes wrong, SAS vet Jack gets close to Chloe. by Maxlust10/06/154.41

Help Around the House Ch. 2

 — He catches her in bad position. by Bob Peale10/09/004.24

Her Ass Is More Than Adequate

 — Suzette handles bosses needs while secretary vacations. by walterio08/08/134.27

Her Ass is Up For Grabs

 — In the burbs is where it's at. by cowboy10908/28/123.71

Her Bejeweled Butt Plug

 — Vignette 6: She gets a French butt plug. by unefemme12/20/033.72

Her Boy Toy

 — Bi guy gets it in the end by Mr. Magnum12/27/014.20

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 03

 — Luci Lovejoy gets a butt-load of cash-and of big rubber dick. by patty_parker6005/31/114.22

Her Deepest Desires

 — Noela and Mason take a turn onto fun street. by Rose_by_NE_Name09/03/124.00

Her Desire

 — Lovely lady plans evening around her anal desires. by allyourpleasure06/16/024.23

Her Double Penetration Debut

 — First his fingers, then.... by beckharley2210/14/113.76

Her Dreams

 — ...are almost real. by tiger7508/29/034.22

Her Favorite Anal Tease

 — He sat, totally exposed. by EclecticDiversity12/26/043.95

Her First Anal Experience

 — Anal fantasy finally comes true. by mnkind03/01/094.21

Her Gift

 — She introduces him to a man who fulfills his anal fantasy. by vanillaicecream10/30/094.57HOT

Her Journal

 — She wanted it so bad. by TJsLilAngel08/11/054.37

Her Last Cherry

 — Sexy curvy writer wonders about anal sex. by James Kirkland11/11/004.37

Her Mom's Hot Friend Ch. 02

 — Robert gives Cara a lesson in anal pleasure. by bbw4youngercocks106/28/124.17

Her Mystery Lover

 — She has sex, wild, uninhibited sex with an unknown man. by lks2bite02/07/124.25

Her Name Was Anouschka

 — They were both looking for love. by Cockathree05/11/094.13

Her Night of Passion

 — What I'm doing to her on her night. by FunFilled8008/26/124.10

Her Perfect Butt

 — She masturbates him with her ass. by FlynnMichaels08/17/124.28

Her Perfect Butt Ch. 02

 — Playing with my straight-laced GF's ass soon escalates. by FlynnMichaels05/20/134.46

Her Perfect Match

 — Coed wrestling leads athletes to anal sex. by Samuelx08/14/062.83

Her Pillows, His Exhaustion

 — Jst before dawn, lovers take turns anally. by raself08/13/024.09

Her Punishment

 — She's been a naughty girl. by hot_uccouple11/23/044.24

Her Secret Desire Fulfilled

 — A woman's desire to take her man. by AshureGreen05/02/164.45

Her Special Gift: The Dress... (director's cut)

 — No-nonsense teacher gives husband a surprise. by gedda9808/06/014.18

Hero's Life Ch. 14

 — Troubled Samantha shares some special things. by PacoFear05/29/094.72HOT

Hershey Highway, Her Way

 — She loved anal and had her favorite position. by walterio12/11/164.19

High Card Game Night Pt. 01

 — Anal, toys, bi-male. by Andrecd02/24/163.23

High School Beautiful Ch. 03

 — Maddy does more for an A on an exam. by Ravensing04/15/174.26

High School Reunion

 — Blast from the Past Schools Melissa's Ass. by MelissiusIntent12/15/164.25

Hijab Girl Discovers Anal Sex

 — Conservative Somali gal seduced by Haitian stud. by Samuelx09/01/122.84


 — Mary Ellen is seduced into Anal sex by her loving neighbors. by rgjohn07/03/034.77HOT

His Bitch Gets Her Own Bitch

 — I got owned and We owned Her. by His_bitch12/26/094.45

His Black Ass is Hers!

 — Black girl does black man with strap-on dildo. by Samuelx08/24/063.16

His Fantasy Brought To Life

 — Stefan's femdom dreams came to fruition. by ksha12/26/164.23

His Favorite Fantasy

 — A tropical afternoon of his & hers anal. by temperanceless03/04/064.55HOT

His First Anal

 — My friend gives me his anal virginity. by Mistress_Athena08/23/154.29

His First Time

 — He and his girlfriend turn the tables for their first time. by eljefe121305/31/054.23

His First Trip To The Domina

 — A submissive indulges his love of rimming. by vdilden05/01/064.13

His Hands

 — She has hot thoughs in a business meeting. by lolafalola07/28/054.16

His Little Birthday Slut Ch. 03

 — Lisa makes it up to her boyfriend. by Eroticuhh09/15/164.11

His Partner's Sister

 — Lust between a man and his partner's sister. by iluvliterotica02/05/074.37

His Sexetary

 — A hot day just gets hotter and hotter. by _AGirl_10/22/073.99

His Sweet Girl Ch. 07

 — Tender anal reunion for secretary and her boss. by naughtysexmouse07/06/164.39

His Very First Time

 — His fantasy of ass-fucking. by hot_kinky_chic08/06/074.28

His Visit Ch. 4

 — They enjoy a morning of oral and anal sex. by LadyJelli12/01/024.14

His Visit Ch. 5

 — His lady invites a friend to visit. by LadyJelli07/13/034.22

His Wife is the Procurer Pt. 03

 — Having never done anal was no excuse for Jill. by The Big Bopper06/10/103.75

His, Completely

 — He's in control. by kttysbehind12/13/034.10

Hockey, Threesome, Anal Pt. 01

 — Orin and I introduce a new girl to anal. by ThorOdinson10/03/154.37

Holiday to Remember

 — Married mans loses anal virginity to pal. by trueorfalse01/31/104.25

Hollywood Sex Party

 — Teddy goes to her first sex party. by teddygrl1401/10/033.66

Holy Ass of Antioch

 — The ass holds fate of entire kingdom. by Lucifer_Carroll06/04/044.09

Holy Shit!

 — She finds her life's calling. by The_Tin_Man03/16/093.64

Home Alone

 — She enjoys an afternoon of self-pleasure. by sirensong4702/26/024.14

Home Alone

 — A husband finds solace while his wife is at a conference. by WRJames07/09/104.36

Home Comming

 — Jennifer and Michael at home. by RonClarkeson01/30/073.71

Home Early

 — He come home early from his trip, he was pleasantly surprise. by mrshyboy06/19/164.30

Home Health Care

 — Injury leads to good care. by Leezy08/27/114.47

Home Health Care Ch. 02

 — My Nurse gets an assistant. by Leezy10/17/114.45

Homeschooled Ch. 09

 — Mr. Troy takes Becky's last virginity on their final meeting. by Goldeniangel04/25/154.52HOT


 — Lindsay and David divulge secrets. by dsmithson55601/01/064.02

Honey Hole

 — Lisa wants Joe to explore her forbidden depths. by Martins02/21/084.47

Honey I Was Just Wondering...

 — An anal cherry proposition. by jjblue04/25/083.97

Honey Trap

 — Brezida should never have turned her back on a politician. by Giselle_Renarde08/01/114.02

Horny at Home

 — Restless housewife gets a treat by hairypussyhousewife02/20/033.71

Horny Policeman

 — "Pull Over!!!!" by Hornybeast7404/23/133.63

Hospitals Can Be Fun

 — Ssarah finally gets a doctor she likes. by monkeybutt09/14/023.85

Hot & Bothered

 — Wife wants sex after her run; he has a surprise for her too. by dark_entries08/03/144.34

Hot & Sticky

 — An intrepid first journey through the back door. by ChatNoir3608/03/114.35

Hot and Snug

 — Deep in your arse, hot, snug and tight. by Roger_Ramjet12/18/133.89

Hot Blonde Student's Ass

 — She's horny in her period and needs a hard cock. by Boxlicker10102/19/094.38

Hot Fun With My Girl

 — A naughty time. by stevenjaz06/04/133.38

Hot Homecoming

 — Hubby comes home after a week away. by notnice6604/20/044.34

Hot Lunch

 — I meet a sexy co-worker for a kinky surprise. by rodofmercury09/12/154.41

Hot Melt the Snow Ch. 02

 — Forest ranger spends winter in jungle. by bena4u03/11/164.23

Hot Steamy Shower

 — A couple explore new territory. by blue_mojo_pin08/31/094.41

Hot Therapist Gets Seduced

 — She's got a sexy therapist. by DSmiles4U01/29/043.59

Hot Young Ass

 — Young man fulfills his anal fantasies. by Wolfsonofpaul09/04/024.01

Hot Young Ass Harvester

 — Bisexual escapades with local young sluts. by Cocktopia05/28/154.01

Hot, Kinky Sex

 — Nasty threesome with two girls and a guy. by donstalos01/28/073.30

Hot, Sweet, & Sticky

 — She presents her ass in a delightful way. by TheTourist11/02/044.01

Hotel Anal Firsts

 — She accepts a finger for the first time! by juggalojay8901/26/113.67

Hotel Anal Fun Pt. 01

 — They finally get together. by TahoeCat06/12/164.22

Hotel Ballroom

 — Late night session in the Hotel Ballroom. by Loristwosides11/10/163.71

Hotel Bar Pick-Up

 — Two young women go upstairs to "freshen up". by greivous12/15/154.22

Hotel Plumber Checks My Pipework

 — An attractive woman meets a hotel plumber. by MissKinkyCatriona07/30/124.25

Hotel Rooms

 — Married woman meets her lover for an afternoon tryst. by Cropwelts04/18/094.38

Hotel Theme Park

 — Lucky guy gets to bang his friend's GF in an unusual hotel. by KevinFucks06/07/163.96

Hotel to Remember

 — Quick and dirty sex with the front desk woman. by buttcheeks77703/29/123.50

Hotel Whore

 — Karen can't afford to lose this job. by Sean Renaud05/24/103.86

House Guest

 — She thanks him for letting them stay. by jgrdnrls2402/22/054.22

House Sitting

 — Ian gets caught snooping; Jessica gets what she needs. by sfdude8410/12/134.49


 — Older man and younger woman have fun. by Mike4602/12/024.25

Housesitting Ch. 02

 — The housesitting adventure continues. by eagle12299901/30/104.28

Housewife's Ass

 — Kathy needs a stiff cock but she doesn't dare get pregnant. by SweetPrettyAss02/26/144.28

Housewife's First Time Anal

 — Story of a housewife who wants to explore sexually. by ACMullins03/02/124.14

How Embarrassing

 — A good deed doesn't go unpunished. by Tailteller01/07/163.64

How Far Can Angel Fall

 — A rough first encounter with anal sex. by TheDevilsWeakness10/29/114.32

How Girls Night Changed My Life

 — My wife learned a lot from girls' night. by teninchhammer1012/30/154.54HOT

How Girls Night Changed My Life Ch. 02

 — My wife comes home. by teninchhammer1007/01/164.61HOT

How Girls Night Changed My Life Ch. 03

 — Fun at the Mall. by teninchhammer1010/15/164.60HOT

How I Enjoy Being Analyzed!

 — A few comments on joyful anal sex, inspired by Ms. Marca. by marca_t07/30/034.13

How I Got Fucked By My Teacher

 — She gets her grade and more. by emrsumbiggens10/19/054.17

How I Learned to Love My Ass

 — I locked myself into my room and learned to love my ass. by LadyAnalLover02/13/114.53HOT

How I Like To Be Analyzed Doggy Style

 — She likes her experiences with anal sex. by marca_t08/04/034.12

How It Started

 — The origins of my anal obsession. by Chris6205/15/143.85

How Not to Major in Business

 — College student barters her ass. by Cherona07/12/014.31

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