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Janitorial Service Ch. 02

 — The whole thing suddenly seems like a strange deja-vu. by Decayed Angel12/09/063.79

Janitorial Service Ch. 03

 — He turns the tables with her on his desk. by Decayed Angel12/10/064.16

Jason Ch. 01

 — She gets a strap-on. by hmm42012/09/024.09

Jason's Story

 — He takes you with amazing passion. by CTrei06/18/093.57

Jay Ch. 02

 — The relationship continues. by CLARK_HANSON11/08/064.19

Jay Nurses My Injury

 — Jay helps me feel better after an injury while dancing. by Jada5904/27/184.16

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 03

 — Kamesh nails the sexy Jayanessa and has her butt twice. by shanti201003/04/164.42

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 11

 — Suseela gets her lover in her grip - fucks him hard & royal. by shanti201003/22/164.42

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 13

 — The Swami takes her in the Ass. by shanti201003/24/163.12

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 14

 — He wants Jayanessa - peek into how he reamed her last time. by shanti201004/02/164.33

Jayne's Introduction to Anal

 — They meet after joking around on the net. by duke046711/28/093.98

Jazz Age Ch. 05

 — Rita the chorus girl gets shagged by JocelynJoyce01/16/034.20

Jeff and Paige

 — Love between and older man and a young woman. by Kalavo10/12/164.70HOT

Jeff's Snow Day With Sara

 — Jeff makes it with his girlfriend's younger sister. by J. Strobe11/16/034.24

Jen & Me Ch. 3: The Wife Gets Involved

 — Sis-in-law talks her through first anal. by Tx Tall Tales06/29/014.70HOT

Jen's Open Robe

 — Seduced by girlfriend's petite exhibitionist friend. by Ttdarby08/11/054.30

Jenna my Mother in Law in Africa

 — Account of a trip with my mother in law. by jhbguy10/16/114.26

Jennie's "Nightmare" Ch. 02

 — The truth comes out about the "nightmare" during vacation. by JoeDreamer05/11/074.69HOT

Jennifer Secures the Deal

 — Office secretary satisfies clients and saves workforce. by MALIBUMAN66608/26/104.38

Jennifer Two

 — A continuation (finally) of Professional Anal. by greeklovevanc11/15/104.22

Jennifer's Twisted Fate

 — Jennifer gets anal gang banged by a group of unknown men. by tobeyphillips06/08/174.43


 — Bob wants Jenny's ass and nothing butt. by Taunus11/01/113.24

Jenny's Ass Inspires Erotic Writing

 — Writing anal erotica sparks sexual lust between two writers. by Alex_likes_Butts08/11/074.63HOT

Jenola and Anita Ch. 03

 — Anita takes a massive dump, then takes my ass virginity. by completeexperience06/07/133.76


 — I pick Jeremy to be the first to fuck my ass. by Emily_Dick07/06/084.61HOT

Jess Ch. 01

 — Jess learns anal pleasure. by StoryTeller0707/16/114.39

Jess Ch. 02

 — The little bitch stretches her talent. by StoryTeller0701/05/124.10

Jessica's Modelling Interview

 — Modelling interview turns into anal gangbang. by Wet_dream_maker08/13/024.17

Jessica's Obsession

 — She travels far to fulfil her desires. by 4eyedbrit10/26/084.39

Jet Lag

 — When a mature, sex-addicted swinging couple re-unite. by Boondocker4208/29/184.16

Jewish Women Need Anal Too

 — Jewish BBW encounters sexy black stud. by Samuelx09/08/083.36

Jill Ch. 05

 — First anal experience leads to an unexpected event. by 5425TVR08/03/124.22

Jill Ch. 06

 — Accidental airport meeting turns into sexual fun. by 5425TVR08/09/124.39

Jill Ch. 08

 — Jill's daughter brings home a friend. by lckscknfck704/09/123.88

Jill Ch. 09

 — Jill's husband comes home - several times. by lckscknfck704/16/123.81

Jim's Lady

 — A wife takes charge using suppressed desires. by Wifeswatcher12/01/154.26

Joann & Her Perfect Ass

 — Radio station secretary continues to pay her debt. by Radiojones12/15/014.32


 — His first time -- his best time. by east76th04/06/044.62HOT

Jody and Her Dildo

 — Jody tries a "dick" in her ass by slowbell04/26/084.26

Joel and Carrie Ch. 01

 — Joel does the right thing & is rewarded by the in crowd. by JoeDreamer09/04/064.74HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 02

 — Joel and Carrie seduce Joel's best friends Tina and Robbie. by JoeDreamer09/11/064.70HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 03

 — Interracial ass fun; Alex & Kanzi join in. by JoeDreamer09/30/064.67HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 04

 — Just the two of them. They grow closer. by JoeDreamer01/16/074.63HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 07

 — The day after the prom. New friends. by JoeDreamer09/05/084.75HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 08

 — Lifestyle Repercussions. by JoeDreamer02/07/094.71HOT

Joel and Carrie Ch. 12

 — Acceptance. by JoeDreamer04/06/124.68HOT

Jogging Male Coed Pays with Ass

 — Straight black gets kinky obsessions with cum. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter06/25/173.43

John and Cindy

 — Sometimes the Perfect Marriage may not be so Perfect. by Harvey50309/01/064.30

John's Surprise

 — They act out what they saw on the screen. by Hocky937702/16/064.41

John's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Janie invites a co-worker to join them. by Hocky937702/27/064.64HOT

John's Surprise Ch. 03

 — More fun for the trio. by Hocky937705/09/064.50HOT

Johnny's Ass Gets Used And Abused

 — Steph and Sasha have fun with Johnny's ass. by mywayyourway10008/06/114.37

Johnny, Are You Queer?

 — Desperation makes Johnny ask himself the question. by velvetpie03/17/054.15

Jonas & Rose in Brazil

 — A sex-charged arrival in Brazil. by eroticlightbox08/07/113.91

Josephine Ch. 02

 — Filipina friend looks after hubby's needs by Tantalaimon01/18/034.41

Journey of a Submissive

 — A young woman is seduced into a world of complete submission. by silkstockingslover04/29/164.69HOT

Journey of Punishment...

 — Woman who likes sexual punishments... by NaughtyLizK07/01/174.08

Journey of Punishment... Ch. 02

 — Liz fails to abide by the rules and is punished by spankings. by NaughtyLizK07/05/173.96

Joy Ch. 01

 — Cheater's secretary is into extreme stuff. by changer66609/08/034.56HOT

Joy's First Anal

 — A sexy evening leads to Joy's first anal fuck. by Buckiowa10/31/094.21

Joys of an Anal Relationship

 — Single guy learns his married neighbor loves anal sex. by walterio10/12/124.39

Julia Loves Anal Play

 — Wife enjoys compression garments and anal play. by AnnieJMarshall09/13/154.21

Julie Visits A Hotel

 — Julie enjoys her new lease of sexual life. by Mag5810/30/074.36

Julie's Asshole Is Used By Group

 — Her secret anal cravings become a reality. by Alex_likes_Butts02/19/074.53HOT

Julie's New Beginning

 — A new start. by rkm1010/17/064.15

Juliet Takes Stage

 — Allison wants to give Ken... everything. by kdwest11/27/134.05

Juliet Takes Stage Ch. 02

 — Ken lost everything; Allison gives it back to him. by kdwest12/05/134.04


 — Big beautiful girl gives HS hot guy her ass. And her heart. by JimBob4410/26/174.50HOT

Junior College Days Ch. 04

 — How to have fun while you study. by thehotness11/16/044.23

Just a Girl

 — The girl next door comes back to town. by Frank_Lee04/30/154.39

Just a Poker Chip

 — A mother-in-law uses her daughter in law as ante. by Sean Renaud02/17/093.75

Just A Taste Ch. 04

 — Who's in control here? by donnatah12/01/084.68HOT

Just a Walk in the Park

 — A young submissive gets punihed in public. by rockbohunk07/23/083.93

Just a Wednesday

 — They do it rough, hot, and hard. by lamignonne07/25/124.21

Just an Experiment Pt. 02

 — Mike continues to experiment to make sure he isn't gay. by Mysteria2703/22/174.19

Just an Older Dude Ch. 05

 — Mona drops by claiming she just wants weed. Ned fucks her. by Grouchojim05/22/174.68HOT

Just Another Day

 — A wife breaks her husband in anally. by exiledmaster03/14/074.44

Just Another Day At The Office

 — LiChelle puts repairman's tools to good use. by LiChelle09/18/023.98

Just Ask

 — Woman finds gentle lover for some anal play. by ReverendAnimal06/19/104.53HOT

Just Curious and Horny

 — A-Jay has an adventure into butts. by A-Jay10/18/023.22

Just Friends

 — Roz massages Eddie's prostate with her replica cock. by JonThomas_12/11/184.41

Just Like in the Movies Ch. 02

 — Lacy wants to venture beyond her vibrator. by keeperoflacy06/15/093.82

Just One Bite Ch. 02

 — Jude is suspicious of Shayne's sudden reappearance. by moonbladem01/26/064.55HOT

Just One More Time

 — He was worn out, but she wanted to reward him for his time. by RedHairedandFriendly01/29/134.39

Just Out of the Service Ch. 02

 — Paul finds more fun in the Big Apple. by nyc197503/29/174.64HOT

Just Relax

 — Husband learns about the ass. by lioness1304/01/023.60

Just Relax

 — Anal massage. by smithjon191908/01/114.19

Just Some Innocent Fun

 — A young woman, a couple of drinks, a life changed forever. by GWBosh12/16/104.61HOT

Just the Beginning

 — She turns the tables on him in the shower. by RelentlessPerversion05/16/084.30

Just the Beginning

 — First time anal sex story from female POV. by FaithWhite06/10/104.34

Just What I Needed

 — A special friend calls unexpectedly. by Wigeon05/04/144.04

Just What My Ass Needs

 — Only YOU know. by lappersbaby10/09/044.46

Kacey's Bet

 — You shouldn't write checks your ass will cash. by Sean Renaud06/05/144.16

Kady Did Anal

 — Neil rounds out Kady's education. by ericthebard07/23/164.62HOT

Kaitlyn and Cheryl Ch. 03

 — John and Cheryl return home. by WhatIKnow12/23/104.68HOT

Kala's Teasing Ass

 — Kurt finally figures out how to get into his wife's ass. by AsssMann09/19/133.60

Kama Sutra: Position Twenty-Two

 — Husband & wife try to expand their horizons. by Desdmona05/28/023.93

Kara Ch. 01

 — Kara is captivated. by Mr James05/26/084.34

Kara Ch. 02

 — Kara becomes more deeply involved. by Mr James05/30/084.43

Kara Ch. 03

 — Kara reads the note and decides. by Mr James06/28/084.23

Kara's Fantasy

 — A coworkers fantasy of anal sex. by khollen210/12/034.62HOT

Karen Does Things The Hard Way

 — Wife knows how to get a rise out of her husband. by polomoche10/23/014.23

Karen's Barracks Tales

 — Karen recalls a meeting with my room mate. by Sean Renaud09/23/094.00

Karen's Fantasy

 — She watches herself and him. by baldysm01/19/074.28

Karen's New Boss

 — Introducing her new ideas leads to a night of passion. by adele.darkstar06/04/033.92

Kat & Chris

 — Kat takes the friendship to a new level. by Kat13204/10/143.27

Kate Ass

 — He enjoys Kate's ass. by Krake10105/11/052.96

Kate Puts Herself on the Menu

 — 19-year-old's stranger takes her final prize. by knownobounds04/13/074.58HOT

Kate's an Asshole

 — A bullied worker is in the right place at the right time. by Sean Renaud09/09/094.24

Kate's Revenge

 — What to do when a best friend steals your man. by FluteMaster06/05/124.32


 — A trip to New York leads to a surprising encounter. by mcfbridge07/08/044.39


 — Kathy is a cheating wife who loves anal. by tonystokeswriter01/14/183.96

Kati Plays Dress-Up

 — Submissive wife shows off a new purchase. by happilymarriedguy09/26/044.40

Kati Runs Late

 — Her desire for an anal interlude precedes party. by happilymarriedguy11/19/044.53HOT

Kati Swings at Last

 — An audience turns into participation. by happilymarriedguy12/10/064.52HOT

Katie vs. Melissa Day 02

 — Katie puts Melissa's ass on the line in her revenge scheme. by rifkinraf12/11/144.34

Katie's Eden

 — Sexy organic farmer is ripe for the picking. by OhMissScarlett03/26/054.51HOTContest Winner

Katy's Hershey Highway

 — His tongue and cock are exactly what her ass badly needs. by SweetPrettyAss10/26/144.24

Kayla Gives In

 — Matt and Kayla go at it hot and heavy. by LickMeLowNSlow08/18/013.74

Kaze Has Her Anal Exam!

 — Kaze goes for her anal exam, with a twist. by Kazkan12/28/053.85

Keep Your Chin Up

 — Amy's tied up and helpless. by Kowalski201/03/124.47

Keeping the Neighbors Ch. 04

 — The Dinner Party by Thane6302/08/174.09

Kelsey in the Morning

 — Kelsey gets an anal wakening. by Midnight_Man01/15/104.19

Kelsey's Bucket List Ch. 01

 — A women's trip to NY to be effed! by kaykaybear107/18/123.83

Kendra's Ass

 — Angry tenent makes landlord pay with her ass. by jonstevens01/19/064.17

Kendra's Ass Ch. 02

 — Landlord is blackmailed into a threesome. by jonstevens01/29/064.26

Kendra's Ass Ch. 03

 — Landlord gets it in her ass...a lot. by jonstevens01/31/063.54


 — Kharon is in a BDSM club where her ass is used by men. by Taunus09/24/143.22

Kharon Ch. 02

 — Kharon gets used. by Taunus09/27/143.85

Kharon Ch. 03

 — Kharon is given to Taunus. by Taunus10/04/143.52

Kharon Ch. 04

 — Kharon and Ellen chat; Ellen gets caned. by Taunus10/05/143.20

Kharon Ch. 11

 — Severus visits Jean and leaves the gynoid Anne with Kharon. by Taunus05/24/173.17


 — She wants him, but in a very different way. by sweety4605/06/024.54HOT

Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 10

 — An initially unpleasant anal experience. by eatoure02/04/114.25

Kimberly, My Plaything

 — Wife won't do anal, but her friend does. by theladycroft05/02/054.32

Kinky Misunderstanding

 — Construction crew girl goes drinking with the guys by Paris Waterman10/06/133.95

Kinky Tales: I Pegged my Husband

 — Wife’s discovery of husband’s anal toys changes everything. by silkstockingslover10/15/154.77HOTEditor's Pick

Kinky Tales: Love & Pegging

 — Married couple explore anal sex and pegging even more. by silkstockingslover02/11/164.72HOT

Kirsten's Ass

 — A woman pays here debts with more than she expects. by Sean Renaud10/19/093.87

Kiss My Ass

 — While boyfriend sleeps, she gets with roommate. by damonX07/04/044.67HOT

Kitten Ch. 06: First Anal Experience

 — Kitten is ass fucked by me Then by our dinner guest. by The_Waterman06/21/164.28

Kittten's Surprise Morning

 — First Anal experience for a submissive. by SadisticSky12/16/144.14

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