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Mirror Images

 — Reflections from the mirror of each thrust. by sirensong4704/11/024.04

Miss Anderson's IBS

 — Or, Betsy's anal adventures. by Charles Petersunn11/05/094.63HOT

Miss C's Pet

 — You get it in the end when you've been a very good boy. by FenrisDottir08/04/104.41

Miss Patrice

 — The CEO lifts her skirt in his office. by lofax05/04/034.28

Missy Arrives

 — A roommate arrives. by ericviking6903/15/064.20

Mistaken Identity

 — Cuckolded husband seeks revenge. by tamol11/04/022.72

Mistress Kimmie Knows Best

 — G gives into the temptations of Mistress Kimmie. by MistressKimmie06/09/103.95

Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 01

 — Taking cheating ex's butt cherry, he gets a surprise. by Goldeniangel06/26/054.55HOT

Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 02

 — This time Charlotte helps him get the right butt-cherry. by Goldeniangel06/27/054.53HOT

Model Behavior Pt. 02

 — Oral sex and anal sex in hotel room. by steve35009/05/174.30

Moira Learns To Mind

 — Lonely car salesman takes an older woman. by gurn blanston06/12/024.31

Mollie and Thom

 — Thom introduce Mollie to the pleasure of anal sex. by greatchoice01/19/084.38

Mom & Daughter Night Ch. 2

 — Mom wants more cum. by tonythom07/04/024.43

Money Buys Happiness Ch. 02

 — Continuation of series. by Snowman7703/14/073.46

Money, Power, & Sex!

 — Tania has to earn her little pleasures. by English Bob07/26/034.32


 — A husband asks for ass-play and gets far more. by hungry4femdom10/21/154.39

Monica Ch. 2

 — Monica's first anal sex with her mother's boyfriend. by billyt9836603/09/024.08


 — A game of Monopoly for two. by NeverSmart12/03/114.66HOT


 — After experiencing her first anal orgasm, she needs more. by prettybaby01/30/034.02

More from the MBA

 — Sexy Laura gives gives Kevin her ass. by samandrews02/26/074.59HOT

More Fun at the Rally Ch. 06

 — The last stop (?) on the way to the airport. by Biker_Type12/03/103.89

More Than She Expected

 — Her first time was harder than she thought. by seceretwriter08/28/063.94


 — Kaze gets a more indepth anal exam at the Maxwell Clinic. by Kazkan01/25/064.41

Morning Abigail

 — A slave girl wakes her master to a surprise BJ. by Sean Renaud09/30/133.96

Morning Ass Licking

 — Lady has guy lick her asshole in the morning. by MarcusAralias05/23/084.11

Morning Coffee

 — Coffee isn't the only thing brewing in this kitchen. by LadyJelli09/04/024.13

Morning Glory

 — If only dreams came true. by itsoktolust12/12/024.29

Morning Glory

 — Breakfast after a night of fun...but the fun isn't over yet! by Master_and_Sex_Kitten05/12/114.14

Morning Mischief

 — Husband returns from work to find anal treat. by Desamy08/28/044.22

Morning Playtime

 — Bear takes his Queen's ass in the morning. by QueensBear08/10/174.44

Morning Surprise

 — My girlfriend and I share a female friend. by Chris6206/24/154.21

Motel Acadiana

 — Anal. It's not just for girls anymore. by JimBob4401/05/184.44

Mother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 04

 — Mother-fucking son meets girl at college party. by FatViagraCock06/21/124.25

Motor Cop

 — Uniformed officer gets some off-duty action. by Parris08/08/024.32

Mountain Rendezvous

 — Losing one's anal-way in a snowstorm. by Jack Gates02/21/054.11


 — Helping friend move provides opportunities. by takemetoyourleader12/13/044.60HOT

Moving Day

 — A good deed is rewarded, twice. by cuninglinguist6111/19/064.59HOT

Moving Day Ch. 3

 — Uptight woman gets loose with movers. by Bob Peale10/09/004.36

Mr Smith's First Visit

 — She takes it up the butt from mysterious client. by blondefungirl201/16/044.18

Mr Smith's First Visit Ch. 02

 — Mr Smith returns to secretary's ass. by blondefungirl201/21/044.19

Mr Smith's Visit

 — Secretary gets nailed by mysterious client by blondefungirl02/16/034.19

Mr Smith's Visit Ch. 02

 — Secretary gets nailed again. by blondefungirl02/27/034.23

Mr Valens Back Door Policy

 — Lawyer has anal sex with young cleaner. by eroticveronika07/14/124.54HOT

Mr. Callhan's Slut Ch. 04

 — Mr. Callahan claims new long coveted territory. by Souldeepdesires06/15/174.67HOT

Mr. Jacobson and I

 — A student is rescued then dealt with by her teacher. by camogirl8809/21/084.09

Mr. Meccano Man Ch. 02

 — College girls return to garage gets steamy. by bravepuss10/08/134.26

Mr. Mom Ch. 3

 — He gets a visit from Mom-in-law. by Otisb08/02/024.63HOT

Mr. Porcello Mechanics

 — Aspiring author and buxom blonde meets a handsome mechanic. by BellaDonnie02/18/173.88

Mr. Worthington's Writer's Block

 — Lovely young lady helps hack writer. by JimBob4406/04/164.68HOT

Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 02

 — Mrs Baxter offers Adam her bottom. by geronimo_appleby05/10/164.48

Mrs. Peavy

 — Buddy's mom gets anal. by USMC0304/26/083.78

Mrs. Peeker

 — Claire and Jason have fun after a steamy shower. by Mikhaila9904/02/163.65

Mrs. Sanchez

 — A dad picks his son up at daycare. by adoka04/29/044.16

Ms. G Ch. 02

 — Teacher and student reuinite after losing contact. by Azaxel102/25/034.38

Ms. Marca Ch. 20

 — How to have a backdoor good time. by Ms. Marca01/22/023.99

Ms. Marca Ch. 26

 — You're in love with her luscious behind. by Ms. Marca01/29/024.17

Ms. Marca Ch. 28

 — She enjoys her old ass-lovin' boyfriend. by Ms. Marca02/01/024.29

Ms. Morgan's Dilemma

 — Christa tries to seduce her teacher, tries something new. by bhanover01/02/184.12

Ms. Nolwick's Writing Class

 — Student wants his sexy teacher's ass. by nolwick1357909/13/053.78

Multiple Melia Ch. 04

 — Melia's ass gets some attention for a change. by realityischoice06/17/094.49

Mumbai Mix Ch. 02

 — Horny Indian girl wants a dirty new experience. by MikeWrites11/18/164.35


 — Freddie hires a Muse to help him write an Anal story. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/26/073.10

Musical Chairs Ch. 03

 — Julie takes her prize. by Roy Kay06/07/024.03


 — Over a weekend, two teenagers use sex to discover each other. by ChloeKendall07/31/164.77HOT

Muskoka Ch.04

 — Cassie loses her anal cherry, through pain and pleasure. by ChloeKendall06/11/144.68HOT

Muskoka Ch.06

 — The finale to Cassie and Garrett's cottage love connection. by ChloeKendall07/01/144.64HOT

Mustang Claire's Gift

 — A career change had separated Clair and Jack. Reunion time. by JakeRockwell04/29/144.41

Mustang Sally

 — Sally gets ridden in her fantasy car. by Biopower04/28/064.42

Mutual Mind Fuck

 — A battle of the minds ends up in Waverly's virgin ass. by johnnieblue4407/06/084.48Editor's Pick

My Anal Boy Toy

 — Dante gets an inferno in his back door. by BigHotMama10/17/064.08

My Anal Fantasy

 — Experience the way I'd want it to happen. by RedHairedandFriendly01/18/064.51HOT

My Anal Princess

 — Ryan recounts how much he loves his girlfriend's ass. by PrincessErin09/07/114.16

My Anal Punishment Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky anal punishment fantasy! by BarbieLez03/15/143.79

My Anal Queen

 — He meets his queen on the Internet. by dirtyjoe6906/19/074.18

My Anal Questions Answered

 — I learned how anally erotic I am. by Leezy06/03/174.30

My Anal Training Ch. 01

 — How she learned to accept a cock in her ass. by RedHawke10/21/084.13

my Anal Training Intensified

 — He decides my training as an anal sub slut needs improvement. by rosesubslut02/05/104.06

My Anal Wife

 — How couple got started in anal sex. by luvmywifesass11/23/064.39

My Auction

 — A one night stand with a twist. by prettygirlaspen09/28/133.88

My Barista: Gratuity

 — She uses their friendship for another favor. by Azuldrgon04/19/094.15

My Best Friend's Brother

 — She belongs to him. by phonesexxgirl05/18/043.96

My Best Friend's Girl

 — My best friend's girl and other complications. by Dolma Kalem09/14/024.59HOTContest Winner

My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 02

 — More adventures of Joe and Nicky. by Dolma Kalem03/17/034.63HOT

My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 03

 — Joe and Nicky's relationship blossoms in the fall. by Dolma Kalem04/19/044.71HOT

My Best Gym Workout

 — It had been too long, and I really got what I needed. by MonicaJane696905/03/144.36

My BFF Buster

 — A Dog brings us together. by Leezy07/07/154.53HOT

My BFF Buster Ch. 02

 — I help Julie get promoted. by Leezy07/31/154.63HOT

My BFF Buster Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by Leezy08/16/154.38

My Bitch is Black

 — Black man discovers anal fun with ghetto BBW. by Samuelx01/12/083.34

My Bitch is Black Ch. 03

 — Black man gets strap-on surprise from woman. by Samuelx01/22/083.62

My Bitch is Black Ch. 04

 — Black man has good time with MILF. by Samuelx01/23/083.55

My Bitch is Black Ch. 05

 — Big Black Woman meets Big Black Man. by Samuelx01/23/083.22

My Boss Didn't Know How to Ask

 — Bossy boss knows how to get what she wants. by shavedkitty2305/28/124.46

My Bottom and Me

 — Woman comes to terms with her own anal eroticism. by CorsetLvr11/28/084.67HOTContest Winner

My Boyfriend's Best Friend

 — She lives out her fantasy about his best friend. by rokchik119701/23/023.78

My Clit Piercing

 — She gets pierced in more ways that she expected. by wildkitty07/20/024.28

My Corruption

 — Anal sex with a reluctant girlfriend. by simpleDARK08/12/044.23

My Dark Submission

 — She finds key to nasty sex in submission. by schming05/15/044.23

My Darling Has New Gloves

 — What I can do to you, you can do to me. by darkman2709/03/063.66

My Date Night with Her Asshole

 — He enjoys a special night rimming & fucking his wife. by dewdoer06/22/073.75

My Daughter's Best Friend Ch. 03

 — Cindy shows her kinky side. by eros70106/01/044.53HOT

My Deepest Desire

 — A guy wanting to feel like a slut that he is. by newbie7410/02/133.59

My Dirty Little Slut

 — Taking turns ass fucking my slut. by a1fiend09/12/153.82

My Dirty Thoughts

 — You're a fantasy coming true. by dusty1709/29/102.93

My Ex Nicole

 — Old lovers hook up for night of drunk sex. by Patrick238008/22/094.47

My Exploration

 — You help her fulfill her anal fantasies. by moonstormer10/03/064.29

My Fall From Prim and Proper Ch. 01

 — A young woman is pushed to her boundaries. by lauramom3112/06/093.82

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 09

 — Father & daughter’s anal surprise. by regularguy1301/30/104.55HOT

My Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife & friend do hubby with strap-ons. by bigtoylvr01/01/034.24

My Farmboy

 — She gets together with a young handyman. by litpervgrrl07/14/044.53HOT

My First Anal

 — Nicole begs for reconciliation by offering her Anal cherry. by samaelbeckett01/21/144.14

My First Anal Experience

 — He always wanted into her third hole. by Eticket01/19/034.24

My First Anal Fuck

 — So horny, I pushed all the boundaries! by bufalufalus04/15/08

My First Anal Sex

 — Does hubby have it in him to grant her anal dreams? by subwryter02/13/113.98

My First Ass

 — A first time for everything, and certainly not the last. by Chimney Sweep04/04/044.34

My First Beads

 — After using them on her, he wanted her to use them on him. by slickballs02/14/073.98

My First Cock

 — A submissive mind is awakened anally. by hungry4femdom05/27/144.28

My First Day at Work Ch. 03

 — Lakshmi's ass is destroyed. by nakedindian06/01/083.63

My First Hrs. At The Awakening

 — First Time Anal. by trevorb96803/28/104.52HOT

My First Reel Porno

 — Short on rent, Jasmine goes for some quick cash. by tv4605/29/164.68HOT

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