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Portia's School of Anal

 — She teaches a few friends how to take it. by neargraduate09/28/074.59HOT

Portland Rain

 — Sex with a prostitute. by richard604703/19/083.18


 — Be careful what you ask for. by budnging200008/24/014.45


 — Be careful what you wish for. by budnging200008/29/013.97

Posie's Plan

 — An elaborate scheme to get what she needs from her man. by bienheureuse10/14/124.67HOT

Possessed by a Witch

 — Dreams unwind like a cat in the darkness. by sirhugs10/21/064.20

Power of Gold 04

 — Deen confronts Demi and gets his wish: her asshole. by jacque_adore11/30/123.85


 — She wakes you to oral and anal pleasure. by wildest102/10/034.28

Prelude to Waking Up

 — She had gotten into our stash of favorite pornos. by doomgate11/10/103.80


 — You get the perfect ass taking. by nestaf12/14/084.19

Preparing To Move Ch. 2

 — Randy says goodbye to Sarah's sister, Aimee. by VRy07/04/013.70

Pressed Flowers

 — Young couple's first time with anal sex. by Paul4405/05/063.79

Pretty Please

 — A young lady asks an older man for a favour. by brainfade10/02/104.19

Primal Anal

 — Unleashed desire to take her. by Raunchy Romantic03/08/064.39

Private Lesson

 — I'm going to teach you the really important things. by sexy_lil_ballerina09/19/103.49

Private School Phys Ed Ch. 01

 — Gym teacher & student have hot anal sex in his office. by Aphroderos6909/16/08

Probe is a Synonym for Exploration

 — A mature couple guides a young woman. by Sojournalist05/25/124.49

Professor's Consolation

 — Unsure student gets "reassurance" from professor. by BohemianEcstacy04/10/044.35

Professor's Temptation

 — An impulse is rewarded by the hottest professor around. by BohemianEcstasy03/31/053.73


 — Beth meets her internet and phone lover. by Mr James04/11/044.09

Promises, Promises

 — Controlled spanking and her bottom. by rougechapeau03/05/044.37


 — An anal is virgin deflowered. by bitsieblue06/18/043.76

Prostate Massage and More

 — His birthday prostate massage. by scmale200007/15/084.46

Psyche's Surprise

 — Married woman has her biggest insecurity licked away. by Jayded_Lust01/01/154.78HOT

Psychological Payback Pt. 03

 — Sex with the bookie, and his bodyguards will destroy marriage. by The Big Bopper08/07/094.38

Public Transport Surprise

 — Pretty blonde gets taken up the ass on the train. by ally197912/18/094.18

Pulling a Short Train on Duty Ch. 01

 — A young officer is well serviced by a willing slut. by Dinsmore05/30/054.29


 — Whatcha gonna do when they cum for you? by JLP6808/10/023.96

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 11

 — The devil in Mrs. Jones. by asianspankee09/18/063.86


 — He learns a bit about anal stimulation. by Queen of Kink08/23/034.42


 — Mischievous girl gets a lesson in patience. by candide12108/20/044.64HOT


 — Fun evening of mild punishment between man and woman. by findingmyvoice05/07/143.64

Punishment Ch. 02

 — She continues on quest to fulfill her fantasy. by Queen of Kink09/05/034.47

Punishment Ch. 03

 — She finally gets to use her strap on and he loves it. by Queen of Kink11/25/034.55HOT


 — Bound and taking it for the first time. by TheGreyKnight02/05/154.25

Pushing Boundaries

 — Daniel learns a thing or two about eating out. by DirtyOldBukowski06/18/114.15

Pushing The Envelope

 — Increasing the wife's sexual horizons. by GuyWithNeeds06/16/113.75

Pushover Ch. 05

 — Making up is fun to do. Esp. when you're dating a porn star. by svenjolly10/16/104.71HOT

Putting It In Carmen's Dirty-Hole

 — Carmen seduces her son's friend. by geronimo_appleby03/25/124.45

Queen of the Video Game

 — Her short shorts were just too sweet to pass up. by JimBob4410/22/154.36

Quick Flash - His Fourth of July Ex

 — I was bad on July 4th, and my punishment was explosive. by AJQuick07/14/134.16

Quicky Ch. 01

 — Quicky about anal upstairs at a party. by Jack_Love11/12/114.15

Quicky Ch. 03

 — Rather lyrical anal quicky. by Jack_Love04/18/124.29

Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW Ch. 02

 — Hook Up with SSBBW Boss in the Breakroom. by mondotoken12/03/154.25

Quid Quo Pro Ch. 02

 — The path less taken. by oomycota04/29/084.35

R & B

 — A Black love story in America. by Samuelx06/29/063.55

Rachael's Ass

 — Rachael gives him oral in return for anal. by long&thickdude03/09/044.04

Rachael's Surprise

 — A pleasant surprise for her lover. by sensual4u03/22/034.01

Rachel Ch. 01

 — Vince gets a nice gift from his wife. by Carack_in03/21/094.34

Rachel Ch. 02

 — Vince submits to temptation. by Carack_in03/31/094.29

Rachel Ch. 03

 — Laura shows Vince what he has been missing. by Carack_in03/31/093.86

Rachel's Butt

 — First-time analyzed has a ripple effect. by Christina Samuels04/16/054.45

Rachel's Butt Ch. 02

 — More instruction is needed. by Christina Samuels11/30/054.59HOT

Rachel's Renaissance ch. 01

 — Straying girlfriend comes clean. by Copious03/17/113.97

Raging Robyn

 — An anal exchange. by smithjon191902/20/084.59HOT

Railroad To The Hershey Highway

 — He gets some anal outside his class. by boysetsfire04/28/044.41


 — You, the rain, the parking lot, her ass. by steve w07/09/034.18

Rainy Day Ch. 01

 — James learns dirty sex with his potential girlfriend's mom. by blooke123405/02/104.52HOT

Rainy Night Ride

 — Anton picks up a wet fare. by LordPriapus11/12/024.03

Random Meeting With Old Friends

 — A chance fuck. by ptsteve07/21/143.24

Reaching the Summit Ch. 03

 — She gives him hot arse. They uncover the sub in her. by Scotsman6906/15/094.47

Real Life Ch. 01

 — A first time for both of them. by britsabroad01/01/034.03

Real Women Prefer Anal Sex

 — Anal sex makes you feel better. by Samuelx10/20/073.10

Realtor's Dream Ch. 04

 — Working for a rich boss can be painful. by standingstones12/24/133.94

Reaming Robyn

 — Robyn gets it in the end. by grafexguy212/08/054.48

Rear Admirer

 — He secretly tapes her first anal sex experience. by Bitch Boy12/10/014.02

Rear Ended (FnF)

 — A vehicle collision leads to an anal collision. by RabbitPrince05/27/154.29

Rear in the Air

 — How she started to indulge her anal fantasies. by LadyCanine08/05/054.29

Recent Bride is the Bribe Ch. 03

 — John wants Brittany’s arse, and who was she to deny him. by The Big Bopper10/15/104.34


 — A chance encounter after a wedding leads to public sex. by Fullmoonfever02/27/083.75


 — Filming sex makes boyfriend lose his inhibitions. by prettybaby12/23/024.46

Red Hot

 — An artist gets in to some steamy scenes with some teachers. by SueNH09/27/124.44

Red Lotus

 — In a lake of horny toads. by Neonurotic07/12/14

Red Marks The Spot

 — A fire, an ice cube, a condiment & first time anal. by Cherona11/01/014.41

Red Rock Canyon Ch. 08

 — 'Magnum Man goes anal' while Chad and Shelby watch. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/02/064.21

Red Roses For A Blue Lady

 — Her bad day gets better with her first time. by niteowl200307/09/074.11

Red's Scottish Trip Ch. 05

 — He gives her art, she finally gives him her ass. by Scotsman6906/07/084.44

Redefining Boundaries Ch. 01

 — Sarah and I begin our exploration. by rbone0408/27/124.39

Referral Service

 — Insatiable professor gets ass-fucked on a recommendation. by johnnieblue4409/19/104.61HOT


 — Her quest to see orgasms. by slinc12/12/134.35

Reggie and Muffy's Anal Role Play

 — Reggie finally gets down and dirty with Muffy's ass. by andtheend09/04/102.67

Relationship Evolution

 — Her desire to remain a virgin leads to alternative love. by Airagone06/19/08

Relaxing Massage

 — Going in for a message ends differently than expected. by ithinktruth12/22/134.12

Releasing Sexual Tension

 — Preachers daughter succumbs to her desires. by AlwaysFalling2108/08/023.79

Reliving a Memory

 — The princess relives an anal encounter with her prince. by darlynd10/25/154.07

Remember Me? Ch. 02

 — Back at her place. by D-Man10/20/034.51HOT

Remembering Kinky Annie

 — A kinky guy remembers things about his kinky girl. by macbuzz06/20/063.60


 — One night in February he came to her. by buntinggurl05/11/064.20

Remote Accident

 — Knocking over the remote leads to sexual defiance. by samsfantasy01/19/094.29


 — A meeting between Andrew and Amber. by Mr James11/04/034.36

Rendezvous in Her YooHoo

 — Cabin rendezvous that leaves her completely sated. by KymmieQuinnell01/26/114.37


 — A husband falls asleep on his wife, and she's not pleased. by sempersax07/17/133.76

Rescue at Sea

 — Mother and daughter rescued, but is the rescuer safe? by GWBosh06/15/074.58HOT

Response Required

 — With Becky's guidance, he finds the right response. by Uncle South Loop01/12/044.00

Rest Area Karen

 — Karen rewards Jake for rescuing her. by oldtruckdriver11/15/154.37

Restaurant Passion

 — Two employees enjoy a forbidden anal encounter. by Noonenkows04/30/074.35

Retribution Ch. 2

 — Bill's wife has a few hidden secret's, too. by Houstonrn08/30/024.24

Retribution Ch. 3

 — Tom tells his side of the story. by Houstonrn08/31/024.41

Retribution Ch. 4

 — The time for retribution has arrived. by Houstonrn09/01/024.31

Return to Paradise Ch. 03

 — Pete’s 50th birthday. by dutchpantyraider09/29/114.25


 — He shows her how much she was missed. by prettybaby12/13/034.49

Reunion Afterglow

 — Tryst with ex-lover leads to great anal sex. by wildest101/28/034.29

Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 03

 — Showering leads to anal play. by Master_Vassago03/31/044.18

Reunion Night

 — You celebrate a reunion in passionate style. by Omigoddess02/07/034.46

Revenge is a Dish...

 — A "what if..." fantasy story about me losing my anal virginity. by Miss_Elena10/05/134.50HOT

Revolving Door

 — Cullen's trip in a revolving door is too tight in the end. by Decayed Angel11/25/062.39

Rhair Entry Ch. 1

 — Watched by her mother, Mario takes her virgin ass. by belab11/15/023.78

Rick Rims Rita

 — Rick fulfills his best friend's wife desire for rimming. by RickL195408/11/084.07

Ricky's First Anal Encounter

 — It's bottom's up for Mari when Rick goes anal. by Spankx10/29/022.61

Rico's Return

 — Things get out of hand in a dance club. by Cumming8706/03/154.57HOT

Riding Out the Storm

 — Sarah gets some anal country comfort. by JClements04/05/104.14

Riding the Little Bus

 — A kooky old vet assfucks a stoner girl. by Dmnoid03/25/114.39

Riding the Train

 — Aaron has a good time with a fellow passenger. by f1racer2203/02/14

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