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Sensuous Linda

 — The tables are turned on a surprise. by baldysm05/12/053.97

September's for Sharing

 — Day in the ocean leads to the bedroom. by fyrbush09/21/054.07

Served in the Supermarket

 — Groceries shopping with extra service. by jaykayen10/13/174.45

Servicing Mrs. Tuttle

 — Black gardener lets his son take care of a kinky customer. by VeryDirtyMind06/17/164.47

Setting New Boundaries

 — Lusty threesome only gets better. by Niki10/12/024.44

Settled Friday: Sex With My Ex-Husband

 — Sex with ex-husband. by MONALISALEE08/11/094.22

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 04

 — Kay's anal fantasy comes true. by Master_Vassago03/17/034.44

Seven Years

 — She was, and will be, well worth the wait. by Johnny_Canuck05/27/034.24

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 14

 — A bum ride! by sue_in_surrey07/29/084.59HOT

Sex and Fun in San Francisco Ch. 03

 — Sexy couple enjoys a night of anal fun. by statestreet12/31/063.91

Sex and the Morning After

 — The morning after a night of sex, they can't resist... by queenoftheamazons07/05/144.14

Sex at the Gym

 — An ebony Muslima finds love at the gym. by Angry_Sosiska5001/11/182.70

Sex Coma

 — A romantic anal sex story. by APRILBLOSSUMS10/24/174.08

Sex Dungeon

 — Trevor is dying but given a chance to give his life meaning. by Lost Boy03/10/174.79HOT

Sex Ed

 — A teacher and student have anal sex. by sexygazr07/28/033.64

Sex on the Beach

 — Their erotic fun begins at lake & ends at home. by roogirl3509/03/044.15

Sex on the Beach

 — Wild Anal on the beach at night. by mactakular10/30/163.20

Sex School Fun

 — Class takes a revealing turn for Clare. by bunny_ears07/14/104.09

Sex School Fun Ch. 02

 — Will Jeremy get his chance? by bunny_ears12/15/103.86

Sex Therapy

 — Today is the first day of the sexual therapy class. by insidemyheart200509/28/103.73

Sex with a Stranger

 — A dirty slut. by sexhungryvirginivy08/23/163.74

Sex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 01

 — Sex with the boss. by gomets1309/11/084.26

Sex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 02

 — Continuing saga of sex with boss. by gomets1309/15/084.39

Sex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 03

 — Weekend trip with Becky. by gomets1309/21/084.38

Sex with Fiza Ch. 03

 — Mother-in law sexed with her new Servant. by elisjohnman11/18/094.42

Sex With My Ex

 — I meet Helen again. by wewillrockyou10/12/154.45

Sex Writer Symposium: 02

 — Anal (in a good way) her very first time. by PenningFreer10/13/094.39

Sex, Submission, & Snacks

 — James goes for a snack and finds something better. (Pt.6) by magmacdowel02/19/184.40

Sexual Adventures of Sam Ch. 01

 — Sam has always wanted to try anal with his girlfriend. by Salls04/21/124.25

Sexy Cop Traffic Stop

 — Sexy brunette takes it up the ass to avoid a ticket and jail. by DirtyDeni06/09/124.20

Sexy Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Ken and Kristin continue to play. by smiles127707/11/064.44

Sexy Secretary Takes Advantage Ch. 01

 — Man gets taken advantage of in an office by secretary. by lithguy05/14/174.12

Shall We Play?

 — A sex game goes all the way. by Marston_Greene02/11/184.19

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 02

 — AAAAH - Finally she gets him - A Sex Slave Ratan. by shanti201010/15/154.27

Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 04

 — Around post-midnight - Shanti demands her pound of Ratan. by shanti201010/17/154.62HOT

Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 06

 — Shanti and her good old college days. by shanti201001/27/164.11

Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 08

 — The terrace game continues. by shanti201001/29/164.12

Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 08

 — Sriram blackmails her into a torrid anal bout. by shanti201001/10/164.25

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey

 — She fucks her cuckold husband's friend. by shanti201008/25/154.08

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 03

 — The man who deflowered - keeps on having her. by shanti201010/23/154.32

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 04

 — The man who deflowered - finishes off her ass speared fully. by shanti201010/24/154.07

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 09

 — Shanti fucks a friend of Ratan to satiate her anal lust. by shanti201012/29/153.21

Share and Share Alike

 — Two anal lovers share their first experiences. by walterio01/14/184.39

Shared Fantasy: Heather's Wish

 — She shares her secret desire. by JamesSD06/09/054.49

Shari's Last Cherry

 — Shari gives up her ass. by biscribe08/21/094.46

Sharing a Room Ch. 05

 — Terri shows her submissive side, takes it rough "back there". by pjhale12111/29/124.49

Sharing the Vibrator

 — His girlfriend returns the anal favor. by TJ753603/22/044.19

Sharing Their First Time Anal Sex

 — Two lovers share the story of their first anal experience. by walterio06/13/174.47

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 01

 — An unexpected foray into anal. by TheLovelyLickerish107/21/104.46

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 02

 — Her unintended voyeurism is rewarded; the why explained. by TheLovelyLickerish107/25/104.17

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 03

 — Explanations and explorations strengthen their relationship. by TheLovelyLickerish107/26/104.33

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 04

 — She begs for more and he accommodates. Awakening continues. by TheLovelyLickerish107/29/104.42

She Awaits

 — Wine, cheese, oil, and spice!! by mskittykatt12/23/013.47

She Fingers Him

 — Penetrating, stroking, and making you come. by missveronica02/15/064.54HOT

She Gave Up Ch. 01

 — Wife finally accepts anal sex. by ashaw211/18/153.50

She Gets Carried Away

 — 40 something goes on hen night with group of friends. by IFSW07/17/084.19

She Got Mine, I Got Hers

 — How I got fuck my wife's ass by letting her fuck mine. by randjf09/20/164.54HOT

She Meets The New Neighbor

 — Daughter returns from college to meet new man next door. by opels06/24/064.56HOT

She Opens My Hole

 — Girlfriend dildo-fucks him the first time. by hamburgerhelper02/03/044.12

She Proved Her Point

 — Guy argues about sex with girl. She proves point with dildo. by pressmybutton11/14/124.26

She Takes His Essence

 — His Domme milks him anally. by raself08/02/023.68

She Told Him No Fucking... Ch. 01

 — This younger woman excites him so much. by Scotsman6907/07/084.39

She Won't, But Her Mother Will

 — His girlfriend won't do anal, but her mother is different. by FeverDreamer09/09/094.46

She'll Want More...

 — SNAG's guide to anal sex. by ArtistWriterSvengali11/11/034.15

She's Got Freckles on Her Butt

 — Real estate man gets his in the end. by Slickman02/11/054.62HOT

She's Not On Her Knees Today

 — Couple gets crazy, and kinky. by PanCakes10/31/024.14

She's Still Hot Ch. 02

 — Tammy continues enjoying her renewed sexual appetites. by old_n_dirrty07/20/134.40

She's the Boss Ch. 03

 — The action moves to the bedroom. by SonForBBW05/11/174.39

Sheer Undies Lead To Sheer Delight

 — Alan and Lynn's sex life picks up with her new duds. by LittleHenry03/15/094.42

Sheila's Training Ch. 01

 — She wants to open her backdoor. by CeliaisAliena04/16/104.21

Sheila's Training Ch. 02

 — Backdoor training, and a blowjob. by CeliaisAliena04/17/104.40

Shelby's Troubles

 — Shelby gets more than she bargained for at the chiropractor. by dirtygirljenna04/09/134.45

Shelley Takes It In The Ass

 — Two women, toys and sodomy. by Abeja01/31/074.20

Sherri Goes Arse to Mouth

 — She's glad that hubby's back from trip. by quietcantor07/31/044.44

Shit Happens

 — The title says it all... by Tara_Neale10/03/143.93


 — Housewares at 2am. by emersons6210/27/074.13

Shore Dream

 — After a day at the beach... by kotori02/05/033.82

Short and Not So Sweet

 — I buy a new toy without permission - I pay the price. by devonahall04/17/133.31

Shots Straight Up, Or With A Twist?

 — Body shots lead to more at a party outside. by Nightwolf08/12/144.58HOT

Shower Fun

 — Voyerism ends in some deep penetration. by Lulubelle200606/01/063.90

Shower One-on-One

 — She eagerly gives him her anal cherry in the shower. by phantasy1908/30/134.28

Shower Time

 — Me and my lover get down and dirty in the shower. by anallover2907/04/094.23

Shower Time

 — You and I clean up together. by scruffynerfherder03/12/104.23

Shy Girl

 — The quiet ones often have the dirtiest fantasies. by JamesSD05/07/064.56HOT

Silence is Golden

 — You communicate with her without words. by lickmypretykity07/18/034.32

Silent Night

 — You approach her silently. by ButterflyLane08/18/034.48

Silky Adventures #13

 — Silky loses her anal cherry. by OneSilky09/14/104.26

Silky Bedroom

 — Romantic heart throbbing interlude covered in silk bondage. by Idarrau10/02/134.29

Simmering Passions

 — Loving couple explore anal on bedroom floor. by simply_cyn09/17/044.40

Single Again Ch. 07

 — Things get hotter with the various woman. by WhatIKnow03/17/124.72HOT

Sins of Joy Ch. 04

 — Jawad had brought out some of the slut in very conservative. by bena4u12/07/154.41

Sis's Girlfriends Ch. 01

 — Sis's girlfriends like anal sex with both sexes. by Benny02402/22/134.14

Sis's Girlfriends Ch. 02

 — Five more sphincters get stretched wide. by Benny02405/10/134.33

Sistah, Sistah

 — Two professional women connect as sistahs. by Cinner08/10/124.30

Sister Lauren, Father Riley, and Me

 — A Valentine's Day surprise when his wife is not so innocent. by SuperHeroRalph01/20/114.16

Six Month

 — Anal rape. Or was it? by alysonXlain11/21/024.24

Six Month Ch. 02

 — The saga continues. by alysonXlain09/06/034.51HOT

Size Doesn't Matter

 — Problems in a one night stand that get worked out. by TessMackenzie02/14/154.06

Size Matters Ch. 01

 — What happens when you piss off a BBW? She fucks your man!! by mondotoken06/06/144.31

Size Matters Ch. 03

 — Really Pissed off BBW seduces her Aunt's Boyfriend!!! by mondotoken08/05/154.42

SJWs Just Want to Get Laid

 — He tries to help a hooker give up her sinful profession. by Aurelia_Cotta07/14/164.31

Skating Lessons Ch. 5

 — Her lover exposes her to anal delights. by Rhiannan02/08/024.23

Skiers Practice The Pole Plant

 — Two single guys get closer on a ski trip to the Rockies. by walterio01/23/114.38

Skiing Into Anal Sex-citement

 — Winning business contract proves to be tough. by Jack Gates01/21/054.09

Skinny Women Need Anal Too

 — Anal sex does not discriminate! by Samuelx11/05/072.53

Slave to Sex

 — Horseback sex followed by anal. by ScarletDragon10/22/094.17


 — Alex can't sleep, so he spies on his flatmate. by lagneau blanc06/14/054.26

Sleepy Time Anal

 — Greg takes advantage of Linda while she slumbers. by SexZee02/28/134.17

Sleepy Time Gal

 — Sleeping Sex Fantasy. by Leezy08/31/114.14

Slippery Butt Hole

 — Soccer mom is anal-curious. by bonzo200207/26/054.33

Slippery Maneuvers

 — Oil and fruit make a slippery good time. by HotScribe206/27/053.93

Slippery Valentine

 — Your lover's retreat gets oily. by LongdistLover02/15/133.60

Small Awakenings Ch. 03

 — Kristine gets a small taste of anal pleasue. by Lingus9907/29/054.32

Small Awakenings Ch. 05

 — Kristine gets what she wants. by Lingus9908/04/054.47

Smart Fat Girls Choose Anal Sex

 — White BBW hooks up with black man for anal sex. by Samuelx01/26/093.08


 — Discovering the consequences of words spoken in haste. by Her_Toyboy02/09/173.92

Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 01

 — College guy tries to sneak into girlfriend's bedroom. by bluedragonauthor11/08/064.68HOT

Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 02

 — Consequences. by bluedragonauthor11/09/064.66HOT

Snow Bound With Lisa

 — Lisa loves her arse fucked. by Transfix07/09/043.60

Snow Bound With Lisa Ch. 02

 — Wine flavored penis is your favorite. by Transfix07/18/043.90

Snow Ch. 05

 — A gentle introduction to anal, a rough second lesson. by napebaf12/13/144.58HOT

Snowball's Chance

 — Valentine's Day snowstorm brings us all together. by patientlee01/25/124.35

Snowboarding Anal Encounter

 — Slippery anal on a ski slope. by Sodomite11/14/024.08

Soaring Ch. 02

 — The nurse gets fucked hard. by HarryT9303/05/133.24

Society 1.3: Modernus Castigatio

 — Jason earns his first punishment. by TitianaPrisca02/25/164.72HOT

Sodom-me, Sodom-you

 — Wife uses strap-on on husband, then husband does her. by rockinroscoe10/02/014.13

Sodomizing Big Asian Women

 — Black man becomes legendary Ass Master. by Samuelx03/31/083.05

Sodomizing Big Persian Women

 — Black stud introduces Persian BBW to anal sex. by Samuelx04/05/083.26

Sodomizing Hannah

 — Even though God doesn't approve, he can't say no. by KillerMuffin03/20/024.64HOTEditor's Pick

Sodomy in the Moonlight

 — Amazonian woman is taken anally by a stranger. by Dinsmore05/21/054.40

Sodomy with My Best Friend's Girl

 — A second encounter unexpectedly takes place. by doitright04/23/134.54HOT

Soft and Sound Asleep

 — Her boyfriend tries not to wake her. by AliSaintRose11/16/174.26

Sold! Ch. 01

 — A social worker sells her anal virginity. by ArachnisRoyal03/11/113.81

Soldier Boy

 — Angel takes it up the ass for her soldier. by keelydurant04/01/084.09

Solo Camping

 — Lisa is taken by a lonely woodsman. by massagedalot10/26/074.66HOT

Somali Sisters Need Anal Too!

 — Somali-American businesswoman tries anal with Haitian. by Samuelx11/27/143.25

Somalian Women Are Freaky

 — Black Bostonian seduces Somalian MILF in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/21/103.17

Somalian Women are Goddesses

 — Somalian MILF meets Black American in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/26/102.30

Somalian Women Are Hot

 — Haitian-American seduces Somalian lady in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/21/102.79

Some Days

 — Was it Leah's need. Or something else? by markelly04/22/094.13

Some Like It Rough

 — A sexually intense couple opens the door to anal. by aimeesassets09/24/074.07

Something Different

 — She gives something different, and gets just what she needs. by SamGreene08/31/144.20

Something Extra This Way Comes

 — Boyfriend finds the unexpected.. by dellblake11/17/034.54HOT

Something For Her Arse

 — She has a craving for something big up her bum. by Taylor_b01/17/074.31

Something Fun

 — Darcy wants to do something "fun". by Chris379812/21/104.65HOT

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 02

 — Stakes are raised in this continued tale of forbidden love. by Jayded_Lust01/01/094.69HOT

Something New

 — First time pegging. by MzXena03/24/184.41

Something Sweet

 — He goes takes a friend out for dessert. by WolfhoundMac11/09/093.71

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