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Suzanne's Interesting Ride

 — Disciplinarian shows Suzanne the consequences of being rude. by barchetta8808/03/023.94

Suzette's Secret Love Life

 — Beautiful Eurasian woman loves her massages. by walterio03/24/154.51HOT

Suzie's Anal Dream

 — Suzie wiggled in her sleep. by christy2008/12/064.10

Suzy: Anal Whore

 — Erotic adventures up the arse. by lolaenglish10/25/134.30

Suzy: My First Spinner

 — Tiny fuckslut gets laid in the street. by steve w06/19/034.20

Swan's Way Ch. 03

 — She recalls her introduction to something different. by clayboy10/30/044.31

Swati, New at Office Ch. 02

 — Swati explores live-in nude and anal. by indian_slut06/05/153.64


 — He takes her ass further, harder, preparing it... by TheGreyKnight03/11/154.24

Sweat and Spandex

 — A sweaty, kinky encounter at the gym. by damonX08/06/024.40

Sweet Baby James

 — Argument leads to a first. by VoluptuousCara01/06/152.91

Sweet Buns

 — A dinner missed. by silverace103/29/063.98

Sweet Fucking Revenge

 — For revenge, Melanie invades her home and fucks her husband. by rackstack02/09/164.68HOT

Sweet Little Coed Ass

 — College professor enjoys the anal delights of a coed. by CaProf200507/04/054.22

Sweet Melissa Ch. 03

 — Melissa introduces Robert to Jenny's sweet ass. by bobdee122408/26/054.32

Sweet Memories

 — She remembers her first anal experience. by ehlanna09/13/023.93

Sweet Morning, Sweet Ass

 — He saves anal for when she really needs it. by chubbycute2709/12/114.55HOT

Sweet Sally

 — Not quite the fantasy, but the same result with a smile. by smithjon191901/20/094.41

Sweet Soapy Ass

 — I take my lover under a waterfall. by ArseyKaye08/22/124.30

Sweet Surrender

 — J takes V deep into her ass. by dejoie06/01/103.96

Sweet Surrender

 — A quickie about a quickie. by hoosieryank10/01/154.17

Sweetest Sex

 — Two beautiful blondes, one lucky guy, and a lot of sweets. by Geminiwriter02/12/163.71

Swept Away At The Outer Banks

 — Kevin is seduced by the sand, surf & Leah. by Ragnarok04/26/024.52HOT

Swimming Hole

 —  Anal play after hiking. by nudehiker12/06/113.26

Swing Baby Swing

 — Jayne finally meets Jon. by Percythrower10/08/014.30

Switched On

 — The further adventures of Greta and Andres. by Bruno102701/05/064.39

Switching It Up

 — Kellan wants his girlfriend to play boyfriend for a night. by speccygeekgrrl04/14/154.48

Switching Sides

 — She takes the role of seducer. by Bruno102706/02/054.61HOT

Swiveling Hops & A Sexy Skirt

 — Anal on the dance floor. by analplayplease10/24/034.21

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 01

 — Daniel Toke's secretary leaves him a present. by BBArms02/21/154.14

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 02

 — Daniel meets Stacy and tours a museum and the guide. by BBArms02/24/153.93

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 03

 — Annabelle is dispatched to get Daniel's mind off Stacy. by BBArms02/26/154.11

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 04

 — A game of truth or dare works out well for the pizza boy. by BBArms02/28/154.07

Tables Turn

 — A little experimentation between sexes. by eroticriter03/22/023.73

Tailgate Party

 — Park the truck and pull out the straps. by MiloReid05/21/164.02NEW

Take Me

 — Just a 'little' tease with stockings. by Kelly Louise01/29/034.32

Take Me

 — Girlfriend take his anal virginity. by obscured06/27/044.49

Take Two

 — She wants to try anal, but why should her pussy miss out? by Otazel07/12/134.54HOT


 — Husband takes advantage of his unsuspecting wife. by Ladyluck12/15/014.13


 — She takes a man with a strap-on for the first time. by glove8910/24/084.28

Taken by a Shadow

 — A story of fantasy, new experiences and domination. by mistertripps09/22/054.15

Taken by Bikers

 — Kelly discovers anal. by tcwild10012/25/114.38

Taken Without Permission

 — She gets tricked into taking it in the ass during a threeway. by LateNightWriter03/21/113.26

Taking Advantage

 — A couple plays with bondage and he decides to take advantage. by Goldeniangel03/19/064.43

Taking All of Me

 — You use all of her for your total fulfillment. by Fishalicious03/12/074.04

Taking Anna's Ass

 — I take my girlfriend's anal virginity. by FantasyWryter06/27/133.50

Taking Care of Business

 — A long, hard, sweltering day at your office--with me. by CheekyCherry08/05/114.06

Taking Carrie's Soul

 — Turning someone's loving wife into my personal whore. by wallywood09/30/093.62

Taking Heather

 — A visit at the big W makes for a great weekend. by serialthrila1302/23/054.08

Taking Inga

 — The professor takes an exchange student. by johnnydrama05/16/123.82

Taking It

 — Jamie put her panties to her nose. by mseaking12/18/024.18

Taking It

 — A woman is more than happy to take what her lover gives. by boldnsassy03/02/144.05

Taking it Slow

 — The second in the series centered around Donna. by dark whisper05/12/02

Taking It Slow

 — She's ready to learn a new skill. by KarennaC02/06/084.34

Taking it up the Ass

 — Will it fit? by deejohnstone11/17/144.24

Taking Liberties

 — Halloween Surprise for a cheating partner. by Nimrods Son10/03/044.52HOT

Taking My Ass

 — I want you to take me, there... by towhead07/04/094.39

Taking Nic's Ass

 — His first time anal at the hands of a sexy woman! by Demira06/30/114.41

Taking Out The Trash

 — Rick gets fired when a new tenant moves in. by cunninglinguist66602/17/113.70

Taking Ten Inches

 — A night with a male porn star. by analplayplease10/24/034.29

Taking the Good Girl Ch. 02

 — Liz's submission to Tony's anal exploration continues. by YogaVixen07/05/124.43

Taking The Power, Round 01

 — A former girlfriend uses her new strap-on. by fightinggamehen08/18/104.31

Taking The Power, Round 02

 — A second round of strap-on sex but with a different approach. by fightinggamehen08/19/104.16

Taking Turns

 — A guy, a girl, a strap-on and the great outdoors. by simplyme08/29/074.42

Taking Turns Ch. 02

 — A guy, a girl, a strap-on and another story. by simplyme05/11/084.37

Taking You

 — She takes you, her bi-curious lovers anal cherry. by JustifyablyGrown06/22/114.03

Taking You Deep In The Arse

 — Fucking your arse deeply in the car. by Roger_Ramjet11/13/133.25

Taking Your Final Virginity

 — For Emma, my muse. by SensualSam10/14/154.26

Talking and Taking

 — A tale with a sting in the tail. by whambam07/17/084.27


 — You misjudged what he had to offer. by KerrFuffle04/02/074.48

Tamed by Meg

 — Megan introduces me to the pleasures of being penetrated. by LoveYourWetness08/30/154.71HOT

Tamer of Wild Women

 — College man tames wild woman. by Samuelx08/05/073.54

Tammy's Ass

 — Gary's been wishing for entry - and now it's his! by Goldeniangel03/12/084.24

Tammy's Turn

 — Elliot has his hands full with over-sexed wife & secretary. by David Phillips12/10/014.51HOT

Tangerine Panties

 — Anal taking of young girl. by SteamyChik01/03/034.47


 — Surprise in tantric massage session. by rampe09/03/154.29

Tanya's Journal

 — Reporter describes loosing her anal cherry. by al_Ussa12/15/103.92

Tasting Her While She Sleeps

 — Older man tastes sleeping coed ass. by aribibigusano08/13/044.18


 — She's always loved tatoos. by rosyblush7402/24/09

Taught A Lesson

 — She meets her match & is made to humble. by rough_dark_stallion07/31/044.17

Teacher in Paradise Ch. 06

 — Ariana's return. by holes05/14/154.49

Teacher's Pest Ch. 02

 — Teacher and female student have anal "first time" for both. by AverageBear02/03/124.51HOT

Teacher's Pets

 — Who knew Trig could be such fun? by SexyJennaInk09/28/044.35

Teaching Claire Ch. 02

 — Teaching her to love anal sex. by dreamerboi04/02/123.99

Teaching Kate

 — Teacher learns coworker is not as shy as she thinks. by sthrnsweetpea03/18/033.89

Teaching My Wife's Ass

 — Husband takes wife's ass in preparation for three-way. by Tavlor03/22/083.88


 — Jealousy leads a sub to get punished. by lileth_morgan07/30/144.08

Teased Too Far

 — Lovers torture each other with teasing on Valentine's Day. by Jayded_Lust09/04/094.46

Tech Support

 — A poorly timed phone call leads a couple to amazing sex. by DoctorHook08/14/144.76HOT

Teenage Witch Gets Poked in Rear

 — 18-year-old meets with the Fat Fairy. by Preeny10/23/054.51HOT

Teenager's Ass

 — She wants to get her ass fucked by the father of her friend. by Boxlicker10104/17/114.41

Tell Me About Dick Ch. 03

 — Ready for first time, but no condoms. by KenJames10/28/034.43

Tell Me Who Is Better

 — Paul finds out he's been discovered. by Laurie11/11/034.16

Tell Me You Love Me Ch. 04

 — After the party she wants him to take her. by Mister_Shy11/08/114.54HOT

Temp Job

 — A story I wrote for a friend. by nickitaylor03/19/144.19

Ten Years Gone

 — A young woman returns to her first love. by Thunderwand05/09/124.18

Tenant Elizabeth

 — Elizabeth is a tenant of the Apartment Complex. by hotjohn432105/20/103.68

Tennis Lessons

 — Fun with the tennis instructor. by Tamara_Dane09/14/114.55HOT

Tennis Night

 — Giving a little help and getting a lot in return. by janetsue03/31/074.51HOT

Tent with a Rear Entrance

 — Ellie offers her ass to an older man on a camping trip. by Elliebelle01/01/114.40

Teresa and Tony

 — She rediscovers the submissive joy of anal sex with her ex. by WetTess07/08/124.07

Teri's Story Ch. 01

 — Teri's anal quest for orgasm denial. by scuik12/18/123.39

Teri's Story Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of Teri. by scuik12/30/123.76

Teri's Story Ch. 03

 — Teri returns to the apartment. by scuik01/03/133.89

Terrible, Horrible, Lovely Girl

 — He cheats, but not on his daughter's mother. by Epmd60705/01/08

Thanks to the Army

 — A lost soldier wanders to a farm to be warmly welcomed. by battleaxe_babe10/02/114.23

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 05

 — She tries anal with her husband. by SabrinaPink04/03/114.18

That 70s Ho

 — Disco Night takes a surprise turn. by CaptMalcolm01/17/114.06

That Night...

 — He tasted me like I had never been tasted before. by Sonatrix06/22/143.73

That Sweet White Ass

 — Special birthday present for her hot black young lover. by wife2hotblk02/06/094.32

That's A Really Big Ass!

 — BBW finally experiences anal sex with man. by Samuelx10/28/073.39

That's What She Gets!

 — Girlfriend gets it for acting up. by bic25502/02/102.49

The Academy Ch. 01

 — Sarah's new university has a secret. by tentaichi08/13/144.24

The Accidental Virgin

 — Losing her virginity--twice. by TE99905/19/084.28

The Accountant

 — A little office deception leads to a fantastic evening. by janetsue06/28/074.49

The Admission

 — His lover admits a desire. by shane038nz07/19/054.06

The Affair Ch. 05

 — The end of the affair, one last time. by DarkrSide02/25/043.72

The Allure of a Shapely Bottom

 — My infatuation with a lovely bottom began in high school by walterio03/17/154.38

The Allure of a Shapely Bottom Ch. 02

 — Stationed in Italy I pursue lovely asses and meet a bisexual. by walterio03/19/154.69HOT

The Allure of a Shapely Bottom Ch. 03

 — After one rejection my luck with anal sex continues in Italy. by walterio03/21/154.45

The Amber Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Kit's best friend helps her liven up her & her fiance's sex. by DracnKitten12/19/084.33

The Anal Game Ch. 01

 — The build-up. by underbar06/14/123.67

The Anal Game Ch. 02

 — The game begins. by underbar06/22/123.77

The Anal King

 — Black man conquers asses of all size. by Asslvr8403/10/043.51

The Anals of Academia

 — Ex-student teaches her teacher the joys of anal love. by kneeonsigh06/21/014.21

The Anals of Academia Ch. 2

 — Anal adventures turn into a threesome. by kneeonsigh07/16/014.16

The Analyzation of Chocolate Peach

 — At a XXX shop, Avanyah reveals segments of tantalizing sex. by kontajiss09/30/053.29

The Anniversary Continues

 — Jenny makes it up to Dave by CharlieB406/13/133.93

The Anniversary Gift

 — A couple experiences fantasies. by BigMeanie01/13/113.39

The Art of Compromising

 — Medieval girl marries gay man. by Svenskaflicka01/03/033.85

The Ass Game

 — To tease or to please? This game allows both. by johnnieblue4401/07/134.46

The Ass Virgins of the Delta

 — When he daydreams, his mind always takes him to the old bridge. by SunrockSin06/27/083.48

The Assault on Baghdad

 — Thief of Baghdad gets lucky during the war. by al_Ussa12/15/103.76

The Asshole

 — He gets down and dirty in a bathroom. by SINtilating12/25/034.11

The Assistant Ch. 04

 — Leslie and Victoria are bad and Adam has to punish them. by Vysis01/11/154.57HOT

The Assistant Ch. 06

 — Vickie is punished by Leslie and Adam. by Vysis01/22/154.71HOT

The Assistant Manager’s Story Ch. 03

 — Going anal with the assistant manager. by kenya_tree12/14/124.03

The Associate

 — Young brilliant lawyer squeals like a pig. by ret12312/11/154.22

The Attraction Of Anal Explained

 — Husband & wife discover the intimacy of the forbidden fruit. by Martins05/05/104.54HOT

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 08

 — Hank takes Jean's virgin ass preparing her for a gangbang. by masterofnymphoslut05/24/154.38

The Awakening of Jane Ch. 02

 — The growing sexuality and hedonism of Jane. by Barrister195501/12/084.36

The Awakening of Kristen Ch. 08

 — Kristen says yes to anal sex. by ReggaeMan06/26/114.38

The Baby-Sitter Diaries Ch. 02

 — Guilt & horny wife lead to new avenue of pleasure. by OregonDavid03/06/054.54HOT

The Baby-Sitter Diaries Ch. 05

 — How could he not have noticed? by OregonDavid03/22/054.55HOT

The Backdoor Salon

 — A woman finds a hidden pleasure. by Jezebel_in_Hell06/27/084.56HOT

The Backrub

 — A backrub with a twist. by Kimberleigh6504/08/05

The Backrub

 — Simple backrub turns into something more. by gatorman10/17/034.45

The Band

 — After the gig, drunken musicians have a wild time. by Dazman07/09/014.00

The Bank Deposit

 — New divorcee finds a new toy. by Hershey397107/22/044.47

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