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The Firsts Continue

 — After gagging and fisting, she tries anal the first time. by taylorreynolds01/16/074.32

The Flexi-Butt Championship

 — Major-league anal. by vicburress07/04/104.03

The Flower Girl Ch. 01

 — An older man teaches Yuuka what she likes. by Rob_mDear05/19/084.55HOT

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 03

 — Part 3: second match. by deepkick108/10/093.93

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 04

 — The third and fourth match. by deepkick103/21/104.14

The Forbidden Road

 — Sexual massage that leads to anal sex. by PrincessDeeDee06/11/093.73

The Foutain of Youth

 — A mysterious man invites neighbors for a 'formal occasion.' by _TheZone_12/24/064.37

The Fox and the Wolf Ch. 02

 — He takes her virginity and more. by ThePrinceofSweetSorrow09/27/144.54HOT

The French Visit Ch. 04

 — College girl's first anal experience. by christinamonroe11/24/054.52HOT

The Fuck

 — A female fiend who cannot get enough of big pricks. by enfantterrible06/06/063.33

The Game

 — He gets his sexy neighbour while watching the footy match. by fromulus08/20/063.83

The Garter

 — An ass fucking that started with a lace garter. by PrincessErin07/25/084.29

The Geisha

 — The oldest profession in a new way. by SciGuy05/14/043.92

The Gift of the Magic Lump of Coal

 — A parody of the classic O. Henry Xmas story. by EllaRegina11/12/084.01

The Girl with the Perfect Arse

 — An angry boyfriend interrupts the perfect perving session. by bunbun802/12/113.92

The Good Daughter Pt. 02

 — (Suite) Incest, sodomy, lesbianism, perversions. by kulturclub05/15/084.04

The Green Sundress

 — Hot sex in the backyard and up the back door. by jwp6806/08/074.15

The Guest House

 — Fun with two girls while the girlfriend is busy. by JohnPanzer06/30/134.41

The Guest Room Ch. 03

 — Michèle and Corentin's second night together. by AlexanderHuntington03/14/154.10

The Guy from the Internet

 — Rachel has first time anal with random guy from the internet. by TheHiddenPen06/06/144.23

The Guy in the Band

 — A chance encounter blooms. by AnitaRush11/28/104.36

The Guys in the Forum Wanted More

 — Angela and I capture a couple of boys. by clarissaj198208/10/164.01

The Handy Man

 — He builds the gazebo, then... by thorin386120106/11/093.59

The Hard Reality

 — Visitor confronts the good and bad changes. by lagneau blanc06/09/054.48

The Hard Way

 — When you have nothing else to give, you give your ass away. by AntaeusQ09/11/094.36

The Haunted House Club Ch. 02

 — Another masked man, & hardcore sex for Megan. by Five_Eight10/21/074.53HOT

The Healer Ch. 04

 — Time to finish Esme - and in her. by MalcolmHoney12/05/084.55HOT

The High School Slut Ch. 01

 — Savannah enjoys an affair with her math teacher. by PrincessErin09/07/084.10

The High School Slut Ch. 02

 — Savannah enjoys an affair with her math teacher. by PrincessErin09/08/084.05

The High Seas Adventure continues

 — Maria gets back at Paul. by LadyofDesire11/28/123.76

The Hole Cost of Heels

 — Barmaid becomes girlfriend to buy expensive heels. by DerekTheene02/03/172.46

The Holiday Samaritan

 — A man's reward for a week of being a good samaritan. by 4eyedbrit11/01/084.52HOT

The Honeytrap

 — Is your husband cheating? Suzy's ass can tell. by steve w07/17/044.41

The Hotel Attic

 — Not your normal check-in. by MissKay7707/13/124.02

The House Jack Built

 — Psychedelic whores and drug fucked freaks. by NorthwestRain02/13/032.63

The House Sitter

 — Laura invites Damon over while her boyfriend is away. by damonX02/04/104.52HOT

The Human Flower

 — Depraved lunatic attracted to girl by the scent of her ass. by diabolicalurge05/12/063.18

The Hung Games Pt. 03

 — Luke ruins an ass; Jasmine recalls her first great fuck-fight. by SizeQueenSupreme04/21/174.17NEW

The Hunter

 — She has a special night out. by lofwyrkp07/06/043.69

The Inn at Belfast Lake Ch. 02

 — The nude employees begin to participate. by HouseofS03/18/104.23

The Inside Story

 — An anal adventure. by DarkerCravings08/31/074.26

The Island Ch. 02

 — Jim finds out more about everyone. by Lu Cypher12/18/074.22

The Jock and the Cheerleader

 — Chet gets to deflower Bailey's virgin ass. by PrincessErin08/27/083.91

The Journey

 — A couple takes a Ride. by BadMrBoogieMan07/08/134.00

The Journey There and Back Ch. 01

 — The escape. by Lascivious801/06/074.24

The Joys of Anal

 — Have you shared your dirty pleasure? by Penny_Tralia09/28/033.96

The Joys Of Middle-Management

 — On the job training. by Leezy01/16/124.21

The Joys Of Middle-Management Ch. 02

 — I get on the job training. by Leezy01/21/124.09

The Lab Pt. 04 - A New Role

 — Husband uses what he saw to blackmail wife's colleague. by badreamer02/09/174.04

The Lab Pt. 05 - Phoned-In

 — Professor tries another hole - and husband listens. by badreamer02/12/174.07

The Last Passenger

 — Joe finds out that one last bus rider isn't so. by bustybabe2307/09/034.22

The Latticed Gate Ch. 01

 — Sparks fly when two ordinary people with sexual baggage meet. by DeeAnna03/13/143.37

The Lawn

 — An odd monologue of a man mowing the lawn. by Decayed Angel11/29/063.66

The Lecture Ch. 01

 — A Silky Adventure by OneSilky10/18/104.26

The Lesson

 — Cheating Husband taught a lesson by his Mistress by pipeman37612/13/114.06

The Lesson

 — Naughty student meets her match. by Beautifullittlebaby05/14/093.67

The Librarian Turns Bad

 — Librarian finds out how bad girls like it. by hornetsprincess09/07/034.45

The Library

 — A woman meets a stranger in the library. by AmandaH08/10/064.15

The Look

 — An encounter with a silent stranger. by dustbunny6903/02/074.30

The Main Course

 — Relentless teasing, bondage, until he looses control. by not_so_innocent_flirting08/27/034.37

The Make Up

 — Anger leads to passion. by BigScrappy01/28/124.10

The Making of an Anal Erotic Ch. 01

 — How his lady discovered the joys of anal erotica. by Matty_Walter06/13/084.58HOT

The Married Woman Ch. 02

 — A very dirty fuck in the backseat of a minivan. by damonX12/08/024.48

The Married Woman Ch. 03

 — He takes Lisa on her kitchen table. by damonX12/17/024.51HOT

The Masala Moment Ch. 03

 — In which they form a sandwich. by misterwho04/20/164.49

The Massage

 — A colleague recommends a massage place. by guitarist204/15/124.33

The Massage Fantasy

 — You give her an all-over body rub. by snowtigress6908/20/013.75

The Massage Night

 — Two men penetrate two co-eds, but who is fucking whom? by idyllic_thoughts10/18/103.81

The Masseuse

 — His best piece of ass (sigh). by wannabe_alive05/31/054.43

The Master and the Ring Ch. 01

 — Defeated soldier is given a new task to prepare women. by jasliz11/14/134.64HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 02

 — Preparations continue. by jasliz12/01/134.60HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 03

 — Relationships grow, desires arise. Evil expands. by jasliz12/07/134.69HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 04

 — Serena's greatest gift. by jasliz12/23/134.68HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 05

 — The Master arrives. by jasliz01/12/144.65HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 06

 — In the Temple of Mentula. by jasliz01/25/144.69HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 07

 — Henri journeys home. by jasliz02/02/144.68HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 08

 — Henri's home coming. by jasliz03/02/144.72HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 09

 — A plan to repair The Ring unfolds. by jasliz04/30/144.71HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 10

 — The full moon arrives, the spell is cast. by jasliz08/21/144.74HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 11

 — The battle for his country and life begins. by jasliz11/08/144.65HOT

The Master and the Ring Ch. 12

 — Everything has to come to an end. by jasliz03/05/154.69HOT

The Meadow

 — It was hard to explain what was moving through her mind. by KaylaStephens07/09/123.58

The Mean Machine Dream

 — A brief dream that seemed so real. by InnerDesire08/06/103.29

The Meeting

 — Meeting in the woods, with a twist. by Ms_Phoenix06/22/034.13

The Meeting

 — You meet for the first time in a hotel, and try anal sex. by virginschoolgirl10/15/033.76

The Meeting

 — Miss Wood takes direction from a client. by Nyissa10/27/044.11

The Meeting

 — She meets her love in the forest. by MsPhoenix6506/22/054.21

The Meeting

 — He takes her ass and she loves him for it. by Suzy__Tapshoes02/11/143.57

The Memorial

 — Actress introduces Gladiator to anal sex. by jon.hayworth04/24/024.18

The Menage

 — An anal threesome with a guy and another girl. by Abeja01/31/074.31

The MILF Club

 — Ladies talk about anal sex over coffee. by Stormysailor02/10/143.81

The Mirror

 — The rear view was never this good. by Salacious01/24/044.04

The Model

 — Mardis Gras is the perfect backdrop for a sex-filled fling. by opels04/10/064.62HOT

The Morning

 — Sexy thoughts lead to sexy acts. by darkheart6909/15/03

The Morning After

 — The morning after I popped my husband's cherry... Yum. by 1mbibry01/16/164.61HOT

The Mother of Invention

 — Two Latina beauties find deep satisfaction far from home. by boysetsfire02/21/074.64HOT

The Movie Lovers Ch. 06

 — Doing Rosie's rosebud. by marcy123803/18/084.62HOT

The Murphy Sisters - Jamie

 — Jamie's not so sweet and innocent. by PrincessErin02/11/084.10

The Nasty Train Conductor

 — Night train shows her nasty and kinky side. by mr_fred_flinta03/20/074.02

The Need

 — He used more than his hands to get her to loosen up. by wildest107/13/024.57HOT

The Neighbor

 — Neighbors discuss fantasy date. by MILKMAN03/04/023.48

The Neighbor Girl Grew Up

 — The neighbor girl is home from her first year in college. by bman3404/18/114.57HOT

The Neighbor Girl Likes to Watch

 — Part 3 of the Neighbor Girl Series by bman3404/25/114.59HOT

The New Boss Ch. 02

 — Miss Ryan does some more overtime. by cyravance01/12/104.40

The New Lake View Gym

 — Patsy likes the idea of a steam room near home. by 1DiscoMcDisco110/26/074.04

The New Model Ch. 01

 — A Slave Girl's First Day on the Job. by ocuous08/17/164.17

The New Neighbour

 — A beautiful new neighbour changes John's world forever. by MarkStevens08/27/094.09

The New Slave Ch. 03

 — Billy attends his first party. by opels03/02/064.54HOT

The New Strap-On

 — His first anal experience with girlfriend's new toy. by MikeyLoves26905/03/084.52HOT

The New Teacher Ch. 09

 — Alex is driven by his ego. by spkfantasy09/24/143.90

The New Teacher Pt. 01

 — Getting settled in to the new job. by BadAllison09/29/154.46

The Night I Lost My Virginity

 — Tale of a big woodsman being taken by a small woman. by armistead12/29/123.96

The Night I Stole Billie

 — Moment of indiscretion leads to a great life. by glorydays12/25/044.00

The Norseman Ch. 06

 — Can Emma please a new Master? by clarabella05/26/064.61HOT

The Nurse Practitioner

 — Visiting the doctor never used to be like this! by tadgh6411/29/114.50HOT

The Nurse's Tale Ch. 02

 — Young woman comes to terms with her sexuality. by zipado32101/02/044.35

The Nurse's Uniform Pt. 11

 — Some hard core sex for Ronni and Emma. by mandywilluk200001/24/084.09

The Office Party

 — Working the room pays off for Courtney in the foyer. by ElectricFeel09/24/084.16

The Office Threesome

 — A fantasy comes true for both. by Doclube04/20/064.34

The Other First

 — She loses her "other" virginity. by Starlight1312/13/034.47

The Other Side

 — An erotica involving anal. by Grillmastah06/01/163.82

The Painter Ch. 02

 — She models for him. by litpervgrrl05/20/044.63HOT

The Party

 — A simple dinner party turns to a sinfully pleasurable night. by BigandTall132406/08/163.87

The Party Rages On

 — A whore gets what a whore deserves. by smithjon191902/09/104.12

The Passion to Teach

 — The heights and depths a teacher goes to help out. by vonderraj06/15/043.87

The Passionate Pleasures of Cathy

 — Reluctant centerfold mom pays the anal prize of defeat. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat11/16/054.47

The Perfect Anniversary Gift Ch. 02

 — She makes him her Bitch. by Shaved_wench08/30/034.52HOT

The Perfect Anniversary Gift Ch. 06

 — Your anniversary weekend begins with some surprises. by Shaved_wench01/07/044.60HOT

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