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The Way Love Goes

 — Song enhanced erotic encounter between you and your lover. by ivoryrebel04/19/074.21

The Way to Amanda's Heart

 — through her asshole. by MawrGorshin07/21/164.18

The Wedding Deal

 — Couple agrees to unusual condition to get perfect wedding. by TheHiddenPen11/11/144.22

The Whore

 — She can't help what she is. by a1fiend09/24/154.16

The Wife's Panties

 — Her night of surprises for him. by smithjon191906/21/084.35

The Window Sill

 — Lovers meet in hotel; he kisses, licks, & sucks her ass. by Wolf Free09/29/074.00

The Winning Halloween Costume

 — Halloween fate brings an anal hungry coed her fantasy. by Rickyroma10/15/114.67HOT

The Wisconsin Vacationers Ch. 04

 — BJ surprises me with a little anal action--on me. by ArbyDam05/13/104.32

The Wizard and the Witch

 — Two friends have fun at a Halloween costume party. by deevo11/12/094.08

The World's Greatest Sleeping Pill

 — Anal ecstasy at night. by celesteandjim06/14/173.81

The Yard

 — A barbeque he wouldn't forget. by janetsue05/26/074.41

theotherman Ch. 02

 — Virginia has a rough time with her first sodomy. by scoptophile06/19/033.68

There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 05

 — Don is always ready to do a good deed. by DonLeeds12/18/124.40


 — He takes her temperature with his special thermometer. by Shoreguy07/10/013.69


 — Sexual experience is initiated by a rectal temperature. by Shoreguy07/10/014.30

They Arrive

 — A couple have a vigorous fuck but have been watched. by Dappertutto6904/12/123.57

They Call Me Spankx

 — Horny waitress gets a spanking. by Spankx02/05/023.27

They Called Her Head Cheerleader

 — She improves on a high school memory. by 18months08/01/024.36

They Finally Meet

 — Internet fling turns into so much more. by ArnoSplinter05/01/063.52

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

 — Jessie's anal experience with a local cop. by eroticstorytellernnc11/12/063.96

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 25

 — Emma restores order to the Game. by icumonyourshoes08/16/074.14

Thinking of You

 — The best part of a business trip is coming home to you. by doug rush03/28/074.11

Third Date

 — She turns the tables on him & he complies. by crazyinohio12/26/033.78

This and That

 — Ass fucking is dirty, isn't it? by cerection04/04/124.54HOT

This Ass Will Take It All

 — She'll take everything for her man. by fistanality01/31/013.62

This Funeral Smells Like a Pussy

 — A weird anal adventure. by justin grimbol07/19/082.05

This Is For Science, Tilly.

 — An anaesthesiologist experiments on his resident. by Irrumat0r07/18/064.02

This Old Cock Ch. 04

 — Introduction to anal sex. by GentleGeorge03/08/104.04

This Was It Ch. 2

 — They continued from the night before. by curvygirl04/04/023.91

Those Jeans Don't Fit

 — She tears her jeans and gets a spanking. by whostheboss06/18/153.95

Three Bikers and a Needy Mommy

 — Bikers bring presents and mommy gives some back! by Frenchman11/17/114.03

Three Cheers for Aldo

 — Couple breaks in wife’s new shoes, and her ass. by carboncopy06/17/134.27

Three For Tea

 — She shows him anal sex isn't dirty. by jimmydanger06/15/053.81

Three Men and a Lady

 — As they headed for the fancy dress shop... by fpeter12/25/103.74

Three Way Butt Fun

 — She lay there her body full of burning desire. by exquisitelifetime07/14/113.76

Three-Input Lady

 — He took the sun-kissed approach to changing her mind. by powelldonovan03/22/084.33

Threesome Ass Ch. 01

 — She surrenders her ass in a threesome. by nymphomaniass07/19/064.12

Threesome Delight

 — Alan lets John take his wife's virgin ass. by impact49902/05/14

Threesome Fun

 — A soldier, a pierced man and a nymphomaniac fem. by anallover2906/19/103.77

Threesome, Anal Strap-On, & Angela

 — My first threesome including a strap-on, DP much more. by LadyAnalLover02/26/114.49

Threeway with Victoriaslice

 — Hardcore fucking with Paula, Victoria and Richard. by Victoriaslice07/04/093.87

Thunder Follows Lightning

 — How the weather can affect your sex life. by gauchecritic10/05/044.48


 — Crashing, wet anal encounter. by emersons6207/01/074.32


 — Christina has an erotic awakening. by TX_Fun_Dr06/24/084.53HOT

Thursday at the Spa

 — A day of self-indulgence. by Roger_Ramjet10/28/133.71

Tied to a Table

 — Ellie and Sam, and a table. by lexie_writes01/11/184.61HOT

Tied Up and Used

 — He helps his girlfriend live out her dirtiest fantasy. by damonX03/14/104.52HOT

Tiger's Eye

 — A 'spunky' little night flight encounter. by Maquinna10/07/014.57HOT


 — Savory blonde takes it her ass. by LenNeal03/09/114.29

Time Together

 — A prose of secret loves. by NALA CAYENNE11/01/054.10

Tit for Tat Pt. 01-02

 — Yes, she'll do anal ... for a price. by LaBlancheTraversee10/25/164.34

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 25

 — Gretchen entices her coach. by bustyalix10/28/144.50HOT

To Catch a Female Predator

 — Reality TV Mastermind cons wicked women. by Samuelx03/03/083.20

To Old Bad Habits

 — She reunites with a bad influence. by prettybaby07/05/084.03

Toby's First Time

 — Two needy souls find unexpected lust. by teniellejd06/12/064.55HOT

Today Was Different

 — She's not even fooling herself. by conroy3912/20/094.34


 — First time in a long time for anal. by GirlWithBoots05/17/064.35

Tomas Goes to America

 — Exchange student, gets the girl. by butt_seriously_man02/11/164.27

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 07.01

 — Busty librarian falls with her ass on Tommy's cock. by TheTitLover02/26/144.58HOT

Tongue Lashing

 — Lisa likes being licked; John convinces Robert to do it. by zeke8110/19/074.03

Toni in the Park... Again

 — Sexy Cd likes it rough with two strangers. by Tonisshy02/13/174.08

Tonight Ch. 01

 — She has all day to think about his anal intentions. by live2write10/18/074.51HOT

Too Good To Be True Ch. 03

 — Candy's panty lottery. by xtcnymphette02/06/064.31

Too Hot

 — Heatwave, sticky clothes, dirty minds and a shower. by lagneau blanc09/08/064.34

Tool Time in the Marina

 — Single guy and a couple develop relationships. by Stormysailor06/08/174.01

Top Ten Fantasy Completed

 — He gives her anal for the first time. by mrsc844503/08/043.76

Topeka Ch. 01

 — Construction manager spices things up on boring trip. by MrBeagle12/20/024.43

Tori's Restaurant Love

 — Tori, a head chef, finally finds love in an unexpected place. by Signgirl06/02/154.20

Torn Anus

 — He has a big cock and he wants her butt. by notnice6607/20/053.76

Touch Me, Baby

 — He relaxes her with TLC and gets a surprise. by Aurora Black12/08/05

Touchdown Ch. 04: End Zone

 — Cheerleader learns a new play. by KenJames03/05/174.44

Towelling Off

 — Swim with sexy co-worker heats up. by aaoogaa08/01/044.11


 — It is all those hours, alone with him. by drumms0111/20/053.64

Toying With Him

 — She tests him. by prettybaby05/12/033.90

Tracy Looses Her Anal Cherry

 — Tracy gets her ass fucked but not the way she anticipated by Xchef01/20/114.23

Tracy's Butt Cheeks

 — There's lots of giz in her butt crack. by justin grimbol03/03/052.28

Traditions, Dicks, Deals

 — Marie & James get out of the way, Lynn seduces Andy (Pt 3). by magmacdowel09/20/164.57HOT

Trailer Trash Trixie

 — A city slicker is seduced by beautiful young country girl. by Donkeepuncher08/03/113.71

Training Brenda To Be A True Slut

 — Inexperienced divorcee becomes a whore. by Dinsmore05/18/054.50HOT

Training Day

 — First training in the sexual arts. by LoneStarDamsel10/27/144.25

Training for a Friend

 — Bookstore fun leads to a hotel good time. by aden46y03/29/173.61

Trapeze Girl

 — A ball-bursting encounter with a circus honey. by SonicXX08/20/013.49

Travelling for Pleasure Ch. 03

 — She gets her own back. by Pattie100711/24/053.59

Travels to the Great Valley Ch. 03

 — A wild woman and a cool new toy. by Save the World03/18/074.55HOT

Treating Myself

 — Sexually bored wife discovers her bottom. by Kevsta03/08/093.76

Tribute - Anne Marie Summer

 — She continues her decent into depravity. by Anakin2008/30/094.29

Trick or Treat

 — Man gets Halloween trick that is more like a treat. by goodsweetnnocent09/27/023.84

Trick or Treat, Bitch

 — Anal sex at a Halloween Party takes an odd turn. by bigdaleforever10/07/093.93

Trick Shot Hustler

 — Just a simple game of pool, but it went so much further. by MSTarot01/03/154.68HOT

Tricked into Reluctant Blow Job

 — Hot Crack and Blow. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter05/20/163.69

Tricked, Trapped & NAILED!

 — Internet lust is preyed upon to lure man into anal sex. by HornyPup03/03/054.47

Trip to See Lover for the First Time

 — Woman meets her lover overseas for the first time. by Jennitalia08/01/153.83

Trippy Afternoon with April

 — The Protagonist and A girl named April have a strange time. by SpeedDesire09/09/133.35

Trish the Dish

 — A hot girl on roller blades makes a guy's day. by DireLilith04/16/11

True Confessions Heard by a Priest

 — He hears confessions of wayward slut. by Master_Vassago02/14/044.48

True Story One: "Melissa"

 — My experience with a girl who loved to experiment! by theroadbehind12/24/134.00

Trumpet Lesson

 — This lesson leads to fun that he never imagined. by Brown3201/24/074.27

Trust Me?

 — Married couple's game leads to anal play. by beau_thwayz01/25/094.49

Trusting in the One Chance

 — They only have one chance to be together. by LemonheadLover09/03/094.16

Truth or Dare with Beth

 — They play Truth or Dare and Beth decides to take control. by Patrick238005/11/094.59HOT

Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 02

 — He submits his ass and mouth to Beth's strap on. by Patrick238006/15/094.54HOT

Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 03

 — Patrick's love of anal continues, and expands. by Patrick238007/16/094.50HOT

Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 04

 — Beth dares Patrick to go even further. by Patrick238012/04/094.57HOT

Try Everything Twice

 — Her second experince taught me a valuable lesson. by wife2hotblk01/16/093.92

Trying Something New

 — It was even better than they thought. by rosewall03/11/033.09

Tryst with my Chinese Darlings

 — Anal with Mother and Daughter. by kenya_tree12/10/124.45

Tuesday Evening in the Big City

 — The best erotic and unexpected anal sex I ever had. by Benny02406/03/113.83


 — A naughty wife struggles with feelings for another man. by gislene05/11/093.70

Turn About's Fair Play

 — She enjoys giving as well as she got. by ofloveandlust07/05/104.55HOTContest Winner

Turn The Other Cheek

 — Your company screwed my ass, now it's payback. by R. Richard10/10/033.87

Turnabout is Fair Play

 — Husband finally gets wife to allow anal sex. by Jim4got07/07/063.53

Turnabout's Fair Play

 — His pregnant wife returns his favors. by velvetpie04/09/054.30

Turning Tables

 — When his proposition threatens her career, she takes control. by YesnohMaybe03/02/164.33

Tutti Frutti Lady

 — They explore pleasures with fruit. by Learningfast02/22/183.87

TV Night

 — But here I am on the floor with my ass in the air. by nzf3254p10/15/133.88

TV Night Ch. 02

 — Can I do this again? by nzf3254p10/23/134.00

TV Repair

 — Mrs. Walker finds out about business principles. by Madman159710/08/014.38

Twas The Day Before Christmas

 — Delilah gets a special treat from John. by DeeAnne01/18/044.29

Twelve Hours

 — His night with Cora continues. by ericviking6909/05/023.91

Twenty Seven Minutes in Heaven

 — Julia sneaks off for nasty fun behind hubby's back. by damonX06/12/054.42

Twins Ch. 03

 — First time anal. by snaillover6911/29/144.29

Two Agendas, One Desire

 — His & Her perspectives on evening. by Quiet One12/03/024.24

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Pr. 01

 — Me and my wife meet Mike. by married40scouple02/07/074.38

Two Blousy Landladies

 — Two Bingo Winners enjoy his company. by Richard96305/08/053.57

Two Days In The Sun

 — A bizarre experience in the Great Outdoors. by TheWriter06/26/013.95

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