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Warm Breeze - Allisa's Story

 — An anal experience from Allisa's perspective. by allitnil12/09/094.68HOT

Was It A Dream?

 — Ever have a dream that was so real you thought it happened? by kandie09/20/113.74

Was It A Dream? Ch. 02

 — Did her dream lover come to life. by kandie09/21/113.96

Was It Real?

 — A short tale of.... Getting some tale. by Exus2Sky12/13/113.09

Watching Me

 — Private exhibition turns me on, but anal... by Dhampie05/31/184.25

Way Too Easy

 — Young nurse is helped over her fear of anal sex. by Ton8ty08/08/074.66HOT

We have this Little Thing We Do

 — My wife and I have this thing we do... by wordsworth_ii06/10/184.31

We Shouldn't Really Have Done That

 — A girl is persuaded to try anal. by Otazel01/13/114.63HOT


 — Woman with stranger at wedding. by naomiknowsit03/04/142.88

Wedding Bells

 — Katya has her eyes and ass opened up before the vows. by blooke123405/05/104.16

Weekend Camping

 — You enjoy an MMF & anal sex weekend. by Cliff Hanger 6901/24/054.23

Weekend Coupling Ch. 02

 — Introducing Mature Mother to Anal Pleasures. by kenya_tree12/11/124.31

Weekend Getaway Pt. 02

 — The eroticism builds leading to their weekend getaway. by TX_Fun_Dr07/10/084.46

Weekend Getaway Pt. 04

 — The weekend really heats up for Christina and Doc. by TX_Fun_Dr07/18/084.67HOT

Weekend Surprise

 — A wife and her friend give her husband a surprise. by Dragonologist11/29/134.33

Weekend Training Seminar

 — They meet at a training seminar and the lust flies. by PrevertedMe08/18/094.02

Weekend Training Seminar: SaturNIGHT

 — Their final encounter has her gasping for air. by PrevertedMe02/19/103.94

Weekends with an Anal Lover

 — Two singles meet at a party that leads to anal weekends. by walterio07/05/084.57HOT

Weekly Visit to Ralph

 — Angie befriends an older man. by 36DD02/15/023.48

Weighted by Love

 — His Domme taxes his hindquarters. by raself07/27/024.02

Weird Fantasies 04: Driving Somewhere

 — Anal sex in a crowded car by TessMackenzie03/12/154.19

Weird Fantasies 08: Licky Ass Crush

 — I desperately want to rim her. by TessMackenzie03/24/154.19

Weird Sisters Ch. 01

 — Weird consequences of his girlfriend's fight with her twin. by ZenZerker08/14/144.71HOT

Welcome Home

 — After a year's deployment, I finally get back to my wife. by susurrus05/27/084.39

Welcome Home

 — Girlfriend surprises lover with just what he needs. by max_07803/21/114.45

Welcome Home

 — An exciting homecoming for a lover. by MaggieMooney05/26/163.74

Welcome Home, Soldier

 — Soldier gets happy homecoming from horny girlfriend. by Xxene10/27/054.47

Welcome to Dallas

 — An anal sex story. by size1669lover12/03/163.76

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 02

 — Anna gets it in the end. by Argonaut_197501/13/114.38

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 09

 — Chapter 9. by Argonaut_197504/01/154.42

Wendy Confesses Ch. 04

 — She lets a new man take control. by mjar6501/14/154.18

Wet Hot Little Hitchhiker

 — Soaking wet hitchhiker is a red hot momma. by Beau_Jack_Walker09/18/023.37

Wet Towel

 — You could tell it'd been a tough day. by ibanez5sdgr02/25/133.78

What a Cruise

 — Hard-working exec gets pumped by married guy on cruise. by ictscott08/05/174.06

What a Dream

 — You were in my dreams again. by tigerangel207/09/054.03

What a Night

 — An anal fantasy, fulfilled. by BarSinister08/03/073.98

What a Travel Day

 — You never know when your day is going to turn around. by tuiKwndrC106/15/174.77HOT

What A Wonderful Way To Start The Day

 — He puts his 'morning wood' to use. by Strapping Young Lad09/02/013.90

What Anal Sex Has To Do With It.

 — Couple makes a Valentine memory with a new sexual position. by andtheend01/24/104.13

What are You Doing?

 — My girlfriend's first anal experience. by NewEnglandah03/13/194.32

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 01

 — Young teacher gets surprise rear-ender. by Arsehole Addict02/10/024.06

What do You Want Me to Do?

 — A wife's casual meetings with a variety of men. by foxtrot9909/22/183.98

What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 02

 — My wife's casual liaisons. by foxtrot9910/18/184.08

What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 03

 — Further liaisons to please hubby. by foxtrot9910/24/183.80

What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 04

 — Wife complies. by foxtrot9910/25/183.85

What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 05

 — Wife provides for hubby's needs. by foxtrot9910/29/183.82

What do You Want Me to Do? Ch. 06

 — Wife does not disappoint. by foxtrot9911/05/183.54

What Goes Around, Comes Around

 — Annie takes my anal cherry. by HotXBuns02/15/174.48

What Happened Last Night? Ch. 01

 — Her head is pounding, and who's cock is that poking her? by Gertrude_Perkins03/10/124.60HOT

What Happens in Vegas

 — A school teacher starts a new life. by Leezy08/30/154.43

What Happens When I Beg

 — I get more than what I bargained for. by Jade_M06/05/143.88

What He Has Missed

 — Dave fills all three of Sara's holes. by piercedone03/31/083.52

What I Did Ch. 04

 — A threesome is always fun at a reunion. by HardTimmy01/10/164.40

What I Did Last Thursday Night

 — Antoinette's husband brings home a surprise for her. by fillesoumis12/03/043.82

What I Did On My Christmas Holidays

 — She is defiled anally but enjoys corrupting his marriage. by cmau03/05/03

What I Did Tonight

 — She gives him a surprise. by seven_again_so_what10/13/024.15

What I Learned in College Ch. 03.1

 — Later That Night -The continuation of an unexpected tryst. by JazzBoneDawg09/02/134.29

What I Learned in College Ch. 04.1

 — More Summer fucking with an old friend. by JazzBoneDawg09/04/134.49

What I Saw Through The Vent

 — A sneak peak goes horribly wrong, then beautifully right. by 31redman07/15/124.30

What I Wanted Most

 — A guy gets the ass action he's craved for. by dirtykinkyslut06/25/104.19

What I'm Going to Do to You

 — Quick and dirty hotel room fuck. by Shrubbery01/07/164.32

What Karen Wants Ch. 02

 — She wants to seduce Tom. by greenlad0305/03/034.25

What Karen Wants Ch. 03

 — How their lives will change. by greenlad0306/14/034.30

What Makes a Man Ch. 01

 — His girlfriend knows him better than he does. by thinkmanthink10/09/054.04

What She Wants

 — An eve of pleasure, just the way likes it. by AriaSilverfyre10/20/023.69

What Shut Jenny Up?

 — Blackmail and black males for a sorority president... by carlieplum03/15/124.32

What Work?

 — My anal business partner, more than company goals. by dollface00407/01/123.98

What Would You Do?

 — A beachside tryst between forbidden lovers. by bisexy_butterfly06/01/104.42

What You Can't Have

 — Girl picks up married man in a club. by English-Dave07/09/044.66HOT

What's A Girl Gotta Do?

 — She loved him but waiting to get married for two years... by Dinsmore01/03/064.26

What's a Horny Girl to Do?

 — Can best-friends become scorching lovers? by Porthos07/02/103.65

What's Behind Door Number 2

 — When two frenemies make a bet, someone's got to lose. by pacifist91w12/14/154.29

What's for Dinner?

 — You enjoy anal sex on the kitchen counter. by ListenHere11/16/064.00

What's for Dinner?

 — A tale of surprise sex. by NikkiTrakz06/23/133.52

What's Inside a Girl

 — Nina confesses how she found herself through sodomy. by ukmaster68_now10/17/08

What's It Like?

 — Couple introduces friend to anal sex. by Deadly Joker01/28/044.34

What's The Deal With Secretaries?

 — He gives his secretary anal behind the desk. by boysetsfire04/29/044.41

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Stephen learns of his wife's trip to Kate's and punishes her. by Optimus981205/05/174.20

Whatcha Doing?

 — Husband and wife enjoy their life. by UncleMark12/17/134.57HOT

Whatever He Wants

 — He enjoys her tight arse. by MalDufleurs02/10/144.33

When Cheerleaders Misbehave...

 — Kelly receives her punishment for being bad. by hotartist009/19/054.26

When He Cheat Me !!!!!

 — He cheats with his Koreon assistant. by burmohini11/23/053.88

When it Finally Goes Right

 — If at first you don’t succeed... by sex2us04/20/194.30

When It Rains, It Pours

 — When lightning and thunder accompany the cries of passion. by analmania05/21/153.39

When Lance Was Lanced

 — Sailor's loss of his anal virginity. by grgetownsend01/06/053.79

When Love Comes To Town

 — A young couple in their first of many firsts. by theravenfox06/13/104.55HOT

When the Midwife Takes a Call

 — Maggie shouldn't go on duty feeling randy. by Jack Gates02/18/054.02

Where Do We Go From Here

 — College student fulfills older woman's desire. by Thom7406/27/024.08

Where's My Head?

 — Hitchhiking on Halloween gets her in "tight spot". by sarahhh10/01/07HOT

Whetstone High Sluts Ch. 02

 — John continues his journey in high school. by Guy23r2307/11/153.60

Which Hole Is That?

 — When you lose a bet on a pool table, it leads to different ends. by DiggMe10/24/074.09

While You Were Sleeping...

 — She sneak attacks you in the middle of the night. by towhead05/06/074.31

White Christmas

 — Darcy surprises Chris with a White Christmas. by Chris379812/24/104.60HOT

White Dominatrix For Black Man

 — Black man explores Strapon fetish with White BBW. by Samuelx06/12/103.59

White Grandma For Black Man

 — Black man dominates White BBW Grandmother. by Samuelx06/08/103.35

White Lube

 — A second person POV story. by TwistedSight07/25/153.91

White Wife, Black Dance-Club

 — Bored housewife gets her thrills with two black men. by JEM196606/09/154.28

Who Could Resist Dr. Marti?

 — Blistering anal in the chiropractic office. by grafexguy09/06/054.54HOT

Who is this Man?

 — Boyfriend gets a bit aggressive; I'm available to him. by girlmafia05/03/103.97

Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 02

 — Frequently horny 18-year-olds discover anal sex. by RedHatter7602/16/174.22

Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 03

 — The girls enjoy more anal sex and discover breast play. by RedHatter7608/05/174.38

Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 04

 — Gabby, Holly, Cal, and Zane have anal fun on a road trip. by RedHatter7601/22/184.33

Who Untied Me? Ch. 02

 — I'll probably never know who it really was! by i_would06/29/184.44

Who's in Charge? Pt. 05

 — Janet gets taken hard. by Fray07/05/144.38

Who's Your Daddy?

 — Couple meet and have wild sex at sci-fi convention. by Bacomicfan12/07/024.67HOTContest Winner

Whole Lotta Love

 — Discovering the joys of back-door lovin' at backstage party. by bad_hobbit06/18/094.30

Whore Elle: Gives up Anal Cherry

 — Before I became a whore, I had to lose my anal virginity. by WhoreElle03/07/134.03

Why Black Girls Love Black Guys

 — Black woman strapons black man. by Samuelx07/02/092.88

Why Black Men Need Black Women

 — Black man falls in love with Black woman. by Samuelx07/28/092.55

Why Black Men Prefer Black Women

 — Black woman falls in love with Black college man. by Samuelx07/25/092.87

Why Black Women Love Black Men

 — Black BBW surrenders booty to please black man. by Samuelx03/31/093.07

Wide Open: An Examination

 — She gets a rectal exam that blows her mind. by francypants11/27/054.21

Wife Agrees to Anal

 — Husband finds out he's getting - not giving - anal. by Bakeboss10/24/094.06

Wife Enjoys Husband's Lust

 — Erotic Servitude in their suburban kitchen. by Tdisk05/03/194.33

Wife Takes Husband's Ass

 — Wife explores husband's bi-curious side. by HappyCouple7401/27/154.38

Wife Takes Husband's Ass Ch. 02

 — Wife invites the personal trainer over, and husband gets it. by HappyCouple7401/29/154.53HOT

Wife Tries Double Anal

 — Brief story of a couples attempt at double anal. by Mads04/17/193.87

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 03

 — You begin to like it. by slowdeep11/09/054.42

Wife's Night Out

 — A girl's night out turns to more. by funallie2412/22/074.06

Wife's Unexpected Sexy Treat

 — Last night, my wife gave me a night to remember. by Passionpen11/03/184.27


 — A little black dress leads to...a nice fuck. by AntaeusQ07/09/104.00

Wild Sharon

 — The helpful librarian serves a patron & is served by him. by Boxlicker10105/14/084.29

Wild Side

 — You have one wild night. by Cassellie102/20/084.33

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 04

 — Anne and Carl's love grows stronger and they celebrate. by mountaincat412/18/144.63HOT

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 05

 — Anne changes the agreement. The baby gets a new mother. by mountaincat412/28/144.69HOT

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 06

 — A baby is made. Mitra arrives and the great journey begins. by mountaincat401/02/154.60HOT

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 09

 — The fun heats up in Bordeaux. by mountaincat401/23/154.43

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 16

 — Adventures in Switzerland. by mountaincat403/14/154.53HOT

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 17

 — Something wonderful in the Alps. Angelika joins the group. by mountaincat403/22/154.58HOT

Will's Story Ch. 01

 — My wife gets me into anal. by 34Will11/22/093.00

Willing to Please Him

 — He gave the orders, she followed. by meloout01/27/154.24

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 57

 — An Informer leads Marty to K.C. a call-girl Conrad uses. by Paris Waterman03/22/114.23

Wind Ch. 02

 — Older man continues training his 18 year old nympho slut. by JenniferGreen11/14/084.12

Winning Answer

 — Lauren loses a wager to Raymond - with a happy "end" result. by BrettJ08/26/074.39

Winter Pond

 — Buzz and Cali had a mini-orgy of two. by Adagio01/20/093.76

Winter Vacation

 — Young couple help their best friend out of depression. by randomencounter200302/03/044.69HOT

With Four You Get... Ch. 01

 — Janet experiences anal with her friends. by Rathgon06/04/044.26

With Strings Attached Ch. 17

 — Nicole takes Alice's anal virginity. by maxout0907/28/174.61HOT

With The Neighbor

 — He watches her fantasies come true. by A.B.12/29/054.04

Women Who Still Love Men

 — In today's world, some women still love their men. by Samuelx11/20/072.67


 — Anal sex in different forms makes me wonder about myself. by london_james201003/14/104.49

Word Porn

 — A quick fast read, no plot by Gilrabo07/23/093.45

Work: In the Backroom

 — Rob the cook fulfills waitress Wendy's anal fantasy. by Goldeniangel09/04/054.44

Work: Taking Wendy Home

 — Rob brings Wendy home at end of the night. by Goldeniangel09/14/054.50HOT

Working For His Promotion Pt. 03

 — Adam's a phone call away while his boss has his wife. by The Big Bopper11/02/074.47

Working For His Promotion Pt. 06

 — Joanne is required to become a sexual trainer. by The Big Bopper01/06/084.61HOT

Working from Home

 — Office closets aren't just for supplies. by DarkerMuse08/28/123.72

Working from Home

 — The cleaning lady interrupted a quiet day working from home. by BostonJake05/02/164.49

Working in Rio

 — Man unwittingly offers a happyending, & gets one as well. by InnKeeper0810/31/084.25

Working Out

 — Two sweaty bodies collide in passion. by Stud_Bi_Writer05/29/124.23

Working With Mr. Traynor

 — He parks his truck in her rear parking lot. by powelldonovan04/11/084.14

Workout Ch. 02

 — Jeff & Megan take a shower after their hard workout. by krullsnoopy05/01/064.18

Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 01

 — College girl dominates smaller boy. by ChezK09/26/184.33

Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 02

 — College girl dominates smaller boy. by ChezK10/17/184.63HOT

Worshipping Lili's Ass Pt. 03

 — College girl dominates smaller boy. by ChezK11/13/184.51HOT

Wrapped Around Her Finger

 — A story of an anal first. by lizthewizz200002/09/044.16

Wren's Double Possession

 — Wren gets possessed, by a fan, and a crazed lesbian. by PhantomCaller06/26/153.23

Writer's Block

 — Jessica convinces her master to take her. by MattChancellor04/23/153.61


 — A short foray into anal. by Twisted_Mistress06/24/124.48

X-Mas Eve

 — Under pressure. by upwardangel2c12/15/06

y4974 12=Dec23

 — Flash One-Hundred-Fifty-two. by notnamer03/11/082.14

y4997 02=Feb13

 — Psychic Medium Shots: 3rd Person. by notnamer03/17/081.00

y5019 2=Feb13 Sat 2000

 — "Just a minute," [the imposter dude] said. by notnamer03/17/081.67

Yeah, My Ass!

 — Just how far will you let her go? by TheForgottenPrincess05/29/044.37

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

 — Our heroes start their 3rd year at University. by Kalavo10/04/174.85HOT

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 02

 — The third year continues for our heroes. by Kalavo10/19/174.71HOT

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03

 — Another summer holiday with our heroes. by Kalavo11/17/174.88HOT

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

 — Year four with our heroes! by Kalavo12/14/174.82HOT

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 02

 — Life moves on for our heroes. by Kalavo02/01/184.78HOT

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03: The Summer Road Trip

 — Our heroes take a summer road trip. by Kalavo02/10/184.76HOT

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 04

 — Our heroes go to France, host a party and a wedding. by Kalavo04/08/184.74HOT

Year 5 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

 — Life continues for our heroes. by Kalavo05/12/184.76HOT

Yes Master

 — Suzie enjoys Max's dominating side. by haydenhaze06/26/144.12

Yoga Tights

 — A young woman's darkest fantasies become reality. by QSQuinn08/05/154.53HOT

Yorkie Breeder

 — An older man teaches a virgin about anal sex. by JimBob4408/12/154.61HOT

You Bet Your Ass!

 — Margot can't lose this bet. Can she? by darcysweet03/09/104.59HOT

You Can Only Hope

 — Erotic dream ends with wanting more. by collartothecuff7906/01/11

You Can't Deny Your Nature Ch. 02

 — Jane checks a couple items off her bucket list, deletes one. by JonThomas_09/22/173.51

You Can't Put Your Finger In There!

 — Jeff gets in over his head with adventurous lover by night_alberich01/14/144.26

You Get What You Need

 — A little taste of B&D from an anal POV. by tungyerass12/17/094.17

You Like It When I'm Naughty

 — Firs time anal delight with the wife. by CUL8TER11/25/044.26

You Mustn't Do That!

 — She wants to be a virgin for her wedding night. by Svenskaflicka12/18/033.24

You Shouldn't Be Here

 — Stephanie and Max with Janet. by geronimo_appleby02/17/154.63HOT

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