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Bare Bottom

 — Strict principle spanks teacher for coming late. by asteroid01/13/023.66


 — She keeps her maidenhead, but gives up her ass. by Goldeniangel06/04/054.50HOT

Baroness (of Butt)

 — Everybody gets it in the end. by itsoktolust01/03/033.90

Barrons, Ltd. Ch. 4

 — The anal instruction begins. by Aries10/25/013.32

Barry Gets What He Wants

 — A man is caught and gets it in the end. by forevergallant07/15/104.50HOT

Bath Time

 — She prepares him for his first time. by skier_nw06/17/144.51HOT

Bathroom Adventure Ch. 01

 — She's picked up in a bar and has anonymous sex. by crzyfemme1803/26/084.46

Bathroom Adventures...V-Day Special

 — A steamy bathroom and hard man. by crzyfemme1802/16/094.38


 — A bath turns anal. by DanielsCami03/03/083.55

BB's 'Groupie' (Oh, Canada)

 — Adventures in Canada come to a close. by bbkradwell02/19/024.11

BB's 'Groupie' Ch. 2 (Clearwater)

 — Your favorite comedian still gets laid. by bbkradwell03/11/023.90

BBW Anal Virginity Auction

 — Female athlete auctions her anal virginity online. by Samuelx11/02/073.08

Beach Gangbang

 — It was an excllent day to get fucked multiple times. by Benny02409/21/114.14

Beach Night With Passion

 — Your passion finishes with anal. by kittymailman03/05/034.09

Beach Walk

 — Couple shares hot, daring oral-anal sex in public setting. by Fullmoonfever07/27/093.81

Beautiful Assets

 — Julia had a perfect asset. by _TheZone_12/25/064.42

Beautiful Assets Ch. 02

 — The return of Julia's perfect ass. by _TheZone_01/15/074.23

Beautiful Black Woman Miss Chivalry

 — Married Black woman turns exhibitionist, husband turns gay. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter12/27/173.84

Beautiful Mind, Rapturous Eyes

 — A story about a special someone... by Hellspacifist08/10/11

Beautiful View

 — She lets him explore new places. by Cherry_Rose11/15/114.48

Beaux Arts Ball

 — Events (true) at the Hallowe'en costume party. by vic1009/28/013.87

Because You Needed It

 — An old fashioned spanking for a country girl by her cowboy. by naughtywriter210/10/154.40

Becky Ch. 05

 — Becky seduces two friends into taking her ass cherry. by Many Feathers08/06/114.42

Becky Was A Virgin

 — Her virginity wasn't what the neighbor wanted. by VeryDirtyMind03/24/134.20

Becky's First Anal

 — I finally take her anal virginity. by formywife11/04/104.17

Becky's First Time

 — Becky has her first time in a delivery truck. by greywolf39311/06/134.12

Becoming Her Sister Ch. 03

 — She's taken but not the way she want. by theenchantress2104/18/153.59

Bed, Breakfast, Threesome

 — Marie asks Lynn for help. James gets another surprise (Pt 2). by magmacdowel09/12/164.49

Before The Kids Wake Up

 — They find time for anal in the morning. by simply_cyn10/07/044.50HOT

Before the Show

 — A quick anal interlude before they have to go out. by GoldenGrace11/27/104.41

Beg For It, Slut

 — She dominates him with strap-on at trashy hotel. by bourbonslut06/30/044.26


 — She tells him to choose a hole. by nightjogger07/27/113.98


 — Wife, given to friend, gets it in the end. by A.B.12/29/054.08

Behind Closed Doors

 — Hot girl has an encounter with forbidden lover from her past. by Dakota_North09/13/024.40

Behind Her Smile

 — A guardian opens up to her ward. by Mikelh09/18/014.37

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 06

 — Outcast Persian woman fully surrenders to her secret desires by Jayded_Lust02/27/134.75HOT

Being Naughty

 — They do it in his parents' house. by prettybaby01/07/094.23

Being Neighborly

 — Being neighborly goes all the way for Jake. by purfikt04/30/124.20

Being Neighborly Ch. 03

 — Friendly neighbors continue to explore their boundaries. by EveningMuse03/05/094.18

Bella's College Experience Ch. 03

 — Bella and Jeff continue their anal fun. by christalena2709/11/054.61HOT

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 05

 — Belle loses her anal virginity. by SBurnett03/04/144.22

Belonging For The First Time

 — First anal for a first true love. by sighsoftly12/12/014.30

Ben Around Ch. 05

 — Ben gets a big surprise from Jenna and gives her one back. by johnbaldwin111/20/134.45

Ben's Afternoon Treat

 — Ben and Lori enjoy an afternoon interlude. by ShyMagpie12/19/134.18

Bench Seat Wife

 — Why would a wife be looking for a bench seat in a hookup ad? by away44305/30/154.22

Bend Me Over

 — His girlfriend gets hot with his boss. by emrsumbiggens03/04/064.19

Bend Over For Me..Just Like That..

 — He has his first experience performing anal sex. by Justaja06/27/123.96

Bend Over, Bitch!

 — Samantha just loves to fuck her man's ass. by libidinal08/11/054.51HOT

Benefits Advisor

 — After he meets his benefits advisor out on the town. by unemployed01/17/073.16

Bent Over

 — She dreams of you in the bathtub. by nfatale7508/24/024.07

Bent Over Her Desk

 — Married woman has a few too many at the office Xmas party. by VeryDirtyMind10/25/154.30

Bermuda Run

 — Cougar preys on young men on a Bermuda cruise. by sr71plt03/28/144.20

Best Anal Sex Ever Ch. 01

 — Hot wife gives husband anal sex he'll never forget. by PrymeUser11/03/164.50HOT

Best Anal Sex Ever Ch. 02

 — Further true life anal adventures with my hot, busty wife. by PrymeUser12/17/174.53HOT

Best Blind Date Ever

 — Blind date = more fucking, less dating. by kaas07/11/084.06

Best Friend's Ex Becomes My Bitch

 — Beautiful blond takes comfort in his approval. by guyman12312/27/044.07

Best Friends

 — Wife allows best friend to screw hubby's ass by ILuvAnal01/13/034.32

Best Laid Plans...

 — He turns the tables and takes her instead. by lothlorien07/04/014.33

Best Part of the Trip

 — A man with a fantasy takes charge of his nagging wife. by ravensclaw197201/30/174.06

Best Quality

 — A different kind of proposal. by velvetpie05/26/053.74

Best Weekend Ever

 — He turns girlfriend into an anal slut. by GrimDeal07/24/044.15

Bet Your Ass

 — An exchange student loses a very important bet. by LadyTabitha10/10/014.53HOT

Bet Your Ass

 — College Coed loses bet and has to pay with her ass. by Krazy3501/05/104.23

Bet Your Bottom

 — They're not betting their bottom dollar, just their bottoms! by RejectReality09/06/124.60HOT

Beth Becomes an Anal Babe

 — Beth enjoys her first anal experience. by GentleGeorge03/02/044.23

Beth's Party Surprise Pt. 03

 — Beth has a backdoor encounter for her third tryst. by Nightwolf10/11/164.53HOT

Beth's Seduction into Porn Ch. 01

 — Young woman's journey into porn begins slowly. by silverwhisper07/28/054.38


 — She hated Valentine's Day until... by Scarlet_Pen01/28/034.38

Better Than T.V.

 — There was nothing on the television, so... by Moridin8303/01/074.50HOT

Bettina's a Back-door Girl

 — The hot PA wants her anus filling with cock. by geronimo_appleby05/12/124.50HOT

Betting Her Ass

 — Colin and Rachel's first try at anal sex. by DragonBlaque03/28/144.23

Betting Your Ass

 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilky10/07/103.99

Betty Ch. 03

 — Betty catches the maids with the stable boy. by lower11/02/134.00

Between Friends

 — She takes it from behind for a buddy. by pornoperson03/08/093.70

Beyond Limits

 — A man and his Mistress. by violent intimacy04/13/034.15

Beyond Meditation Ch. 01

 — He finally finds the woman of his dreams. by lesbemis10/28/104.30

Beyond Meditation Ch. 02

 — When the stars align, Sweet Bobbi knows no limits. by lesbemis01/06/114.57HOT

Beyond The River

 — In the Old West, a river can mean life or death. Or love. by JimBob4412/05/174.53HOT

Bi Couple: So Happy Together

 — Bisexual black woman marries bisexual black man. by Samuelx10/29/073.55

Bi Truth or Dare

 — Couples get together sexual truth or dare ffmm. by upsidedownskys01/26/084.29

Bianca's Diary: The Party

 — Day of the party arrived; Bianca was on the hunt. by xxx_bianca6905/10/064.05

Big Bad Wolf

 — She was nervous. by SecretVee10/22/134.20

Big Black Couple's Strapon Fun

 — Black BBW introduces big black man to kinky fun. by Samuelx05/07/083.33

Big Black Couple's Strapon Play

 — Black BBW seduces black man with strapon. by Samuelx05/08/083.35

Big Black Female Giant

 — World's tallest and largest woman gets anal fun. by Samuelx12/21/063.24

Big Black Guy vs Big Black Girl

 — The winner fucks loser in the butt. by Samuelx07/26/062.90

Big Black Man's Slave Fetish

 — Sexy white BBW strapons black husband. by Samuelx01/10/093.00

Big Black Woman's Slave Fetish

 — Uncircumcised Jew makes black woman's dream true. by Samuelx01/10/093.69

Big Black Women Beg For Anal Sex

 — Black BBW begs Black Man for Anal Sex. by Samuelx03/29/092.67

Big Black Women Like Anal Too

 — BBW takes it up the ass and likes it! by Samuelx12/18/062.79

Big Booty Corporate Bitches

 — Manipulative man triumphs over wicked women. by Samuelx05/17/082.26

Big Booty Ghetto Bitches

 — Thug has his way with a big-booty ghetto bitch. by Samuelx09/17/073.07

Big Booty Ghetto Bitches Ch. 02

 — Black studs hooks up with Black BBW. by Samuelx04/23/082.90

Big Booty Ghetto Bitches Ch. 03

 — Big black woman explores anal desires. by Samuelx05/16/083.29

Big Booty Ghetto Sluts

 — Black writer has fun with Ghetto BBW. by Samuelx11/10/082.98

Big Daddy Comes Knocking

 — Come here, Daddy, she said. Mama needs an ass fucking. by AreaMan03/10/114.52HOT

Big Girls Bending Over For Anal

 — Sexy athlete surprises woman at home. by Samuelx07/20/073.11

Big Haitian Women are Beautiful

 — Bisexual black writer has fun with Haitian BBW. by Samuelx07/10/092.53

Big Red Bow

 — Birthdays always make for a tricky decision. by Holden8908/17/164.73HOT

Big Things Cum in Small Packages

 — New flames, old scars, and drunken sex in Muskoka. by ChloeKendall07/17/164.75HOT

Big Things Cum in Small Packages Ch. 02

 — Genevieve gets fucked in the ass for the first time ever. by ChloeKendall12/20/144.61HOT

Big Things Cum in Small Packages Ch. 03

 — Genevieve shows despite her size, she can handle a pounding. by ChloeKendall01/22/154.73HOT

Big White Girl Anal Adventures

 — White BBW seeks anal sex with big black man. by Samuelx09/01/083.47

Big Woman Addicted to Anal

 — BBW becomes addicted to anal pleasure. by Samuelx12/10/072.41

Big Woman Booty Hole Chronicles

 — He persuades a woman to try anal sex. by Samuelx08/06/072.88

Big Woman's Anal Fisting Lesson

 — BBW meets sexy black man for anal encounter. by Samuelx11/26/073.29

Big Woman's Guide To Anal Sex

 — Big woman learns the anal arts. by Samuelx12/19/063.27

Big Women and Big Men Love Anal

 — Big woman introduces big man to anal sex. by Samuelx03/14/082.57

Big Young Black Thug Bitches

 — Black female gangsters need anal too. by Samuelx09/09/073.14

Biker Bar

 — Innocent girl is stranded in the desert by golfnfool03/06/034.02

Binky's Bum

 — I fuck my sister-in-law's ass with my nine inches. by RabbitPrince03/06/124.46

Biracial Women in Ontario

 — Black man helps biracial woman discover her true self. by Samuelx08/28/101.80

Birth of an Obsession

 — Anal fixation gains momentum. by The Source03/31/044.30


 — Close female friend fulfills his deepest fantasy. by womanworshipper04/02/123.87


 — A woman's way to bring a man back to life. by MakeItGreen06/17/123.90

Birthday Anal

 — He gives me the best gift yet. by ClareJack12/01/114.28

Birthday Anal

 — His birthday wishes come true as my ass stretches around him. by Goey06/22/124.43

Birthday Bottom

 — Birthday girl receives the gift of double penetration. by ukmaster68_now10/23/07

Birthday Boy

 — Richard gets a birthday surprise he wasn't expecting. by writer196504/10/073.98

Birthday Fantasy

 — Two women, one man. by rfsysop03/30/034.55HOT

Birthday Fantasy Ch. 02

 — It happens again, and it is wonderful. by rfsysop12/20/154.35

Birthday Girl

 — It's a surprise party in more ways than one. by opels09/08/064.53HOT

Birthday Girl

 — Krista gets a very special birthday present. by damonX02/25/104.61HOT

Birthday Girl Ch. 02

 — Damon and Krista sneak off for some fun at a party. by damonX03/04/104.68HOT

Birthday Present Surprise

 — Threesome fun with unexpected conclusion. by Author7708/30/093.89

Birthday Sex

 — A birthday fuck between our favorite doc and college student. by MsBond00712/20/154.34

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