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Carol Vorderman: Home Alone

 — A late night porno film on TV turns lonely Carol on. by starfleet07/24/074.29

Caroline Rhea Goes To College

 — An erotic fantasy about Caroline Rhea. by quinnhemmingway01/20/024.24

Caroline Wozniacki

 — Caroline's mouth gets her in trouble, can she get out of it? by itscalledhazing06/16/124.45

Carrie and Miranda

 — Carrie Underwood catches Miranda Lambert cheating. by TheBigLove12603/23/134.53HOT

Carrie Gives an Encore

 — Carrie Underwood has some fun backstage after a concert. by TheBigLove12607/02/114.40

Carrie Gives an Encore Ch. 02

 — Carrie returns to Boston with her opening act, Cassadee Pope. by TheBigLove12612/04/134.35

Carrie Gives an Encore Ch. 03

 — Carrie and Cassadee continue the tour. by TheBigLove12603/25/144.62HOT

Carrie Gives Back

 — Carrie Underwood volunteers at a homeless shelter. by Pyrofanity12/29/154.59HOT

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut

 — Transmission goes out on the road, Carrie takes a 'job'. by Loadedquill09/14/093.84

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 02

 — Carrie applies for the job. by Loadedquill09/15/094.24

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 03

 — Carrie meets Larry the manager by Loadedquill09/16/093.87

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 04

 — Carrie decides to 'take control' of her interview. by Loadedquill09/19/094.09

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 05

 — Carrie hits the stage. by Loadedquill09/25/094.11

Carrie On, Shay

 — While in Nashville, Shay Mitchell runs into Carrie Underwood. by TheBigLove12612/06/154.13

Carrie Prejean In Love With A Woman

 — Carrie's dilemma. by manyquestions12/03/094.18

Carrie Underwood: The Contest

 — A Guy wins a Private Tour at a Carrie-Underwood-Concert. by Sammycolto03/04/134.31

Carter's Post Combat Release Syndrome

 — Stargate saga that didn't get on air. by MeanElf12/21/064.57HOT

Casino Royale: Poker Face

 — Vesper Lynd gets played by agents of Quantum. by MJKA02/11/09

Castille de la Luna: With Kiefer

 — Sequel to Nightlife with Kiefer. by BardsLady07/16/034.77HOT

Casting Lisa Tragnetti

 — Alexandra Daddario's audition for 'True Detective'. by TheBigLove12606/20/144.46

Castle: College Experimentation

 — Beckett gives Alex lot of help with her college dissertation. by Zev9505/06/144.60HOT

Cat Among the Pigeons

 — Two friends are inducted in the mysteries of their classmate. by Twistedpleasures12/09/114.13

Cat Deeley - Perfect Pussy

 — A star away from home. by stb606002/21/063.98

Cat Tales: Cat's Cream

 — Catwoman goes on a heist! by Grobnar06/17/153.94

Cat Tales: Cat's Keeper

 — After her heist, Selina finds mysterious visitor. by Grobnar07/13/153.70

Cat Toy

 — Selina came to Bludhaven for a statue, but found a Dick. by g00db0i08/14/154.74HOT

Cate Blanchett: After Crystal Skull

 — Cate is gangbanged in a celeb porno. by MJKA12/29/11


 — Spider-Man is going to bust Black Cat's ass. by Zev9506/09/154.45

Catsuit Ch. 02

 — While Gwen's asleep, Black Cat steals more. by Zev9506/24/154.84HOT

Catwoman / Huntress: Eros Risen

 — Huntress joins Catwoman in the sequel to The Eros Formula. by JTCIII06/17/114.68HOT

Catwoman Caught Ch. 01

 — A jailed Selena Kyle gets duped. by PenanceS08/26/033.94

Catwoman: The Eros Formula

 — A job goes pleasantly awry for Catwoman. by JTCIII01/22/114.63HOT

Caught by Two Playmates

 — Caught by Jaime Edmondson and Hope Dworaczyk. by MasturbationSuperstar10/02/132.75

Caught in a Spider's Web

 — Natasha tries to teach Darcy the art of self-rescuing. by MTL1707/28/144.25

Caught in the Act

 — Clark pops the question to Lois. by Croctden04/09/024.52HOT

Caught on Mullholland Drive

 — Naomi Watts and Laura Haring catch a masturbator. by MasturbationSuperstar10/16/154.08

Caught Out By Kiefer

 — Her new job delivers more than she bargained for. by KiefersGirl09/28/065.00HOT

Cause I Gotta Have Faith

 — Angelus & Faith wanna be together. Season 4 AtS. by Coolestchick800005/20/034.38

Celeb Bordello: Jennifer Aniston

 — J. Aniston seeks an adventure. by kokshur11/12/044.16

Celeb Masseur: On Call

 — Call to movie set becomes more than job for Kavan. by razor_nut10/30/044.73HOT

Celebgate: Sister Support

 — Victoria Justice finds comfort after nude pics are stolen. by TheBigLove12609/09/144.30

Celebity Ball

 — Freddie gets a gold invitation to a celebrity ball. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/06/07HOT

Celebrities Exposed: Lindsay Lohan

 — Fictional tale of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape. by pheonixstar8209/23/103.92

Celebrities Exposed: Martina Hingis

 — Doubles Partners Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova. by pheonixstar8208/19/113.94

Celebrities Gone Wild Ep. 01

 — Featured Shannyn Sossamon, Eva Mendes, & Rosario Dawson. by shadowblaze1810/30/044.62HOT

Celebrities Left Alone

 — Katrina Kaif and Charlie Sheen hit it off @ the Oscars party. by dis299108/14/144.10

Celebrity Ass-Licker Ch. 02

 — Beyonce, Shakira, and Hillary Clinton. by CAPervert06/23/033.36

Celebrity Chef Cruise Ch. 01

 — Fraternizing with celebrity chefs on a cruise ship. by Irish Moss08/31/154.41

Celebrity Chef Cruise Ch. 02

 — A family-friendly cruise involving a lot of sex. by Irish Moss09/01/154.53HOT

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 01

 — Taylor Swift struggles when her career crashes to a halt by TheBigLove12601/15/114.15

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 02

 — Shania Twain does anything for a shot at a comeback. by TheBigLove12601/16/114.16

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 03

 — Stacy Keibler goes from WWE Diva to car salesperson. by TheBigLove12601/17/114.42

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 04

 — Rachel Bilson guest hosts WWE Raw, enters Divas locker room. by TheBigLove12601/24/114.55HOT

Celebrity Dream Trip

 — A man wins a trip to wild photo shoot. by Buff0903/20/013.51

Celebrity Facials: Mariah & Reese

 — Mariah Carey & Reese Witherspoon receive facials. by Joseph Hunter06/14/024.19

Celebrity Fame Whores

 — Kate Gosselin vs. the Octomom Nadya Suleman. by al_Ussa08/07/104.25

Celebrity Foot Therapist Ch. 01

 — Pamela Anderson gets carried away with a foot massage. by Nomean_feet10/07/064.31

Celebrity Gyno: Hillary Duff

 — Just another day for Dr. Jill Halloway. by Hollow_Eyes04/04/063.92

Celebrity Gyno: Kelly Clarkson

 — Just another patient for Dr. Jill Halloway. by Hollow_Eyes06/02/064.02

Celebrity Jerk-A-Thon

 — Ashley and Mary Kate host a masturbation festival. by fmcchris01/26/094.52HOT

Celebrity Jerk-A-Thon Ch. 02

 — The show begins! by fmcchris07/27/094.71HOT

Celebrity Jerk-A-Thon Ch. 03

 — The show continues! by fmcchris07/28/094.67HOT

Celebrity Jerk-A-Thon Ch. 04

 — Mary Kate and Ashley bring the show to a climactic end. by fmcchris07/29/094.55HOT

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 01

 — Jason meets the alluring Kate Bosworth. by johndoe200703/10/074.37

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 02

 — Michelle Monaghan & Natalie Portman. What more do you want? by johndoe200703/20/074.54HOT

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 03

 — Jason meets Reese Witherspoon in this darker installment. by johndoe200703/21/074.16

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 04

 — A night in with Natalie Portman. by johndoe200703/22/074.25

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 05

 — Natalie Portman & Reese Witherspoon. Who would you choose? by johndoe200703/28/074.48

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 06

 — Natalie's suspicion grows. by johndoe200704/27/074.36

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 07

 — With Reese in New York, the love triangle heats up. by johndoe200705/08/074.47

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 08

 — Natalie Portman's POV on the love triangle. by johndoe200705/20/074.72HOT

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 09

 — Jason comes to a decision. by johndoe200707/29/074.61HOT

Celebrity Massage

 — Professional massager gets call from beautiful heroine. by manavata11/05/043.46

Celebrity Pickup Game Ch. 01

 — Lucy Liu takes on Shaq, one on one. by Stardog Champion06/06/034.32

Celebrity Space Camp

 — Amanda Bynes at zero gravity: you're so there. by PeIvis Wesley06/30/063.18

Celebrity Status Ch. 02

 — Murray's beloved Cherie seduces a big Hollywood star. by The Big Bopper11/08/134.43

Celebrity Tag Team Sexy Summer Bout

 — Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Robyn Moore against... by andtheend09/09/103.48

Celebrity Tale: Cloaked by Marriage

 — Bruce, Demi, Ashton and the author enjoy the dungeon. by RedHairedandFriendly02/25/134.20

Celebrity Tale: Unexpected Gift

 — Vin, Ashton, Dwayne are minor players, to my revelation. by RedHairedandFriendly02/25/134.00

Cena and Lita Live Sex Session

 — Cena wins Lita for the night, or does he? by wwekiller10/29/083.00

Chain of Command

 — Mac and Coates visit the law library for research. by camaro2307/30/034.46

Chalice of Change

 — Miles is transformed into Mila by his black best friend. by Mr_Owlow09/19/134.37

Champ Ch. 01

 — A boxer enjoys Elizabeth Banks. by sandman10107/25/073.86

Champ Ch. 02

 — Boxer gets a film role and sex with Julianna Margulies. by sandman10108/05/074.41

Champ Ch. 03

 — Boxer fights Vlad & has sex with Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. by sandman10108/10/074.50HOT

Champ Ch. 04

 — A boxer has Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. by sandman10108/14/073.78

Champ Ch. 05

 — Boxer has sex with transformer's Megan Fox. by sandman10108/14/074.06

Champ Ch. 06

 — Boxer has sex with WWE's goddess Trish Stratus. by sandman10108/18/074.26

Champ Ch. 07

 — Boxer has sex with Heroes' Hayden Panatierre. by sandman10108/21/073.85

Champ Ch. 08

 — Kody sleeps with Eva Longoria and after with Eva Mendes. by sandman10108/23/073.69

Champ Ch. 09

 — Cage fighter has sex with Amanda Peet. by sandman10108/28/073.85

Chance Encounter with Justin Ch. 01

 — Meeting Justin. by Shy_girl2411/11/033.33

Chance Encounter with Justin Ch. 02

 — You're Justin Timberlake. by Shy_girl2411/12/033.75

Chance Meeting with Jessica Alba

 — Chance meeting with Jessica Alba (my boyfriend's sister). by KKILOEPPS08/25/063.39

Chances Are

 — Cherub & Camden Joy get it on. by Cherubcrush07/05/023.67

Chandler, Joey, Ross & Jan

 — Chandler wants Ross when Ross gives what Joey has. by baroquecock10/17/143.42

Chanel's Rehearsal

 — Chanel West Coast has fun on set. by TavernKnight01/19/164.50HOT

Changing Channels Ch. 01

 — He's trapped inside of the television gets Charmed. by Maguppy Puppy03/02/054.50HOT

Changing Channels Ch. 02

 — The Halliwell sisters show Peter the Power of Three. by Maguppy Puppy03/07/054.74HOT

Changing Channels Ch. 03

 — Peter meets that 70s redhead. by Maguppy Puppy03/30/054.72HOT

Changing Channels Ch. 04

 — Peter heads somewhere sunny. by Maguppy Puppy02/05/064.54HOT

Changing Channels Ch. 05

 — Peter meets the other Scoobies. by Maguppy Puppy04/17/064.61HOT

Chantz and Brittany's Toy

 — A new mistress joins in. by humbleslave09/07/054.38

Chantz Fortune Christmas

 — The strapon Queen catches Santa. by lilguy12/11/033.05

Charity Case

 — Emma Roberts and a fan have different expectations on a date. by TavernKnight01/19/164.19

Charlie and Me

 — Hot sex with Guardian journalist. by madameedwarda12/01/064.67

Charlie Harper's Biggest Sin

 — Son helps his drunk mother home only to fall victim to her. by MythicalDarkFantasy01/19/164.05

Charlie's Angels Ch. 1

 — Man inherits billion dollars from uncle & three young girls. by Asianlove09/26/024.58HOT

Charlie's Angels Ch. 2

 — Angel leaves & Charlie searches for replacement. by Asianlove10/09/024.64HOT

Charlie's Angels Ch. 3

 — Charlie meets an old friend who takes the angels on a cruise. by Asianlove10/20/024.66HOT

Charlie's Angels: Angel Cum Home

 — Jill brings home her fiance. by suckandfuck07/05/074.61HOT

Charlie's Angels: Angel Hunt

 — All 3 trapped on an island and hunted, but not with guns. by suckandfuck09/26/064.47

Charlie's Angels: Angel in a Trance

 — Kelly is hypnotized and her lust is insatiable. by suckandfuck08/20/064.55HOT

Charlie's Angels: Angel in Paradise

 — Kris visits a nude beach in Hawaii. by suckandfuck01/26/074.41

Charlie's Angels: Angel Juice

 — Charlie conducts a blind taste test. by suckandfuck02/05/074.72HOT

Charlie's Angels: Angels Go Fuckin'

 — Undercover at a massage parlor, the Angels do glory holes. by suckandfuck11/22/064.32

Charlie's Angels: Angels Go Fuckin' Ch. 02

 — The angels return for another day of even harder work. by suckandfuck11/25/064.67HOT

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Love

 — The angels take a strong liking to their new client. by suckandfuck09/13/064.79HOT

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