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Charlie's Angels: Blackjack

 — Kris gets her first taste of black cock. by suckandfuck02/09/074.54HOT

Charlie's Angels: Bull's Eye

 — Jill's kidnapper is blown away. by suckandfuck08/14/064.50HOT

Charlie's Angels: Dreamland Angel

 — A bet between Sabrina and Kris leads to strange dreams. by suckandfuck08/16/074.62HOT

Charlie's Angels: Golden Opportunity

 — Sabrina hooks up with a kinky stranger at the movies. by suckandfuck09/10/064.50HOT

Charlie's Angels: Lazy Saturday

 — Kris tries something new; the sisters share a stranger. by suckandfuck10/11/074.77HOT

Charlie's Angels: Mexico Connection

 — Caught snooping, Jill puts the F in MMMF. by suckandfuck09/16/064.54HOT

Charlie's Angels: No Blonds Allowed

 — Sabrina and Kelly spend some quality time together. by suckandfuck03/31/084.50HOT

Charlie's Angels: Pilot

 — Jill and Sabrina give fellow angel Kelly a warm welcome. by suckandfuck08/07/064.83HOT

Charlie's Angels: Sisterly Love

 — Kris tells Jill her secret. by suckandfuck05/23/074.79HOT

Charlie's Angels: Target: Anal

 — There's a back door to heaven. by suckandfuck08/26/064.24

Charlie's Angels: Terror in Snow

 — Kris is nearly frozen, can Kelly warm her up? by suckandfuck03/20/074.25

Charlie's Angels: The Big Eat-Out

 — The Angels enjoy their first creampie. by suckandfuck08/26/064.55HOT

Charlie's Angels: The Little Angel

 — Kris is introduced to the joys of female pleasure. by suckandfuck11/15/064.88HOT

Charlie's Angels: The Little Angel Ch. 02

 — Kris gives Kelly her virginity. by suckandfuck01/17/074.47

Charlize Theron's Act of Seduction

 — Rehearsing a kissing scene turns into much more. by Bridget6910/03/174.38


 — Country musician Charly McClain meets the love of her life. by Pandoras Desire07/31/064.39

Charly Ch. 02

 — In the studio with Charly. by Pandoras Desire08/22/064.57

Charly Ch. 03

 — Cool days, hot Memphis nights. by Pandoras Desire08/25/064.20

Charly Ch. 04

 — from a hot night, to a sweet reward at the CMA's by Pandoras Desire09/10/063.67

Charly Ch. 05

 — Charly plays the Tennessee state fair. by Pandoras Desire10/24/065.00

Charly Ch. 06

 — Charly sings the Nations Anthem at her hometown in Memphis. by Pandoras Desire02/10/073.67

Charly Ch. 07

 — Charly buys a new Jag for Wayne. by Pandoras Desire03/09/074.57

Charly Ch. 08

 — Wayne throws a huge birthday party for Charly. by Pandoras Desire10/10/075.00

Charmed - A Glamorous Man

 — Phoebe and Paige spend an afternoon indulging desires. by TNP_09/20/114.62HOT

Charmed - Not So Bad After All Ch. 01

 — The Charmed sisters enjoy another afternoon. by TNP_10/25/114.56HOT

Charmed, I'm Sure

 — Alyssa Milano meets someone special - Rose's someone! by Darlantan09/30/07

Charming the Charmed Ones Ch. 01

 — Alyssa and Holly get some help from a mysterious stranger. by GameTime01/03/034.35

Charming the Charmed Ones Ch. 02

 — Rose McGowan joins the party. by GameTime01/05/034.53HOT

Chase Goes to College Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Ann Marie fucks Jon Bon Jovi in his van or is it really him? by jean_p_berri11/05/184.17

Chato Santana (El Diablo)

 — This is if El Diablo from Suicide Squad lived. by batsybatsybatsy05/06/174.50

Chato Santana (El Diablo) Ch. 02

 — Aquarius and Chato get a surprise, and Flagg gets an idea. by batsybatsybatsy05/11/175.00

Chato Santana (El Diablo) Ch. 03

 — Something, or someone, comes up. by batsybatsybatsy05/31/175.00

Chauffeur Adventures Pt. 01

 — A limousine is the perfect place for Taylor Swift to relax. by repatriate05/24/144.15

Cheating on Logan

 — Chloe Bennet FaceTime's Logan Paul while cheating on him. by TheBigLove12608/01/184.04

Cheering Up Martina

 — He meets Martina Hingis after a Wimbeldon loss. by sarcasm07/25/013.61


 — The friendly Boston bar was much friendlier than it seemed. by Merob06/23/033.98

Cheers Luv! The Cavalry's Here!

 — Futa! Zarya Cucks Tracer with Her Huge Cannon. by JennyLoser02/09/183.73

Cheers: The Gay Version Ch. 01

 — Sam & Woody enjoy storage room quickie. by sack06/19/044.31

Cheers: The Gay Version Ch. 02

 — Sam turns out to be a top. by sack06/21/044.41

Chelsea Handler Streetwalker

 — Chelsea Handler being a cheap whore. by DickThePimp08/15/183.64

Chen Stormstout Conquers Azeroth

 — A Pandaren travels Azeroth in search of some fun. by ItsJessy11/02/114.78HOT

Cherry Gets Cheered Up

 — Cherry sees Matt Hardy and hopes he can cheer her up. by wwekiller03/25/094.27

Cheryl and her Friends: Britney!

 — A contest win and a dream come true for Cheryl. by JLCC06/30/154.33

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 01

 — Cheryl Cole Finds a New Dominatrix. by TheDarkCloud02/06/114.40

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 02

 — Cheryl Cole Willingly Submits completely to Lily. by TheDarkCloud08/08/114.21

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 03

 — Cheryl Cole enter the Royal Court. by TheDarkCloud11/19/114.48

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 04

 — Miss Cole for once royally entertains. by TheDarkCloud06/29/124.32

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 05

 — British babes in more bondage adventures. by TheDarkCloud12/23/144.55HOT

Cheryl's Got the X-Factor

 — Cheryl Cole looks outside of her rocky marriage. by lickmybananabread12/04/084.21

Chess: Confession

 — Jon Chess confesses at the Cathedral of Light. by fafhrd0906/07/183.00

Chi-Chi's New Job

 — Chi-Chi gets a new job to help pay the bills. by TheHentaiKnight06/25/184.56HOT

Child of the Empress

 — The ultimate sith is born. by Darkdog9504/11/142.18

Child Stars No Longer

 — Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci lose themselves. by Evil Alpaca11/15/044.57HOT

Children of the Moon Ch. 1

 — Sylver meets & gives herself to Riddick. by Melacynthe09/18/024.62HOT

Children of the Moon Ch. 2

 — The past is irrelevant, the night is her prison. by Melacynthe09/29/024.67HOT

Chillin Wild Safari

 — A script for his favorite black porn stars. by griffiev07/29/033.33

Chilling By the Pool

 — Nina Dobrev's friend finds out her true feelings about him. by Lazyninjas05/04/16

Chloe's Kal

 — Just when Chloe found Clark on Red K in Metro? by Darlantan04/06/074.27


 — It can be more erotic to not have a choice than to choose. by Tepin04/10/074.42

Choosy Lovers

 — Kate Mara and Ellen Page get intimate after a film festival. by cadeauxxx09/19/174.66HOT

Chris & Carmen

 — Carmen Electra finds a fan with a foot fetish. by cbf31608/25/013.37

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God

 — Lucky author gets her fantasy fulfilled. by Goldeniangel06/30/124.72HOT


 — Assistant gets up close & personal with Chris Jericho. by darkphoenix103/24/064.36

Chris-Crossed Ch. 02

 — A kiss is never just a kiss, when it comes from Chris. by darkphoenix104/15/064.50HOT


 — Rock star wannabe meets Xtina. by Almasy23005/31/034.20

Christina Aguilera's Awakening

 — What happened on the night of the MTV music awards. by jessy1908/12/034.23

Christina Aguilera's Restroom Adventure

 — Christina meets Ru Paul. by Stardog Champion12/17/003.63

Christina Also Sucks

 — Ms Aguilera met her worst enemies. by Brian_Grecco07/16/013.52

Christina Aquilera:

 — Christina is surprised in shower. by Justin Christopher12/22/003.86

Christina Gets It Ch. 01

 — Christina Hendricks wants to be the center of attention. by chlp11/19/183.60

Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet

 — Christina meets her well-hung match. by Noj09/23/144.51HOT

Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet Ch. 02

 — Christina can't resist a second round. by Noj02/05/154.60HOT

Christina Hendricks - Cockpuppet Ch. 03

 — Christina finally gives it all up. by Noj03/01/174.82HOT

Christina Hendricks is My Step-Mom

 — Christina Hendricks takes step-sons virginity and more. by HoaxLetter01/01/164.56HOT

Christina Hendricks wants the Lead

 — How badly does she want the part? by sammbeltt04/12/174.47

Christina in Paris

 — Christina Aguilera falls in love with her girl friend. by Xtinas_Girlfriend02/16/054.62HOT

Christina Milian Helps Out

 — She helps stranded motorist, who then helps her. by tight_thong06/09/054.10

Christina Reviews A Mix

 — The recording session of his life. by VFucci08/14/044.20

Christina Solo on Stage

 — Christina decides to end the upstaging war. by MeanElf11/22/043.91

Christina's Idea of Fun

 — Christina Aguilera plays games with inexperienced porter. by DavidGinola08/18/054.61HOT

Christina's New Bassist

 — The Dirrty Girl hires a new musician. by greatowl07/05/054.78HOT

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 01

 — Christina Hendricks begins a quest to meet UK Glamour girls. by chlp09/10/183.75

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 02

 — Christina Hendricks visits Lucy Pinder's home. by chlp09/15/184.00

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 03

 — Christina Hendricks and Lucy Pinder fuck three dudes. by chlp09/21/183.89

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 04

 — Christina Hendricks and Sammy Braddy have a foursome. by chlp09/22/184.29

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 05

 — Lucy Pinder fucks two black men on the set of a photoshoot. by chlp09/25/184.10

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 06

 — Sophie Howard invites Christina Hendricks to a sex club. by chlp09/26/183.88

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 07

 — Christina Hendricks and Emma Glover fuck two men in a taxi. by chlp09/28/184.20

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 08

 — Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard warm up Christina Hendricks. by chlp11/28/184.54HOT

Christine's Call Girl Confession

 — Christine is asked to play a starring role. by andtheend01/16/103.83

Christmas In New York City

 — Buffy and Angel spend Christmas in The Big Apple. by angel1312/12/012.38

Christmas Magic

 — Racquel Darrian and Nikki Tyler fucked by Santa. by Deckard696905/29/164.93HOT

Christy Cleans Up For Orton

 — GM for the night meets Christy to help clean him up. by wwekiller01/15/094.10

Christy Hemme and LAX

 — A TNA tag team loser fucks valvet match and Christy loses. by wwekiller04/15/104.71HOT

Christy Loves Them Dicks

 — Christy Hemme just loves to be tag teamed. by Dice_Casden03/02/104.07

Chronicles of Cain

 — Dallas is infested with vampires, werewolves & mages. by Aztek Pagan03/13/054.60

Chronicles of Spider-Man

 — Spider-Man is defeated by the most unlikely enemy. by SmithPortinoi10/28/084.40

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 02

 — Mary Jane gets blackmailed. by SmithPortinoi11/05/084.57HOT

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 03

 — Comes the Cat. by SmithPortinoi12/02/084.61HOT

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 04

 — Will Katzenburg get his prize? by SmithPortinoi12/24/084.57HOT

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 05

 — Who is behind Mary Jane's downfall? by SmithPortinoi01/20/094.48

Chronicles of the Bat

 — Catwoman is caught by Batman in more ways than one. by solusoya12/16/104.59HOT

Chuck and Sarah Ch. 01

 — Twist of fate in Paris. by MaitreNuit08/13/11

Chuck and Sarah Ch. 02

 — Beneath Costa Gravan Sun. by MaitreNuit08/15/11

Chuck and Sarah Ch. 03

 — Belgrade, a spy's guide. by MaitreNuit08/17/11

Chuck S03E15: Sarah vs. Morgan

 — Morgan's dreams come true. by CTR6901/15/164.69HOT

Chuck S1E10: Thanksgiving Muff

 — Anna gets Ellie as her just desserts. by Stories_From_the_TV03/16/174.59HOT

Chuck S2E13: Sarah Versus the Suburbs

 — Sarah meets her sexual match in the suburbs. by Stories_From_the_TV01/01/164.59HOT

Chuck S3E6: Interrogated by the CIA

 — Sarah charms another nerd to reveal his secrets. by CTR6904/17/164.56HOT

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 01

 — Chuck's day starts getting spicy. by Sensa801/09/094.33

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 02

 — Part two of the story. by Sensa801/12/094.56HOT

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 03

 — The sexual saga of Chuck continues. by Sensa801/13/094.43

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 04

 — Not as spicy - a transition chapter. by Sensa803/08/094.30

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 05

 — Chuck and Sarah find themselves in FULCRUM hands. by Sensa804/05/094.55HOT

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06

 — The story continues. by Sensa807/05/094.59HOT

Chun-Li Vs. Bison

 — Violent and darkly sexual story of Chun-Li's humiliation. by elissanymph06/19/033.99

Ciara Ch. 01

 — Beginning of a beautiful day for singer/actress Ciara. by Slappy10105/24/063.96

Ciara Ch. 02

 — Ciara heads to the studio & meets Rihanna. by Slappy10106/03/064.20

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