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Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 12

 — Tyrone & Maria find a different side to Jack & Vera. by cargy1uk09/10/014.17

Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 13

 — Further long awaited Corrie's romp. by cargy1uk03/15/024.24

Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 14

 — Bet makes a welcome return. by cargy1uk06/24/024.14

Corrie Fun

 — Steve & Liz's twist of fate. by RapeMeister08/26/053.78

Corrie Fun Ch. 02

 — Tracy comes out smelling of roses, again. by RapeMeister08/27/053.64

Corrie Meets Emmerdale Ch. 01

 — Joe Tate in Manchester, meets a beautiful black accountant. by RedSox0409/20/184.00

Corrie Meets Emmerdale Ch. 02

 — Robert and Victoria meet at a cookery course. by RedSox0410/07/181.00

Corrie Street Ch. 1

 — A soap fantasy. by Shyjohn03/17/024.33

Corrie Street Ch. 2

 — Does Sally ever get enough? by Shyjohn10/15/024.48

Corrie The Next Generation Ch. 01

 — Toyah and Angie enjoy a new experience. by RedSox0411/03/184.00

Corruption Is a State of Mind

 — Emma enlists Sue Storm in her effort to corrupt Jean Grey. by Zev9502/21/144.63HOT

Corruption Is Just Another Change o

 — Sue Storm goes to a new club and ends up the main attraction. by Zev9508/07/134.53HOT

Cosmic Break Down

 — Rose and the Doctor find themselves adrift in space. by darthcool06/09/144.52HOT

Cosplay Fun Ch. 01

 — A Cloud cosplayer and a Tifa cosplayer hook up at a con. by ninwin00012/19/164.84HOT

Cosplay Fun Ch. 02

 — Christina really shows off her new Poison Ivy cosplay. by ninwin00003/17/174.61HOT

Counseling Ch. 01

 — Various celebrities need help. by AchtungNight12/20/08

Counseling Ch. 02

 — Preparations for spying on Evan Rachel Wood. by AchtungNight12/21/08

Counseling Ch. 03

 — Costume party at the Marilyn Manson home. by AchtungNight12/22/08

Counseling Ch. 04

 — Conflicts resolved and concluded. by AchtungNight12/24/08

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 1

 — A parody of events on the Enterprise. by Mndom08/30/014.18

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 2

 — Troi seeks comfort from the crew. by Mndom09/14/013.77

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 3

 — Beverly & Picard return to the Enterprise along with... by Mndom03/17/023.72

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 4

 — Counselor Troi helps Dr. Crusher fufill a fantasy. by Mndom11/23/024.10

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 5

 — Dr. Crusher helps Counselor Troi fufill a fantasy by Mndom10/30/034.17


 — Carol Vorderman gets lucky. by Blueboy407/01/024.23

Countdown Carol in Austria

 — Carol Vorderman and her friend pick up a hitchhiker. by blueeyedboy06/27/034.22

Counting On You

 — Carrie Underwood helps her girlfriend Kelly Clarkson. by FraggleRock12/03/094.57HOT

Country Love Ch. 01

 — A man finds love in Nashville with Taylor Swift. by Hobbitman45706/23/084.19

County Music Female Teen Tour Ch. 1

 — Hot country teens have fun on tour. by nasty105/20/013.23

Courting Brooke Shields

 — Chauffeur makes it with lonely, horny star. by star_driver06/02/014.38

Courtney Love Streetwalker

 — Courtney Love being a cheap whore. by DickThePimp07/15/184.10

Covert Affairs: Operation Black Ore

 — TV's Annie Walker has sexual adventures for the CIA. by nicoloco09/19/124.58HOT

CR.A.J. Shows Off

 — Dolph Ziggler apologizes to RAW GM AJ. by Dice_Casden03/25/134.48

Crabapple Cove Ch. 01

 — Hawkeye and Hot Lips together after M*A*S*H. by Nigel Debonnaire04/18/11

Crabapple Cove Ch. 02

 — Father Mulcahy works some magic. by Nigel Debonnaire04/19/11

Crabapple Cove Ch. 03

 — Winchester comes through in a pinch. by Nigel Debonnaire04/20/11

Crabapple Cove Ch. 04

 — BJ pulls a prank on Hawkeye and Margaret. by Nigel Debonnaire07/16/11

Craig And Flo's Dreams Come True

 — Two guys meet Lindsay Lohan. by suidward10/06/053.42

Craig And Flo's Dreams Come True Ch. 02

 — Britney is next on their dream list. by suidward10/16/053.38

Craig's Dreams Come True

 — Lindsay Lohan takes a holiday. by suidward04/18/052.60

Craig's Dreams Come True Ch. 02

 — Christina Aguilera fulfills his fantasy. by suidward04/19/053.09

Craig's Dreams Come True Ch. 03

 — Sophie Ellis-Bextor gets fucked hard. by suidward05/12/052.85

Craig's Dreams True Again!

 — Avril Lavigne meets two boys in London. by suidward08/07/052.57

Crash and Burn

 — A man's job leads to an encounter with Kirsten Dunst by petervongrunigan2802/20/034.14

Cravings of a She-Wolf

 — Shakira's inner She-Wolf gets satisfied. by Noj04/08/104.84HOT


 — Viggo Mortensen & stuntwoman get freaky in the shower. by helena_snow_renn03/18/044.72HOT

Crazy in Love: The Beyonce Story

 — She falls "Crazy in Love" with sexy star. by mytasteislikecandy01/24/044.35

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

 — Dressed like rival AJ, Kaitlyn gets some of Dolph Ziggler by daxg200111/18/144.11

Crime and Punishment: Arrow Style

 — Felicity's been a bad, bad girl. by IsabelRochev01/06/174.04

Criminal Minds Ch. 01

 — Spencer has a secret admirer. by Pelaam04/24/094.67HOT

Criminal Minds Ch. 02

 — Yea Though I Walk: Derek needs a hero. by Pelaam06/20/094.69HOT

Criminal Minds Ch. 03

 — Derek's past demons threaten his future with Spencer. by Pelaam12/27/094.67HOT

Criminal Minds: Dr Spencer Reid

 — With a high IQ and didatic memory, he can't forget her. by wife2hotblk04/09/094.63HOT

Criminal Minds: Emily's Surprise

 — What little surprise does Emily Prentiss have for the team? by wife2hotblk03/12/104.15

Criminal Minds: Gideon's New Life

 — Whatever happened to him anyway? by Tara_Neale04/25/124.84HOT

Crossing the GAP Ch. 1

 — What a man does in a GAP year. by Bad-minton08/03/013.60

Crossing Over Another Generation

 — John discovers how much Kathryn misses her father. by Ulyssa04/28/01

Cruel Liaisons, Dangerous Intentions

 — Bet could lead to red-hot incest or humiliation. by TheDarkCloud06/07/054.41

Cruz Cruise Cruz

 — Penelope, Tom, Persephone = The Cruise Sandwich. by Emmah09/23/013.40

Cruzing On The First Date

 — Penelope Cruz goes on a first date with Tom Cruise. by Formerly Ty08/23/013.50

Crystal Egger Comes Calling

 — Crystal helps with my agenda, I help with hers. by dispatcher5909/07/154.35

CSI and Internal Affairs

 — The CSI Las Vegas team is suspected of internal affairs. by walterio12/13/074.46

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 02

 — The CSI Las Vegas team is joined by CSI Miami on the case. by walterio12/19/074.61HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 03

 — CSI Miami and CSI Las Vegas get intimate. by walterio12/26/074.60HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 04

 — Sara and Calleigh are taken hostage. by walterio01/03/084.56HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 05

 — CSI Miami wraps up its work in Las Vegas. by walterio01/12/084.61HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 06

 — New York team in Las Vegas and action in Miami. by walterio01/23/084.64HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 07

 — Fantasies are fulfilled in Vegas and for Ryan in Miami by walterio02/17/084.69HOT

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 08

 — Sara gets carried away in the Big Apple. by walterio03/28/084.38

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 09

 — Final Chapter for CSI Las Vegas, Miami and New York. by walterio09/12/084.32

CSI Resolutions and Romance

 — Danny and Don take things a step further. by Milliemoon04/18/074.52HOT

CSI What Friends Are For

 — Danny and Don get closer after a difficult day. by Milliemoon03/26/074.50HOT

CSI: All He'd Ever Wanted

 — Don and Danny face happiness and heartache. by Milliemoon07/05/074.77HOT

CSI: Always & Forever Ch. 01

 — Random smut scenes involving Nick Stokes and OC Inara Sharpe. by vintagemusings06/16/174.40

CSI: Always & Forever Ch. 02

 — Another smut scene this time Nick's POV. by vintagemusings06/17/174.33

CSI: Lip Service

 — CSI Warwick Brown, on the Down Low. by mrwrong97205/15/063.43

CSI: Old Friends

 — An old friend needs Nick. by complicatedfaery08/03/054.45

CSI: The Hot Tub

 — Man is found dead in his hot tub; was it an accident? by DG Hear09/24/064.61HOT

CSI: Trust

 — CSI's Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom recreate a crime photo. by mrwrong97211/27/054.36

CSI: Trust Series - Intoxication

 — Sara and Grissom reconnect in California along with a friend. by cclarkgo01/24/094.44

CSI: Vegas Perchance to Dream

 — A misunderstanding threatens Nick and Greg's relationship. by Pelaam09/18/094.65HOT

CSI:NY When You Walk

 — Don is concerned about Danny's houseguest. by Pelaam09/18/094.66HOT

Cuck-Queen: A Velvet Dungeon Story

 — Aly and AJ Michalka indulge in one of Aly's top fantasies. by evil_from_cssa06/14/174.19

Cuddy is Caught!

 — Cuddy from House is caught masturbating by Thirteen. by BigBadBill12303/31/124.34

Cuff Me Leland

 — Night of fantasy with hot bounty hunter. by touche01/19/064.61HOT

Cum with Me If You Want To Live Ch. 01

 — John learns the skills future him needs to save the world. by sievan06/12/104.46

Cumming to Comic Con

 — Man saves Jessica Nigri and gets rewarded. by Lazyninjas03/17/15

Cunt Be Tamed

 — Miley really knows how to satisfy herself. by RoseDiamond03/21/124.30

Cupid has a Bad Day

 — Cupid, God of Love, doesn't want to shoot any more arrows. by andtheend01/22/102.84

Cure For Writer's Block Take Two

 — A Chris Evan's fanfiction. by JReverie02/26/174.64HOT

Curing Brian

 — Brian is upset that he breaks up with his girlfriend. by Loki846701/28/083.25

Curing Her Carpal Tunnel

 — Cassadee Pope finds a hot way to relieve her carpal tunnel. by jjgarces03/01/153.50

Curiosity Didn't Kill Kat

 — Kat confides in Kara, in many ways. by sic sic heretic12/05/054.35

Curse of the Ex-Girlfriend Motif

 — It’s strange the way you’ve shaped your hair. by SexyJennaInk10/11/054.80

Cutting Room Floor: Armageddon

 — Deleted scene involving Grace's lack of respect. by ZIP CODE07/02/024.27

Cutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 1

 — A fictional deleted scene in the movie Face/Off.. by ZIP CODE05/05/024.40

Cutting Room Floor: Face/Off Ch. 2

 — Eve comes home to a wild sight. by ZIP CODE05/30/024.66HOT

Cutting Room Floor: Return of the Jedi

 — Deleted scene involving certain girl in gold bikini. by ZIP CODE06/03/024.63HOT

Cyar'ika Ch. 01

 — Etain and Darman break the rules. by shereshoy10/15/114.61HOT

Cyar'ika Ch. 02

 — Etain sees Darman for the first time... by shereshoy10/25/114.27

Cyar'ika Ch. 03

 — Etain pleasures Darman for the first time... by shereshoy11/03/114.48

Cybertation: Jennifer Lopez

 — My fantasy with Jennifer Lopez. by J_J_Livingstone05/06/123.10

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 08

 — Carmen Electra electrifies the flight home. by Liquor6904/08/144.66HOT

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 10

 — Staci finally meet Mark and Gary. Thai Trannys arrive. by Liquor6904/27/144.58HOT

D.Va's Friendly Mechanic

 — D.Va decides to "reward" her new, friendly mechanic by logo36507/29/174.00

Daddy Solo Pt. 01

 — Ben Solo tests a new student, will she pass? by stephseward03/06/184.11

Daddy's Bad Girl

 — Stephanie McMahon was Daddy's Little Girl. by WwFdiVa41709/10/013.07


 — Hayley Atwell is a beard, but not to her father-in-law. by Zev9508/20/154.53HOT

Daenerys' Minx

 — Daenerys gets a new maid for some housekeeping. by prettylittleminx01/10/183.75

Daisy Does The Dukes

 — After prison, the boys find things have changed. by old_n_dirrty07/19/114.28

Daisy Duke's Daisy Dukes

 — She's hot in her cut-off jeans but even hotter out of them. by SweetPrettyAss09/07/134.32

Daisy Ridley's Possession

 — Daisy Ridley's newest movie prop shows her new experiences. by Flsh1910/31/173.55

Daisy Ridley's Possession Ch. 02

 — Daisy is shown Alcina's true power. by Flsh1901/29/183.78

Dalene Kurtis

 — What would you do if you bumped into Miss September 2001? by hopeolsonfan08/22/054.15

Dalliance with Daisy Pt. 01

 — A case of mistaken identity leads to fun with Daisy Ridley. by Slyguy131310/31/184.50HOT

Dalliance with Daisy Pt. 02

 — Tony bumps into Daisy one day at the office. by Slyguy131311/04/184.23

Dance Lessons

 — An interview with Ashley Scott takes a very pleasant turn. by TNP_06/06/114.83HOT

Dance with Desire

 — Zobio and Zobiko find some time for each other. by Darkinferno06/13/123.00

Dancing Dalaran Beefsteak

 — A Draenei girl falls for a dancing Tauren. by Aestu09/11/124.00

Dancing in Zero G

 — Erotic romanctic sex in zero gravity. by AeternaLee08/31/114.25

Dancing with the Stars

 — A private audition for a superstar. by alexxxis11/01/074.44

Dancing With The Stars Final Orgy

 — A wild orgy of celebrities and dancers. by alexxxis12/30/074.15

Danger Ch. 17

 — Danger wins backstage meeting with Britney Spears. by snowsquall08/23/014.53HOT

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