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Danger Ch. 25

 — Danger meets one of his favourite actresses. by snowsquall09/04/014.44

Danger Ch. 8

 — Danger learns the secret behind Jo Dee Messina's success. by snowsquall07/25/014.58HOT

Danica Patrick, What a Woman

 — Fan gets once-in-a-lifetime meeting with famous driver. by easygoinguy06/06/064.21

Danneel's Dalliances Ch. 01

 — A wild and kinky night with Danneel Harris. by Doctor_Nick02/15/084.41

Dannii - A Kinky Night In

 — Dannii Minogue romps with a stripper, then an escort. by Noj08/22/074.76HOT

Dannii - A Kinky Night In Ch. 02

 — Dannii finally takes her stripper home. by Noj03/10/084.86HOT

Dannii Minogue - Tempted and Bound

 — Dannii gets more than the bargained for on a shopping trip. by Noj03/01/094.62HOT

Danny & Me

 — Sexcapade with Danny Williams. by SexyFairy7309/26/155.00

Daring Dixon

 — Daryl Dixon, Need I say more? by thewetpuppy03/15/154.26

Dark Angel

 — She meets Jessica Alba on the set. by ghoag03/11/014.01

Dark Angel's Embrace

 — Darth Vader returned to his mistress Lylla on Coruscant by Wltdnfaded12/30/054.69HOT

Dark Angel: A Different Path

 — Max gets a taste of what life at Manticore would be like. by supman07/29/114.57HOT

Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat

 — Max struggles to maintain control as she goes into heat. by supman06/05/074.35

Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat Ch. 02

 — Max's actions while she was in heat come back to haunt her. by supman07/14/074.68HOT

Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat Ch. 03

 — Max discovers the identities of her blackmailers. by supman08/01/074.37

Dark Angel: An Angel in Heat Ch. 04

 — Max fights back against her blackmailers. by supman08/13/074.47

Dark Angel: Fertility

 — Max is tracked down by Vikki and her clones. by inyotefi06/04/114.71HOT

Dark Angel: Fertility Ch. 02

 — Max and Alec meet XXL. by inyotefi06/09/114.78

Dark Angel: Heat Wave

 — Max does an Eyes Only mission while in heat. by inyotefi11/13/104.77HOT

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 02

 — Max's heat dilemma continues. by inyotefi04/29/114.64HOT

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 03

 — Max goes from an argument with Logan to 'heat' with Blaine. by inyotefi06/01/114.43

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 04

 — Max and the Reds go at 'it.' by inyotefi06/04/114.60HOT

Dark Angel: Heated Encounter

 — Max goes into heat and runs into some old friends. by supman07/10/084.50HOT

Dark Angel: Horny Angel

 — This Angel is horny. by Marquis de Porn05/06/024.02

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd

 — Max sets out to help a fellow X5 in need. by inyotefi09/06/124.92HOT

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 02

 — Max and Sam go after Sean Gleason. by inyotefi09/21/125.00HOT

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 03

 — Deals, betrayals & desperation. by inyotefi11/30/124.86HOT

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 04

 — Operation Rescue: Max goes after Sam. More truths are revealed. by inyotefi12/14/125.00

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 05

 — Anguish & heartache as Max breaks into Terminal City. by inyotefi12/30/124.93HOT

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 06

 — Showdown: Max, Sam, & Tranny's vs. Klaas. by inyotefi04/09/144.91HOT

Dark Angel: Nark

 — Plagued by heat Max bumps into a jittery kid on the run. by inyotefi05/24/124.56HOT

Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 02

 — Max learns who the players are after the 'human-nark list'. by inyotefi05/30/125.00HOT

Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 03

 — Intrigue, sex, & mystery as Max’s saga continues. by inyotefi06/04/124.90HOT

Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 04

 — Max attempts to temper lust as adrenaline erupts. by inyotefi06/05/124.62

Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 05

 — The culmination of X5-452's smutty saga. by inyotefi06/08/124.91HOT

Dark Angel: Nemesis

 — Max finds out Seth is not dead. by inyotefi07/21/104.76HOT

Dark Angel: Temperance

 — A continuation of Max’s sexploits from the Heat Wave saga. by inyotefi06/12/114.54HOT

Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 02

 — Max goes after Sergei Petrovic but stumbles onto a little surprise. by inyotefi06/17/114.71

Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 03

 — The grand finale of Max’s adventure. by inyotefi07/16/115.00

Dark Angel: The Project Ch. 01

 — White uses Max for a sexual experiment. by plaything6901/26/074.75HOT

Dark Angel: What if? Hello, Goodbye

 — What if Max and Alec shared more than a friendly hug? by supman01/22/084.41

Dark Dawn: The Spike Chronicles

 — Dawn & Faith encounter good ol' Spike. by StarFox11/08/014.04

Dark Desire For The Dark Angel

 — Jessica Alba gets lost in her role. by StarFox10/22/014.25

Dark Desires

 — Silkie and Crue find passion even amidst danger. by Silkie Butterfly06/19/064.33

Dark Eco Corruption: Ashelin

 — Ashelin learns about the dangers of Dark Eco. by Terra_Lupis04/23/183.50NEW

Dark Face of the Past

 — Eve faces someone from her past. by JasperMan11/24/014.29

Dark Impulse Ch. 00

 — An unfortunate incident in Battery Park. by Aurora Black03/24/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 01

 — David and Grace are caught in a moral dilemma. by Aurora Black03/25/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 02

 — Gabriel dreams of Grace and is compelled to help. by Aurora Black03/26/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 03

 — Gabriel revisits the past through Grace's diary. by Aurora Black03/27/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 04

 — Gabriel grows uneasy while meeting with an old friend. by Aurora Black04/10/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 05

 — Grace contemplates her past life with Gabriel. by Aurora Black04/11/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 06

 — Grace confronts David. by Aurora Black04/12/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 07

 — Liam makes Gabriel an offer he can't refuse. by Aurora Black04/13/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 08

 — Gabriel reaches out to Grace. by Aurora Black05/06/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 09

 — Grace is determined to go it alone. by Aurora Black05/07/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 10

 — Hiroshi and Raphael talk of dreams. by Aurora Black05/08/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 11

 — Grace receives a special gift. by Aurora Black05/09/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 12

 — Gabriel, Liam and Mosely grow anxious. by Aurora Black05/22/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 13

 — Grace makes a critical decision. by Aurora Black05/24/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 14

 — Gabriel searches for answers. by Aurora Black05/25/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 15

 — So close, yet so far. by Aurora Black05/26/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 16

 — Grace confesses to Evelyn; Gabriel finally learns the truth. by Aurora Black05/27/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 17

 — Grace decides to hear him out. by Aurora Black06/07/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 18

 — At last, they meet. by Aurora Black06/08/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 19

 — They have a much needed talk. by Aurora Black06/09/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 20

 — David & Liam weave a web of deceit. by Aurora Black06/10/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 21

 — Gabriel sees something dark on the horizon. by Aurora Black06/26/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 22

 — Grace receives devastating news. by Aurora Black07/03/06

Dark Impulse Ch. 23

 — Grace finally tells Gabriel about their son. by Aurora Black08/06/06

Dark Miracle

 — A twist on Feehan's Dark Series for Halloween. by WickedWendyDru10/07/104.87HOT

Dark Venomous Urges

 — Queen Mera runs afoul of the villainous Black Manta. by DarkMarvelDC11/16/174.38

Darken and the Mord-Sith

 — Sword of Truth Denna punished. by Pure Sword Fiction04/29/033.76

Darkness Comes to Woodford Bridge Ch. 01

 — A thriller starring Natalie Portman. by Cactus Jack 0104/16/054.66HOT

Darkness Comes to Woodford Bridge Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of a thriller starring Natalie Portman. by Cactus Jack 0105/21/054.53HOT

Darkwatch on Mordor Ch. 01

 — Old Warrior welcomes young Mage to the Edge of Darkness by Nigel Debonnaire08/05/13

Darkwatch on Mordor Ch. 02

 — Making a Home on the Edge of Darkness. by Nigel Debonnaire08/06/13

Date Night with Mia Malkova

 — A typical date get very hot, very quickly. by Writtensex03/18/182.89

Dating Diana

 — A genderfluid person has a Wonder-ful date. by Kladdaugh05/27/164.13

Daughters Make the Best Bitches

 — Ella and her friends anally gang bang her daughter. by MTL1708/29/154.62HOT

Dave's Bonus

 — Cherri's chauffeur has earned a little something. by richywood12/28/114.61HOT

Dawn of the Jed

 — The zombie plague hit Beverly Hills. by larry7440305/07/113.12

Dawn Patrol Episode 1

 — Xander finds more to Dawn than meets the eye. by steamy_405/17/024.19

Dawn Patrol Episode 2

 — Dawn works hard at being centre of attention. by steamy_405/30/024.33

Dawson's Cock

 — Dawson's friends discover his big cock. by jessy1902/03/054.05

Dawson's Creek - Fuster-Cluck

 — Damsels of Capeside aka Joey's Summer. by Dragonfly5410/15/074.38

Dawson's Creek - Summer Fun

 — Dawson spends summer with Aunt Gwen and then home with Joey. by Dragonfly5410/12/073.61

Day at the Office

 — Kendall Jenner and friend use Kendall's new office space. by Lazyninjas05/05/16

Day By the Pool

 — Bra and Gohan go into heat while Videl is away. by Darkinferno01/09/144.47

Day By the Pool Ch. 02

 — They struggle with their mutual attraction... by Darkinferno11/25/151.50

Day in the Life Ch. 1

 — WWF Debra gives him tickets and more. by Pimp-dawg04/12/014.42

Day in the Life Ch. 2

 — Stephanie McMahon gives him a new job, & more. by Pimp-dawg05/01/014.40

Day in the Life Ch. 3

 — He spends some time with Lita, & Trish walks in. by Pimp-dawg05/09/014.35

Day in The Life Ch. 4

 — He meets Terri Runnels in her dressing room. by Pimp-dawg06/10/014.37

Day Two with Josh

 — Terri's second day of Josh's visit. by Grobanian_Princess10/27/065.00

Daybreak Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of Jessen and Mikkan. by Kiall08/27/034.35

Daybreak Ch. 03

 — Jessen recovers and heads off to the Consulate. by Kiall08/18/074.67HOT

Daytime Talk is Doing Great

 — But off the air is when this host really is the Hot Topic. by patdown07/08/134.43

Dead Island: Misfortune

 — Xian Mei experiences embarrassment in Banoi. by cypresssmalls05/17/122.83

Dead Island: Payday

 — What Purna didn't know eventually hurt her. by cypresssmalls05/22/122.33

Dead Man Rising

 — Why is the Undertaker in Janelle's dreams? by Venus_in_Furs11/16/054.55HOT

Deadpool Examines Spider-Man

 — Wade acts as Peter's doctor. by UghOkay03/09/184.44

Dealin' With Dawnie

 — Faith tries to scare Dawn off. by MTL1702/11/154.46

Dealin' With Dawnie Ch. 02

 — Faith tries to scare Dawn off. Again. by MTL1703/27/154.38

Dealing with Trish

 — A loyal boyfriend deals with his girlfriend's rival. by dfg198007/21/094.26

Dean and the Dryad

 — Supernatural brothers help a dark and hungry huntress. by brownbeauty11/17/154.67HOT

Dean The Knight & His Loyal Squire

 — I put myself in a fantasy with Dean from Supernatural. by Kizu04/19/133.75

Dearest Carter

 — A letter to the hunky carpenter on HGTV. by ravenswood10/08/084.40

Debra the Horny Housewife

 — Housewife seeks the comfort of an employee. by dfg198004/17/064.33

Debra's Late Night Workout

 — WWF diva gets a workout from black fitness trainer. by Sin_City03/06/024.40

Debra's Meeting with New Agent

 — Celebrity wrestling manager gets person with new agent. by dfg198008/03/164.44

Debra's Sin City Sexcapade

 — WWE diva comes to Vegas for some fun. by dfg198008/17/154.40


 — Commando Clarke rescues pop star Deewa from terrorists. by AchtungNight11/24/08

Debutant Ball

 — It was 1860 and I was to be presented to HRH Queen Victoria. by stickivicki01/22/174.00


 — A Capricorn One fanfic. Dr Kelloway seduces Kay Brubaker. by sheepyboy09/27/124.00

Deckard's Dream

 — A love letter from the future. by TheGlobalSoul05/24/033.00

Dee has Sex with the Waitress

 — *insert music here* by LadyDaisy03/31/183.57

Deep In Her End Zone

 — Mickie James Tackles Big Ben Roethlisberger. by Dice_Casden10/20/124.36

Deeper and Deeper: Edward's First

 — On Isle Esme, Edward takes Bella for the first time. by BellaLover08/16/094.65HOTContest Winner

Deeper Water: Bella's First Time

 — The Cullens consumate their union on Isle Esme. by MissMelancholy06/02/094.31

Defiance of the Jedi

 — Asajj forces Anakin to have sex with her at the Yavin temple. by nazgul10912/21/083.97

Defiance: Hot Mama Stahma

 — Stahma gives her son and future daughter-in-law some advice. by Zev9512/06/144.28

Deflowering The Princess

 — Britney discovers a new way to spend Saturday night. by RufusT11/28/034.70HOT

Deflowering X-Men Babe Shadow Cat

 — Ellen Page loses her virginity at the Cannes film festival. by Kash_the_priest07/03/064.44

Defrosting Killer Frost

 — Iris tries to make Caitlin feel better. by MTL1706/21/164.38

Defrosting Killer Frost Ch. 02

 — Caitlin and Iris go on their first date. by MTL1712/27/164.44

Defrosting Killer Frost Ch. 03

 — Caitlin has a surprise for Iris, and Iris has one for her. by MTL1706/04/174.25

Defrosting Killer Frost Ch. 04

 — Caitlin and Iris come out, and Iris ass fucks Caitlin. by MTL1704/20/184.14NEW

Deleted Scenes - Amok Time

 — Nurse Chapel assists Mr. Spock. by DMaster_1412/25/094.31

Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2

 — A Deleted Scene from Spiderman 2. by MasterOkime07/12/043.44

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