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Everyone Sucks Raymond Ch. 02

 — Debra gets three holes filled at the same time. by sack06/22/044.20

Everyone Sucks Raymond Ch. 03

 — Sexy sandwich with Debra & three men. by sack07/03/044.31


 — Friends make you smile when everything's wrong. by SexyJennaInk06/15/034.26

Everything Looks Better Ch. 01

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron's third pilgrimage by Clunkety08/04/144.50HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 02

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine learns Summoning. by Clunkety08/13/144.57HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 03

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron tells a secret. by Clunkety09/02/144.67HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 04

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine and the pilgrimage. by Clunkety09/17/144.78

Everything Looks Better Ch. 05

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron alone with Raine. by Clunkety10/26/144.50

Everything Looks Better Ch. 06

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine sharpens Auron's sword. by Clunkety12/04/145.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 07

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron's First Second-Time. by Clunkety01/04/155.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 08

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine has a revelation. by Clunkety02/10/154.86

Everything Looks Better Ch. 09

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunkety07/09/154.78

Everything Looks Better Ch. 10

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunkety08/16/154.20

Everything Looks Better Ch. 11

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunkety10/20/155.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 12

 — Epilogue. by Clunkety12/15/155.00

EVIE: The Cock Craving Kiwi

 — Dakota Kai / Evie's swimsuit gets her some attention. by ReptilianEntity12/20/174.33

Evilena Meets Zatanna

 — An illusionist faces a hypnoteuse. by evilenashypnoslave02/01/074.33

Evolution of Britney Spears Episode 1

 — Britney is seduced by a fellow singer. by SWFreak07/29/014.06

Ex Sex

 — (Baby) One More Time. by sweetnpetite11/26/033.67

Executing a Witch

 — Carrie Underwood and her husband go to a Halloween party. by TheBigLove12610/23/15

Exercise Ch. 01

 — A bet between Rogue & Remy affects many others. by Kassiana11/23/044.32

Exercise Ch. 02

 — Remy & Rogue tease each other; Kurt gets caught. by Kassiana11/28/044.56HOT

Exercise Ch. 03

 — Rogue dreams, Jean acts, Scott marvels, Remy teases. by Kassiana12/06/044.58HOT

Exercise Ch. 04

 — Rogue is exposed; Emma is roped in. by Kassiana12/17/044.55HOT

Exercise Ch. 05

 — Kitty conspires with Rogue. by Kassiana12/24/044.32

Exercise Ch. 06

 — Rogue seduces Remy...or does he seduce her? by Kassiana02/09/054.43

Exercise Ch. 07

 — Lots of silliness and plot advances with Rogue and Remy. by Kassiana02/12/054.69HOT

Exercise Ch. 08

 — Scott and Jean have a little chat ... sort of. by Kassiana06/06/054.20

Exotic Flower of Gor

 — A tale of the Ancient City of Ruins. by Alii Nui10/09/054.77HOT

Exploring the Warehouse

 — Cathy Kelley gets lucky while exploring the WWE warehouse. by jjgarces11/04/163.67

Eyes of the Tigress

 — Batgirl meets the Catwoman. by Ann Douglas10/05/174.35

Eyes Wide Open

 — Sensual torture and BDSM. by MDH125101/28/053.75

Ezren and Kyra

 — Wizard and Cleric hook up after battle. by TheSeventhVeil06/07/114.31

F.E.A.R. 2: Sinners' Concourse

 — Becket takes on Alma Wade. by MJKA04/24/094.43


 — My take on how a woman could fall in love with the Joker. by Meow5meow03/26/184.00

F.I.L.W.A.H.M Ch. 02

 — The First Interview. by Meow5meow03/28/184.17

F.I.L.W.A.H.M Ch. 03

 — The Second Interview. by Meow5meow04/09/184.00

F.I.L.W.A.H.M Ch. 04

 — Harleen is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. by Meow5meow04/24/184.83


 — The one where Joey and Phoebe finally get it on. by mrmark8303/14/193.91

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. To Lovers

 — Rachel notices Monica's attraction to her. by FairuzaGrey05/16/044.24

Face Blasters ESPN

 — Cumming on the faces of ESPN hotties. by DickThePimp01/24/192.77

Face Blasters Kathie Lee and Hoda

 — Cumming on the faces of Kathie Lee and Hoda. by DickThePimp01/23/193.10

Face Blasters Kim Kardashian

 — Cumming on Kim Kardashian's face. by DickThePimp01/19/192.92

Face Blasters Kris Jenner

 — Cumming all over the face of Kris Jenner. by DickThePimp06/12/192.92NEW

Face Blasters Pam Oliver

 — Cumming on Pam Oliver's face. by DickThePimp01/16/192.89

Fade To Black

 — He meets with Jennifer Garner on the set of 'Daredevil'. by Cactus Jack05/03/033.48

Fahrenheit in Celsius Ch. 01

 — What might happen if Yuna and Paine were into experimenting. by Slaashyish11/01/074.55HOT

Faint Star

 — Chloe finds out what happened to Danny Bonaduce. by Selena_Kitt12/31/083.75

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 01

 — Kristen falls into a fairy tale and meets Goldilocks. by Goldeniangel03/27/064.31

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 02

 — Kristen finds herself with Jack of the giant beanstalk. by Goldeniangel03/31/064.46

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 03

 — Kristen finds Snow White's seven horny dwarves. by Goldeniangel04/01/064.40

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 04

 — She finds that Little Red Riding Hood is not so little. by Goldeniangel04/02/064.37

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 05

 — Kristen becomes the Big Bad Wolf's bitch. by Goldeniangel04/03/064.34

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 06

 — Kristen gets a welcome from a candlestick. by Goldeniangel04/09/064.25

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 07

 — The Beauty (Kristen) meets the Beast. by Goldeniangel04/14/064.46

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08

 — Kristen's final story with Prince Charming. by Goldeniangel04/16/064.61HOT

Fairy Tale Fantasy: Cindy's Story

 — The untold story of Cinderella. by RedHairedandFriendly11/23/054.50HOTContest Winner

Fairy Tale Fantasy: Rachel's Tower

 — Rapunzal wasn't her real name. by RedHairedandFriendly12/20/054.62HOT

Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story

 — The truth behind the woman and the seven men in the cottage. by RedHairedandFriendly12/08/054.66HOT

Faith vs The Charmed Ones

 — Faith charms her way into Paige's panties. by MTL1707/29/134.38

Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 02

 — Faith charms Paige into submission. by MTL1706/27/144.47

Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 03

 — Faith lets Paige have some fun with Buffy. by MTL1710/08/144.38

Faith's Daring Date

 — Faith's diary entry describing her interracial date. by logo36507/31/173.91

Fall Out Boy: Falling into Lust

 — Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump and a groupie go at it. by Jake_Nosis06/17/083.57

Fallen Poets

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers07/12/164.23

Fallen Poets Pt. 02

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers07/13/164.22

Fallen Poets Pt. 03

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers07/14/164.67

Fallen Poets Pt. 04

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers10/14/164.80

Fallen Poets Pt. 05

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers10/19/164.60

Fallen Poets Pt. 06

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispers10/20/164.67

Fallen Poets Pt. 07

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling but now it ends. by sensualwhispers10/21/164.71

Fallen: Erotic Tales of Angels

 — Young man discovers his angelic heritage. by PredatorSmile07/29/063.86

Falling Back

 — A Joseph Jonas fanfiction. by lunalovebug51303/28/114.75

Fallout 2 - Navarro

 — Tales of love at Navarro Base. by Mackenzie Taylor05/23/114.56HOT

Fallout 4: Making It a Threesome

 — Cait finally gets the threesome with Piper & Sole Survivor. by daxg200103/03/164.40

Fallout 4: Mr. Handy

 — Sometimes you just need comfort. by DirtyMeStoryTime08/17/174.33

Fame Hungry Katy Perry Shows Off

 — Katy Perry is feeling pretty naughty & horny wait & see. by MrOldMuck05/17/192.69


 — Chapter 6 of Buffy season 5 rewrite. by BlissfulZimZum66604/18/043.00

Family Games Pt. 01

 — Meg's afternoon doesn't go as planned. by CarrieAnne0102/10/193.68

Family Guy: Louis and Bonnie

 — Louis shows Bonnie the joy of lesbian sex by jrunner05/03/093.94

Family Night at the Castle

 — Not your average night in the Loft. by SDLRob04/29/144.70HOT

Family Ties, Family Lust

 — Alex, Mallory, & the parents get intimate. by CAPervert09/12/013.10

Famous Old Guy

 — Star is insulted when girl doesn't know him. by Bakeboss02/01/102.67

Fan Appreciation

 — Laura Vandervoort finds out how thin the walls are. by MeanBlackjack08/31/124.65HOT

Fan Appreciation Ch. 02

 — Laura Vandervoort invites a friend... Kristin Kreuk. by MeanBlackjack09/05/124.83HOT

Fan Surprise

 — Cassadee Pope gives a lucky fan a special surprise. by jjgarces08/25/153.93

Fancy Series: Fancy It?

 — Spike & Willow are at it again. by badgirl29807/05/024.03

Fancy Series: Fancy That

 — Willow & Spike have a more permanent union. by badgirl29807/04/024.44

Fancy Series: Idle Fancy

 — More erotic BtVs fiction. by badgirl29807/02/024.40

Fancy Series: Passing Fancy

 — Spike wants Drusilla's love. by badgirl29807/01/024.46

Fancy Series: Tickles Your Fancy

 — The end of the series. by badgirl29807/20/024.74HOT

Fancy That Series: Taking a Fancy

 — Spike makes his move & the rest of the gang finds out. by badgirl29807/19/024.59HOT

Fantastic Four: A Hard Day's Night

 — Sue finds alternative satisfaction after Reed ignores her. by Ksennin04/23/144.43

Fantastic Four: The Visible Man

 — Sue decides to see if Namor can live up to his boasting. by Zev9510/11/154.36

Fantasy #1

 — A baroness finds her prince. by CuriTab02/02/033.00

Fantasy Celebrity, Big Tit Baseball

 — Boston Red Sox mix sex with baseball with big, tit baseball. by SusanJillParker04/10/143.26

Fantasy Come True: Criss Colfer Story

 — He can't stop thinking of having sex with his costar. by musiclass24207/17/114.52HOT

Fantasy Palace Ch. 01

 — Phoebe Halowelll meets a mysterious stranger. by beaverhunter7602/02/024.42

Fantasy Palace Ch. 02

 — Phoebe is in Drake's apartment. by beaverhunter7603/12/024.69HOT

Fantasy Palace Ch. 03

 — Phoebe has breakfast with the help. by beaverhunter7605/31/024.39

Fantasy Palace Ch. 04

 — Paige sees a new side to Phoebe and herself. by beaverhunter7606/25/034.47

Fantasy Palace Ch. 05

 — Phoebe is prepared for Cole's return. by beaverhunter7606/26/034.73HOT

Fantasy Radio Hotel Ch. 01

 — Jennifer Love Hewitt hosts a new show around R&B music. by cadeauxxx06/26/18HOT

Fantasy's Enacted

 — Having the ability to fuck whoever you want, anytime. by philitup07/08/083.45

Far Better Than Life Ch. 01

 — Taking advantage of VR aboard Red Dwarf. by Boondocker4212/05/184.60

Far Better Than Life Ch. 02

 — Two sides of the same story. (No sex this chapter) by Boondocker4203/10/193.00

Fashion Show Tales Ch. 01

 — Kate Beckinsale and Vanessa Hudgens celebrate a fashion show. by Peronath09/05/174.76HOT

Fashion Show Tales Ch. 02

 — The Fashion show leads back to some hotel room fun. by Peronath09/26/174.86

Fashion Show Tales Ch. 03

 — A meeting with Kate Upton at fashion week proves productive. by Peronath07/30/184.50HOT

Fast & Furious: Laredo

 — Brian O'Connor tries a new ride. by beyach04/09/093.14

Fat Chances

 — Male model David Gandy gets a BBW. by Mexxikitten10/02/124.54HOT

Fat Girl Fucking

 — An interview with Whitney Thore goes deeper than expected. by wimpywelshwilly10/29/154.42

Fate's Calling

 — A musician and a woman meet at a show and fall in love. by rednecgrl12/19/023.80

Father's Partners

 — Apparently Iris West had a type. by MTL1706/07/164.58HOT


 — Faustina in Fictitious Dialogues. by Taunus05/13/085.00

Faustus and Sari

 — Faustus explains his theory of evolution. by Taunus03/25/092.00

Fear, Lust, and Vanity

 — The aftermath of a cover shoot. by AchtungNight06/03/06HOT

Fearn Cotton, Sex Kitten Slut

 — TV presenter Fearn gets horny with a stranger. by loonyman03/29/053.87

Feasting Over Nigella

 — Nigella wants a "cream" pie, and gets just that. by zigman9001/04/114.29

Feeling Blue

 — Backstage The Wiggles are a little more X-rated by SydneyKingston10/02/164.53HOT

Feeling Much Better

 — Randy Orton heals a girl's broken heart. by justboycrazy09/03/104.17

Felicitations Ch. 01

 — What if the Black Cat had taken Spider-Man's virginity? by Zev9510/05/154.51HOT

Felicitations Ch. 02

 — Two Black Cats, no waiting. by Zev9510/07/154.62HOT

Female Bonding

 — Nicki can't help herself tonight. You Only Live Once. by flawsandall06/12/132.51

Fergie Takes It Up The Ass

 — The Black-Eyed Peas singer does anal. by DanRobbinsUM06/13/043.74

Ferris Bueller's Night Out

 — Once Upon A Time, like basically thirty years later. by Adrian Leverkuhn12/24/16HOTEditor's Pick

Fever Dream

 — A strange day in the life of Harvey Bullock of Gotham City. by Faceboobs08/26/145.00

FF Crystal Caravan - Sala's Legacy

 — The first generation of Joyrahs take up the caravan. by RaistlinMajere01/19/194.20

FF Crystal Caravan Year 01

 — The adventure of a young, inexperienced caravan. by RaistlinMajere01/17/194.67

FF Crystal Caravan Year 02

 — Sala and company continue on their second year. by RaistlinMajere01/18/194.17

FFFF Ch. 01

 — Caroline Shivery and Laura Ingles fantasy at a strip club. by baranbrat02/12/10

FFFF Ch. 02

 — Margaret Hoover and the Shoe Salesman. by baranbrat02/14/10

FFFF Ch. 03

 — Martha MacCallum the Substitute Teacher by baranbrat02/16/10

FFFF Ch. 04

 — Gretchen Carlson & Shannon Bream act out a fantasy. by baranbrat03/01/10

FFFF Ch. 05

 — Julie Banderas' fantasy comes true in the Bridal Suite. by baranbrat03/14/10

FFFF Ch. 06

 — Rebecca Diamond's lesbian and interracial orgy. by baranbrat05/07/10HOT

FFFF Ch. 07

 — Jenna Lee’s Surprise Fantasy by baranbrat05/18/10

FFFF Ch. 08

 — Colby, Perino, Faulkner & McGlowen with 3 from LPGA & PGA. by baranbrat05/28/10HOT

FFFF Ch. 09

 — Courtney Friel and Cast of Big Bang Theory. by baranbrat06/08/10

FFFF Ch. 10

 — Kiran Chetry & Christine Roman’s surprise fantasy. by baranbrat06/17/10

FFFF Ch. 11

 — Nancy O'Dell and Cast of Rules of Engagement. by baranbrat08/27/10HOT

FFFF Ch. 12

 — Gerri Willis Seduces Daughter's Boyfriend. by baranbrat09/05/10HOT

FFFF Ch. 13

 — Uma Pemmaraju and M. McCallum seduce college guys. by baranbrat10/30/10

FFFF Ch. 14

 — Bonnie Bernstein and the two masseuses. by baranbrat11/04/10

FFFF Ch. 15

 — FFFF Channel 15 Amy Robach and her ex in laws. by baranbrat11/24/10HOT

FFFF Ch. 16

 — Alisyn Camerota and the Babysitter. by baranbrat01/11/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 17

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 1 Sat. by baranbrat03/10/11

FFFF Ch. 17b

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 2 Sunday gets wild. by baranbrat03/12/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 17c

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 3 Mon. Sex on Beach. by baranbrat03/13/11

FFFF Ch. 17D

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 4 Tue. Sex with Steward by baranbrat03/14/11

FFFF Ch. 17E

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 5 Wed. Sex with MSNBC by baranbrat03/14/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 17F

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 6 Thur. Patti Ann & Sis by baranbrat03/15/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 17G

 — Ainsley & Erin on 7 day Cruise, Day 7 Fri. The Orgy & More by baranbrat03/16/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 18

 — Mika Brzezinski's Bukkake Party. by baranbrat04/04/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 19

 — Susan Hendricks - Wedding Planner & the Clintons. by baranbrat04/15/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 20

 — Juliet Huddy & the Palin Clan. by baranbrat04/28/11

FFFF Ch. 21

 — Robin Meade's erotic confession. by baranbrat05/19/11

FFFF Ch. 22

 — Rachel Nichols erotic photo shoot. by baranbrat08/20/11HOT

FFFF Ch. 23

 — Christi Paul and Chris Jansing fuck three Porn stars. by baranbrat09/01/11

FFFF Ch. 24

 — Megyn Kelly's last fling before motherhood. by baranbrat01/10/12

FFFF Ch. 25

 — Lis Wiehl and the School Faculty. by baranbrat01/23/12

FFFF Ch. 26

 — Jill Dobson and the Crew of Bones. by baranbrat02/09/12

FFFF Ch. 27

 — Molly Line with Help Changes Sides by baranbrat02/20/12

FFW Fathima Babu's Visit

 — The news reader is a Fat but Fuckable Woman. by bangopee10/06/064.13

Fidelma Ann O'Leary: Convert Slut

 — Fidelma Ann O'Leary versus Ann Coulter in lesbian sex. by Samuelx11/11/113.33

Fifty Shades of Gay

 — The impossibly gorgeous Leila meets her Adonis . by RoughDiamond06/30/123.48

Fifty Shades of War

 — Ares & Alena meet with everyone's favorite sociopath. by LBDarling03/02/154.80

Fight Club: I Am Jack's Blue Balls

 — Marla wants Tyler. Jack wants Marla. by Marquis de Porn06/12/024.33

Final Fantasy 12: Ashe Joins In

 — Ashe finds Fran and Balthier. by dustyfog3207/29/074.34

Final Fantasy 7

 — One wild early morning in Costa del Sol. by poopycan01/22/044.46

Final Fantasy 7: The Novel Ch. 01

 — Novel based on author's choice for best game ever. by musicankane07/21/054.03

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 01

 — A nice day at the beach. by poopycan01/18/044.21

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 02

 — One day in Dollet. by poopycan01/19/042.90

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 03

 —  An sfternoon in the bath. by poopycan01/21/043.93

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 04

 — A Game of Triple Triad. by poopycan01/22/044.80HOT

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 05

 — The Garden Festival. by poopycan01/24/044.33

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 06

 — The surprise birthday party. by poopycan01/25/043.83

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 07

 — On the train to Timber. by poopycan01/27/043.67

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 08

 — It's Rinoa's week. by poopycan01/29/043.75

Final Fantasy The Untold Story Ch. 01

 — The Train Ride. by Lucifers Tongue06/23/094.10

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