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Friends: Payin' the Bills

 — Joey lets Monica earn some extra cash. by Dudeman8504/17/054.33

Friends: Phoebe's Bitches

 — Disagreement over a man leads to sexy role-play. by Dudeman8501/12/054.67HOT

Friends: Rachel Finds a Video

 — Rachel & Ross "watch" video of Monica & Chandler. by Dudeman8510/15/044.40

Friends: Rachel's Book

 — Joey's teasing leads to an unexpected result. by Dudeman8504/05/054.39

Friends: Rah, Rah, Ross

 — Rachel fulfills a Cheerleader Fantasy for him. by Dudeman8511/25/044.45

Friends: Remembering the After Party

 — Monica & Rachel discover new fun. by Dudeman8510/12/044.55HOT

Friends: Seduction of Santa Claus

 — Monica convinces Chandler to keep the costume. by Dudeman8512/08/044.50HOT

Friends: Shower Surprise

 — Watching Rachel/Monica, Ross gets new feelings. by Dudeman8511/22/044.50HOT

Friends: Staying in Phase Three

 — Girls make sure that Chandler stays. by Dudeman8511/13/044.83HOT

Friends: The Blackout

 — Rachel and Paolo after the blackout. by crazyreader101608/13/063.55

Friends: The Comatose Boyfriend

 — Monica and Phoebe share an unwitting lover. by Dudeman8502/04/064.53HOT

Friends: The Seduction of Ross

 — Monica and Rachel hatch a plan. by Dudeman8502/21/094.72HOT

Friends: The Sex Party

 — Ross & Monica become the star attraction. by Dudeman8511/24/044.67HOT

Friends: The Valentine's Day Gift

 — Monica gives Chandler a "home-made" gift. by Dudeman8510/19/044.50HOT

Friends: TOW Monica Cheats

 — While Chandler's in Oklahoma, Monica is horny. by Smallville10/29/064.05

Fries with That?

 — Fast food mascots after hours. by Loqutor09/09/173.83


 — Detective Hoffman gets his girl and Amanda Young likes it... by docpayne04/23/113.75

From Russia with Love

 — A WWE Superstar and a fan rekindle a steamy affair. by bunnyluv8312/21/094.67

From Self Love to Playmate Love

 — Ms. October 1985 Cynthia Brimhall walks in on me by MasturbationSuperstar11/10/134.37

From the Streets to the Sheets

 — Team Skull's two leaders get it on. by DragonCat9107/02/174.00

From The Top To The Bottom

 — Trish and Mickie are changing clothes and changing roles. by MTL1702/07/084.75HOT

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 01

 — A woman meets a man face2face she always thought she loved. by NicoleChiTown8202/06/163.67

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 02

 — She meets a man she always thought she loved by NicoleChiTown8202/09/164.00

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 03

 — She meets a man she always thought she loved. by NicoleChiTown8202/10/164.17

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 04

 — A woman meets a man face2face she thought she loved. by NicoleChiTown8202/12/165.00

Frosty Nights

 — Killer Frost has fucked strangers to give Caitlin practice. by KaitysAss01/04/194.18

Frozen Ch. 01

 — Anna wants the gates to be opened. by Timtimmins1212103/22/163.62

Frozen Ch. 02

 — Anna gets captured outside the walls. Elsa goes to save her. by Timtimmins1212103/25/163.88

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 01-08

 — Frozen fanfiction with an emphasis on Elsanna. by Scarl3tt312/18/144.02

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

 — Frozen fanfiction with an emphasis on Elsanna. by Scarl3tt303/29/154.76HOT

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 11-12

 — Frozen fanfiction with a heavy emaphasis on Elsanna. by Scarl3tt305/10/154.33


 — Rebekah has always found Elena so very... by MTL1705/20/134.83HOT

Frustrating Ch. 02

 — Rebekah causes Elena some frustration. by MTL1711/27/134.50HOT

Frustrating Ch. 03

 — Elena and Rebekah tracked down Katherine. by MTL1703/19/144.32

Frustrating Ch. 04

 — Rebekah and Elena cause Caroline some frustration. by MTL1706/04/144.48

Frustrating Ch. 05

 — Rebekah and Elena make Caroline theirs. by MTL1703/28/154.39

Frustrating Ch. 06

 — Bonnie finds herself in an awkward position. by MTL1706/01/154.79HOT

Frustrating Ch. 07

 — Bonnie does something she'll probably regret. by MTL1707/05/154.83HOT

Frustrating Ch. 08

 — Rebekah wakes up to a surprise. by MTL1710/28/154.36

Frustrating Ch. 09

 — Elena apologises to her friends in a unique way. by MTL1709/12/164.40

Frustrating Ch. 10

 — Rebekah finally gets her happy ending. by MTL1712/29/164.57

Fuck Buddies

 — AJ Lee & Paige have some fun with a lucky guy. by jjgarces04/04/154.17

Fuck Me And My Mom 02: The Mayers

 — Susan and Julie Mayer fucked and filmed for a porn shoot. by LL7205/07/124.60HOT

Fuck Me And My Mom: Gilmore Girls

 — The Gilmore Girls fucked and filmed for a porn shoot. by LL7204/25/124.48

Fuck Me and My Mom: Van de Kamps

 — Bree and Danielle get fucked and filmed for a porn shoot. by LL7205/13/134.49

Fuck Me Maybe Ch. 01

 — A man meets Carly Rae Jepsen in a bar one night. by Jackson_Collins07/29/133.84

Fuck Me, Cody

 — This is about Cody Linley. by lililili04/18/093.03

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 01

 — Ted Kord spends a magical evening with Zatanna Zatara. by Zev9511/11/144.41

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 02

 — Ted Kord is woken up by Batgirl. by Zev9511/13/144.39

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 03

 — Ted meets someone who puts the sex in sexbot. by Zev9511/15/144.42

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 04

 — Barbara Gordon shows Ted what to do with morning wood. by Zev9511/20/144.31

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 05

 — Ted gets caught between Fire and Ice. by Zev9511/25/144.57HOT

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 06

 — Power Girl and Ted have the whole limo to themselves... by Zev9511/29/144.49

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 07

 — Something Wonderful happens to Ted... by Zev9511/30/144.45

Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 08: The End

 — Ted gets the girl in the end. by Zev9512/04/144.29

Fuck The Greyhound Bus

 — Friends spice up a lengthy bus ride with storytelling. by SexyJennaInk08/31/042.91

Fuck The WWE

 — CM punk drops his 'pipe bomb' in Stephanie McMahon. by Dice_Casden10/20/124.19


 — A hot night gets hotter during the Korean War. by biffstiffly03/13/074.12

Fucked Up and Depraved Ch. 01

 — Some fun at the house of fun. by DickThePimp02/13/192.63

Fucked Up and Freaky Forever

 — Fucked Up And Freaky Fun And Depravity. by DickThePimp04/05/192.00

Fuckin' in Eternia

 — He-Man/Prince Adam bust nuts in Eternia! by Jack_Love02/04/124.69HOT

Fucking Gillian Anderson

 — My juicy fantasy of meeting G.A. in a swanky London hotel. by dominantqueen07/24/154.00

Fucking GOOFY

 — Minnie's fucking goofy. by snaillover6911/12/144.03

Fucking Kinky

 — She spends her birthday with 4 special friends. by SexyJennaInk06/22/034.17

Fucking Nimoy Ch. 01

 — Shy girl gives herself to actor Leonard Nimoy by JMaxwell6903/09/104.00

Fucking Sameera Reddy

 — Bollywood star gets her feet worshipped by a fan. by paki_ikap08/14/073.63

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 01

 — Crew member hooks up with Lucy Hale on the set of the show. by jjgarces12/20/144.24

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 02

 — Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell get caught in the act. by jjgarces12/31/144.28

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 03

 — Lucy and John have some more fun together in her trailer. by jjgarces01/03/154.56HOT

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 04

 — Which one of the girls walked into Lucy's trailer anyway? by jjgarces01/18/154.26

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 05

 — John hooks up with Troian Bellisario for the first time. by jjgarces01/23/154.57HOT

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 06

 — John spends some time with Shay before the work day begins. by jjgarces01/31/154.38

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 07

 — John goes one more round with Ashley and Shay after work. by jjgarces02/25/154.57HOT

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 08

 — Ashley finally spends some alone time with John. by jjgarces04/03/154.18

Fucking the Little Liars Ch. 09

 — John has more fun on the set, this time with Janel Parrish. by jjgarces04/08/154.33

Fucking the SSN Babes Ch. 01

 — Jake fucks the Sky Sports News babes. Chapter 01 Natalie Sawyer. by coney2304/30/134.03

Fucking the SSN Babes Ch. 02

 — Jake fucks the SSN babes. Natalie Sawyer again. by coney2306/23/134.44

Fucking Tom Selleck

 — After twenty years a wife tries adultery. by MaryAnn67805/10/093.82

Fucking with Time

 — Mark comes into possession of a Tardis. by Toru09/05/114.58HOT

Fucky Tales Pt. 01

 — Tony Stark learns some real bedtime stories. by Zev9502/21/154.40

Fucky Tales Pt. 02

 — Tony gives Snow White a wake-up call. by Zev9502/24/154.32

Fucky Tales Pt. 03

 — Tony takes the balls to Cinderella. by Zev9503/26/154.47

Fuel's Rocked Souls

 — Rock star & his soul mate finally meet. by soulrocker03/14/024.57

Fuel, Sun, Sand, Surf

 — Sex in the sand with hot Brett Scallions. by Fuelish03/14/024.50HOT

Fueled Again: Brotherly Love

 — The Scallions Brothers play tag team. by Fuelish03/04/024.67HOT

Fueling Beth's World

 — Dabbling in the mysterious sexual world of a rock star. by Fuelish02/18/024.40

Fulfilling a Fetish

 — Making love to Emma Stone's ass and feet. by InjuredNinja06/16/154.77HOT

Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Christina's interview sends Mallika Sherawat searching. by fluidline112/06/044.42

Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Mallika Sherawat fulfills second fantasy with Sameera. by fluidline112/11/044.69HOT

Full House: The Reunion

 — John Stamos reunites with the Olsen Twins. by jessy1906/19/044.49

Full House: The Reunion Ch. 1

 — Michelle reunites with Stephanie. by Kip Carson11/16/004.08

Full House: The Reunion Ch. 2

 — Joey walks in on the girls. by Kip Carson11/16/004.20

Full House: The Reunion Ch. 3

 — Rebecca and Dj share an intimate moment. by Kip Carson09/24/014.26

Full Moon- A Twilight Story

 — What if Bella and Jacob got together? by KarennaC02/01/093.85

Fuller House

 — A parody of the popular sitcom Fuller House. by TLMorgan11/17/174.04

Fuller House Pt. 02

 — Jesse and Kimmy. DJ and Jimmy. by TLMorgan12/05/174.50HOT

Fuller House Pt. 03

 — Jesse and Kimmy commence with an unsuspecting visitor... by TLMorgan04/20/184.31

Fully Functional

 — ST: TNG - the boys build Data a woman. by Sabledrake01/16/034.62HOT

Fun at the CMA's Ch. 1

 — Lila McCann, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill get close. by nasty106/01/013.29

Fun At The Olympics

 — U.S. volleyball star Kim Glass gets fucked on her day off. by bigcanuck08/15/084.09

Fun Between Sisters

 — Stella and Vanessa Hudgens get closer as sisters. by Lazyninjas08/09/17

Fun Flying

 — Lucy Lawless and Matt Damon have sex in an airplane bathroom. by Mr. Lech10/11/023.61

Fun on South Beach Ch. 09

 — angel meets jennifer lopez by flaborn195705/18/054.45

Fun on South Beach Ch. 10

 — Angel tells J-Lo about her first time. by flaborn195705/23/054.79HOT

Fun with Jerry

 — Meeting Jerry Cantrell. by GotMeWrong08/28/114.78

Further Set Adventures with Leelee

 — IT guy continues his adventures in Leelee land. by noemail02/08/073.80

Futa Cola: Jennifer Love Hewitt

 — GeneX has a new soda to try out but there are side effects. by Silenteye10/09/164.05

Futafume: Halle Berry

 — Halle Berry gets a perfume that makes interesting changes. by Silenteye01/16/194.38

G Wubya and the Oil Slick Road

 — Parody of the Wiz of Oz feturing Gdubya as the Scarecrow. by Krenna Smart12/15/073.17

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #1

 — Scarlett trains the troops - all of them. by jzelger06/27/024.55HOT

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #2

 — Lady Jaye is captured & Baroness interrogates her...nicely. by jzelger06/28/024.57HOT

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #3

 — Hawk welcomes Cover Girl to the team. by jzelger06/29/024.22

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #4

 — Lady Jaye, Scarlett & Cover Girl give Jinx her initiation. by jzelger07/01/024.47

Gail Porter's Second Session

 — Gail goes all the way. by Rosko Busby 200512/31/044.68HOT

Gal Gadot, Yes Please!

 — The first time I meet my celebrity crush is wonderful! by Uknowuwant212/27/173.84

Gal Gadot, Yes Please! Pt. 02

 — Our time together only gets better. by Uknowuwant201/11/184.31

Gal Gadot: One Hot Blowjob

 — Losing a bet, Wonder Woman pays up. by MeanBlackjack06/11/174.27

Gale Force Ch. 01

 — Cary meets the cast of 'Queer As Folk'. by velvetpie09/09/054.61HOT

Gale Force Ch. 02

 — Cary learns a little about Gale. by velvetpie09/10/054.72HOT

Gale Force Ch. 03

 — Cary fires an employee, but makes a friend. by velvetpie09/11/054.73HOT

Gale Force Ch. 04

 — Cary caters a dinner party for Gale. by velvetpie09/12/054.78HOT

Gale Force Ch. 05

 — Cary joins the party. by velvetpie09/13/054.71HOT

Gale Force Ch. 06

 — Gale drops by for a visit. by velvetpie09/14/054.76HOT

Gale Force Ch. 07

 — Cary and Gale go shopping. by velvetpie09/15/054.81HOT

Gale Force Ch. 08

 — Cary receives a gift. by velvetpie09/16/054.77HOT

Gale Force Ch. 09

 — The first kiss. by velvetpie09/17/054.79HOT

Gale Force Ch. 10

 — Cary opens herself to Gale. by velvetpie09/18/054.77HOT

Gale Force Ch. 11

 — Cary and Gale connect. by velvetpie09/19/054.71HOT

Gale Force Ch. 12

 — Things grow strained between Cary and Gale. by velvetpie09/21/054.75HOT

Gale Force Ch. 13

 — Cary fixes the problem. by velvetpie09/22/054.71HOT

Gale Force Ch. 14

 — Cary and Gale separate for the break. by velvetpie09/23/054.76HOT

Gale Force Ch. 15

 — Cary gains a new friend. by velvetpie09/24/054.75HOT

Gale Force Ch. 16

 — Gale asks Cary a question. by velvetpie09/25/054.85HOT

Gale Force Ch. 17

 — Cary and Gale depart. by velvetpie09/26/054.76HOT

Gale Force Ch. 18

 — Cary and Gale's first time. by velvetpie09/26/054.75HOT

Gale Force Ch. 19

 — Gale and Cary enjoy quality time at the resort. by velvetpie09/27/054.77HOT

Gale Force Ch. 20

 — The third season ends. by velvetpie09/29/054.77HOT

Gale Force Ch. 21

 — Gale brings a surprise back from break. by velvetpie09/29/054.26

Gale Force Ch. 22

 — Cary says goodbye. by velvetpie09/30/054.59HOT

Gale Force Ch. 23

 — Cary experiences life in Vancouver. by velvetpie10/01/054.54HOT

Gale Force Ch. 24

 — Season Five begins. by velvetpie10/03/054.68HOT

Gale Force Ch. 25

 — Gale and Cary reconnect. by velvetpie10/04/054.76HOT

Gale Force Ch. 26

 — Cary and Gale grow closer. by velvetpie10/05/054.62HOT

Gale Force Ch. 27

 — Gale makes an admission. by velvetpie10/05/054.63HOT

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