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Gale Force Ch. 28

 — Cary makes love to Gale. by velvetpie10/07/054.61HOT

Gale Force Ch. 29

 — Gale soothes Cary's worries. by velvetpie10/08/054.81HOT

Gale Force Ch. 30

 — The wrap party. by velvetpie10/09/054.76HOT

Gale Force Ch. 31

 — End of Cary's story. by velvetpie10/10/054.69HOT

Game Grumps: Suzy Can't Resist

 — It's a fans lucky day when Suzy notices his erection. by Wariomero10/15/153.94

Game of Thrones: Kissed by Fire

 — A tale of Sansa and the Hound. by GRRM_reaper12/19/164.57HOT

Game of Thrones: Mighty Podrick

 — A story about Brienne and Podrick. by Easternwindz05/28/164.37

Game of Thrones: The Rise of Tyrion

 — Tyrion's fortune finally changes in Meereen. by Easternwindz09/09/164.17

Game On: DOAXBV Ch. 01

 — Enter the wonderful world of computer games. by danwoodsversion105/17/054.50HOT

Game On: DOAXBV Ch. 02

 — Emma's adventures continue on Zack Island. by danwoodsversion105/21/054.67HOT

Game On: DOAXBV Ch. 03

 — The final chapter in the Dead or Alive universe. by danwoodsversion105/24/054.60HOT

Game, Set & Match

 — Bump in the street leads to bump in the bed with tennis star. by shaghard8812/29/044.38

Game, Set & Match Ch. 02

 — Fun with tennis star(s) at French Open. by shaghard8802/10/054.65HOT

Game, Set, and Match Ch. 01

 — An adult DOAX Fanfic. by JohnB7301/24/073.88

Game, Set, and Match Ch. 02

 — Beach volleyball and DOA Xtreme. by JohnB7303/29/074.22

Garnet's Abuse

 — Her cock makes Jin submit. by Frocto11/29/074.18

Gaye Rennie

 — The beautiful Miss April 1968. by hopeolsonfan08/29/054.67HOT

Gee Whiz! It's My G!

 — Milla Jovovich's blended climax. by Rockwell12/26/044.04


 — Jason Mewes gets a wake up call. by DeadlyNyghtshayde08/06/024.45

Gencom Batman

 — Bruce Wayne is given a program as a gift by a love god. by C.King08/24/094.21

General Hospital: Mia & Durant

 — Her 4th day in PC, Mia has a surprise visitor. by lindiana11/24/054.80

General Hospital: Mia & Jason

 — Mia spends second day in Port Charles house hunting. by lindiana04/29/054.40

General Hospital: Mia & Jax

 — Mia arrives in Port Charles to open BDSM club. by lindiana03/06/054.75

General Hospital: Mia & Mac

 — Mia's third day in PC includes a tour of Police Headquarters. by lindiana08/24/054.00

General Hospital: Mia & Nikolas

 — Mia continues to meet the people of Port Charles. by lindiana03/27/063.75

General Hospital: Mia & Patrick

 — Port Charles will never be the same with Mia Thyme in town. by lindiana12/07/082.75

George & Buster

 — Teammates from the Bronx visit the Combat Zone in Boston. by DevisPixi09/10/154.50

Georgia-- aka Heaven Ch. 01

 — Friendship heads into another direction. by pjstewart5001/13/05

Georgia-- aka Heaven Ch. 02

 — Fun and games. by pjstewart5001/16/055.00

Georgia-- aka Heaven Ch. 03

 — Food fight. by pjstewart5001/17/055.00

Georgia-- aka Heaven Ch. 04

 — The room was not empty after Kiefer left. by pjstewart5012/23/054.20

Geralt's Rescue

 — Yennefer saves Geralt by letting rock trolls use her body. by fantasy_lover567811/24/154.29

Geri Halliwell: Image Is Everything

 — Ginger Spice gets fit with horny young instructor. by spurt-reynolds04/09/023.97

Geri's Halliwell's bodyguard

 — The job has its perks. by Rosko Busby 200502/03/054.38

Get Laid Another Day

 — VJ Beauty gets a chance with Pierce Brosnan. by Rockwell10/07/044.14

Get Naked

 — Britney Spears invites two men over for a private lap dance. by cadeauxxx07/14/174.35

Get Out! Ch. 02

 — The romance with Jo Jo continues. by shawnomega09/14/044.38

Get Out! Ch. 03

 — Jo Jo gets a surprise. by shawnomega09/16/044.00

Get Out! Ch. 04

 — Jo Jo PUNK's her fiancé. by shawnomega09/18/043.57

Get Out! Ch. 05

 — Jo Jo's wedding day. by shawnomega09/18/044.90HOT

Get Out! Ch. 06

 — Jo Jo's Honeymoon. by shawnomega09/26/044.40

Get Smart

 — 99 goes undercover. by shaggy7706/18/144.48


 — Adam takes Rachel to Miami. by AdAnne12/28/114.00

Getting Fixed Up

 — WWE Jillian Hall hooks up with a camera guy. by dfg198006/27/074.00

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 01

 — Buffy's attempt to redirect Spike's eye. by MINKX05/08/054.20

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 02

 — Kiara's caught between rock and hard place. by MINKX05/08/054.08

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 03

 — Sometimes obsession works both ways. by MINKX05/15/054.48

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 04

 — A little view of Kiara's past. by MINKX05/23/054.65HOT

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 05

 — Gotta like hurting the one's we love. by MINKX06/07/054.50HOT

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 06

 — Payback is a bitch - but Spike is twisted. by MINKX06/12/054.64HOT

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 07

 — Gotta luv pushing buttons...even Vamp ones by MINKX07/13/054.59HOT

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 08

 — Sometimes a girl likes to tease. by MINKX10/14/054.74HOT

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 09

 — Kiara as Spike's moral compass, or...backseat of his car. by MINKX10/29/054.74HOT

Getting the Weather Up Close

 — He gets his fantasy girl from local TV station. by easygoinguy01/30/074.48

Getting Wet with Evangeline Lilly

 — Evie goes for a ride on more than her Surfboard. by Noj05/20/104.48

Getting Your Money's Worth

 — MILF voice actress Tara Strong hooks up with a fan. by daxg200109/23/154.53HOT

Ghost in Her Shell

 — with Scarlett Johansson and Rinko Kikuchi. by RV9612/28/163.90

Ghost Lusting

 — A lesbian celebrity story. by John OConnor03/17/124.05

Ghost Story

 — Danny Fenton's girlfriend is a real freak... by AdmiralSquish11/22/174.65HOT

Ghost Whisperer Ch. 01

 — Melinda and Andrea have their way with Jim. by TVfreak03/04/084.55HOT

Ghost Whisperer Ch. 02

 — Melinda gets he revenge and then an orgy. by TVfreak03/10/084.43

Ghost Whisperer Haunting Melinda

 — Melinda Gordon has the best dream of her life. by wwekiller04/02/094.50HOT

Ghost Whisperer: Romance

 — Melinda meets a ghost with a request before crossing over. by wwekiller11/19/084.60HOT

Ghostly Encounters of Room 52

 — Jennifer Ellison encounters a ghost. by Ghostroom5207/19/094.52HOT

Ghosts of Nights Past

 — A Batman Story. by Ann Douglas11/09/174.70HOT

GI Ho Bang

 — Adrianne Palicki experiences her GIJoe 2 costar's other job. by Dice_Casden04/09/133.60

Giada DeLaurentiis

 — TV Chef Likes It Gentle. by FLACKMAN02/27/11

Giada: Widowmaker Ch. 01

 — Diane Sawyer is sent to take down turned double agent Giada. by WuddaWad01/27/083.54

Giada: Widowmaker Ch. 02

 — Giadas on the run and a new agent is brought in. by WuddaWad02/21/082.45

Gillian and the Sea

 — Gillian Anderson relaxes at a scenic overlook. by VFucci04/13/034.18

Gillian Anderson: Skintight Shoot

 — Gillian Anderson submits to a student's photo shoot. by Noj02/13/084.77HOT

Gillian Anderson: Teachers Pet

 — Gillian Anderson gives some...lessons. by Noj07/20/064.77HOT

Gilligan's Island

 — The castaways get horny. by Kip Carson06/24/004.23

Gilligan's Island - The Castaways Throw A Party

 — The Castaways Throw A Party. by shaggy7706/08/144.48

Gilligan's Island Ch. 01

 — The three hour tour gets more exciting. by Troglodite4508/01/024.11

Gilligan's Island Ch. 01

 — The Professor & Mary Ann. by The tease08/16/034.58HOTContest Winner

Gilligan's Island Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Howell and Gilligan? by Troglodite4510/23/024.27

Gilligan's Island Or How We Stopped

 — The castaways decide the island isn't so bad after all. by EdgeoftheAbyss01/22/123.95

Gilligan's Island Sex/Drug Episode

 — Gilligan, Mary Ann, & Ginger have fun on the island. by Softstone04/09/023.99

Gilligan's Island Spoof

 — Gilligan finds a Viagraberry Bush with erotic results. by aaron2306204/17/034.41

Gilligan's Island: Temptation

 — Gilligan and Ginger get down and dirty. by Indigirl01/27/124.32

Gilligan's Island: Temptation 02

 — Mary Ann sees Gilligan giving Ginger the ride of her life. by Indigirl01/31/124.29

Gilligan's Island: Temptation 03

 — Mary Ann's foot gets busy under the table. by Indigirl02/06/124.40

Gilligan's Island: Temptation 04

 — Mary Ann rebuffs Gilligan so he takes it out on Ginger. by Indigirl02/14/124.42

Gilligans Island Ch. 1

 — Sit right back and read a tale of a fateful trip! by sirocco02/10/014.26

Gilligans Island Ch. 2

 — The Skipper gets boarded & the Professor shanked. by sirocco06/19/014.26

Gilligans Island Ch. 3

 — Gilligan gets a Howell of a good time. by sirocco09/27/014.36

Gilligans Island Ch. 4

 — Ginger Ahoy. by sirocco12/13/024.24

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