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Halloween 9: Michael Gets Horny

 — All that killing leaves Michael with hard-on. by erotica_queen1201/16/043.51

Halloween Tricks

 — Lara Croft encounters a horny pumpkin patch. by daddyduckett10/18/104.09

Hammered at Hammerhead

 — Final Fantasy XV: Cindy gets gangbanged by the heroes. by daxg200101/05/174.47

Hancock Joins The Avengers

 — Hancock clashes with Thor after joining the Avengers. by Samuelx10/01/142.50

Hancock Versus Regina Mills

 — Hancock comes to OUAT and bangs Regina Mills. by Samuelx05/14/152.33

Hancock: It's Not Easy To Be Me

 — The life and times of a renegade superhero. by Samuelx08/12/132.39

Hands Down

 — Based on the movie 'Labyrinth'. by sintax11/08/044.52HOT

Hands On Management

 — A young worker makes his debut & earns his benefits. by dfg198002/14/114.27

Hang out with Sarah Shahi

 — Kristin wins a contest called Hang out with Sarah Shahi. by KKILOEPPS08/26/062.89

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper : Robin

 — Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars finally hook up. by Samuelx04/29/182.82

Hanging in with Celebrities

 — A curious student finds some odd souls in a pussy. by uksnowy04/12/122.50


 — Has Emily converted Hanna? by boobyruby06/11/174.06

Happy 25th

 — AJ Michalka and a friend have a special birthday celebration. by evil_from_cssa12/03/164.22

Happy Birthday Jodie

 — Jodie meets her favorite star. by Ladyblueyez09/20/013.68

Happy Birthday, Anna

 — Anna Kendrick celebrates her birthday with Aubrey Plaza. by TheBigLove12608/13/144.40

Happy Days Ch 1

 — The Fonz visits Marion. by twohard02/01/014.20

Happy Days Ch. 2

 — Howard shows his hardware, & Richie loves his Mom. by twohard02/04/014.29

Happy Days Ch. 3

 — Richie shows Joanie brotherly love. by twohard02/05/014.26

Happy Days Ch. 4

 — Richie and Joanie have a surprise guest. by twohard02/07/014.34

Happy Gays Ch. 01

 — Fonzie teaches the men what true punishment is. by sack06/21/044.39

Happy Gays Ch. 02

 — Richie takes care of Fonzie in a big way. by sack06/28/043.97

Happy Gays Ch. 03

 — Richie & friends go pantsless to school. by sack06/30/044.35

Happy Presidents Day

 — Celebrities having fun in Washington D.C. by Samuelx09/19/092.87

Happy Presidents Day Ch. 02

 — Celebrities having more fun in Washington D.C. by Samuelx09/23/093.29

Hard Drive

 — Tory takes a look at Detective Beckett's hard drive. by MTL1711/22/154.62HOT

Hard Knox

 — Mike Knox has a private 'workout' in the shower. by KnoxHeadCheerleader05/31/08

Hardcore Amazing

 — Mickie James celebrates her TNA title win with Amazing Red by daxg200111/23/144.22

Hardcore Hotel

 — Rhys's top guest house finds truth about stars' sexuality. by BashfulButNaughty05/16/013.15

Hardcore Hotel Ch. 2

 — A new guest books in. by BashfulButNaughty05/22/014.08

Hardcore Hotel Ch. 3

 — A new pair of guests get a room. by BashfulButNaughty07/07/011.93

Hardcore Touchdown

 — Mickie James sees if CHIKARA hunk Mr. Touchdown can score. by daxg200103/16/164.67

Harley Quinn: Cum-Dumpster

 — The sexual adventures of Harley Quinn. by CMK87718102/19/184.70HOT

Harley Rides a Bat

 — Harley and Batgirl decide to have fun. by Sean Renaud01/14/144.13

Harley's Heaven Ch. 01

 — Harley is caught... Or is She? by Gl_Dave2801/07/164.68HOT

Harley's Heaven Ch. 02

 — Batgirl enters... by Gl_Dave2801/31/184.38

Harley, Ivy, and Selina

 — Gotham City Sirens fanfic. by XKid396312/02/134.69HOT

Harriet Falls In

 — JAG's Harriet ends up doing things she never imagined. by OttGuy0104/27/064.54HOT

Harriet Falls In Ch. 02

 — JAG's Harriet ends up doing things she never imagined. by OttGuy0105/12/064.74HOT

Hate Me

 — Nikita tries to make Alex hate her. by MTL1710/05/134.65HOT

Haunting Desires

 — Young girl discovers her soulmate, with help. by delectable3003/20/013.91

Havok Fucking Machine

 — Can 3 Black studs outlast the powerful Knockout Havok? by daxg200111/13/144.42


 — A tropical vacation, three best friends and lots of, well... by SexyJennaInk02/05/074.12

Hawaiian Dream

 — A pool meeting with Jake Gyllenhaal. by emfin09/29/113.83

Hayden Panettiere Learns a Lesson

 — Hayden gets introduced to something new... by Noj06/05/114.34

Hayden Panettiere's Feet

 — Hayden Panettiere, has her feet worshiped. by dogtrash03/23/093.76

Hayden Panettiere's Feet Ch. 02

 — Hayden gets her feet worshiped at her house. by dogtrash03/30/094.06

Hayden Panettiere: Put in her Place

 — Hayden meets an Older Man online... by Noj01/24/084.48

Hayden's Hero!

 — Heroes star Hayden Panettiere gets saved by a true hero. by Porn_Pendulum08/22/084.18

Hayden's New Fan

 — Hayden Panettiere seduces new fan at Philly Comic Con. by Robertdoc06/01/124.33

Hayley Pleasures a Fan

 — Hayley Williams entertains a fan after a concert. by fapdotop06/30/144.52HOT

Hayley the Paramour

 — An old friend reaches out to Hayley Williams of Paramore. by Musicman141405/07/124.37

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 01

 — Taylor Swift's secret is not a secret anymore. by TheBigLove12611/09/104.47

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 02

 — Dan gets a surprise when he calls Taylor. by TheBigLove12611/13/104.62HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 03

 — At Taylor's concert, Dan & Carrie arrive backstage. by TheBigLove12603/08/114.63HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 04

 — Ashley Tisdale gets Dan's number from Taylor & meets him. by TheBigLove12603/11/114.66HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 05

 — Affter sex with Ashley, Dan gets a call from Ariana Grande. by TheBigLove12608/11/114.58HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 06

 — Who was at the door? by TheBigLove12609/08/114.45

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 07

 — Taylor drives a little too fast and a little too high. by TheBigLove12604/13/124.60HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 08

 — Taylor arrives to see Dan but meets his sister Carly instead. by TheBigLove12612/02/124.49

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 09

 — Dan arrives home and finally reunites with Taylor. by TheBigLove12603/20/134.58HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 10

 — Dan and Taylor spend the day alone. by TheBigLove12606/10/134.61HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 11

 — Dan and Taylor look through the window. by TheBigLove12606/25/134.61HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 12

 — Emma Stone & Demi Lovato prepare Dan for the big party. by TheBigLove12607/03/134.48

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 13

 — The birthday party begins. by TheBigLove12601/14/144.83HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 14

 — The birthday party concludes. by TheBigLove12601/18/144.65HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 15

 — Dan gets a visitor after moving on. by TheBigLove12601/28/144.64HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 16

 — Taylor recalls an adventure during her year away from Dan. by TheBigLove12609/29/144.62HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 17

 — Taylor tells the story about meeting Hayley Williams. by TheBigLove12610/02/144.61HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 18

 — Taylor tells Carrie's story. by TheBigLove12603/17/154.57HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 19

 — Dan visits Carrie's secret garden and meets the gardener. by TheBigLove12611/02/164.64HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 20

 — Dan spends the weekend with Carrie & Bridgit. by TheBigLove12611/05/164.64HOT

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 21

 — Dan gets a ride to a reunion. by TheBigLove12611/23/174.57HOT

He Shoots, He Scores!

 — Soccer star gets lucky with Anna Kournikova. by skyblue4117407/10/024.06

He Spears... He Scores!

 — NJ lost to LA in game 1, but Edge scores with Beth afterward. by Dice_Casden08/16/124.00

Healing The Broken

 — Where one love has been lost, another may be in the wind. by dlew09/22/084.67

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 00

 — An ancient legacy. by Aurora Black06/07/06

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 01

 — All Hell breaks loose. Literally. by Aurora Black06/08/06

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 02

 — Tension builds all around. by Aurora Black06/09/06

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 03

 — Danger lurks in beautiful Hawaii. by Aurora Black06/10/06

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 04

 — Grace's family history is revealed. by Aurora Black06/11/06

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 05

 — Grace embraces her destiny. by Aurora Black06/12/06

Heart of the Dragon: The Love Scene

 — Grace gives herself to Gabriel. by Aurora Black06/07/06

Heart's an Ocean Wide

 — A-list Chinese actress tests out dildos. by Desiremakesmeweak08/05/142.50

Heat of the Night

 — Charlotte McKinney enjoys lustful fun with a new friend. by cadeauxxx07/14/164.37

Heath & The Nurse

 — Angelina makes it all better. by irishlass10111/17/013.02

Heath & The Nurse Ch. 2

 — Heath heals, with nurse's help. by irishlass10112/04/014.17

Heather Kozar

 — Playmate, sexy nun's costume, trick or treat. by hopeolsonfan09/01/054.62HOT

Heather's Youthful Skin

 — A plumber helps her. by Nigel Debonnaire05/17/13

Heathyr Hoffman Ghost Sex

 — Heathyr Hoffman gets made love to by a ghost. by Mike_Yates10/15/143.86

Heathyr Hoffman Topless Turds

 — Ghost hunter Heathyr Hoffman plays with her feces on toilet. by Mike_Yates04/03/153.50

Heating Up to Cool Down

 — Art and Scarlet beat the heat by getting even hotter. by Lithium_hobo05/19/174.00


 — Paul Walker gives a waitress a heavenly tip. by bellastarr01/13/094.21


 — A visual about Ashley Angel from O-Town. by angelus200409/04/034.45

Heavenly Sword: Nariko's Secret Mission

 — Nariko goes on a secret mission and makes a new friend. by AsianThunder05/26/17

Heavenly Sword: Nariko's Trials

 — Can she pass the test to become a warrior? by dustyfog3203/15/084.06

Heidi and a Vixen

 — A New York restaurant leads to a wonderful surprise by AVixenLiterally01/22/134.12

Heidi and Molly

 — Two hot supermodels go at it, then he joins in. by SEXGODESS12308/17/023.52

Heidi Learns to Survive

 — Survivor series vixen makes a deal. by Andy Fankhauser08/20/034.42

Heidi's Stud Farm

 — Guy tries to work as a male whore. by ainu11/23/053.87

Heir of Frankenstein and Wolf Man Ch. 01

 — A wolf man seeks a cure from Anne Frankenstein. by frank01301/30/185.00

Heir of Frankenstein and Wolf Man Ch. 02

 — Dr. Frankenstein tests the wolf man cure with mixed results. by frank01302/01/18

Heir of Frankenstein and Wolf Man Ch. 03

 — A wolf man is tamed and so is Gwen. by frank01302/06/18

Heir of Frankenstein Ch. 01

 — Frankenstein's grand-daughter begins her great work. by frank01311/15/174.42

Heir of Frankenstein Ch. 02

 — Anne Frankenstein's great works escape. by frank01311/20/174.31

Heir of Frankenstein Ch. 03

 — Dr. Frankenstein's great work completes her. by frank01312/06/174.67

Heir to the Throne

 — A surprise for the Royal Family. by Gordon1711/30/143.80

Helen and Sam

 — Samantha Carter meets Helen Magnus. by TaraJean08/01/114.42

Helena Dementieva

 — A very hot tennis star. by gandalfwizard05/09/054.35

Hellcats - What Good Girls Do

 — Savannah Monroe helps Memphis Christians celebrate. by LL7201/25/124.70HOT

Hellion and Brimstone

 — Micky James gets some help from the Big Red Monster. by Darlantan10/15/064.43

Hello Blake

 — An imagined encounter with the beautiful, sensuous Wifey. by BlakeHardly05/05/182.71

Hello Sweetie

 — River Song leads the Doctor to an anniversary surprise. by darthcool09/09/144.38

Help Wanted

 — Spider-Gwen and Batgirl want Black Cat to go down. by Zev9512/15/164.60HOT

Help with Lyrics

 — Chris Cornell knows more than music. by Writer1905/23/133.67

Helping Himself

 — Kyle flirts with a nurse; Amy Weber pays him a visit. by Rapaxe02/09/064.65HOT

Helping Himself Ch. 02

 — Limo ride with three WWE divas turns tasty. by Rapaxe09/18/064.31

Helping Melina

 — Melina wants Kyle's help. by Rapaxe09/17/074.40

Helping Stephanie McMahon

 — He has the Billion Dollar Princess a mile high! by Rapaxe06/03/074.41

Helping the Stars Find Their Way Ch. 01

 — Teen gives directions to pleasure town. by Philcollins8711/13/084.56HOT

Helping The WWE Divas

 — Kyle extends his kindness - for twice the reward. by Rapaxe04/24/054.78HOT

Helping Tina

 — Ex-doctor helps Tina Turner & is rewarded. by Dar_Jisbo01/30/034.20

Helping Torrie Wilson

 — He offers assistance to WWE's Torrie Wilson. by Rapaxe07/26/044.64HOT

Helping Torrie Wilson Ch. 02

 — Torrie returns the favour - in the shower! by Rapaxe02/16/054.60HOT


 — Buffy loses her strength and is seduced by a mysterious man. by BlissfulZimZum66612/20/023.66

Hema Malini and Her Servant Ramu

 — Indian Actress gets nasty with her servant. by GoodOldFella02/21/033.53

Hema Malini and Her Servant Ramu Ch. 02

 — Indian actress gets nastier. by GoodOldFella06/13/033.04

Hema Malini: An Anthology Ch. 01

 — A tribute to her sexual prowess. by nakedindian03/09/043.98

Her Biggest Fan

 — Burlesque girl gives a fan the works. by DSolo6107/03/133.86

Her Biggest Fan Returns

 — Burlesque girl gives a fan one hell of a ride! by DSolo6105/16/183.43

Her Inner Bad Girl

 — Stephanie shows John Cena her wicked side. by justboycrazy09/15/103.29

Her Lips

 — Jessica Alba confesses to Angelina Jolie about her feelings. by rawkchik06/01/074.56HOT

Her Problematic Fave Ch. 01

 — Journalist interviews Jeremy Renner, gets more than a story. by Zev9504/07/164.00

Her Problematic Fave Ch. 02

 — The interview continues. by Zev9504/08/164.50

Her Reality

 — Symmetra receives a surprise, kinky visit from Tracer. by KallieHF01/24/174.87HOT

Her Sweet Spot

 — A Pokemorph in a brothel seeks out her sweet spot... by AmethystMare11/25/173.80

Hercules: The Dark Side

 — An evil force lures Hercules to the dark side. by KronosTheMadTitan11/26/052.91

Here Cum Da Judge

 — Judge Judy she certainly isn’t unless JJ is extremely horny. by Irish Moss02/27/093.85

Here With Me

 — Is Jenna the girl Lance has been searching for? by Artemis 8804/18/044.33


 — Wonder Woman and Superman give in to their desires. by The Mutt05/24/044.20

Hey Mickie, Your So Fine

 — Matt Hardy and Mickie James Have fun before Wrestlemania 25 by darkdefender8508/05/094.69HOT

High School Hooters Ch. 1

 — Anna Nicole Smith goes under the covers... by GeorgeTasker09/16/014.50HOT

High School Hooters Ch. 2

 — Secret Agent Hooters goes undercover. by GeorgeTasker09/19/014.55HOT

Highest Paid Lapdancer in Nashville

 — Shania Twain gives an unforgettable performance by MasturbationSuperstar11/14/134.20

Highlander: Bisexual Love

 — Richie wants Duncan, but so does Michelle. by KronosTheMadTitan11/26/052.83

Highlander: Carl Robinson Files

 — The life and times of an Immortal warrior. by Samuelx04/08/163.70

Hilary Duff's Hawaiian Heat

 — Pop star goes to paradise...and finds lustful adventure. by DeeFuhreese05/12/084.04

Hillary and Condi

 — Pizza delivery to Hillary Clinton. by oldestgenxer01/02/093.86

Hillary's Little Secret

 — Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan get together. by sexygirl2101/16/063.33

HIMYM Ch. 01: Couples Stamina

 — Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily Settle in for the night. by funsies8501/27/173.88

HIMYM S2E5: Lily's New Apartment

 — Lily slowly falls under Barney's control. by Stories_From_the_TV02/11/164.57HOT

Hiring Echo: The Dominatrix Doll

 — Echo is a very profitable part of the Dollhouse. by LL7201/12/124.68HOT

His Cute Little Slut

 — Green Day story with a homosexual pairing. by druscilla_nesser02/03/074.41

His Door

 — An erotic encounter with Russell Crowe. by dreamermidnight10/27/074.50

His Prey

 — The Alien decides to take the last survivor for experiments. by Predaliena02/10/173.96

His Servant

 — Luke discovers something that changes things with Bo. by Vinsmouse06/24/094.80

His Servant Ch. 02

 — A night at the Boar's Nest. by Vinsmouse07/04/094.50

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