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How I Met Alyson Michalka Ch. 03

 — Now her sister gets involved. by betelgeuse05/12/084.26

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 01

 — Robin & Ted rekindle their sex life. Other things heat up. by Bigdong1234501/22/174.11

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 02

 — Lily catches Ted in the act, which turns isn't so bad. by Bigdong1234504/30/173.97

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 03

 — The morning after Ted's encounter with Lily. by Bigdong1234506/27/174.11

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 04

 — Barney gets his chance with the gorgeous Lily. by Bigdong1234506/03/183.81

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 05

 — Robin finally gets her chance to be with the gorgeous Lily. by Bigdong1234508/22/194.24

How I Seduced Stephanie McMahon

 — Not everyone has sex with their dream girl. by kurrginatorX01/13/184.30

How Julia Stiles Changed My Life

 — Chance encounter leads to wild Vegas night. by Moonraker_Bond00701/21/054.32

How Kelli Stepped Into Hard Core

 — Main stream actress turned porn star Kelli McCarty puts out by User66611/18/124.55HOT

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 1

 — Hot action in the ring with Kurt Angle. by taptap12/06/013.50

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 2

 — More action in the ring with Kurt Angle. by taptap12/07/013.73

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 3

 — Hot one-on-one action with Kurt Angle of the WWF by taptap01/05/024.50

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 4

 — Kurt Angle gets kinky. by taptap01/06/024.21

How Matt Found Out

 — Matt Hardy finds out about Amy Dumas's affair with Edge. by Dice_Casden04/26/063.71

How Naked Are You Willing to Get?

 — Veronica Mars must undress to stay undercover. by electric103/28/114.20

How She Met the Mother

 — Cobie Smulders meets Cristin Milioti for the first time. by TheBigLove12604/05/14

How Slutty Can You Get?

 — Andrea Londo uses her charm - and ass - to get the role. by zmoorez10/26/174.24

How Soon is Now?

 — A tale about Yulia Volkova & Lena Katina (Tatu). by Fetch06/15/054.39

How Stephanie Lost Her Virgininity

 — Vince has a strange way of explaning the facts of life. by theflyinganvil08/07/023.15

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina

 — Jaina describes how to properly and successfully negotiate. by ItsJessy11/24/104.37

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

 — Jaina describes how to successfully negotiate. by ItsJessy01/25/114.38

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 03

 — The Worgen Garwal eyes Lady Jaina Proudmoore by ItsJessy05/15/144.50HOT

How to use Reputation for Sex

 — Wanna use Taylor Swift's new album as a naughty play list? by sandymonroe12/13/172.19

How to Win a Deal

 — Caroline Vreeland goes all out to win a record deal. by RTMinotaur12/11/184.38

HSN Hotties: Callie's Revenge

 — Callie Northagen from HSN gets revenge on her husband. by WoodHak02/02/093.88

Human 2.0

 — Female XMan chooses him for sex by Bakeboss12/26/093.41

Humping Herridge

 — Catherine Herridge gets surprise banging. by Foxfan6901/08/034.02

Hunter's New Game

 — Triple H plays a new game. by LilithBathory10/08/024.56HOT

Hunters & Prey

 — Paparazzo has a hunting mishap with Eliza Dushku. by AchtungNight08/23/08

Hunting the Hunter

 — A fantasy-based were story. by Enithermon01/07/094.79HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 02

 — Another bout of good old fashioned unwholesome fun. by Enithermon01/17/094.87HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 03

 — Lions, wizards, dark elves: geeking out, but dirtier! by Enithermon05/04/094.77HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 04

 — A girl and her lion. A lion and his dark elf. by Enithermon08/31/094.85HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 05

 — Necromancy: it's the new black by Enithermon09/23/104.82HOTContest Winner

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 06

 — Rolling balls are rolling. 2.0 by Enithermon11/18/104.82HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 07

 — What Would Boethia Do? And other platitudes. by Enithermon03/22/114.87HOT

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 08

 — Family: we don't choose them, & can't sell them for parts. by Enithermon02/06/124.83HOT

Hurley the Harlot

 — Liz Hurley enjoys an Aussie sex slave. by adoration02/04/063.47

Hurricane Warning in the Big Easy

 — Seducing a National Meterologist. by Nigel Debonnaire10/13/12

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 01

 — The Hurricane gets the super villain he could only dream of. by kitkat_18202/25/034.38

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 02

 — Hurricane goes out of character for a good reason. by kitkat_18203/02/034.30

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 03

 — Hurricane and Fyre finally "lock it up" in character. by kitkat_18203/10/034.00

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 04

 — Handcuffs and a seductive evil villain. by kitkat_18204/06/033.80

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 05

 — Fyre gets some from her own kind--- Molly Holly. by kitkat_18211/01/043.80


 — Vampire Chronicles: Marius & Armand are reunited. by jennygrrl11/14/034.23

Hush Darling

 — Peggy tries to enjoy a quiet moment with Angie. by MTL1709/22/154.84HOT

Hypothesis Confirmed

 — A Vulcan science officer conducts an unorthodox experiment. by Fuinimel01/19/164.68HOT

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

 — Dana Scully is attacked by a ghost. by michael_op104/17/073.62

I am Your Number One Fan

 — A film reviewer, his celebrity fantasy, and his big chance. by AMIEVIL10/09/164.31

I can't See You, John

 — My biggest gay sexual fantasy involving John Cena. by JonRau5501/03/192.25

I Can't Stand the Rain

 — Surprise visit from a Backstreet Boy brightens Claire's day. by Chel-Belle03/13/013.83

I Cheated on My Wife

 — My wife wasn't giving me play, so Kat saved the day. by BigTitFetishxo08/17/163.95

I Cream of Jeannie

 — Fantasy lesbian meeting between genie & girl. by jamie01/04/024.54HOT

I Did What with Who!?

 — I wake up with Anna Kendrick in my bed and no idea why. by MeanBlackjack11/12/134.63HOT

I Don't Need You, Bye

 — Olivia Munn. BBC. 30 minutes. by TheNewcomer09/11/19

I Dream of Alexandra

 — Alexadra Steele comes to me in a dream. by dispatcher5902/07/154.42

I Dream of Enslaving Jeannie

 — Nelson struggles with his desire to dominate Jeannie. by bohemian_writer03/18/074.19

I Dream of Jeannie

 — Always a Gentleman. by mr_hyde09/15/033.97

I Dream of Jeannie

 — Take off on TV Sitcom. by seigar10106/27/064.49

I Dream of Jeannie

 — Jeannie gets an education. by Inishfree07/18/104.85HOT

I Dream of Lucinth

 — Dehydrated nerd has a hallucination with a blood elf. by Aestu08/08/124.33

I Fucked Margo Sullivan

 — I hooked up with my favorite porn star. by kurrginatorX02/02/184.55HOT

I Fucked Peter North!!!!

 — My lifelong fantasy came true - Peter North was my client! by marriedpervs11/14/134.54HOT

I Get Foxy Jorja Fox

 — Taking Jorja Fox on CSI. by AngelE04/09/123.94

I Get Friendly with Friends

 — Sex orgy with the cast of the TV show. by Boxlicker10105/22/044.07

I Give Directions to Kelly Bundy

 — Beautiful TV star can't find her way. by Boxlicker10109/12/034.21

I Got Your Back

 — Rosa does Amy a favour in the name of having her back. by MTL1702/22/154.58HOT

I Got Your Back Pt. 02

 — Rosa does Amy another 'favour'. by MTL1705/12/184.42

I Got Your Back Pt. 03

 — Rosa and Amy make a deal. by MTL1707/18/194.55HOT

I Is For Icing

 — Gene Simmons' buttercream is just right. by velvetpie04/30/044.15

I Just Wanted Her to Like Me

 — Ann has always wanted April to like her. by MTL1704/16/144.55HOT

I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 02

 — April invites herself into Ann's home. by MTL1709/02/144.58HOT

I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 03

 — Ann's ordeal with April continues. by MTL1711/14/144.67HOT

I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 04

 — Ann and April have some fun with role-play. by MTL1712/27/144.24

I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 05

 — April tells Ann how she really feels. by MTL1701/28/154.81HOT

I Kissed A Girl

 — Nicole Richie has her first lesbian sex. by Loki846707/23/084.00

I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It)

 — A Santa Barbara girl meets the woman of her dreams. by phyrecat2705/25/094.51HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer

 — Lust in paradise with Rose McGowan. by Rockwell09/13/044.06

I Learn to Serve Stevie Nicks

 — A roadie becomes more than a personal assistant. by Bakeboss01/22/093.83

I Like To Watch

 — Nora gets a private show with 2 of the Backstreet Boys. by Chel-Belle03/11/014.13

I Love Sluts Ep. 01

 — Fucking some sexy ass sluts... and loving it. by DickThePimp01/11/193.04

I love Taapsee Pannu

 — From flight to her pussy, with Taapsee Pannu. by Bro01108/27/193.89

I Love the WWF!

 — Meeting with Stephanie McMahon makes him a star. by DynamicDynamite01/05/023.78

I Love This Bar

 — Her fantasy of meeting Toby Keith comes true. by InsatiableBrownEyes09/21/084.33

I Masturbate to Shelbie Kovach

 — A Confession to Laker Girl Shelbie Kovach. by MasturbationSuperstar12/28/143.00

I Met Her Again

 — Round two with Kaley Cuoco in Los Angeles. by MeanBlackjack06/21/124.66HOT

I Saw This Giant Saucer

 — A man gets abducted by a UFO for an unusual purpose. by runningonblade11/11/122.93

I Spy The Hardy Boyz Ch. 1

 — She spys on Matt & Jeff Hardy in their hotel room. by WwFdiVa41701/15/023.30

I Spy the Hardy Boyz Ch. 2

 — She gets caught by the Hardyz & more. by WwFdiVa41703/12/024.08

I Wanna Cum

 — A groupie is invited back after the show. by feliciasexopants07/06/144.19

I Want To Be Your Bitch Tonight

 — Anna Kendrick shows her kinky side to a man she just met. by TheBigLove12610/22/13

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 01

 — They hated each other - didn't they? by galaxygoddess07/21/074.27

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 02

 — They hated each other - didn't they? by galaxygoddess07/22/074.71HOT

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 03

 — They hated each other - didn't they? by galaxygoddess07/27/074.28

I Was Hiding Under Your Desk

 — Agent Peggy Carter explains why she was under Daniel's desk. by Zev9501/16/154.75HOT

I Work For You

 — Jack Bauer gives Nina Myers more than expected. by Talking Bowl01/07/034.70HOT

I'll Be Your Stripper

 — Carmen Electra sizzles the night pole dancing for her man. by cadeauxxx01/31/18HOT

I'll Do You Before I Say 'I Do'

 — Before he's married to Mary Jane, Peter uses the Black Cat. by Zev9501/18/154.46

I'll Try Anything Once

 — Kiefer is seduced to explore new aspects of sexuality. by Evita04/08/044.60

I'm A Maid, Get Me Out Of Here

 — Rosalina blows the lid off a Hilton girl. by angelfeathers03/23/044.47

I'm A Slave for Dark Angel

 — Britney auditions for Dark Angel before its cancellation. by Evil Alpaca11/13/044.55HOT

I'm Not Bad, You Just Drawn Me That

 — A simple drawing turns into one hot encounter. by xlted103/03/11

I'm Not Here for Love

 — Dragon Age: Origins alternate ending by ElyssaCousland11/13/164.72HOT

I'm Not Jimbo Bond

 — Mistaken Identity, Big Hooters, Sex & Espionage. by GeorgeTasker05/31/104.64HOT

I'm Seduced By Demi Lovato

 — My lesbian fantasies about Demi Lovato come true. by baranbrat02/17/12HOT


 — Shadowed Figure turns out to be the real thing. by sweetwanting04/01/034.56HOT

Ice Hot

 — Rodney plans a very special evening for John. by Dopeydora04/16/074.89

Icha Icha 01: Cherry Blossom

 — Naruto and Sakura become closer. by BlkReaperX7512/18/144.19

Icha Icha; The Weapons Mistress

 — Tenten shows how much she admires Naruto by BlkReaperX7512/23/144.47

iDaddy Ch. 01

 — How will Carly & Freddy take to being married and expecting? by BiGayBoy201803/01/18

IdeaCity Ch. 01

 — Ann Rohmer, Hot Property. by Leftbower09/22/043.91

IdeaCity Ch. 02

 — Onley on Lee (Jee-Yun Lee). by Leftbower10/01/044.60

IdeaCity Ch. 03

 — Jennifer Valentyne, Express Yourself. by Leftbower10/10/044.06

IdeaCity Ch. 04

 — Erica Ehm, Hat Trick by Leftbower10/19/044.50

IdeaCity Ch. 06

 — Angela Dohrman; her anal man-god. by Leftbower05/20/052.67

Identity Crisis

 — Victor Creed finds someone he doesn't expect at a bar. by Kassiana11/17/044.12

Identity Crisis Ch. 02

 — Secrets are revealed. by Kassiana11/18/044.86HOT

If Bruce Wayne's Not Batman

 — Somebody wanted me to write something without sex. by mary_is_boy_crazy06/12/124.78

If Great Authors Wrote Porn #10

 — Conan Doyle -- The Case of the Reluctant Whore by SexyGeek04/20/164.48

If Great Authors Wrote Porn #11

 — Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes. by SexyGeek04/26/174.37

If I Die 2Nite Ch. 01

 — Shanica finds Tupac in Las Vegas. by velvetpie02/17/052.00

If I Had My Chance

 — What happens when Valerie from 2009 travels back to 1963. by 6feetunderthestars11/19/094.25

If the Dark Lord Were Smarter

 — A Saga is short circuited. by Nigel Debonnaire07/17/12

If They Let Me Write 24

 — Kim Bauer gets in way over her head. by mysterwriter03/05/033.31

If They Let Me Write 24 Ch. 02

 — What happens in the field, stays there. by mysterwriter03/10/034.50HOT

Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX: Fancy

 — Iggy and Charli have fun with their producer. by JTCIII06/09/144.30

Iggy Azalea's After Party

 — A member of Iggy's crew gets to know her a little better. by qeruuz08/21/15

Il Divo and Me

 — They show me why they're the best quartet. by jessicarabbit2402/26/094.70HOT


 — A woman decides to wander Saffaron City in the nude. by Cerberus_ficwriter02/14/194.38

Imagine Being Sugar

 — The father of Jodie Foster's baby is revealed. by Seal 609/01/004.16


 — Captain Jack Sparrow finally finds love in a Gypsy Woman. by bustybibbwbabe04/11/083.67

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka

 — Queen Tenel Ka receives some unique gifts from the Empire. by HandcuffGirl11/19/104.61HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 02

 — Moff Fel offers Queen Tenel Ka some BDSM training. by HandcuffGirl11/23/104.72HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 03

 — Queen Tenel Ka goes through some BDSM training! by HandcuffGirl11/27/104.68HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 04

 — Queen Tenel Ka learns to please her Imperial Masters. by HandcuffGirl12/01/104.56HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 05

 — Queen Tenel Ka submits to the Empire, and gets paddled! by HandcuffGirl12/06/104.68HOT

Impregnating Friends

 — I get the women of the TV show Friends pregnant. by DickThePimp09/16/183.94

Impressing Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

 — The cosplayer puts a black wrestler hunk to the test. by daxg200105/11/154.72HOT

Improbable History

 — Peabody & Sherman visit T.E. Lawrence by sourdough99912/23/064.21

Improv-A-Ganza Threesome

 — Threesome with Greg Proops and Jonathan Mangum. by dragrace_sunset07/29/114.80

In a Single Bed in New Rochelle

 — Laura's Needs. by RogueDom01/13/113.67

In An Elevator With Avril Lavigne

 — What happens when you get stuck in an elevator with Avril. by AngelE04/15/124.14

In Any Reality

 — An alternate take on a timeless legend. by Ann Douglas11/26/174.66HOT

In Bed with Julian

 — Female photographer fulfills fantasy with Julian Fantechi. by justboycrazy07/14/084.33

In Between the Sheets

 — Jennifer Love Hewitt dances to an old R&B song. by cadeauxxx10/22/16

In Charge Ch. 01

 — A familial tryst with Kate Beckinsale and Lily Mo Sheen. by MichaelScarn06/11/174.68HOT

In Every World, In Every Story Ch. 01

 — In the House of M, Peter Parker discovers his old life. by Zev9503/19/164.33

In Every World, In Every Story Ch. 02

 — In the House of M, Peter Parker discovers his old life. by Zev9503/24/164.75HOT

In Every World, In Every Story Ch. 03

 — In the House of M, Peter Parker discovers his old life. by Zev9503/26/164.91HOT

In Every World, In Every Story Ch. 04

 — In the House of M, Peter Parker discovers his old life. by Zev9504/05/164.56

In Every World, In Every Story Ch. 05

 — In the House of M, Peter Parker discovers his old life. by Zev9504/09/164.36

In Fidelity Ch. 00: Prologue

 — High Fidelity direct parody. by Mr_Perfect10/04/183.00

In Fidelity Ch. 01

 — High Fidelity parody. by Mr_Perfect10/05/182.86

In Fidelity Ch. 02

 — High Fidelity parody. by Mr_Perfect10/06/183.00

In Fidelity Ch. 03

 — High Fidelity by Nick Hornby porn parody. by Mr_Perfect10/07/183.00

In Fidelity Ch. 04

 — Parody of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. by Mr_Perfect10/11/183.50

In Fidelity Ch. 05

 — Sexual parody of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. by Mr_Perfect10/12/183.67

In Fidelity Ch. 06

 — Parody of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. by Mr_Perfect10/14/182.50

In Fidelity Ch. 07

 — Parody of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. by Mr_Perfect10/15/182.00

In Fidelity Ch. 08

 — Parody of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. by Mr_Perfect10/16/183.00

In Front of the Mirror

 — Alexis Castle is getting fingered by her father. by alwayswild01/25/144.32

In Her Dreams

 — Our dreams become entangled. by Storm6205/26/134.29

In Memory of Bernard Schwartz

 — Every man wanted to be like Tony Curtis. by Bakeboss10/05/103.60

In the Amazon

 — Bear Grylls and his young male charge are stranded. by Intrepid_Voyager04/24/123.72

In The Beginning

 — Starring Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, and Jean Grey. by DarkTalon08/21/033.94

In the Court of the Transfer Queen

 — Britta and Annie are the ones having secret sex. by Marrrrrrr01/08/144.77HOT

In The Criminal Justice System....

 — What happened after ADA Southerlyn was fired. by EroticaSeanStyle01/19/054.72HOT

In The End

 — Good friend of Linkin Park rides emotional roller coaster. by junk_male09/19/023.00

In The Mausoleum

 — A well known dark cloaked figure lures. by Mylynka10/03/024.00

In the Middle

 — A threesome with OC x JongKey. by Shineesfeelgood09/17/183.50

In the Night Train's Eye Ch. 02

 — Night Train expands his power and seduces a young starlet. by oneanddone05/25/094.20

In The Studio

 — "Engineering" for Taylor Swift, Lorde, and St. Vincent. by MichaelScarn10/26/184.54HOT

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