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Incest Cupid

 — The family that plays together... by No Panty Girl01/05/064.23

Incident at the Pool

 — The WWF invasion doesn't just happen on T.V. by Bad-minton12/24/01

Indecent Exposure

 — Arsenal gets busted & Nightwing lays down the law. by PrincessKoriandr05/11/023.76

Indian Motherly Heroine Fantasy

 — His affair with his Heroine Mother in law. by lovermachan08/10/034.43

Infinity Quest - Prologue

 — Inspired by Marvel Comics "Infinity Gauntlet". by doctor_insanus02/28/014.38

Infinity Quest Ch. 1

 — As Thanos proceeds, the Invisible Woman continues her sexual adventures. by doctor_insanus03/07/014.64HOT

Inga Breaks Captain America

 — German guard breaks Captain America using sex. by lilguy01/02/052.75

Inga Meets Wonder Woman

 — Busty German lady breaks Wonder Woman with sex. by lilguy11/08/043.69

Inga Meets Wonder Woman Ch. 02

 — Busty German brings out Wonder Woman's dark side. by lilguy01/02/053.63

Inner Black Swan

 — Mila loosens up Natalie and takes away her inhibitions. by MTL1705/08/114.76HOT

Inner Black Swan Ch. 02

 — Mila introduces Natalie to her friends. by MTL1702/11/144.59HOT

Inner Black Swan Ch. 03

 — Mila convinces Hayden she's a top. by MTL1706/08/144.73HOT

Inner Black Swan Ch. 04

 — Kristen makes a deal with Mila. by MTL1711/11/144.76HOT

Inner Black Swan Ch. 05

 — Kristen fulfils her half of the deal. by MTL1705/24/154.57HOT

Inner Black Swan Ch. 06

 — Mila and Laura make a deal. by MTL1702/22/164.39

Insatiable Asa Akira

 — Adult movie audition. by sexnovella10/31/142.78

Inside Hillary Clinton

 — Campaign worker discovers Hillary's passionate side. by USwatchdog05/29/064.51HOT

Inside Hillary Clinton Ch. 02

 — He discovers Hillary's bi side. by USwatchdog06/13/064.43

Inside Out

 — Keira Knightley helps Doug Ramsay get used to London. by AchtungNight10/24/08

Instant Lust **from Instant Star**

 — Jude Harrison and Tommy Q finally give in to their lust. by sexxxygirl8312/09/06

Intemperate Acquaintances

 — A Halloween tale. by Phrenetic_Ice11/21/044.33

Interim Plans

 — Mitch Rapp finds an unlikely guide back from his hell. by irishcurse03/11/114.17


 — An unlikely pair finally gets a few moments alone -Star Wars. by shereshoy10/30/114.89

Intern to the Star

 — Oprah Winfrey had plans not in the job description. by patdown11/21/154.32

International Relations

 — Alexis Castle spends an enlightening night with Haley. by SDLRob04/13/164.76HOT


 — Romulan officer "interrogates" captured Klingon. by vic_elor06/22/044.30

Interrogation Ch. 02

 — The blooming love between a Romulian and a Klingon continues. by vic_elor11/10/054.21

Interview with a Mediator

 — Photo shoot with Sarah Shahi turns into wet oral sex. by JonB196903/29/124.20

Interview with a Pussycat Doll

 — Journalist gets a dream interview with Nicole Scherzinger. by JonB196901/02/083.98

Interview with Faith Hill

 — Faith Hill stuns a young reporter with her request. by bigdaleforever11/09/024.06

Interview with Faith Hill Ch. 02

 — Faith Hill and reporter are blackmailed into anal action. by bigdaleforever12/07/034.21

Interview with Jennifer & Courtney

 — Reporter gets it on with the Friends stars. by bigdaleforever03/04/034.11

Into The Heat

 — She gets a massage from The Viper. by justboycrazy03/25/123.67

Into Vin's Lair

 — Vin Diesel makes a slave of intruder girl. by RiddicksConcubine01/05/043.60

Introducing the Joys of Lesbos

 — Sharon Stone introduces Jena Malone to Sapphic love. by Maggie Red Rose06/08/064.71HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 01

 — A lost nomad tries to make the world better. by Invid Writer05/21/034.24

Invid Invasion Ch. 02

 — Andrea meets her first humanoid Invid and Keri gets physical. by Invid Writer05/25/034.46

Invid Invasion Ch. 03

 — Andrea is trapped in an Invid hive. by Invid Writer06/01/034.56HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 04

 — Andrea encounters mutants with their own agenda. by Invid Writer06/06/034.23

Invid Invasion Ch. 05

 — The group takes a break for some strip poker. by Invid Writer06/11/034.46

Invid Invasion Ch. 06

 — The story kicks off into high gear. by Invid Writer06/24/034.64HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 07

 — Andrea gets addicted to a drug that eliminates inhibitions by Invid Writer07/30/034.54HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 08

 — Andrea gets in over her head. by Invid Writer10/05/034.36

Invid Invasion Ch. 09

 — Andrea in a female prison. by Invid Writer02/08/044.75HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 10

 — The Day the Invid arrived on Earth. by Invid Writer03/13/044.78HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 11

 — Andrea returns to Salt Lake and to Keri. by Invid Writer05/25/044.86

Invid Invasion Ch. 12

 — Andrea looks for revenge in York. by Invid Writer12/13/044.71

Invid Invasion Ch. 13

 — New player ups the stakes with the Invid. by Invid Writer02/12/054.83

Invid Invasion Ch. 14

 — Andrea becomes weapon dealer's sex slave for a week. by Invid Writer02/22/054.72HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 15

 — What all are up to when Andrea's not around. by Invid Writer03/12/054.91HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 16

 — Andrea takes a visit to the pleasure dome. by Invid Writer06/13/054.60HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 17

 — Vacation goes awry to the tune of a gangbang. by Invid Writer06/20/054.75HOT

Invid Invasion Ch. 18

 — Kitty gives the double dildo another try. The Invid are back. by Invid Writer04/30/074.83

Invid Invasion Ch. 19

 — Andrea & Irene do it underwater; Kitty reaps benefits. by Invid Writer05/10/074.62

Invid Invasion Ch. 20

 — A defeated Andrea becomes Faye's sex slave. by Invid Writer04/04/094.85HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 01

 — American Expat meets and seduces Mr. Fantastic himself. by madam_noe08/23/074.73HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 02

 — Nicky and Ioan battle each other, and their desire by madam_noe08/25/074.80HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 03

 — Nicky discovers Ioan's secret; will he discover one of hers? by madam_noe09/05/074.76HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 04

 — Nicky discovers Ioan's dark side... by madam_noe09/13/074.80HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 05

 — Ioan uncovers her secret...will she enjoy his revenge? by madam_noe09/21/074.62HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 06

 — Ioan gives Nicky the ultimate test. by madam_noe09/28/074.72HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 08

 — Nicky takes the tables, but does she have the upper hand? by madam_noe10/15/074.75HOT

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 09

 — The final chapter: will love win? by madam_noe10/26/074.68HOT

Iris Jinger-Santos

 — P.B Model Iris Jinger-Santos plays an eager to help stylist. by Primer_Cord07/09/074.20

Iron Man: Sexworld Pt. 01

 — Traveling to an alternate universe proves very interesting. by Zev9509/09/154.33

Irresistibly Cute

 — Sara finds Felicity just too cute to resist. by MTL1701/04/154.61HOT

Irresistibly Cute Ch. 02

 — Sara admits to Felicity what she really wants. by MTL1703/04/154.55HOT

Irresistibly Cute Ch. 03

 — Sara and Felicity go on their first date. by MTL1705/02/154.68HOT

Irresistibly Cute Ch. 04

 — Sara and Felicity 'come out' as a couple to their friends. by MTL1711/20/154.62HOT

Irresistibly Cute Ch. 05

 — Sara and Felicity 'come out' as a couple to Felicity's Mom. by MTL1705/04/164.41

Is He Really Tough Enough?

 — Maven gets final test from WWF divas. by Darksider02/01/024.38


 — Lucas makes it with Brazilian actress Isabela Garcia. by lucasbe01/13/053.33

Island Debriefing

 — Fomer spy has a night with Rihanna. by B5900102/26/113.41

Isle Esme - The Missing Chapter

 — What happened between Edward and Bella during the honeymoon by crimsonandclovr401/22/114.40

It's a Dirty Job

 — Hot wife lives out her fantasy with Mike Rowe. by dlawson09/09/104.34

It's a Dirty Job Redux

 — Mike Rowe returns for more. by dlawson02/28/133.70

It's a Lustache

 — The awkwardness between Kaitlyn and Cody hits its peak. by Dice_Casden05/03/133.80

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 01

 — The story about porn stars Donna Reed & Jimmy Stewart. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/09/082.91

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 02

 — The story about porn stars Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/10/082.71

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 03

 — The story about porn stars Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/11/082.00

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 04

 — It's A Wonderful Life was a remake of She's a Sexual Wife. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/14/084.00

It's a Wonderful Life Ch. 05

 — Donna Reed blows Lionel Barrymore. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/19/082.90

It's All About Jack Nicholson Ch. 01

 — It's all about Jack - Jack Nicholson, that is. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/08/084.00

It's All About Jack Nicholson Ch. 02

 — Jack Nicholson's last starring role, the end of an era. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/09/082.20

It's All About Jack Nicholson Ch. 03

 — Jack Nicholson's last starring role, the end of an era. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/083.50

It's All About Jack Nicholson Ch. 04

 — Jack Nicholson's last starring role, the end of an era. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/12/083.75

It's All Relative

 — Bobby watches his fathers-in-law. by Tony Ryan10/29/033.85

It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 01

 — Howard Stern returns with another episode. by fictitious11/29/114.21

It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 02

 — Howard Stern's show with incest. by fictitious12/06/114.43

It's Only Business: Ch. 01

 — Dave meets "K.K.", his mystery client. by Cabbage_Boy01/15/084.19

It's Showtime

 — Threesome with sexy Showtime stars Emmy Rossum, Lizzy Caplan. by Robertdoc08/02/144.39

It's Vegas Bitch!

 — Britney Spears is the sex goddess of sin city. by cadeauxxx06/07/154.81HOT

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