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Jeri Ryan

 — A tale of voyeurism, incest, strength & control. by farechilde02/05/084.25

Jeri Ryan Best Sex Ever

 — The Star Trek girl meets a fan. by wwekiller03/02/084.07

Jeri Ryan Ch. 02

 — The games begin by farechilde02/14/084.47

Jeri Ryan Ch. 03

 — A bathtub for a bed and a silver chopstick. by farechilde02/20/083.97

Jeri Ryan Ch. 04

 — Stove tops and turned tables. by farechilde07/30/084.61HOT

Jericho Gets Stephanie

 — Y2J finally gets Steph and takes her in the ring by wwekiller10/09/084.47

Jerry Springer: National Nude Day

 — Jerry meets wild guests. by jessy1906/16/044.52HOT

Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer

 — Out of jail and beyond network censors. by GratefulFred05/11/062.68

Jersey Bounce

 — Agent 48EE does what it takes to get job done. by Nastilatinabitch04/10/044.42

Jersey Shore Journal

 — Getting cast on a reality TV show has certain benefits. by Irish Moss08/26/103.67

Jersey Shore Journal 02

 — Smooshing with another castmate during season two. by Irish Moss11/03/104.40

Jessi Meets the Women Pro Bowlers

 — She gets 'up close and personal' with Carol Gianotti. by jessijessi3402/08/024.42

Jessi Meets the Women Pro Bowlers Ch. 2

 — Jessi & Carol have more fun. by jessijessi3402/24/024.51HOT

Jessica & Beyonce's Secret

 — Victoria's Secret revealed by Jessica Simpson. by HELLYEAH4WOOD01/11/024.15

Jessica Alba & Me

 — Girl's celeb fantasy comes true. by odingirl01/18/043.77

Jessica Alba Gets Caught On A Hook

 — Fictional adventure with Miss Alba on the high seas. by JakesZA12/15/094.18

Jessica Alba on the Beach

 — You are on a beach with your girlfriend Jessica Alba. by blikst07/22/084.55HOT

Jessica Alba: Porn Star

 — Miss Alba stars in a little movie for her private collection. by Sammycolto07/29/134.78HOT

Jessica and Roger Rabbit

 — Roger and Jessica in heat, discovering Jessica can grow. by LoveHugeBoobs11/02/134.48

Jessica Biel's Markup

 — Jessica and writer on a movie meet to make some revisions. by noemail11/18/034.61HOT

Jessica Biel's Markup: The Next Day

 — Jessica and the scriptwriter continue revisions. by noemail12/14/034.61HOT

Jessica Ennis: Golden Girl

 — How did Jessica Ennis become so good? by itscalledhazing09/05/124.48

Jessica Is Away, Nick & Ashlee Play

 — Nick and Ashlee cross the line while Jess is out of town. by Irin04/08/084.26

Jessica Is Away, Nick & Ashlee Play Ch. 02

 — They're caught and decide to let Jessica join. by Irin08/12/084.29

Jessica Jonesing

 — How twisted can two Sisters be?? AKA: Bang! Bang! by terminatrix9206/11/174.62HOT

Jessica Nigri - Truth or Dare

 — Cosplayer gets a workout from two best friends. by daxg200105/30/154.76HOT

Jessica Rabbit Camping Day 01

 — Jessica Rabbit explores the great outdoors. by owensweet08/22/124.25

Jessica Rabbit Camping Day 02

 — Jessica Rabbit continues to explore the great outdoors. by owensweet08/29/124.41

Jessica Rabbit Does Hentai

 — Jessica rabbit finds a new job. by muhabba01/17/134.25

Jessica Rabbit: A Night with a Hutt

 — Jessica is Jabba's faithful slave, and summoned for a night. by Hidden_Source12/14/144.22

Jessica Rabbit: Showtime

 — Things get steamy between Jessica Rabbit and a reporter. by JTCIII02/06/114.57HOT

Jessica Rabbit: Summer Rain

 — Jessica Rabbit hooks up with a new man. A Superman. by JTCIII05/21/114.73HOT

Jessica Rabbit: Whore of the Hutt

 — Jessica submits to being Jabba's prized possession. by Jessikhan10/18/114.22

Jessica Simpson's Wedding Night

 — Her first time with her new husband Nick. by jessy1908/14/034.44

Jessica's Cleaning Day

 — Jessica Rabbit takes a day off to clean house. by lisa_m_h04/17/093.88

Jessica's Gorgeous Body

 — The voluptuous star needs to be convinced she is sexy. by Boxlicker10105/08/094.38

Jessica's Nhyte

 — Jessica Simpson's night out at the Nhyte Club is interrupted. by Darlantan10/15/064.06

Jeter's Cheater

 — After an argument, Minka Kelly relieves some stress by TheBigLove12602/04/124.67HOT

Jetson's Anniversary

 — Jane Jetson has a wild anniversary night. by philsogood6907/31/124.60HOT

Jetson's Anniversary Ch. 02

 — Jane Jetson is insatiable and finds 2 Jovians to satisfy her. by philsogood6909/04/134.45

Jetsons Keep A Dark Secret

 — I can't wait to move out! by supervillian08/27/133.72

Jewel, Britney, & I

 — Guy has sexy fun with singers. by nasty105/14/012.84

Jillian's Island

 — Jillian's island, off the Barberie coast, is visited. by clinton0909/15/10

Jilnar Jardaly & the Big Dick Wolf

 — Jilnar Jardaly falls prey to a legendary sexual predator. by Abeedah197810/13/163.75

Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates

 — Jilnar Jardaly encounters some nasty pirate slave-traders. by Abeedah197803/02/164.00

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks Santa Claus

 — Jilnar Jardaly decides to help Santa Claus empty his sack. by Abeedah197802/14/164.21

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Groom

 — Jilnar Jardaly seduces a helpless man on his wedding day. by Abeedah197802/24/163.45

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Interns

 — Jilnar Jardaly turns two young, all-American boys into men. by Abeedah197801/24/164.11

Jilnar Jardaly in Fuckland

 — Jilnar Jardaly finds a magical land of sleaze and debauchery. by Abeedah197802/28/163.50

Jilnar Jardaly in Mind-Control

 — Jinar Jardaly finds herself under the control of a pervert. by Abeedah197803/06/163.43

Jilnar Jardaly Loves Hot Cum

 — How Jilnar Jardaly's addiction to man-sauce made her a star. by Abeedah197802/04/164.46

Jilnar Jardaly Loves Surprise Fucks

 — Jilnar Jardaly gets unexpectedly penetrated by a huge cock. by Abeedah197803/09/164.36

Jilnar Jardaly Sucks a Huge Cock

 — A young journalist gets a lot more than he bargained for... by Abeedah197801/06/163.54

Jilnar Jardaly the Hot Sex-Slave

 — Jilnar Jardaly fulfills her darkest and dirtiest fantasy! by Abeedah197803/04/163.92

Jilnar Jardaly vs. King Kong

 — Sexy Jilnar Jardaly tames and satisfies a legendary beast. by Abeedah197801/22/163.80

Jilnar Jardaly vs. Max Hardcore

 — Jilnar Jardaly decides to spice up her public image. by Abeedah197801/14/163.91

Jilnar Jardaly's a Dirty Slut

 — Jilnar Jardaly's sexual depravity is way out of her control! by Abeedah197801/29/163.87

Jilnar Jardaly's a Filthy Whore

 — Jilnar Jardaly loves her nasty, kinky and intense gangbangs. by Abeedah197802/02/163.62

Jilnar Jardaly's Addicted to Sex

 — Jilnar Jardaly gives an American tourist the grand tour! by Abeedah197802/20/163.29

Jilnar Jardaly's Elevator Gangbang

 — Jilnar Jardaly meets six horny young fans in a dark elevator. by Abeedah197801/31/163.71

Jilnar Jardaly's Horny Fuckhouse

 — Jilnar Jardaly finally gets her very own sex-show on live TV. by Abeedah197812/28/164.50

Jilnar Jardaly's Hot Buttered Buns

 — Jilnar Jardaly indulges her desire for a public gangbang. by Abeedah197802/26/162.62

Jilnar Jardaly's Kinky Sex Games

 — Jilnar Jardaly happily plays along in a horny fan's fantasy. by Abeedah197803/15/163.50

Jilnar Jardaly's Lesbian Lovefest

 — Two sexy hot sluts awaken Jilnar Jardaly's lesbian desires. by Abeedah197801/19/163.25

Jilnar Jardaly's Sexual Healing

 — A Returned US marine receives therapy of a different kind. by Abeedah197801/12/163.67

Jilnar Jardaly's X-Rated Interview

 — Jilnar Jardaly shares her deepest and darkest sexual secrets. by Abeedah197801/08/163.88

Jimmy Olsen Shemale Bimbo Ch. 00

 — Gemmy Olsen replaces her twin brother at the Daily Planet by tawnysuede07/29/114.23

Jimmy Olsen Shemale Bimbo Ch. 01-02

 — The beginning of how Jimmy became Gemmy. by tawnysuede09/01/114.34

Jimmy Sigszer Gets Lucky

 — Car accident with Britney becomes a wild sex romp. by WuddaWad01/15/083.87

JLH Goes Through Customs

 — Jennifer Love Hewitt gets entangled with security. by razor_nut10/08/034.23

JLo Meets The Booty Bandit

 — Jennifer Lopez' s ass gets wrecked by an ass lover. by tonysnow02/27/084.24

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Damon takes over after his boss's departure. by rulehater05/05/034.29

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Damon has passion and drama with Halle Berry by rulehater05/06/034.43

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Damon is seduced by Andie MacDowell. by rulehater05/08/034.21

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 04

 — He gets lucky with Tyra Banks at an industry party. by rulehater05/18/034.23

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 05

 — Gangbang with Rose McGowan. by rulehater06/19/034.28

JOA: Damon's Chronicles Ch. 06

 — He hooks up with an actress at a party. by rulehater08/10/034.22

Joan Lunden: Sexy Loving Care Ch. 1

 — Joan Lunden and her daughters help heal an injured man. by Foxfan6910/13/024.29

Joan Lunden: Sexy Loving Care Ch. 2

 — Joan gives Dan the best cure. by Foxfan6910/15/024.39

Jodie Whittaker IS the Doctor

 — The 13th persona takes a feminine twist. by 123z07/27/173.96

Joey & Jen

 — Dawson's friends have fun without him. by Rabbit7710/06/024.22

Joey & Jen Ch. 2

 — Pacey and Audrey join the fun. by Rabbit7710/11/024.35

Joey & Jen Ch. 3

 — Dawson comes home. by Rabbit7711/01/024.35

Joey's New Pad

 — Joey Tribbiani begins to like his new pad - and LA. by aacool10/07/043.78

Jogging in Atlanta Park

 — Running into Robin Meade and Christie Paul while jogging. by baranbrat12/10/09

John Carter & A Princess of Mars

 — John Carter/Dejah Thoris. by mpessina08/24/153.70

John Cena and the WWE Divas

 — John Cena has some fun with some of the WWE Divas. by football_stud03/24/064.11

John Cobra

 — His Mission. by frog705/14/152.17

John Forsythe the Man

 — Not just an actor, but a lover of women. by Bakeboss04/16/103.25

John Gets Double-Teamed

 — Stephanie McMahon & Stacy Keibler, naked in a locker room. by imtheworldchamp12/05/014.41

John Mayer's Real Talent

 — John is seduced by Ashanti, Michelle Branch & Amy Lee. by jessy1909/10/044.47

John's WWF Adventure Vol. 6

 — A distraught Debra meets John's rattlesnake. by imtheworldchamp12/12/014.23

Johnny Depp's Mermaid

 — Romance and Erotica. by Sabrina099012/01/144.33

Joining In

 — Cobie Smulders watches, joins ScarJo, Hayley Atwell threeway. by Robertdoc07/15/144.53HOT

Joint Investigation

 — NCIS and CGIS Team leaders work together. by patricia5103/17/184.31

Jon Chess: Breakfast in Dalaran

 — Jon Chess and Lynesia enjoy breakfast in Dalaran. by fafhrd0904/18/184.00

Jon Chess: Cabin Boy

 — Jon Chess becomes crew for the Black Blade merchant ship! by fafhrd0905/10/184.00

Jordan Krinke in The Laker Girl

 — A special post-game gift from my favorite 2014 Laker Girl. by MasturbationSuperstar11/01/143.33

Josh Gets Laid

 — Lindsay Lohan takes his virginity. by ainu208/31/114.52HOT

Josh Groban: Bittersweet

 — After a concert, Josh is feeling a little needy. by Grobanian_Princess04/28/064.20

Josh Groban: Forbidden Love

 — Josh reveals his love for the bride on her wedding day. by Grobanian_Princess06/02/064.67

Josh Groban: Forbidden Love Ch. 02

 — Josh reveals his love for the bride on her wedding day. by Grobanian_Princess07/03/063.20

Josh Groban: Forbidden Love Ch. 03

 — Things get "sticky" in this love affair. by Grobanian_Princess07/04/064.60

Josh Groban: L'Amore

 — Radio host meets sexy singer. by Grobanian_Princess07/10/063.50

Josh's Good Time

 — Josh Hutcherson has fun with girlfriend. by joe101806/23/122.57

Journal of an Agent Ch. 01

 — Hollywood agent meets Rachael Leigh Cook. by carnagejackson05/22/014.48

Journal of an Agent Ch. 02

 — A car ride with the lovely Katie Holmes. by carnagejackson05/23/014.40

Journal of an Agent Ch. 03

 — Escorting Jessica Alba to an awards show. by carnagejackson05/24/014.49

Journal of an Agent Ch. 04

 — Meeting and dinner with Alyssa Milano. by carnagejackson05/25/014.42

Journal of an Agent Ch. 05

 — Will Dean be able to resist Christina Aguilera? by carnagejackson05/26/014.40

Journal of an Agent Ch. 06

 — Helping Eliza on the set of 'Angel'. by carnagejackson05/27/014.41

Journal of an Agent Ch. 07

 — Solving Catherine Zeta-Jones' marital problems. by carnagejackson05/28/014.39

Journal of an Agent Ch. 08

 — Journey back to the past diary of Dean's father. by carnagejackson05/29/014.27

Journal of an Agent Ch. 09

 — Visit with Elizabeth Hurley leads dancing & more. by carnagejackson05/30/014.40

Journal of an Agent Ch. 10

 — Blackmailer turns out to be good for Portia De Rossi. by carnagejackson05/31/014.31

Journal of an Agent Ch. 11

 — Dean's first meeting with Jennifer Love Hewitt. by carnagejackson06/01/014.48

Journal of an Agent Ch. 12

 — A visit to NYC for a photo shoot with Jennifer Aniston. by carnagejackson06/02/014.61HOT

Journal of an Agent Ch. 13

 — Dream a little Britney dream... by carnagejackson06/03/014.37

Journal of an Agent Ch. 14

 — Dean gets stuck in an elevator with Denise Richards. by carnagejackson06/04/014.43

Journal of an Agent Ch. 15

 — Dean finds love again. by carnagejackson06/11/014.70HOT

Journal of an Agent Ch. 16

 — Penelope Cruz helps Dean overcome his trauma. by carnagejackson06/30/014.52HOT

Journal of an Agent Ch. 17

 — Sking, relaxation & Winona Ryder? by carnagejackson08/09/014.28

Journal of an Agent Ch. 20

 — Dean decides Angelina Jolie needs a little grooming. by carnagejackson10/26/014.47

Journal of an Agent Ch. 21

 — Dean & Natalie visit Ashley Judd in the mountains. by carnagejackson11/22/014.38

Journal of an Agent Ch. 22

 — Dean helps Jennifer Lopez relax before a concert. by carnagejackson12/19/014.51HOT

Journal of an Agent Ch. 23

 — Sarah craves sex, a problem with Freddie, & more. by carnagejackson01/13/024.54HOT

Journal of an Agent Ch. 24

 — Julia Stiles saves the last dance for Dean! by carnagejackson01/31/024.37

Journal of an Agent Ch. 25

 — Dean meets up with Alyson Hannigan. by carnagejackson02/15/024.33

Journal of an Agent Ch. 26

 — Late night fun with Reese Witherspoon. by carnagejackson03/05/024.41

Journal of an Agent Ch. 27

 — The plot against Dean is revealed. by carnagejackson04/01/024.43

Journal of an Agent Ch. 28

 — Jacob's last move, & cuckolding Neve Campbell's boyfriend. by carnagejackson04/29/024.39

Journal of an Agent Ch. 29

 — He bails Cameron Diaz out of jail for hot street racing. by carnagejackson05/16/024.45

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