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Journal of an Agent Ch. 30

 — Series ends with a bang: 14 celebs, old & new! by carnagejackson06/17/024.68HOT

Journal of an Agent: Ch. 18

 — Dean gets A LOT from Lucy Liu & Zhang Ziyi. by carnagejackson09/03/014.49

Journal of an Agent: Ch. 19

 — Dean finds a tape of Damon and Halle Berry. by carnagejackson10/02/014.54HOT

Journalists on the Hump

 — Snapshots of kink in the mainstream media. by patwong11/11/083.69

Journey to OZ Ch. 01

 — Dorothy discovers a powerful new form of magic. by Erlikkhan12/13/044.63HOT

Journey to OZ Ch. 02

 — Dorothy uses her newfound skills in Oz. by Erlikkhan08/09/164.87HOT

Joy Ride

 — The only thing I really wanna ride is him. by playful_minx04/01/093.60

Jubilees Orgasm

 — Jubilee gets some sexual release with a large result. by PenanceS04/30/033.96

Judgment of Paris

 — He has sex with his dream - and it turns into a nightmare. by Bakeboss10/26/093.55

Judith Ellen Licht

 — A fantasy of my youth. by broox01/18/064.14

Julia Schultz & Tiffany Taylor

 — Two playmates, a pair of cuffs, an angry cop. by hopeolsonfan07/26/054.59HOT

June Calendar Shoot

 — Juliet Huddy's fantasy wedding night. by baranbrat10/18/064.00

Jungle Tom Ch. 01

 — Britney visits the rain forest. by Mad_astronaut04/07/082.71

Jungle Tom Ch. 02

 — Christina Aguilera needs comfort. by Mad_astronaut04/17/083.00

Jungle Tom Ch. 03

 — Lohan contemplates surgery. by Mad_astronaut04/24/083.08

Jungle Tom Ch. 04

 — Doing Mariah's chores. by Mad_astronaut04/28/082.25

Jungle Tom Ch. 05

 — Angelina Jolie and Madonna want to adopt. by Mad_astronaut05/06/083.25

Jungle Tom Ch. 06

 — Paris in the forest. by Mad_astronaut05/23/083.55

Junk Food, Tequilla and Thou

 — Sara and Grissom have been stressed. by PiperGrissom05/28/094.00

Just 18

 — Amanda Bynes gets hot and horny. by kingsize7701/16/053.63

Just a Little Secret

 — Scarlett Johansson and an old friend have an affair. by cadeauxxx06/23/164.54HOT

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 01

 — She has fun with WWE's Randy Orton & John Cena. by zaceveryda9804/03/084.42

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 02

 — John Cena ad Randy Orton bring her a WWE surprise. by zaceveryda9804/03/084.10

Just Another Day on Wisteria Lane

 — Behind closed doors on Wisteria Lane. by tobloved04/17/074.56HOT

Just Another Day on Wisteria Lane Ch. 02

 — Brokered deals, broken barriers. by tobloved05/26/074.77HOT

Just Another Mission

 — She & Hellboy are isolated - and horny. by Kara Senecal12/12/044.67HOT

Just Business Ch. 01

 — Brian meets a flustered Emma Stone in Hollywood... by whatthebuck908707/01/134.68HOT

Just Business Ch. 02

 — Brian and Emma Stone explore a new relationship. by whatthebuck908708/12/134.70HOT

Just Curious

 — Hanna is out to prove she's not just curious. by MTL1702/05/154.38

Just For Kix

 — Ahsoka encounters the unexpected... by shereshoy10/11/114.39

Just Let Me Stay a Little While Longer

 — Sylvanas has captured Jaina Proudmoore for her own desires. by Allyrion11/06/134.44

Just Like...

 — ... a white winged dove. by Zrnko_Pisku12/24/124.71

Just Say No To Asscrack

 — Santana's new project: taking Rachel Berry's anal virginity. by Zev9510/11/144.37

Justice League: Love & Sex & Magic

 — An orgy breaks out in the Hall of Justice. by JTCIII05/25/124.41

Justice League: Team Building

 — Zatanna discovers the team building exercise that they use. by tangentjoker10/02/133.83

Justifiable Homicide

 — Wrex thinks it pay back time for the Genophage. by DarkLaraJade08/16/123.52

Justifiable Homicide Ch. 02

 — Wrex finds who he's been looking for. by DarkLaraJade11/10/124.44

Justin Bieber's Surrogate Mother Ch. 01

 — Susan meets Justin Bieber an in empty elevator. by SusanJillParker01/19/133.86

Justin Bieber's Surrogate Mother Ch. 02

 — Susan becomes Justin Bieber's surrogate mother. by SusanJillParker01/21/134.19

Justin Timberlake's Heartbreak

 — Joel Madden and Mike Shinoda help out. by jessy1901/26/044.03

Justine Greiner Ch. 01

 — Miss February 1984 decides to quit college. by hopeolsonfan09/15/054.45

Kain's Adventure in New York

 — He's Kirsten's fan and she's his, too. by Kain__Thornn05/29/064.47

Kaitlyn's Ultimate Fucking Encounter

 — Kaitlyn blows off steam with the beast known as Brock Lesnar. by Dice_Casden05/03/134.14

Kaitlyn’s Admiring Investigation

 — Kaitlyn wants to know who is her secrete admirer. by Dice_Casden08/14/134.29

Kaley and Melissa and Amy Make Four

 — Enter Amy Davidson. by 123z03/23/174.20

Kaley Cuoco Is The Rav 4 Genie

 — If a Genie looking like that showed up, what would you do? by muhabba08/14/133.85

Kaley Cuoco Meets The Fanboys

 — Kaley attends a special Meet & Greet at ComicCon. by muhabba12/13/144.45

Kaley Cuoco's Horny!

 — On the set of 'Big Bang Theory' Kaley Cuoco is getting horny. by i2azori3lade712/25/133.24

Kaley Cuoco's Snapshots

 — Taking pictures during sex with Kaley Cuoco. by Robertdoc09/17/144.21

Kaley Goes Riding

 — Kaley meets an old friend and discovers his secret. by 123z03/24/173.58

Kaley's Kinky Vegas Trip

 — Kaley visits Sin City. by 123z04/16/173.85

Kane & Stone Cold

 — Tammy finds herself attracted to wrestler. by jlennongrrl06/14/024.24

Kanye's Torture

 — Kanye experiences needle play for the first time. by subwryter02/14/133.29

Kara and Diana Ch. 01

 — Two premiere Superheroines find love in each other. by BrettJ06/09/054.40

Kara and Diana Ch. 02

 — A new & unique situation affects Kara and Diana's world. by BrettJ08/31/054.40

Kara and Diana Ch. 03

 — In the midst of a crisis, two friends become - much more by BrettJ08/26/064.42

Kara Makes A Discovery

 — Supergirl finds a way to overpower Superman. by jpc90009/08/053.90


 — He plays game with dangerous woman. by Dar_Jisbo07/24/06

Kat Dennings' Sex Therapy

 — Kat fulfills bedroom fantasies with a dominating hunk. by daxg200107/22/154.50HOT

Kate & Pippa Middleton Fancy a Game

 — Kate & Pippa play a naughty game, whilst William goes mad. by newamba08/07/11

Kate and Her Mom Got it Goin On

 — A college student experiences Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. by righttowrite07/06/074.17

Kate Beckinsale as Lonely Waitress

 — A Kate Beckinsale fanfiction. by kaedemuffin10/13/094.29

Kate Middleton Needs a Proper Fuck

 — The Duchess of Cambridge needs some good dick. by newamba06/30/11

Kate on the Lawn

 — Kate Upton gives in to what she really enjoys. by MoonlightRumRat08/07/124.08

Kate Upton - Item Girl Audition Ch. 01

 — She flies to India to meet Bollywood Director Romeo. by nextcenturyromeo06/20/123.73

Kate Upton - Item Girl Audition Ch. 02

 — Kate starts learning about how Bollywood works. by nextcenturyromeo07/01/124.44

Kate Upton - Item Girl Audition Ch. 03

 — Kate becomes part of the Bollywood sluts. by nextcenturyromeo08/22/124.31

Kate Upton - Item Girl Audition Ch. 04

 — Kate enjoys a hot Bollywood party with other Bollywood sluts. by nextcenturyromeo04/12/134.27

Kate Upton - Item Girl Audition Ch. 05

 — Kate Upton surrenders completely to Romeo and he claims her. by nextcenturyromeo04/13/134.39

Kate Upton is Taken

 — Kate is taken by a black man by john777910/13/143.57

Katherine's Moaning

 — The L Word star goes hunting in New Orleans. by jmayyy12/26/064.07

Kathie Lee Gifford in The Bitch

 — On the mailbox there is just one name: "Gifford" by MasturbationSuperstar09/15/134.14

Kathy Shower

 — The beautiful blonde comes out of the rain. by hopeolsonfan04/29/054.46

Kathy Wolf of HSN: Venus Arising

 — Home Shopping slut shows how slutty she can be. by robynfan04/17/034.09

Kathy's French Rendezvous

 — Kathy goes to Paris and meets Johnny Depp. by justboycrazy10/06/133.00

Katie Couric Meets Serena Williams

 — Perky TV personality gets freaky with tennis star. by CAPervert07/22/023.44

Katie Couric: A Night on the Town

 — Lucky guy wins date with Katie Couric. by Foxfan6911/28/024.21

Katie's Gift

 — Katie Holmes, a rainy day, and a fond memory by TNP_04/18/114.77HOT

Katniss Everdeen's Decision

 — Katniss can't choose between Peeta or Gale. They can. by ItchyTasty07/28/144.19

Katrina Gets A Role

 — Katrina Kaif submits for a movie role. by nextcenturyromeo02/22/043.98

Katy & Rihanna's First Resort

 — Katy Perry & Rihanna enjoy a naughty weekend away. by Noj09/16/164.82HOT

Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter

 — Katy Perry and Rihanna indulge each other after a show. by Noj06/20/154.68HOT

Katy and Her Brother

 — Katy kissed her brother, and she liked it! by TromeoQue04/20/134.27

Katy and Jenn

 — Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston? by historycup10/29/124.06

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift

 — Katy Perry turns Taylor Swift into her tour slave. by DPPUsername1234502/04/163.11

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift Pt. 02

 — Katy Perry turns Taylor Swift into her tour slave. by DPPUsername1234502/06/163.49

Katy Perry Enslaves Taylor Swift Pt. 03

 — Katy Perry turns Taylor Swift into her tour slave. by DPPUsername1234502/09/162.77

Katy Perry's Ass Man

 — Katy Perry's ass is worshipped after water park exposure. by Robertdoc09/26/124.46

Katy Perry's Sexual Healing

 — Katy Perry finds new man after being dumped on New Years. by Robertdoc07/05/134.44

Katy Perry: Encore

 — A lucky guy gets a VIP pass to "see" Katy Perry. by JTCIII07/22/114.35

Katy Perry: Encore Ch. 02

 — The fun continues backstage... by JTCIII11/16/114.34

Katy Perry: Slippery When Wet

 — Katy Perry shares a shower with a male fan. by MeanBlackjack09/07/124.44

Katy Perry: The Skirt

 — Stuck in an elevator with Katy Perry. by MeanBlackjack08/01/114.43

Katy's Caribbean Adventure

 — Katy Perry is seduced by a man in uniform. by Noj01/31/134.67HOT


 — An episode with Katya Kassin. by Vitorio10/11/074.29

Keep Them Burning Ch. 1-2

 — Alt reality Andromeda fic - Beka and Gaheris meet Telemachus. by tigerprawn11/16/065.00

Keep Them Burning Ch. 3-5

 — Alt reality Andromeda - Beka and Rhade hit a bad patch. by tigerprawn11/17/065.00

Keeping Cody Company

 — Cody Rhodes spends a weekend with his gf's best friend. by justboycrazy05/28/124.00

Keeping Faith

 — Cordelia doesn't want to lose Faith to Buffy. by MTL1710/28/084.45

Keeping Up Appearances: Dickie

 — Richard manages to fool Hyacinth by Nigel Debonnaire12/09/10

Keira Knightley Goes On Holiday!

 — Keira Knightley gets fucked in Montana. by RichardDickensAlcock09/13/153.91

Kellie Pickler's Pheromones

 — A good deed nets an evening with Kellie Pickler by imhapless04/26/134.66HOT

Kelly Bundy Bets Her Ass

 — Kelly Bundy discovers the pitfalls of gambling. by Inishfree03/26/124.86HOT

Kelly Cass and I Become Friends

 — Chance meeting with Kelly leads to friendship and a baby. by dispatcher5908/16/144.70HOT

Kelly Clarkson's Voyeur

 — Kelly walks around naked in her condo & attracts a visitor. by Kash_the_priest10/10/074.54HOT

Kelly Kelly: Sexual Deviant Ch. 01

 — Kelly Kelly and Christian go one-on-one in the showers. by MeanBlackjack06/23/114.24

Kelly Kelly: Sexual Deviant Ch. 02

 — Dropped from Wrestlemania, Kelly gets busy. by MeanBlackjack06/24/114.21

Kelly Monaco

 — Sexy model makes a call. by hopeolsonfan03/27/054.38

Kelly Pays Off Ch. 01

 — Kelly Cass makes up for a missed date at the college. by dispatcher5911/21/164.88

Kelly Pays Off Ch. 02

 — Kim calls a friend. Kelly borrows him. by dispatcher5901/17/174.20

Kelly Ripa Wants To Be On Top

 — Kelly Ripa wants Regis Philbin's job. by Inishfree03/24/114.90HOT

Kelly Ripa's Photo Shoot

 — Kelly Ripa finds her sexy side. by Ramznow02/06/143.88

Kelly Ripa, My Mom

 — Mother and son finally get close - really close. by amberlamonte06/16/064.14

Kelly's "The Office"

 — Kelly & Ryan seduce Erin, the receptionist, into a threesome. by ReneeJames01/19/114.50HOT

Kenny Mania!

 — Relationship with country music's sexiest singer. by ShyGirlAriel08/28/044.00

Kensi's Bad Night

 — A bad night for Special Agent Kensi Blye. by Jackson_Collins04/05/124.05

Kerry Katona's Revenge?

 — Kerry has an experience she'll never forget. by Maria Dennis12/12/054.50HOT

Kerry's Threesome

 — Detective Kerry has a fuck session with Matthews & Riggs. by docpayne05/14/113.10

Key To Heidi

 — Supermodel meets Supercocksman. by Rockwell10/07/044.00

Khaleesi's Wild Night

 — Daario and Khaleesi exchange a night of fun. by Rdog_01/12/163.94

Khali's Christmas Surprise

 — WWE fan fic with The Great Khali and Mickie James. by wwekiller12/14/144.47

Kiana Tom Gets Black Into Shape

 — Fitness model Kiana Tom needs help getting fit. by anonhuman05/30/024.38

Kidnapping Jenny McCarthy Ch. 1

 — Six men enjoy the blonde bombshell. by bAbE|iCi0uS04/23/011.79

Kidnapping Jenny McCarthy Ch. 2

 — What happens next to busty blonde star? by bAbE|iCi0uS05/12/012.32

Kiefer's Wild Party

 — Kiefer Sutherland leaves one party to join another. by TheMoody103/10/053.92

Killer Serviceman Craving

 — Madison Rayne lusts for the former army vet Chris Melendez. by daxg200104/29/154.67

Kim and Ron

 — Friends are stuck in the jungle with nothing to do. by JELB_4211/10/063.18

Kim Kardashian's Back Door

 — Kim uses me for anal. by Bakeboss01/10/102.72

Kim Kardashian's Comeback

 — Kim's first time after giving birth is with male nanny. by Robertdoc08/25/134.47

Kim Kardashian's Turn

 — Making love with a hotsy actress with a big, sexy ass. by Boxlicker10101/10/104.25

Kim Kardashian: Big Bang

 — Celebrity takes on three guys. by duanep01/26/083.93

Kim Kardashian: Hey Mister DJ

 — Kim Kardashian has a wild night with a DJ she picks up. by JTCIII05/05/114.45

Kim McArthur's Busy Day

 — Kim is kidnapped on her birthday. by hopeolsonfan04/12/054.76HOT

Kim Perez Takes a Hike

 — Kim gets some wood in the woods. by dispatcher5912/16/134.33

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 01

 — Scientist with Agenda Addicts Kim Kardashian to Machine. by catden07/01/114.36

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 02

 — Mr. Kelly plants the hook into Kim Kardashian by catden07/05/114.38

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 03

 — Kourtney gets to see Kim in action. by catden07/09/114.07

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 04

 — Kim willingly becomes Mr. Kelly's slave. by catden07/14/114.03

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 05

 — Kourtney stakes her claim. by catden12/14/113.87

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 06

 — Kourtney in charge. by catden06/13/143.52

Kimberly McArthur Meets a Fan

 — Kim McArthur has a chance encounter in NYC. by hopeolsonfan04/13/054.62HOT

Kimberly Mcarthur's Wet Tee Shirt

 — Kim has adventures in Texas. by hopeolsonfan05/25/054.67HOT

King of the Hill - Poker Night

 — Peggy and Luanne learn how to play poker with the boys by Dragonfly5410/22/074.00

Kings and Queens Ch. 01

 — Carrie has a party. by tcwild10006/20/114.31

Kings and Queens Ch. 02

 — Carrie Goes on Notice. by tcwild10006/21/114.43

Kings and Queens Ch. 03

 — Threesomes, Secrets, and a Girl at Coopers. by tcwild10006/22/114.21

Kings and Queens Ch. 04

 — Danny and Spence have a party. by tcwild10007/19/114.65HOT

Kings and Queens Ch. 05

 — Carrie and Doug and Jeff and Katie. by tcwild10012/01/114.64HOT

Kings For A Day

 — A couple's encounter with Angelina & Billy Bob. by cby206/12/024.23

Kirsten Dunst

 — Kirsten visits a farm to research her next role. by jaroslav04/12/024.01

Kirsten Dunst: American Girl

 — Kirsten Dunst in Victoria's Secret leads to lust. by carnagejackson05/22/014.24

Kirsty Mitchell: After Goldeneye

 — Kirsty finds herself lost in the video game world. by MJKA11/12/114.67

Kiss or Kill

 — Webb & Mac in Paraguay, when tempers flare. by deweycat06/02/044.38

Kissing Kate Walsh

 — I'm working with Kate and things happen by jeninflorida05/04/084.14

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