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Kitty Likes It Hard

 — Shadowcat gets her way with her favorite Russian X-man. by ladydrace02/26/084.22

Kitty's Sim

 — Kitty Pryde has a little fun in the Danger room by PenanceS04/30/034.03

KLS The BDSM Special Ch. 01

 — Kylie and Dannii Minogue get kinky. by Noj09/12/064.43

KLS The BDSM Special Ch. 02

 — Kylie and Dannii Minogue go even further. by Noj10/24/064.69HOT

KLS The BDSM Special Ch. 03

 — The Extreme Climax of Kylie and Dannii's kinky games. by Noj12/12/064.63HOT

KLS The Naughty Cheerleaders

 — Kylie and Dannii Minogue as cheerleaders. by Noj06/23/064.56HOT

KLS: Arrest and Interrogation

 — Kylie lays down the law. by Noj06/13/064.77HOT

Knights of the Old Republic Ch. 02

 — Visas Marr concentrates on relaxation. by trigkerrik03/27/054.56HOT

Knot Your Girl

 — Girl films porn scene for cuckold site. by WyrdoBond02/16/183.73

Kode Magazine Shoot

 — Victoria Justice gets lucky after her Kode magazine shoot. by jjgarces06/23/153.87

Kojak: Extortion

 — Theo and Bobby's relationship is used against them. by Pelaam10/22/064.90HOT

Kojak: In Sickness And In Health

 — Bobby gets some of Theo's TLC. by Pelaam02/13/074.77HOT

Kojak: Sun, Sea, Sand and Romance

 — Theo and Bobby have fun in the sun. by Pelaam01/27/074.68HOT


 — Weather Channel beauty gives in to her desires. by jkent10/26/024.44

Kristina Abernathy At Work

 — Weather Channel blonde gets to know coworkers. by jkent05/16/044.68HOT

Kristina Abernathy Throws A Party

 — Weather Channel beauty finds a way to thank four interns. by jkent02/03/034.66HOT

Kristina Abernathy's Sunday Fun

 — Weather Channel beauty gives herself to an intern. by jkent05/04/034.67HOT

KT Tunstall Signs Her "Albums"

 — Scottish pop star KT Tunstall fucks the manager. by Michaelb2308/19/093.20

Kurt's Dream Come True

 — Kurt checks in on Stacy and gets a surprise. by Mr. Marvel12/04/053.90

Kylee Nash Goes Black

 — Stripper and porn star Kylee Nash gets her first BBC. by bbc4milfs08/04/134.26

Kylie & Dannii Minogue: 2 Hearts

 — Famous sisters give into their mutual desire. by JTCIII08/16/124.59HOT

Kylie & Dannii Minogue: Love, Lust and Incest

 — Can they face the Taboo? by Noj07/01/074.69HOT

Kylie and Danni Team Up

 — The sisters play tag with a stud. by 123z07/25/184.06

Kylie and Dannii Get Blacked

 — The sisters team up for an interracial threesome. by 123z09/18/183.93

Kylie Goes Back to School

 — Kylie has another saucy outfit. by Noj05/13/064.66HOT

Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman

 — Kylie plans her birthday party and receives stress relief. by 123z04/07/184.23

Kylie Minogue Loves a Selfie

 — Kylie becomes obsessed with her new camera. by 123z04/19/182.25

Kylie's Latest Squeeze

 — Kylie Minogue has a corset. by Noj03/20/064.75HOT

Kylie's Sore Throat

 — Kylie Minogue fulfill's a nasty Fantasy. by Noj01/13/124.50HOT

Kyo's First Time

 — Kyo and Iori from KoF get together despite their past. by TalenaBaby11/11/043.29

L.A. Lives: Episode Two

 — An incredibly hot episode of this exciting, sexy new series. by bigfishnetholes04/11/034.48

L.A. Weather Girls Pt. 01

 — A Stroke Show for Liberte Chan and Evelyn Taft. by MasturbationSuperstar12/16/144.36

L.A. Weather Girls Pt. 02

 — A threesome with Liberte Chan and Evelyn Taft. by MasturbationSuperstar12/17/144.08

LA Aces Ch. 01

 — Kat McPhee deals card shark a very appealing hand. by Doctor_Nick11/19/074.72HOT

LA Aces Ch. 02

 — Nick and Kat drive out to LA, and make a quick pit stop. by Doctor_Nick11/26/074.80HOT

LA Aces Ch. 03

 — Kat invites Renee Olstead over for a little fun. by Doctor_Nick12/05/074.83HOT

LA Aces Ch. 04

 — Nick has more fun with Renee, and also meets Sophia Bush. by Doctor_Nick12/31/074.73HOT

LA Aces Ch. 05

 — Renee serves Mistress Sophia, then Nick joins in. by Doctor_Nick02/01/084.87HOT

LA John Ch. 01

 — John moves in to a new apartment building in LA. by Rednecktexas13310/13/153.47

LA John Ch. 02

 — Victoria leaves but has a surprise for John. by Rednecktexas13310/14/154.40

LA John Ch. 03

 — John, Victoria and, Liz enjoy a day at home. by Rednecktexas13310/21/154.17

Lace & Leather

 — Randy Orton hooks up with biker store clerk. by justboycrazy09/06/134.67

Lacey Chabert's First Time Ch. 01

 — Lacey recalls losing her virginity to "Mean Girls" co-star. by SassyGal8404/30/094.08

Ladies In Heat

 — Two young women alone on a hot afternoon. by Pulp Fan06/03/024.68HOT

Ladies Night

 — Hailee Steinfeld loved ladies nights with her friends. by CaptainNinnin01/16/194.00

Ladies Night at the Movies

 — Hailee and Bailee were going to the movies for ladies night. by CaptainNinnin01/18/193.71

Ladies' Night

 — R&B singers shack up for a night of fun. by rulehater08/09/034.50HOT

Lady Cop

 — Encounter with a female cop is life-changing. by jernigan08/14/074.21

Lady Helena Boob Worship Role-Play

 — Helena Douglas collars and owns you for some booby action. by SPARTAN04704/25/174.29

Lady in the Water

 — Kim Kardashian goes for a run. by SuomynonAJ04/21/173.84

Lady Justice: A Time Lady Reborn

 — Space travelling goddess finds new life with human lovers. by danieltravieso02/10/144.81HOT

Lady Justice: Cult of the Moche

 — Our three lovers celebrate life & love on a mysterious moon. by danieltravieso02/09/174.00

Lady Penelope Meets Captain Scarlet

 — More puppet fun. by 123z05/22/174.57

Lady Penelope Superspy

 — Lady P meets a certain J B. by 123z03/22/174.67

Laetitia Casta Pt. 01

 — French top model discovers Kenya. by FrenchCasanova04/29/144.43

Lana Lang Meets the Wizard of Oz

 — She learns about Clark from unusual source. by MrVern06/23/044.31

Lara Croft and the Druids

 — Lara Croft seeks a book of a Druidic cult. by inyotefi06/28/104.12

Lara Croft Quest for the Ankh

 — Lara croft attempts to rob a famous rapper of an artifact. by Sean Renaud03/07/094.10

Lara Croft's Undead Lover

 — Lara Croft runs into trouble in the Spencer Mansion. by Deathstalker209908/28/033.35

Lara Croft...The Untold Stories

 — The behind the scenes action that never made the screen. by Loadedquill03/26/104.41

Lara Croft...The Untold Stories Ch. 02

 — The second chapter of Lara Croft's harrowing jungle tale. by Loadedquill05/10/104.34

Lara Croft: Further Adventures

 — Lara uses her feminine wiles to recruit a financial backer. by Loadedquill03/12/114.38

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

 — Woman versus machine. by MJKA10/04/104.30

Larry's Cougar Ch. 01

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage10/28/133.71

Larry's Cougar Ch. 02

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage10/29/134.30

Larry's Cougar Ch. 03

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage10/30/134.10

Larry's Cougar Ch. 04

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage10/31/134.38

Larry's Cougar Ch. 05

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage11/05/134.75

Larry's Cougar Ch. 06

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage11/06/134.50

Larry's Cougar Ch. 07

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage11/07/134.75

Larry's Cougar Ch. 08

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage11/08/134.33

Larry's Cougar Ch. 09

 — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson add a third. by aimili_sage11/09/135.00

Las Vegas

 — Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. by SexyJennaInk10/11/053.80

Las Vegas - What Happens in Vegas

 — Delinda Deline makes Danny McCoy a winner despite the loss. by ManMythLegend07/03/074.51HOT

Las Vegas Ch. 01

 — Danny fucks Jillian and Delinda Deline. by TVfreak03/16/084.51HOT

Las Vegas Ch. 02

 — Montecito crew have a orgy. by TVfreak05/02/084.63HOT

Las Vegas Evening

 — Incident at Opus. by RomeoRomeo09/24/104.00

Las Vegas Evening Ch. 02

 — Pleasant repercussions. by RomeoRomeo09/27/104.31

Las Vegas Evening Ch. 03

 — Fantasy fallout. by RomeoRomeo10/01/104.30

Las Vegas Evening Ch. 04

 — The morning continues... by RomeoRomeo10/06/104.17

Las Vegas, A Great Decision

 — Couple's weekend turns into her Mel Gibson fantasy. by Grand Canyon09/14/014.20

Last Chance

 — Gabrielle gets another chance with Xena, but with a twist. by ImmortalRomance10/01/103.78

Last Chance Ch. 02

 — Gabrielle becomes Xena's slave. by ImmortalRomance10/04/104.36

Last Chance Ch. 03

 — Xena decides she'd like to try out her new slave girl. by ImmortalRomance10/08/103.89

Last Chance Ch. 04

 — Xena finally triumphs in taking her young slave's virginity. by ImmortalRomance10/18/104.30

Last Chance Ch. 05

 — Xena reclaims her slave girl. by ImmortalRomance11/10/104.12

Last Chance Ch. 06

 — Xena has some extremely shocking news for Gabrielle. by ImmortalRomance08/02/114.09

Last Man Standing - Girl's Night Out

 — Baxter Women meet up with Larabee and Friends and More. by baranbrat01/24/17HOT

Last Man Standing New Year Bash

 — The Baxter and Larabee Family get together and more. by baranbrat01/09/16HOT

Last Man Standing Unexpected Rain Storm

 — Unexpected Rain Storm Drenches Baxters & Friends. by baranbrat03/18/18

Last Night

 — Crystal rethinks the night before. by joejonaslover0706/12/115.00

Lasting More than a Round

 — Ronda Rousey gives a rookie a shot at out-fucking her. by daxg200110/30/154.41

Late - A Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction

 — William and Grell oneshot. by ColorPixie05/21/124.50

Late Night Yoga

 — Unable to sleep, Troian Bellisario heads to the gym. by TheBigLove12612/17/13HOT

Late Shift Ch. 01

 — Quiet night in ER is livened up by Colin Farrell. by irishlass10107/11/034.48

Late Shift Ch. 02

 — Shannon gives Colin a private exam. by irishlass10107/13/034.19

Late Shift Ch. 03

 — Colin shows Shannon some good, clean fun. by irishlass10107/16/034.12

Late Shift Ch. 04

 — Colin and Shannon heat up the phone lines. by irishlass10107/18/034.94HOT

Late Shift Ch. 05

 — Colin takes over the spa. by irishlass10108/22/034.83HOT

Late Shift Ch. 06

 — Shannon and Colin get closer. by irishlass10105/30/044.65HOT

Late-Night Ride-Phryne and Jack 01

 — After years of tension, a car journey changes everything. by Bliss2Kiss06/04/194.73HOT

Late-Night Ride-Phryne and Jack 02

 — During a break in the journey, Jack takes control. by Bliss2Kiss07/09/194.57

Lather, Rinse Obey Ch. 01

 — Drakken finds a new use for his mind control shampoo: Shego. by DeannaTroi03/13/064.29

Latin Spices

 — J-Lo and her publicist meet a contest winner. by bigbootyluva08/17/054.57HOT

Latin Spitfire

 — Arnold Craven rocks Salma Hayek's world. by Rockwell01/07/072.75

Latina Heat

 — Ebony dancer helps Jennifer Lopez with her constipation. by Will Wanton02/12/013.66

Laundry Service

 — Shakira gets good quality room service. by Noj11/15/034.55HOT

Laundry Service Ch. 02

 — Shakira gets further service. by Noj08/22/044.68HOT

Laundry Service Ch. 03

 — Shakira offers her special services. by Noj04/10/064.76HOT

Laura Bush, Michelle Obama & Cheney

 — Bush & Obama attend a swingers' Halloween party with Cheney. by SuperHeroRalph10/22/113.53

Laura Ingraham: Hot Talk Radio

 — Radio host makes it with a co-worker. by SkyBubble02/14/073.89

Laura Vandervoort: Fan Appreciation

 — The star of Smallville finds out how thin the walls are. by MeanBlackjack08/11/124.68HOT

Laura's Birthday Surprise

 — A fantasy or is it? by BobDogwood03/05/033.88

Lauren Cohan: The Walking Slut

 — The TWD star gets into a steamy One Night Stand. by Sammycolto08/06/154.68HOT

Laurie Dhue: Beach Bang

 — Lucky guy makes love to Laurie at the beach. by Foxfan6911/21/024.45

Laurie Dhue: Doing the Dhue

 — His fantasy of Laurie Dhue comes true. by collegeguysex06/21/063.95

Law & Order: Easing Tension

 — Alex and Bobby deal with a tough case. by broken_wings01/05/064.55HOT

Law & Order: Easing Tension Ch. 02

 — Awkward glances. by broken_wings03/01/064.38

Lawyer Lost Her Morals Long Ago

 — OZ Beecher's Lawyer and Keller Fuck. by jabitte6901/11/182.50

Lawyer to the (Porn) Stars: Natasha

 — Business picks up. by fittucker8704/19/094.63HOT

Lawyer to the (Porn) Stars: Sara

 — Lucky lawyer finds new business representing porn stars. by fittucker8704/02/094.57HOT

Lay On Hands Ch. 01

 — Paladins of Alliance and Horde meet in a sparring match. by AdmiralSquish05/27/184.07

Lay On Hands Ch. 02

 — Draenei paladin and her wife find a secluded spot. by AdmiralSquish12/03/184.43

Lay On Hands Ch. 03

 — Pyrista gets to work on satisfying her wife's horse-cock. by AdmiralSquish02/28/194.79HOT

Lay On Hands Ch. 04

 — Pyrista strips, and Rylinne puts her horse-cock to work. by AdmiralSquish04/25/194.38

Lay On Hands Ch. 05

 — Rylinne decides to move somewhere more comfortable... by AdmiralSquish07/03/194.08

Lay On The Landing

 — Passion's fury is unleashed in a stairway. by sweetrapturedlight12/24/034.00

Le Femme BEM

 — Sex in zero gravity takes one of three things... by Oblimo12/22/074.38

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen

 — The League try to avert World War One. by 123z03/21/194.08

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Ch. 02

 — Emma Watson and Sheena's adventure in Africa. by 123z03/26/194.42

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Ch. 03

 — Annie Oakley and Pocahontas meet Billy the Kid. by 123z04/02/194.32

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Ch. 04

 — Scarlett Holmes and Miss Marple team up in Paris, 1881. by 123z04/12/194.42

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Ch. 05

 — Conclusion with Vampirella and the Doctor. by 123z04/24/194.18

Leann Rimes & the Nashville Orgies

 — Hollywood meets Nashville - let the fucking begin. by westerntiger02/06/084.44


 — The slut returns to Corrie St. by sgrspc69er05/03/054.52HOT

Leap of Faith

 — War made them enemies, circumstance will make them allies. by Snekguy06/08/194.83HOT

LeasaJ Seduced by a Fan

 — His seduction of a Literotica authoress. by marky196506/21/034.14

Leatherface XXX

 — Leatherface, hot chicks and kinky sex. by DickThePimp07/12/182.67

Leave It To Gay Beaver Ch. 01

 — Wally & Eddie have their first sleep over. by sack06/19/044.35

Leave It To Gay Beaver Ch. 02

 — Wally and friends give Beaver a birthday to remember. by sack06/21/044.24

Leave It To Gay Beaver Ch. 03

 — Wally and Beaver service Eddie to pay off a debt. by sack09/20/064.50HOT

Leave It To Gay Beaver Ch. 04

 — Wally's dad cures his bad case of blue balls. by sack05/03/164.46

Leave It To Gay Beaver Ch. 05

 — Ward Cleaver brings some friends home for unexpected fun. by sack08/30/184.20

Leave Me

 — Nikita doesn't want Alex leave her. by MTL1712/10/134.92HOT

Leela and Her Toy

 — Leela has a little futuristic fun... by Arber10/31/123.75

Leeza Gibbons: Backseat Superstar

 — Leeza has needs like everyone else. by fantasycamp11/28/044.53HOT

Left Out

 — Skye and Bobbi comeback from a mission. by MTL1704/06/164.46

Left Out Ch. 02

 — Jemma is left out. by MTL1705/05/174.53HOT

Left Out Ch. 03

 — Skye is left out. by MTL1708/01/174.08

Left Out Ch. 04

 — Bobbi is left out. by MTL1709/22/174.79HOT

Left Out Ch. 05

 — No one is left out. by MTL1712/24/174.53HOT

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

 — The High Priestess prepares with her whore apprentice. by MJKA12/18/114.00

Legacy of the Dragon Ch. 01

 — An exile reunites with Princess Daenerys Targaryen. by Benjamin_Winter01/30/184.29

Legacy of the Dragon Ch. 02

 — Daenerys adjusts to life at Lucas's side. by Benjamin_Winter03/18/184.27

Legacy of the Dragon Ch. 03

 — Lucas and Daenerys face their first foe. by Benjamin_Winter05/09/184.33

Legacy's Side Effect

 — SG-1 explores a creepy planet. by Doberman04/10/014.49

Legacy: Catalyst

 — Scarlett and Thomas arrive in Athens and enjoy the Aegean. by Lost Boy09/20/174.82HOT

Legend of the Black Cock Pt. 01

 — Wonder Woman and Power Girl serve The Black Cock God. by tomjordan94512/05/174.33

Legend of the Black Cock Pt. 02

 — Power Girl and Wonder Woman enjoy a foursome. by tomjordan94512/21/174.32

Leia's Capture

 — Leia gets captured to Jabba's delight. by Arbys10/22/124.05

Leia's Discovery & Zekk Two Pack

 — Princess Leia tries on a sexy Hutt slavegirl outfit! by HandcuffGirl04/06/124.37

Leighton's Lessons

 — Leighton Meester helps her roommate sexually. by NikkiRFan02/04/103.91

Leighton's Secret Mister

 — Leighton Meester has an affair in Australia. by TheBigLove12611/18/15

Lena Katina's Sex Tape

 — Ex-TATU vixen makes hardcore sex tape with her new husband by RiversEdge201009/01/134.23

Lena's Birthday Present

 — Another hot t.A.T.u. story. by Cats_in_the_hat08/03/073.88

Lennon & I

 — The night that began Michelle's life. by myelectricdreams10/18/033.88

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