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Lost: Jack and Kate - The Call

 — Lost's Jack and Kate engage in phone sex. by Tahti11/09/074.56HOT

LOTR: The Prequal Never Told

 — Arwen and Aragorn before the LOTR trilogy. by AnonomusGirl06/20/034.07

Louder English

 — Angie wants Peggy to be louder. by MTL1706/18/164.88HOT

Love & War

 — Starfire uses S&M to get Nightwing's attention. by PrincessKoriandr05/11/024.42

Love All at Wimbledon

 — Room service delivers to the Williams sisters. by Mike Tauron10/28/003.88

Love And War Bk. 01

 — The Sequel to Love Thy Enemy. by IronDragon12/12/12HOT

Love And War Bk. 02

 — The next Chapter in the lives of Jason and Delaara. by IronDragon12/16/12HOT

Love And War Bk. 03

 — The Continuing Adventures of Jason and Delaara. by IronDragon12/17/12HOT

Love And War Bk. 04

 — A new threat arises. by IronDragon12/27/12HOT

Love And War Bk. 05

 — The Conclusion. by IronDragon01/21/13HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 01

 — Kylie Minogue seduces a stranger. by Noj06/20/034.39

Love At First Sight Ch. 02

 — Kylie gets it on again. by Noj06/22/034.67HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 03

 — Kylie Minogue gets her legs spread one more time. by Noj06/23/034.63HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 04

 — Kylie gets a fantasy made reality. by Noj08/27/034.55HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 05

 — Yet more fun with the sexy Minogue sisters. by Noj02/16/044.60HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 01

 — Kylie has fun in the country. by Noj04/04/054.68HOT

Love At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 02

 — Conclusion of sexy fun with the Minogue sisters. by Noj07/20/054.74HOT

Love At First Sight: Bondage Special

 — Fun with Kylie & Dannii Minogue. by Noj10/18/034.53HOT

Love At First Sight: Bondage Special Ch. 02

 — The kink with Kylie and Dannii continues. by Noj07/15/044.89HOT

Love Bites (So Does She)

 — Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale meets a male fan. by bigdaleforever02/17/134.38

Love Don't Cost A Thing

 — A remix leads a Miami DJ into an affair with Jennifer Lopez. by cadeauxxx05/26/18HOT

Love Gets Lost

 — Young man’s fantasy came true by shadesofgrey08/03/044.06

Love in a Small Town

 — Chance meeting with Jennifer Love Hewitt. by ohiofreedom11/15/093.94

Love in an Elevator Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter with Jennifer Love Hewitt. by TNP_11/29/114.80HOT

Love in an Elevator Ch. 02

 — More fun with JLH as her blonde friend joins in. by TNP_12/15/114.80HOT

Love in an Elevator Ch. 03

 — Love's afternoon adventures continue. by TNP_01/25/124.76HOT

Love in an Elevator Ch. 04

 — Love and Sarah return for another day of play. by TNP_02/24/124.76HOT

Love in the Time of Sentinels

 — A Days of Future Past love story. by majicman2102/24/164.50HOT

Love is "Madden"ing

 — She finds passion with Good Charlotte's hunky lead. by CelticAngel160506/30/043.25

Love Lust

 — Lust turns to love with Emily Blunt. by B5900105/05/124.00

Love Me

 — Has Nikita won? Maybe. But, now what? by MTL1702/15/144.46

Love of a Pirate Ch. 01

 — Jack & Will part ways at Port Royale. by hrefnadrakis04/18/044.58HOT

Love Potion #9

 — Batman and Batgirl. by Ann Douglas11/17/174.48

Love Spreads

 — A romantic story with English glamour model, Melissa Debling. by John Connors09/15/184.57HOT

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 01

 — The strangest things can happen to Starfleet pilots. by IronDragon11/29/12HOT

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 02

 — On the Beach. by IronDragon11/30/12HOT

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 03

 — Jason and Delaara explore their paradise. by IronDragon11/30/12HOT

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 04

 — Uninvited Guests/The Rescue. by IronDragon12/02/12HOT

Love Yourself

 — Lizzie gets it on all by herself. by abeautifulmessofcontradictions01/05/164.42

Love's Big Bang

 — Jennifer Love Hewitt's weekend retreat takes a detour. by RufusT11/29/034.63HOT

Love's Harmony Ch. 01

 — Jennifer makes move to Orlando, Florida. by simply_cyn08/10/043.67

Love's Harmony Ch. 02

 — Jennifer meets the band. by simply_cyn08/15/043.91

Love's Harmony Ch. 03

 — Jennifer gets to know the boys. by simply_cyn08/17/044.00

Love's Harmony Ch. 04

 — Jennifer & A.J. make a bet. by simply_cyn08/17/043.88

Love's Harmony Ch. 05

 — Jennifer helps out with a video shoot. by simply_cyn08/18/043.86

Love's Harmony Ch. 06

 — Jennifer & Brian continue to get close, despite Nick. by simply_cyn08/19/044.00

Love's Harmony Ch. 07

 — Jennifer confides in Fatima. by simply_cyn08/20/043.60

Love's Harmony Ch. 08

 — Jennifer & Brian find out the truth. by simply_cyn08/22/043.17

Love's Harmony Ch. 09

 — Jennifer struggles between professionalism and her feelings. by simply_cyn08/22/043.33

Love's Harmony Ch. 10

 — Jennifer & Brian finally come together. by simply_cyn08/23/043.17

Love's Harmony Ch. 11

 — Jennifer's ex shows up at concert, uninvited. by simply_cyn08/25/044.00

Love's Harmony Ch. 12

 — The boys have an interview on national TV. by simply_cyn08/26/043.75

Love's Harmony Ch. 13

 — Brian & Jennifer spend a day shopping. by simply_cyn08/26/043.75

Love's Harmony Ch. 14

 — A surprise waits for Jennifer in Dallas. by simply_cyn08/27/043.86

Love's Harmony Ch. 15

 — Jennifer's dreams with Brian finally come true. by simply_cyn08/28/044.55HOT

Love. Lust. Lost. Ch. 01

 — Love affair of a lifetime in just 36 hours. by knownobounds02/15/074.58HOT

Love. Lust. Lost. Ch. 02

 — Will Avril remember last night? by knownobounds04/25/074.33

Love. Lust. Lost. Ch. 03

 — His time with a star begins to fade. by knownobounds06/09/074.76HOT

Lovely Lita

 — Two lucky wrestling fans double team the lovely Lita. by TMS41411/17/024.49

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

 — It was fifty years ago today. by 123z06/19/173.81


 — The crew becomes Mariah Carey's personal loverboy collection. by LusciousLickingLips08/21/014.11

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 01

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1401/23/104.32

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 02

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1402/14/104.55HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 03

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1403/10/104.52HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 04

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life by DMaster_1403/25/104.54HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1403/26/104.59HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 06

 — Jamie's personal log entry about her experiences. by DMaster_1404/24/104.43

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 07

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1407/08/104.54HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 08

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1408/02/104.63HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 09

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1408/27/104.64HOT

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 10

 — A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_1410/17/104.66HOT

Luck be a Lady Ch. 01

 — Jake Cutler is hired to be Rihanna's dance partner. by Slappy10106/08/084.58HOT

Luck of the Irish

 — Four-leaf clovers and a new lover for Colin Farrell. by Bridget6904/18/134.67

Lucky 13

 — Sharon receives a visit from The Black Widow. by MTL1705/07/154.49

Lucky 13 Ch. 02

 — Natasha pays Sharon another visit. by MTL1706/25/154.44

Lucky 13 Ch. 03

 — Sharon continues to get lucky. by MTL1710/28/164.73HOT

Lucky 13 Ch. 04

 — Natasha gets really lucky. by MTL1706/23/174.58HOT

Lucky 13 Ch. 05

 — Sharon is so lucky. by MTL1705/26/184.29

Lucky Daddy

 — A lucky old man goes to a Taylor Momsen show. by tevok10/22/174.65HOT

Lucky Gets Lucky Ch. 1

 — Fan gets a chance with the lovely Miss Ricci. by LuckyFate04/11/014.40

Lucky Thirteen: A Masters' Class in Anal

 — Dr. Masters receives extra time with her teacher, Dr. Hadley. by terminatrix9208/24/124.50HOT

Lucky Thirteen: Dr. Adams & the Rectal Experiment

 — Dr. Remy Hadley & Dr. Jessica Adams have anal sex. by terminatrix9207/11/124.44

Lucky Thirteen: Dr. Cameron's Rectal Exam

 — Lesbian Dr. Hadley seduces Cameron. (from House) by terminatrix9206/13/124.52HOT

Lucky Thirteen: Dr. Cuddy's Lesson

 — Dr. Cuddy takes measures to ensure Thirteen is in her place. by terminatrix9206/16/124.43


 — Lucky man gets to fuck Myleene Klass. by jacobreynolds06/18/084.03

Lucy Gets Away

 — In Sweeney Todd, Turpin gets his way with Lovett. by Jenna23Phantom07/02/093.38

Lucy Goes Country

 — Lucy Hale does whatever it takes to make in Nashville. by jjgarces02/03/153.53

Lucy Lawless and a Cowboy

 — Lucy Lawless has intense sex with a cowboy in New Mexico. by CreativeErotica108/05/124.04

Lucy Lawless and a Cowboy Ch. 02

 — Lucy Lawless has rough sex with two cowboys at once. by CreativeErotica108/09/123.78

Lucy Liu & Family

 — Lucy lives with her brother & shares his anniversary. by MagicFingers02/14/084.42

Luke Danes: Dirty Mouth

 — Missing scene in Written in the Stars. by displacement11/28/144.53HOT

Luke's Little Slut

 — Lorelai is Luke's little slut. by KaydM12310/11/164.18

Lust and Love with Leona

 — Jake gets to play with many shemales in the Bahamas. by cbachtland01/31/094.49

Lust for Power Pt. 01

 — Eve Torres celebrates with Layla El's ass. by manboydudeguy03/06/154.26

Lust for Power Pt. 02

 — Eve finally gets to have her way with Kaitlyn's ass. by manboydudeguy04/14/154.55HOT

Lust in an Elevator Kate Upton

 — Elevator fun with Kate Upton. by DickThePimp01/04/192.98

Lust in Space

 — The Robinson family finally returns to the fold by jamie10/18/024.55HOT

Lust in Space Ch. 02

 — The Jupiter 2 takes off! by jamie02/02/034.48

Lust in the Savage Garden

 — Vampires Lestat and Gabrielle cross the forbidden line. by Von Hauffen12/29/064.80HOT

Lust Lives Next Door

 — Chris Evans is interested in his small town neighbor. by complicatedfaery08/14/054.55HOT

Lust, Love and Obsession

 — A story about lust going out of control. by xstories09/09/142.83

Lust, Love and Obsession Ch. 02

 — The beginning of a relationship. by xstories10/15/144.62


 — What would Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan do for a promotion? by itscalledhazing08/24/184.08

Mad About Her

 — He makes sweet love to Helen Hunt. by earlniscus10/23/014.55HOT

Mad Mafia Love

 — They play with chains...and laugh. by SexyJennaInk10/02/043.62

Mad Men: Everything Is New Again

 — Don finds Betty at a garden party. by RubyToo10/12/114.22

Mad Men: Joan Makes Don Submit

 — The head secretary forces the boss to give her pleasure. by lewiscreed11/21/164.15

Mad Women

 — Christina Hendricks meets an aspiring actress. by TheresAStarman06/18/164.33

Made To Serve, Ch.1

 — Harry and Taylor are into age and pet play. by Swiftie198906/26/162.70

Madhuri's Manoeuvre

 — How Madhuri gets Romeo's approval for her dance academy. by nextcenturyromeo03/02/144.20

Madhuri's Premiere Ch. 01

 — Romeo in the premiere Total Dhamaal. by nextcenturyromeo05/09/194.36

Madhuri's Premiere Ch. 02

 — Sonakshi Sinha is desperate to get in with Romeo. by nextcenturyromeo05/14/194.22

Madhuri's Premiere Ch. 03

 — Sonakshi Sinha finally finds her place with Romeo. by nextcenturyromeo05/29/194.33

Madhuri's Project

 — Madhuri is her director's whore again. by nextcenturyromeo03/19/194.25

Madi's Mommies

 — Madi's Mommies celebrate without her. by MTL1710/23/183.75

Madonna in Spain

 — Madonna's affair with a matador in Spain. by carly32705/15/03

Madonna v Chelsea FC

 — Madonna has some horny fun with 4 footballers. by bigaldo02/06/084.38

Madonna Was My Encounter

 — A discoteque evening gets spiced up. by Queenie6801/31/134.50HOT

Madonna Was My Encounter Ch. 02

 — Another story of what a fan of M would love!! by Queenie6803/10/134.00

Madonna: The REAL Girlie Show Ch. 1

 — They fuck Material Girl & live to tell. by alexander tzara01/19/014.00Editor's Pick

Madonna: The REAL Girlie Show Ch. 2

 — The star puts on a show for cabbie. by alexander tzara01/26/014.36

Madonna: The REAL Girlie Show Ch. 3

 — Panties & paint. by alexander tzara01/30/014.35

Mage of Shadows

 — Extra chapter to re-write of Buffy Season 5. by BlissfulZimZum66607/25/032.64

Maggie and Carter

 — Getting to know the hot sexy carpenter from HGTV. by ravenswood10/08/083.50

Maggie and Carter Ch. 02

 — See what happens with Maggie when she gets to LA. by ravenswood10/17/085.00

Maggie Gyllenhaal Is My Mistress

 — She shows her dominant side on a movie set. by Inamanica09/22/094.03

Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 03

 — Arnold Craven rescues Pop Seductress in distress. by Rockwell09/29/044.50

Maid for Summers

 — Faith remembers how she became the Summers family's bitch. by MTL1701/28/174.56HOT

Maid Naughty for Him

 — Housekeeper of a rock star learns her lesson. by keelydurant06/09/124.38

Maid Service

 — A hotel maid has an encounter with Randy Orton. by justboycrazy01/21/123.73

Maisie Williams: Beach Party

 — Bored at a party, Maisie wanders off and bumps into a fan... by FictionByKristen08/06/183.85

Make a House a Home

 — Vin and Gabby's story. by nevyn1101/31/034.00

Make Me Pretty

 — AFI's Davey Havok and I, having a make-up party. by playful_minx07/16/084.25

Make Me Your Bitch!

 — A rapper makes Britney Spears into his bitch. by cadeauxxx10/06/16HOT

Making a New Fan

 — Jessica meets a potential fan. by Noj08/03/064.66HOT

Making Leia Go Meee-WOW!

 — WCW's Shannon Moore drives Leia Meow wild. by Dice_Casden04/27/064.00

Making Miley Mine

 — I meet Miley Cyrus on the set of her new movie. by AngelE04/18/123.86

Making Miley Moan

 — Miley Cyrus and a kind hearted big brother get it on. by MeanBlackjack03/22/114.49

Making Mona Moan

 — Mona goes over to her girlfriend Alison's for an orgy. by LL7204/01/154.52HOT

Making Scents Ch. 11

 — Sunny gets it on with Angelina Jolie. by Boratus02/07/064.56HOT

Making The Most of a Bad Situation

 — Firefly: an accident traps Kaylee and Simon overnight. by Starbug36002/22/134.45

Mallika On The Sets Of Khawish

 — Himanshu's plan backfires. by nakedindian10/03/033.36

Man In A Mask

 — who is this man on a boat and why would he make love to me? by TexPlayboy07/04/033.69

Man of Power Ch. 01

 — Business executive meets middle-class receptionist and... by nextcenturyromeo05/01/194.36

Manic Street Slash

 — What may have gone on in that bedroom. by CuriTab07/31/045.00

Manolo Vergara Plays with Mommy

 — A fiction story of Sofia Vergara and her son fucking. by Whale6708/06/16

Mansion of Waifus Ch. 01

 — Man 'summons' Fubuki & Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man. by daxg200101/04/184.59HOT

Mansion of Waifus Ch. 02

 — Android 18 & Bulma of Dragon Ball Z/Super get 'summoned'. by daxg200108/24/184.38

Mao Asada: Vancouver Stories

 — The Japanese figure skater lets loose at the Olympics by DickJustice12/29/11

Mara Jade: Black In Back

 — Mara takes on Lando Calrissian. by Max_Power_201210/17/12

Mara Jade: Blast From The Past

 — Mara Jade is reunited with her old Master. by Max_Power_201210/14/12

March Madness

 — Ashley Judd celebrates with fellow basketball fan. by Lucifers Tongue07/31/044.51HOT

Mardi Gras

 — Red goes out dancing and comes home with a friend. by Melacynthe11/08/024.12

Margot Robbie & Ashleigh Brewer Ch. 01

 — Old friends reunite (lesbian). by opklompen12/05/164.20

Margot Robbie & Ashleigh Brewer Ch. 02

 — The two friends continue to have fun together. by opklompen12/12/164.47


 — She gets the sexiest guy in college but there’s a price. by sexy_nimph02/23/034.24

Maria Ch. 02

 — She finds out her sexy guy is a prince. by sexy_nimph04/21/034.18

Maria Loves Mickie's Thongs

 — Maria is caught sniffing Mickie's thong. by MTL1708/22/094.56HOT

Maria Moore: The Lady...

 — Busty secret agent loves a good strap-on. by jolicamarillo03/05/044.28

Maria's Fallout Ch. 01

 — Girl leaves vault to enter land of Fallout. by strictpaddler03/09/104.21

Maria's Rule

 — Maria breaks her own rule on workplace fraternisation. by MTL1701/29/144.55HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 02

 — Maria makes some new rules. by MTL1704/03/144.69HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 03

 — Natasha visits Maria in her office. by MTL1705/17/144.54HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 04

 — Natasha's plan to motivate Maria backfires. by MTL1708/19/144.83HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 05

 — Maria is having a unforeseen effect on Natasha. by MTL1711/04/144.76HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 06

 — Natasha admits she has been compromised. by MTL1712/21/144.50HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 07

 — Maria and Natasha negotiate a new arrangement. by MTL1704/22/154.63HOT

Maria's Rule Ch. 08

 — Maria and Natasha enjoy their new life together. by MTL1708/28/154.54HOT

Mariah Carey - Super Slut

 — Kidnap ordeal brings out her slutty side. by CumalotCastle04/28/083.92

Marianne and Christopher

 — What Happens Right After Sense and Sensibility... by JaneAustenButSexy03/02/194.38

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