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Star Trek, An Untold Tale

 — A Next Generation homage and parody, Literotica-style. by Bigdenverman07/31/073.74

Star Trek, The Literotica Episode

 — A Lit writer does a Star Trek episode and covered most categories. by TxRad08/31/133.67

Star Trek: Enterprise To Boldly Go

 — Has Hayes made a mistake about Reed. by Pelaam06/03/094.44

Star Trek: Erotica

 — The captain's chair. by Alivitari04/08/034.21

Star Trek: Erotica Ep. 02

 — Epidemic. by Alivitari04/19/034.04

Star Trek: Erotica Ep. 03

 — Epidemic part 2. by Alivitari05/09/033.99

Star Trek: Human Desires

 — Human-Orion lesbian interaction inspired by the 2009 film. by AchtungNight05/17/09

Star Trek: Klingon Love

 — Kylie and q'vort together. by Aximili5511/14/044.60

Star Trek: Klingon Love Ch. 02

 — Kylie & q'vort experiment with role-play. by Aximili5501/14/054.75

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 01

 — A story spanning 80 years, 3 generations, and 1 ship. by MagicMouse08/13/124.61HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 02

 — The ship is disabled as the crew fight for their lives. by MagicMouse08/17/124.64HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 03

 — Emotions boil over and friendships are tested. by MagicMouse08/25/124.67HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 04

 — Stranded on an alien world. by MagicMouse08/29/124.70HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 05

 — Sahar tries to prove herself during an exercise. by MagicMouse09/17/124.59HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 06

 — A powerful telepathic force is encountered on an alien world. by MagicMouse10/12/124.56HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 07

 — Sahar struggles over her relationship with Kara. by MagicMouse01/20/134.61HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 08

 — The crew is surprised by more than new crewmembers. by MagicMouse04/15/134.77HOT

Star Trek: Lineage Ch. 09

 — An eventful time on Earth. by MagicMouse01/02/144.52HOT

Star Trek: Starjumper Episode 01

 — The pilot episode of a brand new ship in the final frontier. by MeanBlackjack06/18/114.43

Star Trek: Starjumper Episode 02

 — What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. by MeanBlackjack09/20/114.19

Star Trek: The Next Penetration

 — Picard commands Troi & Beverly. by Rick Dean11/20/004.27

Star Trek: The Romulan Guest?

 — Romulans say Ensign Carter is a guest, but she isn't sure. by HandcuffGirl10/26/064.49

Star Trek: Voyager

 — The Borg make a visit. by Rick Dean07/10/013.94

Star Wars BDSM on the Trickster

 — Jaina Solo, Alema Rar, and Tahiri have BDSM on a Vong ship by HandcuffGirl08/14/104.70HOT

Star Wars - Darth Stalker Unleashed

 — Leia meets a spectre from the past. by nazgul10904/20/094.37

Star Wars - Galaxy of Sex Ch. 01

 — Ahsoka becomes super horny during a mission. by FifthPine06/02/184.05

Star Wars Birthday Present

 — Tahiri Veilia is a sexy birthday present! by HandcuffGirl03/01/134.10

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 01

 — Jedi Knight Jaina Solo goes to Imperial Basic Training. by HandcuffGirl09/21/104.51HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 02

 — Jaina licks some pussy & decides that command isn't for her. by HandcuffGirl09/25/104.52HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 03

 — Jaina is recruited into the Imperial Prostitution Corps! by HandcuffGirl09/30/104.58HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 04

 — Jaina masturbates with a dildo, and sucks dick while cuffed. by HandcuffGirl10/08/104.74HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 05

 — Jaina learns to serve the Empire sexually! by HandcuffGirl10/12/104.56HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 06

 — Jaina Solo gets tattooed as Imperial Property, and loves it! by HandcuffGirl10/15/104.64HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 07

 — Jaina severs ties with the Jedi Order, then plays a Domme. by HandcuffGirl10/18/104.60HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 08

 — Jaina Solo has hot lesbian BDSM sex with an Imperial! by HandcuffGirl10/25/104.61HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 00

 — Jaina Solo gets bigger breasts! Daala gets a new toy! by HandcuffGirl07/19/104.34

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 01

 — Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka are slaves to the Empire. by HandcuffGirl08/04/104.56HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 02

 — Queen Tenel Ka has dinner in bondage and on her knees. by HandcuffGirl08/06/104.56HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 03

 — Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka have a lesbian BDSM threesome by HandcuffGirl08/10/104.66HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 04

 — Jaina & Tenel Ka have a kinky lesbian bondage fivesome. by HandcuffGirl08/13/104.61HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 05

 — Tenel Ka welcomes the Empire to Hapes, with KINKY SEX! by HandcuffGirl08/18/104.76HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 06

 — Chief Daala visits, and Tenel Ka goes from Queen to Maid! by HandcuffGirl08/21/104.66HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 07

 — Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka, and Garowyn visit the dungeon. by HandcuffGirl08/26/104.60HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 08

 — Tenel Ka embraces her slavery to the Empire. by HandcuffGirl08/31/104.56HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 01

 — Jaina Solo returns to the Jedi, & gives Kyp Durron a blowjob. by HandcuffGirl02/16/114.50HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 02

 — Jaina begans corrupting Jedi to the Empire. by HandcuffGirl02/19/114.69HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 03

 — Jaina submits to Daala & sucks Kyp Durron's dick for credits by HandcuffGirl02/24/114.67HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 04

 — Jaina gets a tracking collar, a new uniform, and a nickname! by HandcuffGirl02/27/114.69HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 05

 — Jaina licks Daala's pussy, and wears a maid's uniform. by HandcuffGirl03/08/114.68HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 06

 — The Jedi get tracking collars from Daala! by HandcuffGirl03/13/114.83HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 07

 — Daala issues an ultimatum to the Jedi Order! by HandcuffGirl03/20/114.60HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 08

 — Ta'tan'ia sucks Kyp's dick! Daala&Fel plot against the Jedi. by HandcuffGirl03/27/114.50HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 09

 — The Empire's plans began to unravel! by HandcuffGirl04/03/114.76HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 10

 — Ta'tan'ia, Jaina, and Syal workout, & Ta'tan'ia gets cuffed. by HandcuffGirl04/10/114.76HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 11

 — The sexy Jedi are freed from the brainwashing, or are they? by HandcuffGirl04/14/114.41

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 12

 — Syal licks pussy, Ta'tan'ia and Jaina have hot lesbian sex! by HandcuffGirl04/19/114.57HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 13

 — Ta'tan'ia becomes Daala's pet Jedi. Jaina sucks Kyp's dick! by HandcuffGirl04/30/114.42

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 3 Ch. 14

 — Jedi Ta'tan'ia serves Daala, and gets a new tracking collar. by HandcuffGirl05/06/114.63HOT

Star Wars Jedi Tahiri & Alema Rar

 — Two hot Jedi track down a slaver. by HandcuffGirl06/19/084.68HOT

Star Wars: Decontamination on Duro

 — Jaina Solo is put through a humilating decon procedure. by HandcuffGirl01/27/104.35

Star Wars: (KotOR) Mira's Hunger

 — Mira hungers for Mandalorian cock aboard the Ebon Hawk. by Jedi_Pervert08/15/064.42

Star Wars: 501st Legion Saga

 — Shaak Ti trains the men of the 501st. by MKbuff05/04/123.70

Star Wars: 501st Legion Saga Ch. 02

 — Charlie Company get familiar with Ahsoka Tano. by MKbuff05/05/123.48

Star Wars: Ahsokas Chronicles

 — Ahsoka is captured. by MKbuff11/25/104.03

Star Wars: Ahsokas Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Lesbian sex. by MKbuff12/22/103.72

Star Wars: Ahsokas Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Ahsokas Training exercise. by MKbuff02/01/114.16

Star Wars: Amateur Night

 — Alema Rar strips for Jaina--& some bikers--at amateur night! by HandcuffGirl09/05/124.62HOT

Star Wars: Arrested on Agamar

 — Jedi Jaina Solo goes undercover in a women's jail. by HandcuffGirl01/08/114.39

Star Wars: Battle Scars

 — Jaina Solo has earned a lot of scars fighting the Sith. by HandcuffGirl08/18/123.94

Star Wars: Battle Scars Ch. 02

 — Jedi Ta'tan'ia doesn't have any battle scars . . . yet. by HandcuffGirl09/25/123.68

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Two Pack

 — Tahiri Veilia and Sith Vestara Khai are sexy bounty hunters. by HandcuffGirl07/01/123.77

Star Wars: Captured Jedi

 — Jaina, Tahiri, & Alema Rar get captured by sleemo slavers! by HandcuffGirl01/03/114.26

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 01

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul10905/20/094.38

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 02

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul10905/21/094.42

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 03

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul10905/23/104.46

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 04

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul10908/01/114.55HOT

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 05

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong by nazgul10908/02/114.69HOT

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 06

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong by nazgul10908/03/114.18

Star Wars: Dark Angel Unleashed

 — Lylla faces her ultimate challenge: Darth Vader. by Wltdnfaded03/25/044.75HOT

Star Wars: Dark Angel's Embrace

 — Darth Vader returns to his mistress on Coruscant. by Wltdnfaded12/28/054.73HOT

Star Wars: Dark Angel, Dangerous Games

 — Darth Vader's mistress finally makes her public debut. by Wltdnfaded10/08/074.72HOT

Star Wars: Dark Angel, Scarlet Dragon

 — How far would you go...for LOVE? by Wltdnfaded12/15/084.44

Star Wars: Dark Angel, Scarlet Dragon Ch. 02

 — Secrets are revealed. by Wltdnfaded06/25/174.80HOT

Star Wars: Dark Angel, Scarlet Dragon Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. Proposals and Promotions. by Wltdnfaded06/27/174.71

Star Wars: Down Time

 — A Death Star pleasure slave has a taste for powerful men. by Wltdnfaded03/23/044.52HOT

Star Wars: Ewok Mating Ritual

 — Luke and Leia are forced to commit incest...with a twist. by penbeatsword09/27/134.23

Star Wars: Fall of the Pam Pam Tree

 — The fate of Jar Jar Binks. by Nigel Debonnaire08/20/09

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 01

 — Jaina Solo buys some shoes, cuffs and a vibrator. by HandcuffGirl10/31/104.76HOT

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 02

 — Jaina tries to use her vibrator, and goes back to buy a gag. by HandcuffGirl11/04/104.67HOT

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 03

 — Jaina goes on a date, and gets invited to a threesome. by HandcuffGirl11/08/104.76HOT

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 04

 — Jaina Solo and Alema Rar have hot lesbian sex! by HandcuffGirl11/13/104.70HOT

Star Wars: Hanging Out

 — Jaina Solo has some fun hanging out & Han finds a surprise. by HandcuffGirl02/05/133.82

Star Wars: Hapan Crown Jewels

 — Queen Tenel Ka discovers something about Hapes slave past. by HandcuffGirl01/16/104.84HOT

Star Wars: Ice Prison Rescue

 — Alema Rar leads a prisoner rescue on a freezing world. by HandcuffGirl08/27/124.24

Star Wars: Imperial Hospital Visit

 — Medical restraints on Jaina Solo in an Imperial Hospital. by HandcuffGirl02/24/174.62HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 01

 — Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 has a new assignment. by HandcuffGirl05/31/104.61HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 02

 — Kept in bondage, Jaina Solo services an Imperial Garrison! by HandcuffGirl06/02/104.67HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 03

 — Syal Antilles visits, and Jaina displays her submissiveness. by HandcuffGirl06/05/104.55HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 04

 — Jaina Solo starts Syal Antilles on the road to submission! by HandcuffGirl06/07/104.62HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 05

 — Lesbian bondage sex; Syal gets her ProCorps uniform. by HandcuffGirl06/10/104.75HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 06

 — More lesbian bondage, and Syal gets a chastity belt. by HandcuffGirl06/17/104.78HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 07

 — Syal Antilles is fucked by Admiral Garowyn. by HandcuffGirl06/20/104.72HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 08

 — Syal becomes an Imperial Prostitute, Lesbian Bondage. by HandcuffGirl06/23/104.63HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery

 — Jaina Solo discovers something in her parents' apartment. by HandcuffGirl11/26/094.53HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Jaina Solo is TRAPPED! in a certain slavegirl outfit. by HandcuffGirl11/29/094.63HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 03

 — Jaina Solo has an adventurous trip on the Maglev. by HandcuffGirl11/30/094.72HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 04

 — Can Jaina escape the slavegirl outfit in time? by HandcuffGirl12/07/094.72HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 05

 — Jaina Solo is strip searched! by HandcuffGirl12/08/094.65HOT

Star Wars: Jedi Prisoners

 — Eleven sexy Jedi (and one Sith) pose as shackled prisoners! by HandcuffGirl07/10/123.81

Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage

 — Jedi Tahiri Veila ends up in Bondage while visiting Hapes by HandcuffGirl04/28/084.36

Star Wars: Justice League

 — Luke Skywalker meets Wonder Woman in space. by TexWiller10/25/053.95

Star Wars: KOTOR II

 — Mira is taken by Hanhaar on Nar Shadaa's deserted docks. by Hollow_Eyes12/16/083.90

Star Wars: Lord of Darkness

 — The origins of Palpatine, dark lord of the Sith. by TexWiller10/26/053.19

Star Wars: Manacle Model Wanted

 — An inconito Jedi models some beskar manacles. by HandcuffGirl03/04/104.51HOT

Star Wars: Path to the Dark Side

 — Two young Padawans are sent to infiltrate the Sith Empire. by Adronius02/21/184.05

Star Wars: Path to the Dark Side Ch. 02

 — Padawan Elianna discovers her hidden desires. by Adronius03/01/184.28

Star Wars: Phasma's Daughters

 — Phasma punishes a female trooper with her huge, futa cock. by TheOrcKing06/17/174.70HOT

Star Wars: Return to Trigalis

 — A sexy Jedi Knight is sent to investigate a gang of bikers! by HandcuffGirl10/19/164.71HOT

Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 02

 — Jedi Ta'tan'ia is betrayed and captured! by HandcuffGirl10/22/164.65HOT

Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 03

 — Jedi Ta'tan'ia is brainwashed! by HandcuffGirl10/26/164.81HOT

Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 04

 — Ta'tan'ia betrayed again, and winds up back in bondage. by HandcuffGirl10/29/164.79HOT

Star Wars: Secret Negotiations

 — Senator Padme Amidala meets with Jabba the Hutt! by HandcuffGirl09/06/134.01

Star Wars: Seed of Rebellion

 — Poison Ivy in a Slave Leia outfit. What could go wrong? by Zev9512/14/154.74HOT

Star Wars: The Legion Saga

 — Anakin becomes Emperor & turns the Senate into a harem. by nazgul10912/25/084.60HOT

Star Wars: Transformations

 — A sexy bounty hunter is captured by outlaw bikers! by HandcuffGirl08/07/144.87HOT

Star Wars: Twin Strippers

 — Jaina and Jacen Solo get surprised while stripping! by HandcuffGirl02/13/133.79


 — Buy nasty sex with Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman. by TheEdge3602/28/02

Starfucker Ch. 01

 — Katie Price takes Aden back to her room. by Nomean_feet09/16/034.04

Starfucker Ch. 02

 — Aden finds pleasure in Kate Lawler's perfect feet. by Nomean_feet09/21/034.00

Starfucker Ch. 03

 — Jordan introduces Aden to Tara Palmer Tompkinson. by Nomean_feet11/28/034.29

Stargate 01: Enemy within

 — What has happened to Teal'C? by Pelaam02/01/104.49

Stargate 01: Leap of Faith

 — Can courage be found for friendship to be more? by Pelaam06/20/094.57HOT

Stargate Atlantis: Fun for All Ch. 01

 — Atlantis residents relieve 'frustrations'. by OttGuy0111/03/064.35

Stargate Atlantis: Mr. Popular

 — Ronan gets some. by VodouBlue06/17/083.56

Stargate SG-1: Janet's Rite of Passage

 — Dr. Frasier & daughter bond. by SF Lez Lover03/10/024.43

Stargate SG-1: The Secret Ingredient

 — Sam wants to know the secret of Janet's secret recipe. by John OConnor02/15/044.31

Stargate SG-1: Turning Point

 — Samantha is abducted & introduced to new alien culture. by AR1ST005/06/074.14

Starlets to Harlots: Hillary Duff

 — Hillary Duff decides it's time to revamp her career. by Sean Renaud11/02/134.23

Starlets to Harlots: Ms. Simpson

 — Jessica Simpson proves to be a hungry slut. by Sean Renaud01/21/064.14

Starlets to Harlots: The Olsens

 — The Olsens star in their first Gonzo scene. by Sean Renaud02/08/064.23

Starlets to Sluts: Jessica Alba

 — A starlet is used to film pure smut. by Sean Renaud12/16/054.11


 — Wife's long held fantasies about a celebrity come true. by Catesby08/17/034.35

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 01

 — Hot Gilmore Girls-scripts that never aired. by sex4every109/25/114.58HOT

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 02

 — More Hot Gilmore Girls-scripts. by sex4every101/17/124.46

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 03

 — Angry Lane & Bad Edwardo. by sex4every103/23/124.59HOT

Starting with a Bang

 — Sequel to Young Hearts and Puppy Love. Marriage consummation. by DragonCat9110/01/173.33

StarTrek/DrWho: 23rd Century Condom

 — Kirk, green-skinned alien babe, and one ginger time traveler by Zev9509/15/134.54HOT

Stay With Me Ch. 01

 — Twilight Fanfic. It's not always perfect. by consumedbyapathy06/16/134.00

Stealing Life from the Samurai

 — After capturing Jack, the Daughters of Aku have their fun. by Lithium_hobo05/26/174.30

Stealing Love

 — Backstreet Boy steals the heart of his friend. by delectable3003/19/013.33

Steamy Romance Novel: High Elves

 — Still a tweak on warcraft joke item. by sipher03/17/114.27

Steamy Romance Novel: Trolling for a Good Time

 — same old tweak on warcraft joke item, but w/ Trolls. by sipher03/26/115.00

Steamy Thoughts

 — Marie enjoys a hot shower with Randy Orton. by justboycrazy06/09/124.33

Steele Night (Foreplay)

 — T.O.N.'s Peter Steele is watched and followed. by bearded_dragonlady08/10/054.82HOT

Stella Stevens

 — A Southern Belle spreads her charms. by hopeolsonfan05/21/054.60HOT

Step Dad's Toy: The Beginning

 — Step Dad caught me watching Gay Porn. by imatulkt06/15/174.48

Stepford Wife

 — Lucy Hale lives out a fantasy in the Velvet Dungeon. by evil_from_cssa01/01/174.17

Steph's Night in the Country

 — Stephanie McMahon has a wild night in the country. by jjgarces06/12/164.40

Stephanie Doesn’t Share

 — Mickie is about to learn that Stephanie doesn't share. by MTL1708/07/084.33

Stephanie Kifowit: Morning Rise

 — Chronicling the adventures of the bimbo turned Alderwoman. by aurorail07/01/113.56

Stephanie Loves the Next Big Thing

 — Billion Dollar Princess has best sex of her life. by WWFStern10/08/023.98

Stephanie McMahon Wrestles

 — WWF starlet gets laid. by imtheworldchamp10/22/014.59HOT

Stephanie McMahon's Secret Brother Ch. 1

 — WWF star has a special relationship with brother. by thatphatrabbit02/20/023.69

Stephanie McMahon's Shoot Promo

 — CM Punk drops more than a pipebomb on Stephanie. by wwekiller12/02/154.61HOT

Stephanie McMahon: Daddy's Little Slut

 — WWE's busty heiress wants her job back. by johnnyfever05/23/044.48

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 01

 — The beginning of mission to seduce the divas. by leanne2k01/16/034.34

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 02

 — Billion-dollar-lesbian is back. by leanne2k03/29/033.97

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 03

 — Three seductions for the price of one! by leanne2k04/02/034.12

Stephanie Seduces the Divas Ch. 04

 — Stephanie decides to take control of a couple of things by leanne2k04/06/034.45

Stephanie Takes Control

 — Stephanie's games with Angela are over! by leanne2k05/03/034.49

Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 01

 — Stephanie McMahon digs deeper into HLA. by leanne2k12/20/024.33

Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 02

 — Stephanie and Leanne can't get enough of each other. by leanne2k12/30/024.38

Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 03

 — Who is behind the door? by leanne2k01/03/034.22

Stephanie's Seduction of the Divas

 — The Billion dollar Lesbian is back by popular demand! by leanne2k03/30/034.24

Stephy's Big Break

 — WWF writer slams the boss's daughter. by ravishingrick6906/23/014.26

Steve & Jolene

 — Lovin' in the Trek Universe by JubeCube03/05/074.71

Steve and Eddie Trick Laura

 — Steve Urkle and Eddie Winslow trick Laura into having sex. by Sickman Fiend08/30/023.79

Stevie Lights Up a Bush

 — Stevie Nicks shows Kate Bush her White Winged Dove. by 123z03/25/173.83

Stiff Competition

 — Gil discusses his flings with both Amber & Ginger Lynn. by BrettJ02/01/134.55HOT

Still Lost in Space

 — Will turns 18 & receives a wish for all. (humor) by Kirk48200202/08/054.17

Still Lost in Space Ch. 02

 — The Jupiter 2 isn't alone in the void. (humor) by Kirk48200209/05/054.48

Still Lost in Space Ch. 03

 — Revenge of the Smith (humor). by Kirk48200209/14/054.56HOT

Still We Have Not Spoken

 — It's dark, it's windy. by WhiskeyDaisy03/31/053.83

STNG Beverly Ch. 05

 — Beverly uses mind control to have Deanna gang banged by Dirt Man01/19/034.20

STNG: Beverly Ch. 01

 — Dr. Crusher finds out how well an android can do it. by Dirt Man01/02/034.34

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