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The Sizzlers II

 — Romeo makes a new conquest - Amrita Rao. by nextcenturyromeo03/04/094.00

The Slave and his Mistress

 — An 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans' fic. by too_ie03/02/093.79

The Slave and his Mistress Ch. 02

 — Continuing 'Underworld rise of the Lycans' fic. by too_ie04/02/093.75

The Slave and his Mistress Ch. 03

 — Continuing 'Underworld Rise of the Lycans' fic. by too_ie04/14/092.20

The Sons Of Thassa

 — The league of black slavers of Gor. by Alii Nui04/21/044.71HOT

The Soprano's

 — Good times and bad times. by Bazzza10/18/064.31

The Sopranos

 — Tony's on-screen daughter steps in for a sex scene. by Menssana12/29/114.50HOT

The Sorceror's Boner

 — Fred and George Weasley share their first time with a girl. by Svenskaflicka01/06/034.09

The Spatulas

 — Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and an unsure photographer by MeanBlackjack10/01/124.69HOT

The Spears Family

 — A transfixed Britney enjoys her family by donut_plains07/21/144.21

The Sportswriter and the Ad Exec

 — PJ Franklin from "My Boys" wakes to a surprise. by patricia5107/13/094.31

The Spy Who Fucked Me

 — Trained as a sexual weapon Nadja hunts the world's best spy by KnottLynnHardey05/12/134.74HOT

The Spy Who Shagged Fat Bastard

 — Felicity shags VERY well. by B_Boy6810/25/054.39

The Stalker of Honor

 — Country singer gets unexpected visitor & more. by Loving Gator03/19/044.81HOT

The Stars Align

 — Outlander stars chance meeting with a couples top 5. by kamper306/06/155.00

The Start Of The Affair

 — Dawn Marie hooks her claws into Charlie Haas. by Dice_Casden05/02/064.33

The Stig and Me

 — UK’s top secret racer: as good in the dark as on the track? by Dahlia1509/04/094.38

The Story of Faith Ch. 01

 — Can the bookish Mandy really be the model Faith? by Maria Dennis01/16/084.35

The Straight Edge Society

 — Natalya seeks help with her addiction from CM Punk. by wwekiller05/20/104.44

The Stranger In Black

 — A little exhibitionism with one hell of a twist. by LadyKaos10/20/034.25

The Street - Candice

 — The dark side of the cobbles. by sgrspc69er04/08/054.12

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 01

 — Andy and Nikhil get it on. by Scott_Dera09/30/124.43

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 02

 — Andy and David fuck in the woolpack, but who hears? by Scott_Dera10/01/124.00

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 03

 — Jai enjoys a sexual awakening. by Scott_Dera10/22/123.33

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 04

 — Cain gets persuasive and Andy gets Carl. by Scott_Dera10/23/123.25

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 05

 — Cameron reminisces whilst Andy & Carl fuck. by Scott_Dera11/27/124.67

The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 06

 — Cain gives Carl a mission and Jai & Cameron have round two. by Scott_Dera11/28/125.00

The Substitute Teacher

 — Replacement teacher has quite a reputation. by The Big D03/12/024.00

The Suit Ch. 1

 — Venus discovers the secret of Serena's success. by abtaylor09/18/024.30

The Suit Ch. 2

 — Venus is still inspired. by abtaylor09/19/024.38

The Tale of Cinderella

 — What really happened? by KittyBite08/05/052.86

The Tale of Peter & Alicia

 — How a Chicago power couple went wrong. by User66603/30/164.44

The Tale of Peter & Alicia Ch. 02

 — Peter gives Alicia to Jack. by User66604/29/164.60HOT

The Talent Show

 — Pushy stage mother gets very public comeuppance. by jparker210/16/053.87

The Talk

 — WonderGirl & Starfire discuss sex. by PrincessKoriandr05/11/024.30

The Tarn Racer & The Bath Girl

 — A day in a Gorean bath. by Skidder09/25/05

The Thin Line Pt. 01: Olivia

 — A hot, sexy, dangerous night with Benson and Stabler. by JoeiCassidy06/27/144.38

The Thing That Came On X-Mas Eve

 — Storm and Kitty Pryde face a monster... and its monster cock. by Ksennin05/07/144.48

The Third Knight: prequel

 — We meet the oddball of the trio, and it get's steamy! by themightylynx01/04/153.75

The Time for Hope

 — Earth needs the doctor. by warnos10/31/143.00

The Top Ten

 — My favourite women of all time. by James_Brown04/19/082.97

The Touch of a Friend

 — LeAnne is reunited with her childhood best friend. by Ladyblueyez09/27/013.54

The Tour Ch. 01

 — Gay vampire rock stars go on tour. by AllyBlue05/28/064.14

The Tour Ch. 02

 — Phone sex and twincest. by AllyBlue06/08/064.44

The Tour Ch. 03

 — Bri starts an orgy on a plane. by AllyBlue06/30/064.64HOT

The Tour Ch. 04

 — Bri & Friends play with electricity. by AllyBlue08/03/064.83HOT

The Tour Ch. 1

 — Guy gets job on Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera tour. by HSWriter10/08/004.17

The Tour Ch. 1

 — Tour manager for small band meets Howie. by sexxxyblonde02/28/024.22

The Tour Ch. 2

 — Guy enjoys flight with three starlets. by HSWriter10/08/004.51HOT

The Tour Ch. 4

 — He and Britney get down. by HSWriter10/08/004.33Contest Winner

The Tour Ch. 5

 — Britney & Christina rendezvous with with Josh. by HSWriter01/19/014.49Contest Winner

The Tour Ch. 6

 — Britney has a secret encounter. by HSWriter02/07/014.51HOT

The Tour Ch. 7

 — The Grande Finale... by HSWriter02/01/024.57HOT

The Tourist

 — Running into Rose Byrne in Sydney, Australia. by Robertdoc05/07/144.22

The Traning of Cinderella

 — Cinderella awoke to the most magnificent day ever. by MistressVivian09/21/134.29

The Transformation

 — Bianca Beauchamp helps Carl heat up his frigid wife. by BrettJ12/18/134.50HOT

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 01

 — Trish meets a new Diva and wants this girl in her bed. by wwekiller09/05/084.84HOT

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 02

 — Trish and Mickie get clean and dirty in the shower by wwekiller10/13/084.83HOT

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 03

 — Mickie & Trish have dinner that ends with so much more. by wwekiller01/23/094.47

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 04

 — The Divas find a nice way to kill time on a road trip to Raw. by wwekiller05/20/094.70HOT

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 05

 — Mickie takes Trish for a holiday on her farm. by wwekiller09/09/114.61HOT

The Trouble with Tribbing Ch. 01

 — A Lesbian Star-Trek spoof. by Marie Marshall05/04/054.24

The Trouble with Tribbing Ch. 02

 — Lesbian Star-Trek spoof continues. by Marie Marshall05/05/054.49

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 2

 — Snow White meets her tutors. by The Story Teller10/31/014.60HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 3

 — Snow White meets Tutor Number 3. by The Story Teller11/16/014.55HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 4

 — The Queen gets a helping of just desserts. by The Story Teller12/06/014.58HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 5

 — Snow White embraces two men's wickedness. by The Story Teller01/27/024.66HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 6

 — Snow learns that submitting can be exciting. by The Story Teller03/08/024.57HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 7

 — Snow's last tutor likes sex with a little diversity. by The Story Teller04/04/024.52HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 8

 — Will it be wedded bliss for Snow White & her Prince? by The Story Teller05/29/024.69HOT

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 9

 — Snow White receives an unexpected Anniversary guest. by The Story Teller08/13/024.65HOT

The Tuchuk Flame of Lydius

 — A League of Black Slavers tale. by Alii Nui10/08/054.77HOT

The Twincest Legacy

 — Luke & Leia figure out a way to create another Vergence. by nazgul10912/21/084.66HOT

The Two Companions Pt. 01

 — Sexual counseling by a registered companion. by rondori05/25/084.60

The Two Companions Pt. 02

 — the continuing saga of a registered companion. by rondori05/26/084.14

The Two Companions Pt. 03

 — Sexual counseling but a registered companion. by rondori06/02/084.50

The Ultimate Karramel Berry Chain

 — Five hot celebrities have a holiday orgy. by HarlemKnight03/02/133.76

The Ultimate Test

 — Test wins Stacy back, and has some devious tasks for her. by Dice_Casden01/14/103.00

The Unanimated DBZ Chronicles Ch. 01

 — The sexy sub story of the anime. by JoannaF12/28/054.18

The Unbeaten Challenge - Annie S.

 — Annie Social meets her match against The Undefeated. by daxg200112/02/144.80

The Unbeaten Challenge - Cherry B.

 — Cherry Bomb meets her match against The Undefeated. by daxg200111/12/144.57

The Unbeaten Challenge - Mia Yim

 — Mia Yim meets her match against The Undefeated. by daxg200103/31/154.50

The Unbeaten Challenge - Nevaeh

 — Nevaeh meets her match against The Undefeated. by daxg200104/01/155.00

The Unbeaten Challenge - S. Sparx

 — Seleziya Sparx meets her match against The Undefeated by daxg200111/10/144.42

The Unbeaten Challenge - Taya V.

 — Taya Valkyrie meets her match against The Undefeated. by daxg200111/27/144.60

The Undertaker...

 — He will possess her. by RedVixen10/26/043.96

The Unit: Permissive Environment

 — What did Bob have to do to earn his transport to safety? by VodouBlue06/17/084.20

The Vamps Fuck One Direction

 — The vamps fuck one direction. by baroquecock01/28/153.33

The Victoria’s Secret Girls

 — They're not just pretty; they're personable, too! by Cal Y. Pygia01/12/10

The Visitor (Starring Shania Twain)

 — Sexy Shania shows her naughty side. by quinnhemmingway01/24/023.81

The Walking Dead: Daryl

 — Daryl Dixon and a new character are captured. by DonnaLeeGreene03/18/144.66HOT

The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 02

 — Daryl and narrator connect and make a decision. by DonnaLeeGreene05/28/144.61HOT

The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 03

 — Coming home? by DonnaLeeGreene07/20/144.50HOT

The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 04

 — New beginnings and new blood. by DonnaLeeGreene07/26/144.00

The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 05

 — New life. by DonnaLeeGreene07/31/144.22

The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 06

 — Wound too tight. by DonnaLeeGreene08/10/144.74HOT

The Walking Dead: Morgan's Tale

 — Morgan Jones has an encounter with Carol. by Samuelx11/22/154.00

The Walking Dead: Sister's In Heat

 — Can Maggie fend off her sibling’s hormones? by terminatrix9203/13/144.34

The Wall: A "Tour of Duty" Story

 — Zeke Anderson visits the Wall & meets another Vet. by patricia5107/02/084.78HOT

The Wanted and 1D Mend Fences Ch. 01

 — Niall, Harry, Liam, Jay, Max & Nathan start their orgy. by baroquecock04/26/144.00

The Wanted and 1D Mend Fences Ch. 02

 — The orgy kicks up a gear as Liam takes charge. by baroquecock05/11/144.00

The Warcheif and the Magus

 — On opposing sides of a never ending war, a secret is hidden by Just-Legal10/28/074.44

The Warmth

 — Emma submits to Brandon Boyd's charisma. by SystematicBreakdown04/03/103.67

The Washington Letters

 — Crossing the Delaware by riccogrande03/22/09

The Way It Should Have Been

 — Trish and Lita finally get together. by MTL1712/28/074.60HOT

The Way It Should Have Been

 — An alternate ending to Dick Francis' Come to Grief. by estragon05/28/114.00

The Wedding Night

 — Padme and Anakin enjoy their wedding night. by CreativeRighter05/11/034.51HOT

The Welcome

 — Young Riders: Jimmy Hickok answers the door to an old friend. by JayLaw92801/18/134.29

The Welcome Ch. 02

 — The Young Riders: Jimmy and an old friend get reaquainted. by JayLaw92802/19/134.83

The Wild Cats

 — Animals Of Farthing Wood and the Fox and the Hound. by fifi08/31/021.83

The Winter Soldier

 — Bucky's back. by storiesoflustnotlove09/12/14

The Witch of the Wilds

 — In the game Dragon Age, a female elf has a bit of fun. by 14030609/25/104.53HOT

The Witches' Treasure

 — A kinky Tomb Raider adventure. by justtheone01/29/153.85

The Women's Championship

 — Trish Stratus proves why she's the WWF Women's Champion. by BashfulButNaughty11/28/013.68

The Wonder Of Themyscira

 — Wonder Woman's first day in America. by Pandoras Desire06/14/064.10

The Wonder Years

 — Kevin, Paul and Winnie share an evening of exploration by The Author5501/25/034.24

The Work of A Geisha

 — Hiroko Suzuki with Rene Dupree by Dice_Casden12/26/095.00

The World Exploded into Love

 — Courteney & David Arquette spend romantic night together. by coxette02/28/055.00

The World of WoW

 — Just one perception of her role in Azeroth by Adelheid04/23/083.13

The World's Greatest Stratusfaction

 — The Worlds Greatest Tag Team Gets Some Stratusfaction by Dice_Casden12/23/094.36

The Wrestler Ch. 2

 — New WWF star gets a warm welcome. by Hollywood Gigolo03/09/013.96

The Writer's Wife

 — A writer is pleasantly surprised how well his wife parties. by tomhayes7602/27/124.23

The X Factor PA

 — Dannii Minogue when hires a Personal Assistant. by crespo3306/20/114.41

The X Show: Courtney & Daphne

 — Sexy TV host plans to seduce her co-host. by Cutefuzzybunnies03/08/014.07

The X-rated Nanny

 — Nanny Fine gets spanked by Mr. Sheffield. by Rockwell01/13/054.11

Their Good Advice

 — Boyd takes a liking to Ava's new friend. by WWEs1fangirl11/01/144.25

There and Back Again Ch. 01

 — Modern Girl in Thedas. by ElyssaCousland06/12/164.59HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 02

 — Modern Girl in Thedas. by ElyssaCousland06/16/164.75HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 03

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland06/19/164.86HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 04

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland06/24/164.60HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 05

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland06/27/164.71HOT


 — Theriacus tempts Faustus the cenobite. by Taunus10/05/081.00

Theriacus Ch. 02

 — Theriacus visits Faustus a second time. by Taunus10/07/081.00

Theriacus Ch. 03

 — Theriacus makes Faustus a best and final offer. by Taunus10/08/083.00

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