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Todd and Marty Ch. 02

 — Marty's pregnant and Todd promises to change his ways. by ImmortalRomance05/29/094.67

Todd and Marty Ch. 03

 — Marty chooses to forgive Todd for his past mistakes... by ImmortalRomance06/13/094.75

Todd and Marty Ch. 04

 — John tries to save the day, but ends up causing problems. by ImmortalRomance07/08/094.57

Todd and Marty Ch. 05

 — Todd breaks it off with Marty and is tempted by Tea. by ImmortalRomance08/03/114.00

Todd and Marty Ch. 06

 — Marty's in the hospital & Tea makes Todd an offer. by ImmortalRomance08/04/114.67

Todd and Marty Ch. 07

 — Blair and John have hot make-up sex. by ImmortalRomance09/07/114.33

Todd and Marty Ch. 08

 — Todd & Marty finally make up & end up in bed. by ImmortalRomance09/22/113.75

Tom's Boy

 — Stranger at closing time waits for him. by rhetorik04/25/024.08

Tomb Raider: A Taste Of France

 — Lara Croft meets her match in Pierre Dupont. by MJKA04/19/094.39

Tomb Raider: Mythology

 — The start of a new adventure for Lara and Nate. by inyotefi06/09/114.38

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 01

 — Lara Croft starts a new adventure. by inyotefi05/20/104.19

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 02

 — Lara seeks out the Tsitsikwama and performs a sex rite. by inyotefi05/25/104.16

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 03

 — Lara runs into trouble with the local military. by inyotefi05/26/104.35

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 04

 — Lara finds Kiribuni and participates in another ritual. by inyotefi05/27/104.38

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 05

 — Lara and Will Macki take on the Sex God Ta'munkulu. by inyotefi06/03/104.67HOT

Tomb Raider: Uncharted

 — Lara Croft meets Nathan Drake. by inyotefi05/28/104.41

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 02

 — Lara and Nathan have a gun fight in Egypt, then steamy sex. by inyotefi05/30/104.32

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 03

 — Lara and Nathan's adventure continues in India. by inyotefi06/06/104.65HOT

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 04

 — Trouble and lust on the journey to the Tomb of the Sheik. by inyotefi06/24/104.32

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 05

 — Hardcore action for Lara and Nathan in the tomb. by inyotefi06/28/104.81HOT

Toni Braxton

 — He meets Toni Braxton after concert. by maxiking12/29/003.19

Tonya Harding, Cum Fly With Me

 — He discovers his seatmate is a horny celeb. by Huckfunn109/09/044.10

Top Shelf

 — Nicole gets her chance to play with Wynonna's ass. by MTL1708/28/184.67HOT

Top Shelf Earps

 — Waverly watches Officer Haught having sex with her sister. by MTL1710/26/184.10

Torch Ch. 01

 — Emmy pursues a haunting woman through night & day. by sandj04/26/054.71

Tori Black

 — A run in with a porn star trying to keep a low profile. by ferrisbueller0109/04/194.37

Tori’s Initiation Ganbang – Remix

 — A remixed tribute to a previous DX gangbang story. by Dice_Casden03/26/074.58HOT

Tormund Giantsbane Meets His Match

 — Tormund Giantsbane lives up to his reputation. by Globallytrotted07/20/174.35

Torrie & Dawn Marie Ch. 01

 — Two of WWE's sexiest women 'cum' together. by sharpshot803/21/034.46

Torrie & Dawn Marie Ch. 02

 — Torrie gets dirty in the shower. by sharpshot804/27/034.48

Torrie Wilson & Her Black Personal Trainer

 — Fitness model gets a real workout. by sean46909/16/014.17

Torrie Wilson Gets A Ride

 — Our hero gives the blonde vixen more than a ride. by imtheworldchamp11/16/014.46

Torrie Wilson With Her Black Bodybuilder

 — She takes on a world-famous bodybuilder. by sean46909/19/014.23

Tortured Souls: Acceptance

 — Now it's Jean's turn. by RedFenix02/21/044.00

Tortured Souls: Punishment

 — Wolverine feels the need to punish himself by RedFenix03/26/034.30

Total Drama University

 — Courtney and Gwen become college roommates . . . and lovers! by RottenPines11/26/164.35

Touch of a Confessor

 — A Confessor finds love in her own way. by RaistlinMajere01/15/194.38

Touch: The New Axe

 — A depressed fat kid uses the Axe to seduce a WWE Diva. by kimberlykitten12/19/043.06

Touched By His Song

 — Night at a concert ends unexpectedly. by LadyG_Amanda07/07/064.12

Tour Planning Ch. 01

 — Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez start planning a tour. by RiderAwesome02/11/114.44

Tour Planning Ch. 02

 — The planning continues. by RiderAwesome02/12/114.53HOT

Tour Planning Ch. 03

 — Demi Lovato joins in on Selena and Taylor's fun by RiderAwesome04/30/114.61HOT

Touring Can Be Fun

 — Rebecca St. James couldn't sleep. by SkyBubble09/12/144.50HOT

Touring the Indies Ch. 01

 — A trainer relives his experience with wrestler Allie. by TheBigLove12605/03/19

Touring the Indies Ch. 02

 — Trainer's next recollection includes Jinny & Madison Rayne. by TheBigLove12605/04/19


 — Britney has special plans for her two best friends. by SexyJennaInk01/24/043.74


 — A famous pop singer corrupts an innocent teenager. by Erlikkhan02/16/124.51HOT

Tracking the Dark Damsel Ch. 01 & 02

 — Mid-level criminal in his pursuit of Gotham's Dark Damsel. by BlackDarwin03/15/013.97Editor's Pick

Tracking Villains 02: Poison Ivy

 — Grey gets another assignment, tracking down Poison Ivy. by Midnight_Rambler12/22/173.75

Tracking Villains: Harley Quinn

 — Harleys gone rogue, Batman hires someone to track her down. by Midnight_Rambler06/11/174.39

Trading Spaces

 — Courteney and David go shopping. by coxette03/01/053.80

Trailer Park Fuck O Rama

 — Trailer Park Fucking Fun. by DickThePimp06/18/192.83

Trailer Park Sex Addict Ch. 01

 — A new series about trailer park sex addicts. by DickThePimp06/25/193.11

Trailer Park Sex Addict Ch. 02

 — More Trailer Park Sex Addiction. by DickThePimp07/03/192.81

Trailer Park Sex Addict Ch. 03

 — Some ebony trailer park sex addiction. by DickThePimp07/13/193.26

Trailer Talk

 — Young journalist goes one-on-one with Alice Eve. by InjuredNinja07/22/144.33

Train Ride Away

 — Caitlin visits her girlfriend. by MTL1704/01/164.22

Training Jwoww

 — Training and fucking Jwoww from Jersey Shore. by DickThePimp08/19/183.79

Training Oprah

 — Having some kinky workout fun with Oprah. by DickThePimp06/29/183.57

Training The Divas: Trish Stratus

 — Rookie male wrestler takes on the role of WWE Diva Trainer. by Porn_Pendulum09/27/084.09

Training with Alex

 — A lucky contest winner goes all the way with Alex Morgan. by jjgarces06/08/153.63

Training WIth Lil' Kim Ch. 1

 — Kenoh meets Lil' Kim, and is offered the deal of a lifetime. by books819107/12/064.20

Tranny of the Old Republic

 — Jedi... with a cock! by ACSD09/14/18

Transformer Saga Ch. 01-04

 — A primitive Marvel MC fic. by C.King01/16/054.30

Transformers XXX

 — A Parody of The Transformers by frog705/27/143.10

Transformers: Light of the Day

 — What happened between Transformers 2 and 3. by StangStar0607/19/114.10


 — Robin becomes the Girl Wonder. by Ann Douglas11/21/174.57HOT


 — A young jet-setting businessman meets an actress in Vegas by VladPuptin08/03/154.45

Travels With Seka, The Beginning

 — Retired porn connoisseur meets the Platinum Princess. by lovin6902/14/074.82HOT

Treasure Beyond Treasure

 — A lead brings Garrett more than he bargained. by Jeannette_Savage02/13/193.42

Trial by Faoral

 — Faora tests if Superman is deserving of his title. by Lithium_hobo05/29/173.77

Trick or Treat!

 — Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson at a Halloween party. by MeanBlackjack10/31/184.45


 — Fan Fiction based on USA's legal procedural "Suits". by Homer128BC08/05/174.18

Triple Moon Trading Co Pt. 01

 — Mr. Gold meets his new tenant. by Sonnetprose08/15/183.50

Triple Revenge

 — Victoria gets back at her sister... by MrMaxLord12/12/173.97

Triple X Factor

 — About a TV show to find the best porn couple. by superstud11/21/083.50

Triple X Factor Ch. 02

 — Contest of couples to produce best porn video. by superstud11/25/084.06

Trish Gets Stratusfied

 — John meets another WWF diva, with great results. by imtheworldchamp10/27/014.58HOT

Trish Saturn Versus

 — Trish breaks into Prime Time Wrestling! by CorvusTurrim77701/28/194.57

Trish Stratus And Stacey Lynn

 — After a long hard phototshoot Trish and Stacey relax. by wwekiller05/10/094.31

Trish Stratus Championship Challenge

 — The best ever match on WWE Raw. by wwekiller03/02/084.24

Trish Stratus Is Awesome

 — Trish meets The Miz and Riley and Miz has a secret. by wwekiller09/25/114.33

Trish's First Show

 — Trish gets a surprise at a Zebrahead show. by Trish2204/16/123.40

Trish's Mine

 — Melina gives Trish to Candice as a gift. by MTL1705/20/144.64HOT

Trish's Wedding Day

 — It's Trish's wedding day, but there's a problem. by MTL1709/06/084.35

Troi & Crusher

 — Troi & Dr. Crusher from Star Trek give each other a helping hand. by Harrowborg10/16/024.07

Tron: Legacy - Cybersex

 — A deleted scene featuring Olivia Wilde’s character Quorra. by JTCIII09/25/114.38

Tropical Storm Ch. 00

 — Trouble brews for Gabriel in Jamaica. by Aurora Black06/08/06

Tropical Storm Ch. 01

 — Gabriel and Grace in married bliss. by Aurora Black06/09/06


 — The cops of Law & Order Criminal Intent are on the case. by inanna_jp11/30/083.57

Troubled Times

 — Rascal Flatts. by sex_kitten1608/26/113.00


 — Mugen and Yatsuha's marriage is off to a bad start. by TalonChick04/07/095.00

True Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 04

 — Olsen twins make a confession. by Master_Vassago07/09/044.47

True Love Waits

 — Demi admits her true feelings. by MTL1708/20/104.65HOT

Trueblood Tales: Sookie, Bill, Eric

 — Eric must claim Bill and Sookie to solidify his love for her. by Truebluddy07/28/124.41


 — This time it was no stranger thrusting his cock into my wife. by Middleagepoet12/10/093.12

Truth Or Consequences, L.A.

 — Kiefer saves the day - and the lady. by Evita04/13/044.56

Truth or Dangeroom

 — A group of X-men kill time during a technical malfunction. by SheldonDorian12/05/143.96

TS Madison Simply Rocks!

 — TS Madison bangs Brian Pumper and Lethal Lipps. by Samuelx12/28/142.00

TS Madison Tops Brian Pumper!

 — Transsexual porn star Madison bangs Brian Pumper. by Samuelx12/17/143.07

Tuesday Night with 'Friends'

 — Watching 'Friends' while falling asleep. :) by collegegurl7207/17/144.14

Tumultuous Politics of the Backseat

 — "I said some of that," he stated softly, hesitantly. by SexyJennaInk10/11/053.83

Tuning In Kara

 — Meeting a friend leads to sex with her sister Kara Tointon. by Kash_the_priest12/12/094.41

Tupping Tumelty Ch. 01

 — My adventures in the student movement begin. by Womble_of_Wimbledon11/02/084.40

Tupping Tumelty Ch. 02

 — Gemma's colleague Kat Stark has an enterprising idea. by Womble_of_Wimbledon11/06/083.40

Turning the Tables

 — "Charmed One" Phoebe gets more than she bargained for. by deviantdiva08/30/063.96

Tusken Queen

 — Handmaiden ganged by Tuskens! by ACSD03/25/19

Tusken Whore

 — Handmaiden versus Tusken Raiders! by ACSD01/19/19

Tutoring Tutor Girl

 — Haley stumbles across something surprising. by MTL1710/10/104.61HOT

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 02

 — Brooke talks Haley into having a little fun. by MTL1711/18/104.62HOT

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03

 — Haley surrenders to her desires for Brooke and Peyton. by MTL1711/20/114.50HOT

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 04

 — Haley gets a call to come over to Brooke's place. by MTL1712/30/114.48

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 05

 — Brooke and Peyton double team Haley with strap ons. by MTL1707/28/124.69HOT

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06

 — Rachel talks Brooke into being her bitch. by MTL1708/13/144.64HOT

TV Land: Porn House on the Prairie

 — 69ing with Charles & Mrs. Oleson & Nels & Mrs. Ingalls. by jackvitale12/21/144.22

TV Land: The Bad Wife

 — Attorneys at Sex: Florick, Argos and Lockhart. by jackvitale12/20/143.80

TV Temp: Alison Brie

 — The temp is exposed to Community's Alison Brie. by Robertdoc11/30/114.54HOT

TV Temp: Anne Hathaway

 — The temp heads to "SNL" when Anne Hathaway hosts. by Robertdoc11/24/114.41

TV Temp: Christina Hendricks

 — The temp goes mad for Christina Hendricks. by Robertdoc11/11/114.51HOT

TV Temp: Emma Stone

 — The temp returns to "SNL" when Emma Stone hosts. by Robertdoc12/03/114.58HOT

TV Temp: Fantasy Threesome

 — The temp has a vivid fantasy in this bonus episode. by Robertdoc12/17/114.79HOT

TV Temp: Finale

 — The temp goes back to where it all began. by Robertdoc12/13/114.62HOT

TV Temp: Jenna Fischer

 — Temp for "The Office" helps out Jenna Fischer. by Robertdoc11/05/114.56HOT

TV Temp: Kaley Cuoco

 — The temp has a big bang assisting Kaley Cuoco. by Robertdoc11/15/114.40

TV Temp: Kristen Chenoweth

 — The temp makes music with "Glee" guest Kristen Chenoweth. by Robertdoc11/18/114.70HOT

TV Temp: Lea Michele

 — The temp returns to "Glee" during a special episode. by Robertdoc12/06/114.66HOT

TV Temp: Mila Kunis

 — The temp encounters Mila Kunis on Golden Globes weekend. by Robertdoc11/27/114.61HOT

TV Temp: Reunions

 — Some old friends help the temp through a crisis. by Robertdoc12/09/114.81HOT

TV Temp: Sofia Vergara

 — The temp cannot contain himself around Sofia Vergara. by Robertdoc11/22/114.53HOT

TV Temp: Tina Fey

 — The temp hangs out with Tina Fey on Election Night. by Robertdoc11/08/114.61HOT

Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

 — Erotica Reid’s version of Jacob and Bella's first time. by EroticaReid01/15/113.23

Twin Magic

 — The Bellas cheer up R-Truth by Wwetnaxxx04/08/123.93

Twin Peaks: An Appeal of the Heart

 — After One Eyed Jack's, Audrey seduces Agent Cooper. by nimoy11/28/174.00

Twin Popsies

 — Tennis queen takes twin boytoys. by Rockwell11/06/043.89


 — They're special in more ways than one. by ainu06/03/044.15

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 01

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje07/22/164.67

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 02

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje07/25/164.83

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 03

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje07/27/164.57

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 04

 — Ville meets a very sad girl. by Meduusje08/02/164.80

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 05

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje08/14/164.83

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 06

 — Ville, meets a very sad girl. by Meduusje08/20/164.80

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 07

 — Ville meets a very sad girl. by Meduusje08/25/164.75

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 08

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje08/31/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 09

 — Another crisis. by Meduusje09/07/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 10

 — Fun times. by Meduusje09/17/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 11

 — Fun, games, tears. by Meduusje09/20/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 12

 — Ville meets a sad girl. by Meduusje10/10/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 13

 — Ville married his fangirl. by Meduusje11/08/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 14

 — Finishing up. by Meduusje11/10/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 15

 — Back together. by Meduusje11/16/163.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 16

 — Life with a baby. by Meduusje11/21/165.00

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 17

 — Time to listen. by Meduusje11/27/163.67

Twisted Nails of Faith Ch. 18

 — The end! by Meduusje12/04/163.67

Twisted Snow

 — A modern take on the classic fairy tale. by sirhugs12/04/023.03

Twisted Tales - Sleeping Beauty

 — The real story of what happened to sleeping beauty. by fabled_faerie01/14/09

Two Blondes Walk Up to a Superman Ch. 01

 — After Clark is dumped, Power Girl and Supergirl comfort him. by Zev9506/15/194.43

Two Blondes Walk Up to a Superman Ch. 02

 — Clark keeps getting comforted by Power Girl and Supergirl. by Zev9506/18/194.36

Two Blondes Walk Up to a Superman Ch. 03

 — Power Girl decides to pay her new boyfriend a visit. by Zev9506/21/194.61HOT

Two Blondes Walk Up to a Superman Ch. 04

 — Power Girl has been a Bad Girl; Superman punishes her. by Zev9506/25/194.65HOT

Two Blondes Walk Up to a Superman Ch. 05

 — Supergirl gets Clark all to herself. by Zev9508/20/194.64HOT

Two Busty Girls

 — Threesome with Marvel bombshells Kat Dennings, Hayley Atwell by Robertdoc08/09/134.49

Two Cats in Heat

 — The Cats of soccer & softball share a friendship. by AchtungNight07/12/06

Two Cowgirls and One Shootist

 — A sexy tale from the old Wild West. by 123z03/22/174.38

Two For One Night Stand

 — She enjoys a threesome with Billy Joe Armstrong & Dexter Holland. by Chaton04/01/024.46

Two is Four

 — Max and her clone Sam from Dark Angel gets fucked by blikst03/07/084.50HOT

Two is Four Ch. 02

 — Max and her clone Sam from Dark Angel gets fucked - again. by blikst07/18/084.94HOT

Two of a Kind Ch. 01-05

 — A Dragon Age FanFic. by Lady_Blackhawk07/31/104.33

Two or Three?

 — Robin "takes on" Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy. by Mild Mannered Author07/30/044.65HOT

Two Perspectives

 — Two short tales in Alterac Valley from two perspectives. by ItsJessy11/28/143.94

Two Wonders

 — A superheroine satire; bondage. by kurtknout07/26/093.89

Tyrion's Epilogue

 — After the Game of Thrones, will Tyrion find happiness? by JaneAustenButSexy06/25/194.42

Tyrion's Epilogue Ch. 02

 — Will Tyrion find happiness after the Game of Thrones? by JaneAustenButSexy07/27/194.50HOT

Tyrion's Epilogue Ch. 03

 — Tyrion's search for happiness after the Game of Thrones. by JaneAustenButSexy08/22/194.53HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 15

 — Infidelity at LA brothel is final cog in devious plan. by FifthEstate08/06/184.70HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 17

 — Jenna joins mile-high club with an old friend. by FifthEstate09/14/184.80HOT

Ugly Betty Grows Up Ch. 01

 — A tale about Betty and Daniel from the show "Ugly Betty". by juicy_janice08/04/133.78

Uhura and Rand

 — A Star Trek Tale. by Ann Douglas08/20/174.46

UK Celebrities Ch. 2

 — UK Celebs being naughty! by ukcelebs01/20/022.58

UK Celebrities Ch. 3

 — UK Celebs get naughty at school. by ukcelebs01/21/024.09

Ultimate Comics: Invisible Handjob

 — Peter finds invisible handjob. by Zev9502/27/144.64HOT

Ultimate Comics: The Bangers

 — Spider-Man stops a mother-daughter crime spree. by Zev9505/28/144.54HOT

Ultimate X: In The Company of Rogue

 — Mystique wants Cyclops to take Rogue's virginity. by Zev9505/30/144.41

Ultimate X: Long Live The King

 — Scott and Mystique convince Scarlet Witch to join the cause. by Zev9508/05/144.08

Ultimate X: Orgy at Emma's

 — Cyclops meets a good friend of Spider-Man's. by Zev9510/01/144.58HOT

Uma's Baby Ch. 01

 — Uma Thurman asks an old friend to help out, and then some... by Tom Mandy07/10/094.26

Uma's Baby Ch. 02

 — Jake still going at it to Uma, with a nice twist. by Tom Mandy07/11/094.14

Uma's Baby Ch. 03

 — The conclusion, happiness and sadness. by Tom Mandy07/12/094.03


 — Guy gets busy with the beautiful Uma Thurman. by nasty105/01/012.86


 — He gets with Uma Thurman, & is interrupted by Alicia Silverstone. by nasty105/05/013.58

Unbeaten Challenge - Nikki Storm

 — Nikki Storm meets her match against The Unbeaten. by daxg200105/27/154.57

Uncensored The Live Sex Celebration

 — What if the Live Sex Celebration was truely uncensored? by Dice_Casden01/14/104.60HOT

Uncle Ted's Last Piece of Ass

 — The Senator had a weakness for slender blondes. by Dinsmore02/06/064.32

Unconventional Behavior: Lucy & Renee

 — Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor settle their differences. by star_driver10/04/014.29

Under Her Spell

 — The FBI want some pay back, but Ariel has other ideas. by Dice_Casden01/14/103.00

Under My Thumb 12

 — Return of Angelus. Spike gets involved by badgirl29807/27/024.19

Under My Thumb Ch. 1

 — Angelus pays Willow a midnight visit. by badgirl29807/12/024.17

Under My Thumb Ch. 10

 — She's under Angel's thumb now. by badgirl29807/26/024.56HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 11

 — Angel & Willow spend the day together. by badgirl29807/26/024.55HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 13

 — Willow turns the tables on him by badgirl29807/28/024.44

Under My Thumb Ch. 14

 — Willow's in research mode & finds something funky at Giles. by badgirl29807/29/024.63HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 15

 — Willow and Angelus kiss and make up. by badgirl29808/03/024.75HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 16

 — Xander wigs over Willow and Angel. by badgirl29808/05/024.56HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 17

 — The guys figure out what's going on with Angel by badgirl29810/07/024.67HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 2

 — Angelus comes back for another visit. by badgirl29807/14/024.37

Under My Thumb Ch. 3

 — Angelus gets more personal. by badgirl29807/15/024.61HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 4

 — Angelus & Willow get even more personal. by badgirl29807/16/024.35

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