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Avengers Ass-emble!

 — Avengers meet at their new headquarters. by doctor_insanus02/28/014.43

Avengers Endgame: Cap and Natasha

 — Captain America and Black Widow find love for each other. by Bro01106/25/194.31NEW

Avengers Infinity War: After Snap

 — Cap and Black Widow found their mutual love for each other. by Bro01104/20/194.07

Avengers Inserts: Fan Mail

 — A piece of fan mail to Captain America leads to much more... by iMel07/03/134.45

Avengers Inserts: Wrapped Up

 — Tony Stark gives Steve Rogers the gift of a lucky lady. by iMel07/03/134.84HOT

Avengers The Movie: What If Thor Had Been...

 — The Black Widow has to distract the Hulk waiting for Thor. by muhabba07/07/124.41

Avengers: Black Widow and the Hulk

 — What if Thor didn't save Black Widow in time? by Wariomero07/22/153.78

Avengers: Can Auntie Nat Stay Over?

 — Natasha helps Laura and Clint with their baby. By making it. by Zev9505/29/154.14

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 01

 — Tony Stark and Pepper Potts make love after a long day. by junkie6904/06/184.48

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 02

 — Shuri, Nakia, and Bucky Barnes have some fun in the lab. by junkie6904/07/184.35

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 03

 — Natasha Romanoff takes on the Hulk in a training simulator. by junkie6904/09/184.65HOT

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 04

 — Valkyrie invites in an unexpected guest... by junkie6904/12/184.14

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 05

 — Peter Quill receives comfort after the loss of his dad. by junkie6904/13/184.42

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 06

 — Doctor Strange drops in on Christine at work... by junkie6904/15/184.73HOT

Avengers: Some Enchanted Evening

 — The Avengers lose themselves to temptation. by JTCIII07/31/114.35

Avengers: Topping Pepper

 — Even with superpowers, Pepper is Natasha's bitch. by Zev9511/28/144.65HOT

Avril Lavigne

 — Sex with Avril Lavigne! by Jack_Love01/22/124.38

Avril Lavigne - Hush

 — A punk rock girl pulls Avril Lavigne. by Noj05/15/194.59HOT

Avril Lavigne caught backstage

 — Avril gets an after show treat she will love. by wwekiller03/02/084.03

Avril Lavigne: A Christmas Treat

 — Avril treats her man for the holidays. by Noj12/11/174.72HOT

Avril's Hero

 —  A security guard's night gets interesting. by deppiedeppie07/30/033.27

Avril: Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

 — She meets rock's legendary men. by jessy1908/07/044.36


 — Adapted from Sherwood Anderson's story "The Strength of God". by cambam03/27/132.25

Awards Night

 — Amber Rose and Amy Schumer kissed. But what happened next? by CaptainNinnin01/25/193.00

Awards Night Fun

 — After receiving notes, he meets with Holly Willoughby. by RTMinotaur05/29/193.50

Awesome Kong Tames The Rock

 — Awesome Kong & Serena Williams tame The Rock. by Samuelx03/28/173.60

Ay Ay Captain

 — Paul’s voice gently coaxed her from her sleep. by SexyJennaInk10/11/054.17

Ayesha's Interview

 — Ayesha Takia applies for a job with Romeo. by nextcenturyromeo12/12/064.23

B's Butt Bitch

 — Faith makes a bet which backfires spectacularly. by MTL1711/29/184.58HOT

B's Butt Bitch Ch. 02

 — Buffy and Faith have phone sex. by MTL1701/11/194.76HOT

B's Butt Bitch Ch. 03

 — Faith makes another bet with Buffy. by MTL1702/19/194.54HOT

Bab's Backstage Clusterfuck Ch. 1

 — Famous songstress meets J. Lo. by Stardog Champion05/25/014.02

Bab's Backstage Clusterfuck Ch. 2

 — J. Lo punishes Barbra. by Stardog Champion05/26/014.42

Baby It's Cold Outside

 — Victoria and Molly Holly stay warm during a snow storm. by Dice_Casden04/26/064.28

Babylon 5

 — She finally gets the man she loves. by TexWiller10/20/053.91

Bachelorette Party

 — Donna Troy is about to tie the knot. by PrincessKoriandr09/28/014.55HOT

Back Door Man

 — Jim teaches Pam what the song is all about. by lestatsluv62511/26/064.27

Back Door Woman

 — A Friday evening with Kiefer Sutherland by pjstewart5012/31/034.18

Back Door Woman Ch. 06

 — Scorched. by pjstewart5001/22/053.57

Back Door Woman: Sat. PM Ch. 01

 — Kiefer is a bad boy. by pjstewart5001/12/044.38

Back Door Woman: Sat. PM Ch. 02

 — Bathroom sex. by pjstewart5001/20/044.33

Back Door Woman: Saturday, A.M.

 — Mr. Stiffy awakens. by pjstewart5001/08/044.33

Back Door Woman: Sunday, A.M.

 — Let's play horsey. by pjstewart5002/04/044.54HOT

Back from the Gym

 — Ozzy catches her as she gets home. by Tattooeddancer02/21/053.50

Back in Baja

 — Kimball and Cassandra have sex in the office. by Girlfromthemojave12/12/174.50

Back in the Basement

 — Xander gets cold feet at the alter and turns to Spike. by Quinn_7607/16/033.83

Back in the Basement Ch. 02

 — Spike teaches Xander a new trick. by Quinn_7607/18/034.22

Back In Time Ch. 1

 — Agent Hooters & Gadget travel to the Middle Ages. by GeorgeTasker07/25/014.49

Back In Time Pt. 2

 — Agent Hooters & Gadget go back to the middle ages. by GeorgeTasker07/27/014.48

Back of Your Car

 — Fan outliving her fantasies about Ryan Star. by MissDirect03/21/074.67

Back to 8 Mile

 — Eminem visits home and has his way. by fiestyyredhead06/21/123.71

Back To School

 — Tina Fey finally screws a straight virgin at old high school. by Robertdoc08/16/144.56HOT

Back To Secret Agent School

 — Be Anna Nicole Smith or Jimbo Bond in this *Interactive* adventure. by GeorgeTasker07/09/014.45Editor's Pick

Back to the Future Ch. 01

 — Marty travels back in time and meets his mother. by Erlikkhan01/10/154.53HOT

Back to the X-Files Ch. 1

 — Mulder & Scully meets back to the future. by foxmulder07/04/022.13

Back to the X-Files Ch. 2

 — Mulder & Scully sitting at Mulder's desk. by foxmulder07/05/021.78

Backdoor Twilight

 — Edward gives sweet Bella some backdoor love. by GeneralMako04/28/123.95

Backroom Stories Ch. 01

 — Avril makes an unexpected visit to a local shop. by Nickel_Mouse07/31/064.00


 — Britney Spears & Madonna at the music awards. by raaaj02/19/043.88


 — Courteney fools around on the set of 'Friends'. by coxette03/01/053.63


 — Minutes ago I listened to her sing, now I'm eating her pussy. by Zrnko_Pisku12/31/123.38

Backstage Access (Sydney Seriota)

 — Lucky fan gets to meet Sydney Seriota backstage. by EroticWriter198705/12/184.00

Backstage Ass

 — Backstage sex with Amy Lee from Evanescence by al_Ussa12/22/094.03

Backstage at SummerSlam Ch. 01

 — Anna Kendrick meets AJ Lee backstage at SummerSlam 2014. by TheBigLove12609/02/14

Backstage at the Golden Globes

 — Maria Menounos hooks up with a co-worker during the show. by jjgarces01/16/154.06

Backstage at the Royal Rumble

 — Velvet Sky enjoys herself backstage at the 2015 Royal Rumble. by AdamDZ704/08/154.50HOT

Backstage at the Royal Rumble Ch. 02

 — Velvet Sky has even more fun backstage at the Royal Rumble. by AdamDZ704/23/154.53HOT

Backstage at the VMA's

 — What went on after the kisses. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw09/05/034.56HOT

Backstage Bar

 — Ville walks into Jussi's bar. by Meduusje12/21/163.00

Backstage Fun

 — Steph and Buckethead have fun in his dressing room. by Wrathchild12/16/02

Backstage Pass Vol. 1

 — Kurt's backstage pass goes far with Trish Stratus. by HELLYEAH4WOOD01/21/024.48

Backstage Pass Vol. 2

 — Kurt's backstage pass gets him Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. by HELLYEAH4WOOD01/27/024.37

Backstage Pass Vol. 3

 — Kurt gets in with Steph, who delivers Torrie. by HELLYEAH4WOOD02/02/024.47

Backstage Pass Vol. 4

 — Kurt, meet Stone Cold... and Debra. by HELLYEAH4WOOD02/04/024.53HOT

Backstage Pass Vol. 5

 — What does pleasing Torrie get Kurt? by HELLYEAH4WOOD02/16/024.51HOT

Backstage Pass Vol. 6

 — Lillian Garcia & Kurt end McMahon's power. by HELLYEAH4WOOD02/23/024.48

Backstage Surprise

 — Shakira makes a fan for life. by CelebFootMan07/30/023.53

Backstage with Bolton

 — Katey gets invited backstage for personal performance. by KelleyAshton10/14/154.67

Backstage With Miley

 — Miley Cyrus enjoys orgy by DetectiveMarvel01/22/144.28

Backstage with Oprah

 — Oprah has fun with Julia Roberts and Tom Selleck. by CAPervert09/21/012.77

Backstage with Taylor Swift

 — The chance meeting with one of country music's newest stars. by rpwilbur01/06/083.88

Backstage with Taylor Swift

 — A fan discovers Taylor's fetish. by TavernKnight02/17/164.14

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 02

 — Who came in the door? by rpwilbur01/21/084.32

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 03

 — She comes back into his life. by rpwilbur01/24/084.69HOT

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 04

 — Bucky Covington gets inducted into the CMO by rpwilbur01/30/084.56HOT

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 05

 — The Aftermath of the Dallas CMO. by rpwilbur02/15/084.64HOT

Backstage WWE Ch. 01: Let's Light it Up!

 — A lucky fan gets to meet and do AJ Lee. by TheLustWriter11/13/144.75HOT

Backstage WWE Ch. 02: Twin Magic

 — While looking for Stephanie he runs into the Bellas. by TheLustWriter03/08/164.65HOT

Bad Earps

 — Demon possession forces the Earp sisters to do bad things. by MTL1710/24/174.32

Bad Earps Ch. 02

 — The morning after for the Earp sisters. by MTL1711/20/184.25

Bad Girl Shenanigans on Another Planet

 — Daisy and Jemma are stranded on an alien planet. by MTL1710/07/184.33

Bad Little Bat

 — Barbra replaces violence with sex. by odderotica07/08/044.21

Bad Little Bat Ch. 02

 — Bringing a whole new meaning to 'undercover work'. by odderotica09/08/044.18

Bad Little Bat Ch. 03

 — Batgirl throws herself into the role. by odderotica12/06/044.41

Bad Wife, Good Sub Ch. 04

 — Heather meets a new friend at the casino bar by Tappy_McWidestance03/30/144.67HOT

Bad Wife, Good Sub Ch. 05

 — Jennifer and Tatyana stop by for a carnal visit. by Tappy_McWidestance04/16/144.71HOT

Bad Wife, Good Sub Ch. 06

 — A new celebrity to seduce. by Tappy_McWidestance06/23/144.76HOT

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 01

 — Buffy is hot for teacher. by PenelopeLane07/12/034.30

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 02

 — Strangers meet in a cafe. by PenelopeLane07/13/034.17

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 03

 — Neighbors meet in a stairwell. by PenelopeLane07/16/034.08

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 04

 — "Father William"--Buffy has sinned. by PenelopeLane07/18/034.32

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 05

 — Buffy & Mr. William again--a short interlude. by PenelopeLane07/18/033.06

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 06

 — New Friends. by PenelopeLane07/29/034.29

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 07

 — Family ties. by PenelopeLane07/30/034.05

Bailey's First Date with Johnny

 — WKRP as you've never seen it before. by Doberman04/10/014.39


 — One of many games of the Sith by wudelfin12/05/054.20

Balika Vadhu - Anandi loses Jagdish

 — This series is inspired from a famous tv serial of India. by mihidase02/08/132.67

Ball Boy

 — An adventure as Anna Kournicova's ball boy. by Decayed Angel12/11/063.13

Ball Two

 — Mike Piazza scores twice. by Deborah04/09/014.35

Ballet With Eliza Dushku

 — After losing a bet, Kash meets Eliza in ballet. by Kash_the_priest04/29/074.62HOT

Ballin' Out Ch. 01

 — Longtime friends bump into Jennifer Love Hewitt. by silent_delirium01/02/174.53HOT

Ballin' Out Ch. 02

 — Olivia Munn invites Brandon back to her hotel room. by silent_delirium01/31/174.87HOT

Balling Vanna and Marie

 — Cameraman Balls Two Celebs at Once. by vicvitale11/09/144.50HOT

Bane of Sluts' Existence

 — Bane is tricked by Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn. by LoveHugeBoobs08/04/134.51HOT

Bang Theory

 — The Best Friend Experimentation. by The_Office_Fan04/09/144.47

Bang Up Job

 — Big Bang's Melissa Rauch feels naughty after Maxim shoot. by Robertdoc12/28/134.36

Bangin' Batman Ch. 01

 — Reporter gets exclusive with Batman. by Kandy564703/24/124.30

Bangin' Batman Ch. 02

 — Lauren discovers that Batman is also Bruce Wayne. by Kandy564703/25/124.30

Bangin' Batman Ch. 03

 — She makes Bruce's fantasy come true. by Kandy564703/26/123.59

Bangin' Batman Ch. 04

 — Lauren pops Robin's cherry. by Kandy564703/27/124.24

Bangin' Batman Ch. 05

 — The Final Chapter: birthday fun for Batman Lauren and Superman. by Kandy564703/28/124.06

Bangin' Beyoncé

 — Because even stars need a good fucking. by MarshalMarmont181509/09/184.07

Banging Big Time Is No Theory Ch. 01

 — The girls slumber party turns sexy. by kingchaos6910/08/134.23

Banging Big Time Is No Theory Ch. 02

 — The boys explore what's always been there by kingchaos6910/09/134.07

Banging in the New Year

 — With Kate Upton, Katy Perry, ScarJo, JLaw, 2 Emmas and more. by Robertdoc01/03/154.21

Banging Ms. Osbourn

 — Lucky guy meets Ozzy's wife. by fanficnut02/16/053.84

Barack and Michelle Relax

 — The future President and First Lady live it up. by Samuel66711/10/084.02

Barbie Becomes Real

 — He brings his Barbie Doll to life. by barnabus07/21/034.39

Bare It or Dare It

 — Alexis Glick and Friends put a twist on Truth or Dare. by baranbrat04/03/09

Bargaining for Award Night

 — Kate Beckinsale negotiating for award night tickets. by Peronath03/02/174.44

Baroness and the Private

 — Anal power play with the Baroness. by vehiculux02/17/064.02

Basement Sluts Vol. 10

 — The boys make a special edition. by kimberlykitten11/11/044.48

Bat Girl

 — Sports fan bangs two Cubs. by Hullo_nurse10/08/004.17

Batgirl '68

 — Batgirl is born 1968. by 123z06/10/174.33

Batgirl '68 Ch. 02

 — Enter Batgirl. by 123z07/05/174.40

Batgirl '68 Ch. 03

 — Lust and larceny in Londinium. by 123z07/14/174.42

Batgirl '68 Ch. 04

 — Love potions and strange notions. by 123z08/01/174.40

Batgirl '68 Ch. 05

 — Batgirl gets her man. by 123z11/18/174.42

Batgirl '68 Ch. 06

 — Batgirl sees double as Batman is duplicated. by 123z05/29/184.38

Batgirl '68 Ch. 07

 — The four labours of Batgirl to free Batman. by 123z12/31/184.40

Batgirl Defeated

 — Batgirl vs. Poison Ivy. by arvirargus08/28/144.47

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 01

 — A real eye-opener. by Angelique Bouchette12/05/054.27

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 02

 — A parcel arrives from Specialized Fetish Apparel. by Angelique Bouchette12/11/054.36

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 03

 — Catwoman & 'The Earrings Of Bastet'. by Angelique Bouchette12/14/054.12

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 04

 — Priestess or Cat? by Angelique Bouchette12/20/054.16

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 05

 — Batgirl's initiation & a little retail therapy. by Angelique Bouchette12/27/054.37

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