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Best Star Wars story ever

This was so fucking hot! Please continue this. And if you don't mind a suggestion, could you please have Rey force someone to eat her ass in the next installment?

You are one of the best writers on literotica.

Please continue anything about Blue Bloods. You are a master at your craft. I look at your submissions every 2 or 3 days looking for more stories about the Blue Bloods cast. You have my attention. I don't know if you remember " That 70's show" but if your great talents extended in that direction l could think nothing more stimulating. Please continue. You are truly a rare talent.
Thank You Jeff Y


Will we ever be getting a 3C story about Katy Perry and her monster cock? That sounded fun.

So glad I did not have to wait months. Love this story so far. Just pausing to give a note. It feels like this chapter you took more time to describe the ladies breasts and nipples and even a cock or two... giving a better picture... like in your classic early big bang orgy episodes... I skipped ahead to Keven, Alex and wife... you take the time to talk us thru Alex and how she she looks and the flop of the hair... I like those details.. like to see more of that (missed from pt 2 I left) ...from previous comment I see much to look forward to... and dont be in a hurry to invite in another full tv show cast just learning blue bloods cast.


I'd love the Spoiler doing some of the lesbian stuff she thought Superman's harem was doing at first. And maybe there could be a "crossover" with Superman characters or the JL.

Moved to "celebrities" FML

There's several authors who've disappeared mid-story due to a book deal and rights issues... took a bit to find you again.

Thank you

If you're looking for just futa stories: The Drug Trials series and 3C series are all futanari. As for hyper level: Mega Fox is 17 inches as of Drug Trials 6.5. Drug Trials 7 is split up into 2 sections, one where she's bigger, one closer to average. It's also hinted in this story that someone else is pretty big. If you have ideas, let me know. Thanks!


This is really could stuff. I haven't read any other stories of yours, but do you think you'll ever write any more hyper stories?

I love your story

I know you have mentioned that you have a backlog waiting for approval by the site and I am very happy about that. Sometimes I wish I had discovered your story a little later though because I am always a little saddened when I reach the end of each chapter and there is no more to read for the moment. Good writing.

U might be slightly annoyed to hear this but could u please have Duncan and victoria get back together because somehow his life always circles back to her and I honestly think the series was better when they were together and I miss that connection he had with her please please please!!! Bring them back together

More Plz!

Love any story about Nicki Minaj or Iggy, so this, especially being a 3c series is a dream come true! Would love to see more of these two!

New story?

Hi. Jus wondered if u are working on a new story? Would like to see maybe a real one between Sarah and Morgan in some way or maybe Sarah and Devon.

This was great

I agree with everyone else that there needs to be more, perhaps we could see the them backstage and their reaction to being fucked live on TV.


The whole thing is mind blowing. Particularly loved the five-way in Martha's bed and especially the the moment when Jim and Javi spit-roasted Kate. I think it's the first MMF scene you've had in this series and I was wondering if you were staying away from those.
Towards the end you had a good set-up for a Rick/Haley scene but passed it by. Looking forward to the week-end chapter - as much as I prefer the purely Castle pairings/groupings it will be interesting to see what you do with it.

Thank you

Thanks for admitting your possible mistake. Now, I will be waiting for an apology from the liar who posted lies about me & nothing about your story, which explains why they didn't name themselves!

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