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Absolutely fucking fabulous!

I have NEVER commented on here before, and never thought I would, but this story of your deserves an award, or a prize of some sort!! Girl on girl stuff is not really my thing, but the premise intrigued me. I am DEEPLY impressed at how well you write the different clones -- you nailed them all!! GREAT JOB!! :) (I must also admit that the girl on girl stuff almost won me over...)


Please continue writing to all your stories as I've read each of them a a few times and enjoy reading them. Great read

What about Marcy D'Arcy?

If anyone ever needed a big dick up her ass, it's Marcy D'Arcy. It would have been great to have her in your story. But hey, Kelly and Peggy were just as good. Who didn't want to have a girl friend like Kelly? Not much on conversation but I bet she did a dynamite tube steak boogie.

j'espère pour la suite une bonne branlette espagnole de folie!!

be a little more descriptive

super awsum story but describe the dex scenes more

I hope the next chapter is coming out soon Kurokami, don't leave me in suspense like this!

Big fan

Do you have any new series coming out or new chapters to an already existing series coming out soon?


I would really like some additional stories and turn this into a series.

paralel ending

i would like to see what would happen if gleen didnt say anything and berrnadet and howard split or even what would happen if bernie say that she is in love with gleen again, just comment

More please

Really enjoyed this. One of the best things I've read in this genre.

Perfect! My favorite story on this site.

Hit the nail on the head with K and J ending up together. I never saw it in the series, but it makes total sense. You captured these characters so well, and so true to the Firefly universe... Incredibly sexy, too. Please write more.

Short stories

Great story, short but hot. Kind of wish Red and maybe even Bob were there to get a chance with Jackie.

Maybe you could do some short stories like this with the other women of point place particularly Donna and Kitty. And seeing the guys loosening them up. Even if it's short like this, I read you were busy so just if you ever get the time or feel like writing.

You could have them each take place in different settings, since Jackie was at the basement I guess Donna could be in her own home or the Vista Cruiser. Kitty I'd love to see done in the kitchen getting some extra attention from Steven Hyde.

Again short simple stories like this would be fine, it's if you've got the time :) I enjoy your longer stories too but any story by you is worth the read.

should have written more details

amazing story, but you should have written a bit more detail from the footjob, then the fuck next day and then over the days, into sweaty fucking in the cave...you know; this was really amazing, but the details would have made it 5.0/5.0

hopefully you do a re-edit or followup with the details soon :)

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