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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Wow, this one was a very hot story, congratulations!

Love, love, love it!

This is a very interesting story already. I like the idea of her as Clint's sister; he seems like the ultimate over-protective brother. I didn't think that Loki would allow such semi intimate contact like sharing a bed so soon. Freaking sweet!

I haven't read many Loki and Maria stories.

I like the idea of Loki and Maria. I hope this keeps going. Interesting foundation here.

Great story

Really like the characters your using, keep it coming.

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Loving Your Wonder Woman BBC Stories!

Hey, I must say that I am one Black guy that is really enjoying these! I love reading stories/viewing erotic art of Wonder Woman having IR sex, it's a fantasy of mine for sure lol, I can only imagine how delighted the Wakandans will be to enjoy Diana. I'd love to see her hook up with Cyborg again or one of the Black Supermen. Thank you so much for writing these and I look forward to your future work! You're doing an amazing job! :D


Part 2 should be up as soon as it is approved by Lit lol glad you liked it!

This is getting better each chapter.

Love how you write Keeley in these stories, hope to see more of her.

Ch 2

How long for the next installment? Can't wait to read it. This was wonderful.

thank you.
I had a decent chunk of this chapter, (and chapter 5) written right after Pt. 03 was posted but there were a bunch of factors that caused them to be delayed. Felt good to be back.


There used to be some great wrestling fics on this site but then they just stopped being written. It's good to see a new one. Very good story, hope there's more to come.


There are indeed, and I dream a lot!

Another great story from your fertile imagination. There must be a lot of beautiful actresses in your dreams!

A wonderful bit of nostalgia with a twist

I loved Ally McBeal, the show. What a scene this would have made! I have always felt that many of TV's most erotic shows would be so much better if they could "go all the way". This scene proves my point. It would have been right in character for Ally, Ling and Leanne. Alas, even Californication doesn't quite get it.

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