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I've been waiting for this one! You know how much I've been wanting to see Bayley's big butt get fucked. Too bad she didn't wake up in time to help Becky get some payback on Sasha. Great story as always!

this is hot. more the office stories please.

Have you thought about writing a Batman/Batgirl project? I would love to see you take on that unconventional but sexy dynamic.

To anonymous
Personally I think Natasha is the hottest woman in the MCU, but Sif is up there. I decided to restrict this just to women who would frequent Avenger's Tower. Besides, it's not like Maria can easily call Sif, and I do have an ongoing series with her. But if I do a sequel to this I may include her.

you really suck

Don't ever think about becoming a writer. You suck so bad that I would have to do tones of drugs and alcohol before I would ever decide to read another one of your stories.

Um... okay

Good but there's no actual ending.

No Sif?

She has to be involved in this she's the hottest girl in the MCU.


Another hit. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


I actually liked hearing about Duncan and his drama with his father and how he wasn't keen on him becoming a writer. That was interesting. Maybe we will meet Duncan's parents at some point.

Things are going well for Duncan now and that's pretty cool. So this chapter was a lot of fun because of that. However, with the Emmys coming up again, it seems more drama might be ahead with after parties and others who might possibly be in attendance. Can't wait.

I love your work, but I just can't read one of these with Bayley in them.


I'd read a whole series of crazy villainesses fucking Nightwing in front of Batgirl

Hot Stuff!

You should really do more Librarians stuff (maybe with both Cassandra and Eve?) - this was great fun!

Just The Beginning !!

Outstanding start to a really something special in the making !! Next, in line for Sasha, let her take Charlotte's & Alexxa Bliss ASS !! Continue her domination with Bayley ASS. A possible Emma/Sasha/Paige would be great as well. Nice start here, must continue !!

Your stories are great please keep them up!

Finally some good femdom stories with Catwoman! Could you do a follow-up with Poison Ivy who dominates Tim Drake?

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