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hi , it would be so great if you could post the new parts faster and not let there be a pause of 4 or 5 days . just about everyday or every second day (;
i´m looking at your profile everyday because this story is so good, so if you could release it faster , that would be awesome

thanks for the story (:

Fantastic work as always! I really love your wwe stories


You're publishing stories very frequently these days, I love it. Any hint as to what's next?

I love it

I read your comments about the Dragon Age story and that prompted me to read it.

I must say that I throughly enjoyed it! Being a big fan of Dragon Age the storyline and the characters had an interest and a familiarity to me.

The story was well written and was a very true to the Dragon Age theme,,,,,

Thank you and I hope you write more Dragon Age stories

Lee Campbell

Oh yeah !!!

"ZORCH" says it all. You have got the fever don't stop writing now.

Good Job

Not bad.. I liked it. Brought me back to the show and the tortuous flirting that kept going back and forth between those two. Your story kind of put a sigh of relief into me. I was involved in the story and that is a gd thing. Thank you for your story. :)


I am happy that ur doing a new that 70s show story! I'm looking foward to it!

Unfamiliar, but Interesting

I am unfamiliar with the basis of this story, the game background. But I do indeed feel that your story incorporates what I feel is one of the best elements that I find in incest stories, that of great love for the other person involved. More often than not, I find that incest in the story is based on love of the other rather than just a lust factor. I personally try to avoid stories that always combine sex and violence as the basis. This story obviously is based on a somewhat violent game story, but retains the feeling of love rather than the violence and it keeps the sex separate from the violence which is what I prefer. I will continue to monitor your writings and hope to enjoy many more of your postings.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for all your feedback and story ideas. Currently working on a 70's Show story.

I missed something

Did she drug him? And how did he get restrained? And with what? Some serious gaps in this mess.

Very erotic and well written story that also keeps characters in character. Very hard to find. I hope you continue I would be in board of this Kitty Red and Jackie thing.

Updating at 20 comments/votes

I won't be updating until I have at least 20 comments/votes. Also, I would love more interaction with my readers! And this story has a very poor rating, can you tell me what you didn't like so I don't do it again? It would be much appreciated! Ciao! ~Scarl3tt3

Thanks for the free stuff

You're a really good author Kurokami. Loving what you've done with the story (also enjoying "rising" too. Christina would be amazing, but as another poster mentioned: Martha Jones would be a fun addition.

Alternatively, you could just carry on doing what you're doing, cos it's great. Thanks.

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