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A good read. A plot. A story line, some conflict and a resolution.

Thank you!

I love this series. Always 5*. Thank you for your time and effort. I really appreciate it.

Love this, wish you were still writing. You were always a good author on here.

Love love love this

This is my favorite chapter. I can hear every word of Salma talking like that in my head and then the titty fuck part and all the Spanish words, holy shit. LOVE the end where she gets a huge facial and then cusses about it, that is sooooooo her!

Questions about follow up

I hadn't really given any thought to a follow up to this one. Hmmmmmm. For what it.s worth, I have a story pending involving a threesome with Penny, and I'm about to turn in another one involving Penny and Bernadette. Stay tuned! Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading.


Wild night huh?

What's next??

Will he call her?? And if he does will she forgive him for his scam??
And will she want more of him?


I love the Bond books, and of course the movies. Please do keep writing the series


Could you do Kim Kardashian in this series, plz?


Ms. Galore as a character WAS a lesbian. Only 007 could turn a lesbian LOL

That's my fault.

Apologies. This story was overdue for 3 days and I may have rushed the proof reading process to get it out there. Will remember to stay sharp next time and prevent this from occurring again.

I thought the threesome with the gypsy women was quite lengthy, yes I also consider Connery's Bond a sexist who uses women. In Fleming's novels he's a real bastard.


Love this series and I’m really glad Emma Watson was taken for a ride but this this chapter could have done with some better proof reading in a couple of places.

Great update

123z, thanks for continuing these stories and looking forward to more. If I have any criticisms, I wouldn't mind if the scenes are a little more drawn out and descriptive. Now granted, Connery's Bond seems to be a really "wham bam" not even a thank you ma'am type, so maybe that will change with the later chapters encompassing different actors.

Overall pretty good, but wouldn't mind a little more from those.

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