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Excellent chapter

happy to see another update with some nice character development and plot advancement. I'm totally OK with just letting the story unfold wherever it may go.


I might be a Bimbo going all the way ggetting female parts

Hope we'll hear of more of Emma's charitable efforts soon.

Love that!!! Tell me there's a sequel with Leanna & Gaby.

You're Welcome!

Happy to know the comment made your day! Truthfully, I was the one hesitant with the direction Ch. 5 was going but am glad to see where you took this soon after. Let's say you outdid yourself and changed my perspective

I am glad to hear of the recovery process. I have had a time in my life in that same position and am thankful that you are still with us and sharing your gift. I wish the best luck on your future submissions if any.

I did end up finding the DA oage out of pure luck, awesome as always. Just a shame it's censored with the good stuff. Still making more of them, boobs included?

God I hate Tori

Every time she says she loves him its him and his cock. Alexandra never said that. Shes the girl for Duncan not Tori

A great chapter as always. I like that Duncan is reunited with some friends but also molaba that he knew new actresses like Elizabeth Olsen, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emilia Clarke, Katie Mchrath or Lili Simmons.

There's nothing hotter than office Penny getting a train run on her and loving it.
Ok, maybe one thing - Bernie joining her.

Hot hot hot

What would I not give to suck and fuck this sexy bitch, would just love to fuck her into next week, then start over. Cunt struck sex manic, Lanc’s uk.

I sadly won't be continuing it.

Thanks for the comment. When I first wrote this story, I had big plans for a series. Unfortunately, I lost a pet the day I completed this story. I've tried to write a second part and did get some ways into it, but it's hard to channel my energy into something knowing the painful memories it brings back in mind. I wish I could go back and edit this story and maybe add more to it, fixing it to a stand alone story. Eventually, I will finish chapter 2 and post it, but that will be the end of it. Sorry for any disappointments. I've got a few JLH stories in the works to make up for it.

5 stars

Well researched and well written story. Lorraine is a beautiful, sexy MILF. I suspect that she will have read this story and enjoyed it.

Really happy to see you writing again

It is great to come back on here and see a new story from you. Glad you are still writing as it feels like we wait a whole season to see a new story come up. Hope you are doing good these days, been a while since we spoke.

What happened to this series?

Such a promising start and I've waited so long to see a second chapter which never came. JLH is now 40 years old, something that you hinted to in this story, so I guess its too late for you to go back. Do you have any plans of doing something with this?

OMG! That was simply awful!

Between them they didn't have the IQ of a squirrel. I've read two of your stories and that will be more than enough. I can't believe they have such high scores but you must be one of Lit's beloved authors that no matter what garbage they post it still scores well.
No stars as even giving this garbage one star would be an insult to the star.

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