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Awesome update!

Very awesome update! I cannot wait for the 4th of July weekend update it should be interesting especially with all of Kate and Rick's former flames that are going to be present although I suspect that Kate's will prove more interesting. I eagerly await the update!

One thingI enjoy about reading is that you can put yourself in the situation, and that's exactly what I do everytime I read this story. And when I get to Chapter 3's end, I feel kinda sad for them; and now reading this chapter, my heart leaped with joy. Fantastic work. You seriously have great talent and honestly, I feel like this is one of the best stories I've ever read. Keep up the good work


Magnificent does not begin to describe this. So very well done. I can't wait to read more of Penny & Leonard! Thank you!!!


Ok, why the fuck did you have liara and so many other people die in cold callus ways?

Best Leonard and Penny story ever!

I have not been reading Literotica very long, but this is the best true love story that I've ever read between Leonard and Penny. They both are in the same place and are in sync with each other. It is how it was meant to be. Please continue to publish more.

I'd like to start off by saying thank you for continuing with this story. I really love this story and this chapter was great, worth the long time I waited. I hope there will be the next chapter. You're a great writer and I enjoyed reading this.


What do your characters look like?

I have become enamored of this authors writing, both the Pirate and the Thief, and The Queen's Maid. I'm left in "suspenders" by both unfinished works. Well done

great story

I always wanted a story on suits. Thanks
You should write a new series on suits.


I really liked the story, I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian

feeling satisfied and disapointed

First of all im German so sorry for (maybe) Bad english. I came twice and read both Storys, so im satisfied but also disapointed because i missed the pussy licking Action and at the Part where "he" licks her asshole i got excited cause i expected a Full blown rimjob. BTW a rimjob fels Best AFTER some doggy style Trust me... Was impressed about the "hanging her Head down"-thing cause thats really TRUE. And i hoped maybe busty Melissa rauch to join in pennys room as the naughty surprise... Still Not to shabby

will the last two chapters ever come?

Great read, but we have to know how he got back into NASCAR and who he ends up with

Thanks for comment

I like to keep people hungry for the next time!

Er - yes; rather kinky and unusual. I'm glad you're making use of Jack, though I'd rather have read what happened next, with him in actual action.

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