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Great Series

Can't wait to read more. Would like to see him wake up as Kate Upton.

What a surprise in the end. And since you have already teased the threesome, would be lovely if you went through with it and wrote another chapter. With your writing skills, I am positive it would be mind blowing.

more needed

You should continue this past the 3 u got already.


Thanks all. "Cheryl" is a real person I write for and she looooves Britney and turned me on to her sexiness.

Possible correction

Catwoman isn't the classic heroine. She's a very baaaad goil...but none of us actually want her brought to justice see....the word "heroine" though just doesn't work for me no matter how much I love her bad self.


Great story, loved the titty fuck with Britney! I am so glad more are using her in stories!


That was just, wow. Please write more with this pairing, I love them together! And this was super super hot.

More Britney

Nice to see people are still writing her, that was so hot!

Beth gangbang

Cnt wait for the Beth gangbang hope it will be next

Loved your story!

..wonderfully descriptive. SEXY!


You forgot to have her lap the pussies of all the female fighters. Nice quick story.


Can't wait for Beth to get double teamed like a slut.

Cream of the crop

Ronda would snap your shit for this one. In your defense though, she is an elite grappler and could seamlessly make the transition to the queen of porn if she wanted to. I see her as more of a Bull dyke laying waste to the rest of the porn chicks with a 9 inch strapon, but hey your version works too.

More ideas....

Please include Stoya in future updates :)

Keep it up

Keep the series going, definately the best one on this site

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