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Love all of your stories... The TBBT ones are epic... Can you make one around the game night that sheldon, amy, leonard, penny had in S06E04

Really interesting...

...mix of the original and your own story. I think you're really on to something here.

Pleeeeease do more... all the stuff about her feet... SO sexy!!

I do hope you make a part 2. I like where this is going!

Thank you kindly

I would love to see Scarlett act in a western like 'the quick and the dead' with Sharon Stone.

Great one

It was great, maybe the riott squad should be the girls who were talking

Excellent one

I hope you make another one with either sasha or another women of the wwe

Love me some Scarlett

Always cool to see someone use Scarlett. Nice little short story!

These are great, waiting for more

Good idea

They sound like great ideas! I’ve got the next part nearly finished but I’ll start to incorporate one of them into the end and lead urban into part 5


I loved the fact that this wasn’t another “so blah blah blah just happened to come to my town and I totally boned her though she had absolutely no reason to hive me the time of day” stories!


Seriously give him a name..

For anonymous

There are plans to do more Marvel stuff. In fact, I have detailed plans for quite a few stories including Natasha and other characters. Buuut I'm not the fastest writer, so you may have to be patient with me :)

Clearly written by a circumcised guy.

A++ writing, but would be so much hotter if author was more familiar with intact male anatomy.

Would love to see mention of the ridged band and frenulum in future work, the protagonist's horror at losing extreme sensation, and how the guy realizes his woman owns his cock forever!!!

Ruby Riott

Would be a great choice. Or Nikki Cross. Or Mickie James.

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