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This week's chapter will be delayed for the associated one-shot from Alistair's perspective - see the story titled 'Regret'.

Great story

This is one of the best fanfics I’ve read on the site
Well done
Hope you continue writing things like this

Liked it. Not just another porn story but just enough sex to make it a hot and erotic fan fiction. Widow and Hill are an awesome domme/sub couple :) Keep the stories coming, I'll read them ^^

When is the next chapter coming out?

Please continue the story. Never will look at Padme and Jar Jar the same.

Great work

A few typos here and there but still a great story that makes up for it.

Agreed with the other comment

This story was terrific and could easily become a series. You've made a realistic setting and a likable character who is interesting and mysterious. Hope that you do more with this Zeke character in the future. I agree with the other comment that he and Jennifer use each other for their own personal gain and now you can do more with him in Hollywood. There's a lot of paths you could go with this as a series.

Yup, This Could Begin a Swries

Very good realistic plot. Good male lead. Lots to build upon if you so choose. Lots of Big BB in LA (to para phrase one of your stories). Jennifer may move on after Zeke gives her career a big booty boost but she uses him and he uses her. It fits for Hollywood and LA! Thanks for sharing


From Surefoot:

Thank you all for your comments and enthusiastic support! I've submitted the latest story to the Literotica editors. Hope you enjoy it, and leave more comments! :-)


This is really well done and I haven't noticed much if any spelling or grammatical errors. I hope this series goes on for quite a while. Keep up the great work!


Anytime soon now please we're waiting!!!
Just messing, can we expect a new chapter soon, looking forward to the next chapter.



Will be seeing the next chapter soon, really waiting eagerly for it and there's no communication from you to know what's going on. I would love to hear from you a bit.


Amazing story. Please write more of them

Batgirl gets nasty!

Fun sexy story, I'd love to borrow her for my story, if you don't mind..

Nice story, but who is telling it?

This is a nice read, but it is marred a bit for me by the continuous shifting between first person, second person, and third person narrator. Is he telling it? Is she telling it? Is some fly on the wall telling it? It shifts pretty much continuously from one to the other.

Great story!
Really nice to read a story where the woman is old enough to know what she is doing, not 18, not a virgin, and doesn't get pregnant on her first try.

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