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Sex or story

I can't decide if I'm reading this for the sex or the story... They are both compelling! Great work.

I enjoy that you are getting onto the Gray Jedi path. We know where Rex ends up, do you plan on explaining how he links up with Wolf and Gregor?

Great job with this series, I am constantly looking forward to what the next chapter has to offer.

Agreed on Bernadette inclusion...

Yes, Bernadette could be out with Penny, then some guys Penny worked with in one of her movies recognize her and offer for the two of them to appear in a porn scene together with those guys. Maybe then Bernie could be a porn actress like Penny.


What a great story. I hope Anna fuck Beyonce in front of her white bitches

You're obviously not from a country that has a Royal family

Queen Victoria (or any Queen, for that matter) is addressed as "Your Majesty," not "Your Royal Highness," the same way that the narrator's father is "His Majesty," not HRH. And it's debutante (NOT debutant).

You are back :)

Thanks for writing again, liked your new story.
Can only hope there will be more chapters in the future.
(But thats only my horny greedy heart speaking)


Great to see you are still writing this series, great chapter!

Mon dieu

This was beautiful and well written from beginning to end. :)

Great Work

I really like this story and I like your style. Keep up the good work!


So happy to see this update. Love this series! So enjoyed Penny's feelings for Leonard there just under the surface. Also glad she "appreciated his equipment"! Looking forward to them "getting it done"! Also another reviewer mentioned a scene with Bernadette? Yes please!


I really enjoyed this story quite a lot. It was sexy and you portrayed Katherine so well. The cheating affair aspect made it even hotter. Thanks for another great story

More please

I think this could be an amazing alternate continuation of beyonces book

God damn amazing

There are plenty of Tracer/Widowmaker stories but the vast majority of them are just nothing but hate sex or Widow dominating Tracer. Nice to see love enter the mix.

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