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Penny and the older man was hot, especially the titfuck. Thanks


That was perfect. Everything about it was just right. Kate Upton is amazing and the titfuck was incredible

When do we get vol. 4?

Really like these stories, hope to see the next one soon.

Oh yes! Love stories about Victoria's ass. Love how she used to shake it in the ring.

Pretty Fucking Awesome

What I tell everyone, ignore the haters. No one can make a Dog quack, it's gonna keep barking.

Fantastic! Thanks for the great story again! This was fantastic - I'm working on yours at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of weeks!


Dude this is great writing you need to make more

Thanks for the comment!
Well i'm told it does get better as it progresses...
It's an old story so completly finished... Just going over it again
New chapter soon!

So I'm addicted to this story. Not the best at describing but great story never the less. I read the last ones 5 times waiting for part three. Don't disappoint

Too short

Loved the latest chapter of the Hotel Limbo saga but really wanted more details. 5 stars


That was a amazing story and hope you write more on it! Yummy!


Wow... Love this story! This is what Nicki needs. I love the ending cumshot where the cock grinded between her ass cheeks and busted all over her huge ass. Wish it could have included more assjob action.

Great attention to detail. You should do other huge booty babes like Iggy Azalea or JLO, fergie.

Thumbs up!


I have always loved the tv series Gilligans Island! I also own a XXX one of Gilligans Island too! But this was alot better than the XXX movie! Please write more on this!

I wouldn't mind seeing a futa Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn or Jayne Mansfield.

Great choice of an underused celebrity. I suggest putting Christina Hendricks in a future story.

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