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Knowing how hot...

But yet how bitchy Jen Jen love huge tits is in real life, I'm gonna say this is almost perfect...


Can nikki get ass fucked please


Lily Collins is plenty attractive. Shame more people dont write about her.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. I purposely wrote it opened ended. If/When I continue this tale, I'm afraid Tegan might seem like a total ass. I'm not decided yet on if Tegan will get a go or Sara will ride again.

Great job

Fantastic job. You should do more of this type of thing, though I'm sure you'll take a bunch of hits from people who don't realize this is fiction and rant and rave about "this would never happen". Yeah, those people...ignore them. Now as Sara said "there's always next time". Maybe after Sara relates her tale, Tegan has her own curiousity. Just thinking out loud.

good but

As another said this was good writing but got a little repetitive. I was kind of hoping in the end the game my pope over to the others house for another orgy fest. I am more a Castle fan. Unless the next episodes involve Castle (now a cancelled show) I may not read.

I would love to see you spin back over to Big Bang and have the Castle cast visit our friends in the Big Bang universe. Anything with Alexis and Bernadette in it is always a winner.

You have a good style and love the detail. Always a fan of the family fun too.


Thanks Cadeauxxx, that's what I plan to do once I wrap up the season finale!

You should post this over on CSL. If you want to use photos, you can embed them in the post. Your series would be a smash over there


To Previous Commenter:

So you're saying that this writer made that mistake, and instead of being appreciative that they tried to write something you obviously wanted to read (for free), you respond with a bitchy comment about grammar?? Its not like theres a guarantee at the beginning claiming all the grammar will be perfect!! This guy literally spent hours creating this story and you not only gave up on it because of a typo, but then felt the need to say something negative and unsupportive. You have to realise that reflects badly on you?! Thank you Terminatrix92, especially for putting up with this shit!!


A lot of writers use "Your" when they should use "You're". You did the exact opposite. Stopped reading at that point.

Inspirational images

Stacy Kamano's outfit: http://tinyurl.com/j9zf9bm

Melissa Benoist (just because): http://tinyurl.com/gmkst4g

Rachel Cook's outfit: http://tinyurl.com/jlm3qwc

Jessica Alba loves yoga: http://tinyurl.com/jaoc42x

Amazing :DD

Keep writing! I really wanted to read more, but I couldn't... I love your style, and you are very descriptive :DD NEXT CHAPTA!! Gimme gimme!! ^ ^

I love seeing writers do crossovers for each other. I'd love to see more of this!

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