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More to come, yes

I have more ideas in the pipeline.

Super hot

Why not a fantasy story about indian female politician?

Thanks for all your Emma Watson stories, they are so hot!!!! hope there's more to come.

Nooooooo. Not Dr. Ling!!!!

I didn’t even suspect her at all!!

Good material.

I like the idea, but I think it would be better if you got someone to edit it. The beginning was kinda weak. Don't get me wrong, Chloe and Gal would be hot as hell.

That was wild..

Not my normal cup of tea, but still very good. I'd like to see a few more "the office" stories from you. I understand it's tough to come up with a believable premise though since Pam is so straight laced. Michael bending a fully clothed Pam over and fucking her is such a hot image

Two more instalments would be great - this is one of the better stories in this universe I've read here.


Seriously you should write episodes for CBS or whoever owns Star Trek now. Or sell them this whole series. Then write more.

Hrelle deserves to have been recognized at the wedding...

By perhaps a survivor of one of his missions on the FuryK .. someone who had attained a high government position... just to show Jnill

The father of the first kid who recognized him at the port...

It it was still a blast to read

To Anonymous (15/12/18)

HI Anonymous, thanks for continuing to read!

Can someone be a Nazi and a fan of Star Trek? Yes... if all they see is the space battles and the weapons of mass destruction, and not what makes Trek rise above ordinary space opera.

Is it possible...

To be a Nazi and still be a fan of Star Trek...

You are a genius, i can nearly picture that, thank you!

The topics you tackle...

And the pearls of wisdom ... mixed with raunchy humor... kudos to you sir.

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