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This is definitely my favorite series on the site. Look forward to the future adventures of Joe.

awaiting further chapters in this storyline


Imagine if everybody found out what was going on? GREAT series, GREAT chapter.


I wish this was the ending to the show. The ending was kinda off. GREAT story!

You know how

I love reading your confessions stories. Just what I needed, as you said. Thank you.

Fun story

Robin gets turned, Batman will be very upset

Ignore Trumpire. He is a notorious troll by the name of TJ Church. Here is all the information you need to know about him.


Fuck off TJ and go find some website to worship your god emperor Trump instead of trolling us.

my fuck up

This is Pt 3 and new episode.

I'm getting it fixed.

Thanks for reading.


Is this Part 3?? Part 2 posted in January .


Another great chapter in this series. You really do a wonderful job of capturing all the nuances of these womens inner angst and emotions. I hope that Maria proves the greater of these two mighty Alphas and has Sif moaning like a cheap whore in heat as she gets owned while being speared on Maria's strap on. How wonderful it would be to have Sif bow down and enthusiastically call Maria Mistress.

Nice. Brian Pumper is a real anal king, and who can blame him?!

More please. And keep up the good work.

Kindred Spirit.

Split On Each Part

Very nice (re-read the first before reading the newer one), outside of a few things that would be wrong in any kind of writing (using "knew" in place of "new" very soon after using the former the right way, punctuation issues, etc.).

One would think a "series"-writer would have an editor working for them before they submit each one!

A continuing feast!

Really enjoyed the theme and experiences of each one. Keep 'em coming!

Sequel please!

A sequel with Curie too would be awesome. I'm surprised you didn't do it. This is my favorite story on this site.

Delighted this series is back. Looking forward to who else may need his services.

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