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black widow the slut

It`s a very good one but i would love to read a story of natasha romanoff being controlled by scarlett witch and being her sleeper agent at s.h.i.e.ld and doing her bidding and being a total slut.

black widow

I really loved this story,i would love more sex stories of black widow.natasha romanoff being used like this,i especially love her under mind control.

How to get Pam Beesly in bed...

With her persona, it wouldn't be easy, season 3 was that brief window of opportunity. I could see Ryan or Toby or a lucky stranger get to screw her if she was really drunk, or even passed out. I like the last poster's idea of her elderly neighbor looking for any chance to fuck her...and then finding himself in a right time right place moment


I loved the story; it was well-written and I like how Hillary acts like a minx and seduces John instead of him making the moves. I've always wanted to see Hillary stripped down and fucking like a bitch in heat.


Susie Dent isn't a lesbian, she's married with two kids.

mama' and papa's

they said it best
dream lover save a little dream for me
loved it


Where the other parts

love the story, however it said to be continued, and I'd like to read what happened after, so where's the second part? Or the rest?


Great addition as always, please please please don't make us wa it that long in between again.

Great to finally see Candice/ Mickie continue an amazing & ourtstanding lovefest....plus an added bonus Torrie/ Victoria in the mix...hope you have more to come !!! hope you'll include an Dana Brooke/ Charlotte story, that would be an AWESOME pair....js

So how come you tease us with a possibility of a 3some with Buffy, Faith and Cordelia, and never follow up on it?

good job

you have a real good imagination. i absolutely loved this first part. i amgoing to read the next one.



Jennifer love oh waw what a cutie all the while I had a picture of her to the wright of the story ,it was hard to beleve jennifer could be even a little bit slutty enough for her to enjoy ,apart from that I throughly enjoyed your story. espealy after all the crap I had read proyer to reading yours .I just hope you have more stories to read
ps keep up the good stories

I was so nervous that you'd avoid Wyatt/Penny, but you have made my pervy brain happy, thank you!


Could you please add in Kylie Jenner if it isn't too much trouble, but I love the series and this chapter.

Now that's a lot of fucking for Penny, geez. You worn her out, lol.

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