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Love the series

I'm a big fan of this series. Love to see where it goes. One hot scene could be about someone who is reluctant to go on the show, who starts embracing the bimbo changes and on purpose starts answering questions wrong to become hotter.

Was a fun read :D

'Orb of Tomorrows'

possibility not certainty. Multi-verse theory indicate there are multiple outcomes to any individual significant event. DS 9 even showed this as a probability. I like to think, He is seeing snippets of many of those divergent time lines. Now our author must decide which of them is the correct one for this story line. Keep up the good work 5s

Kyra Sedgewick

Kyra has the lips to be a really good, cheap hooker. I'm sure she would be a great cocksucker, so I'll keep her in mind for a story.


Thanks for the cool words. Yes I'm a horror movie fan. I did a Texas Chainsaw Massacre parody and I'm thinking of others. I like the Leatherface character. He's perfect for a horror porn parody. I might do one of others him and Jason, a really freaky one. I have a warped and perverted mind for stories lol.

Horror & Mature Celebrities

Not only do you have exceptional taste in women but you like horror films!
No wonder you're the coolest writer on this site.
Gotta give your TCM story a read, real soon.

nother great story.

hey, you know who would make a great streetwalker?
Kyra Sedgwick


About Dolly Parton... She's coming and I have 54 stories published on here and I have 5 more pending. I'm working on at least three others right now, so I'll have even more coming all the time. About Melania, they won't let me write about political people, they say they don't allow that anymore. I wish I could. I have a lot of stories in mind about political people. I'm gonna do a Dolly Parton story in the near future and Reba too.

Do more

You’re good and should write more! How about Dolly Parton or Melania Trump?


Not a nice end for me but for the story, yes.
You've done well with this one Surefoot, very intriguing and full of suspension for the next chapters. Cannot wait to see how they play out.


Very hot story, my favourite of your Arkham Series so far.
I just can't help but wonder how Ivy got ride of Barbara's lower parts of her suit, despite her spread apart legs and thick vines on her ankles. But no big deal obviously.

I guess both protagonists will return with some allies in pt 3, with hopefully more fights, powerless heroes and ripped apart suits to come. Looking forward to it !

About Andrea Mitchell

Send your ideas as feedback. The site is screwy, I can't see any new comments right now so just write them as feedback.


Chapter 28 is up, thank you Surefoot, will read it a bit later.


Aussie author here. Fun theme

I'll have a crack. Bonza topic, mate.
Love, Dee
A.k.a. Marriedpervs.
Lots of aussie stories on my stories page.

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