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So glad

I am so glad you decided to continue this love it look forward to however you decide to go

Awww they're so cute together, and Beca is freaking adorable. Hope to see anal fucking soon.

Thanks Stugpole, again

Yeah, I think my 007 stories are getting less and less attention after nine instalments.
Once I get done with Roger I will stop and move on.

Actress Suggestion

Aishwarya Rai

Sonam Kapoor


Deepika Padukone

Bond got two beauties!

Thoroughly enjoyed another 007 story. Quite visual like the prior stories, and I think even more so this time, with these two beauties.
I can't wait to read The spy who loved me. Barbara Bach being an amazing beauty. With her gorgeous looks, beautiful brown hair and perfect body, plenty for Bond to enjoy. ( a hairjob from the Russian major would be amazing!)

Sorry you are not getting many comments though!

Amazing series

This series is amazing. Looking very forward to your next entry in it.


I've already plotted out the 12 chapters. I've focused more on models who don't have many stories published about them on the internet. I may decide to act upon requests in future stories. I don't know how Literotica feel about writers seeking commissions.

The next chapter is the longest yet so is taking me a little while. Hopefully you'll have it before Christmas!

You should write original IR stories!

Idk if you’d be interested but I love your descriptive/vivid writing style, i’d love to see you write something more fictional that isn’t all about celebrities (that might be your “thing” though, if so then I didn’t mean to offend).

Great story

Are you going to make a 4th part?


You should continue this series but you should have the group meet up and have Beth let every other woman in the group dom Maggie and Beth can watch or something like that

Please continue this story. Pretty please


You really don't know the difference between I and me?

Slash and Burn podcast talk Christmas Magic!

So this story was spoken about at length on the Slash and Burn podcast last Christmas! As a sexy comedy it was enjoyed, but apparently Richard was offended by the black elf, Rufas, getting the n-word chant from the other elves as he gets sucked off by Racquel Darrian. Yes, it is racist, but racism in interracial porn is everywhere. The white girls frequently use the n-bomb when spreading their legs for the black man, so not really a big deal. Also, Rufus is never discouraged by either Mrs Claus or the other elves from getting sucked off by Racquel. Mrs Claus even leaves the door open knowing full well Rufus will fuck Racquel. And he does. Leaving him locked outside while the others screw her would have been racist, yeah. He fucks her and is cheered on by white co-workers. That's progress, man!

My main criticism is that Aaric succeeds at everything too easily. You never feel that he's struggling or in danger. That's fine for simple erotica in my opinion. A compelling story is preferable, but it only needs to be serviceable if you ask me. But if, as you say, you care about making the story compelling or interesting, your protagonist can't be too OP. Sith or not, most readers want to root for a protagonist, feel fear for them, feel elation and relief when they succeed. Just my two cents. Otherwise it's not bad, keep up the good work.

Anna rules

Neat idea but would like to see more polish in the writing.

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