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Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 1

 — Lynx discovers there are Adult rules to Pokemon battles. by deathlynx06/17/074.53HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 2

 — Lynx seeks out the Eterna City Gym for more fun. by deathlynx06/18/074.70HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 3

 — Lynx encounters Team Galactic in Eterna Forrest. by deathlynx12/05/114.55HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 4

 — An old friend returns for a rematch! by deathlynx12/11/114.76HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 5

 — Lynx participates in a pokemon contest. by deathlynx12/16/114.64HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 6

 — Lynx helps Officer Jenny out of a jam. by deathlynx01/08/124.36

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 7

 — Swimmer Julia learns about adult rules. by deathlynx01/10/124.51HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 8

 — Lynx interrupts lunch at the Hearthome City Gym. by deathlynx02/11/144.56HOT

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 9

 — Winner take all in the Champion Battle by deathlynx02/27/144.67HOT

Virtual Reality: Sonic the Hedgehog

 — Transported and transformed, anything can happen. by angelicminx11/21/064.19

Virtual Reality: Soul Calibur

 — Daisy encounters Soul Calibur's notorious pirates. by MrsDeathlynx06/12/074.62

Virtual Reality: Super Mario

 — This time Sean stumbles into the Mushroom Kingdom by Sean Renaud10/20/134.25

Virtual Reality: Xenosaga

 — Man finds himself trapped within a sci-fi nightmare. by deathlynx02/26/074.72HOT

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 01

 — Group meets in secret to share adventures. by MissLusty02/26/054.02

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 02

 — Kara shares her story of bondage, pain, & pleasure. by Goldeniangel03/01/054.32

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 03

 — Couple adds a second male to the mix by LuciousBi-Writes4U03/17/054.19

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 05

 — David discovers his innocent girlfriend has a porno. by Goldeniangel06/11/054.51HOT

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 06

 — Couple pushed into a wife-sharing as therapy. by LuciousBi-Writes4U07/03/054.34

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 07

 — A story told to strangers in the dark. by lustfuldesires06/04/064.33

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 01

 — The chronicles of Woodstock. by dirtyjoe6907/17/063.78

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 02

 — Jimi and the Twins. by RockerJustin07/20/063.33

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 03

 — Me and Janis Joplin. by Selena_Kitt09/06/064.28

Women in Time Ch. 04

 — The secret. by sharpchick08/05/064.42

Zodiac Girls Ch. 02

 — Aquarius, Arielle. by damppanties02/26/044.68HOT

Zodiac Girls Ch. 04

 — Aries: the Ram. by dr_mabeuse03/04/044.57HOT

Zodiac Girls Ch. 05

 — Jenn the Taurus looks for her man. by Joseki Ko03/09/044.25

Zodiac Girls Ch. 06

 — I do twin Gemini - and one is a man. by Bakeboss08/28/093.53

Zodiac Girls Ch. 07

 — Cancer, Jace. by damppanties03/26/044.52HOT

Zodiac Girls Ch. 09

 — Virgo: his neighbour, Mrs. Templeton-Bush. by Man Ray06/24/06

Zodiac Girls Ch. 10

 — The two sides of the balance. by dr_mabeuse04/14/044.78HOT

Zodiac Girls Ch. 11

 — A Scorpio takes a night of pleasure. by Joseki Ko04/08/044.24

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