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Well I think there will NEVER be an end to this story

If I understand the author, this was written as a part of some weird challenge. I'm not sure why this chapter has to be quite so unfinished, but since this writer continues to post and has made no mention of continuing this, I feel this is all we will get. Which makes for a problem. Unfinished, as it sits, this was a very unsatisfying read and I'm not sure why any author would leave it like this. With FTDS no longer with us, someone else would have to take this thread up, ask the author's permission to finish (this author is still active and posts stories now and again) the story and then actually write a decent finish. Maybe someone like George Anderson might attempt such an ending. Highly unlikely that happens. So we're left with this mess. Not good. Not good at all.

Surprised at the high scores!

Because the tale is really rather pathetic.

This is one of my favorite stories,,,,

I love this story. First, the shock value (of her walking out). Second- the payback was swift, brutal and quite effective; not too many times you can get revenge and make a nice tidy profit from it!


Ya what the hell is this about.


Wow! This was the best ever Tx Tail Tales I mean the best...of course I use my iPhone to highlight and listen to these stories rather than read them 10 💫


You've got me hooked onto this. That suspense where Piplup suddenly uses Hydro Pump - I was surprised! Thought it was Level Five or something. By the way, Piplup doesn't really have a type advantage against Garchomp. While Water is super-effective against Ground, Dragon actually resists Water. It probably doesn't make much of a difference to most readers, but proper fans of the Pokemon games might throw a hue and cry. :)
Nice story though. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Damn! Hard almost the whole story.

About as perfect an incest story I’ve ever read. Some were “nastier”, i.e. more graphic, but none sweeter. And the reason for the sex was so... right. I mean, there really was a reason for it, not just lust. And loving. Especially like the break up at the end. It just seemed... well again, so right... and true feeling.

This is a definite 6-stars. Too bad I can only give it five. Bravo.

Not for the faint of heart, II

I completely agree with HotFoot2, this is just fucking outstanding. I hope to write this well someday. Thank you for sharing it with us.


I'm used to JPB stories just stopping with no finish or resolution, leaving me hanging and frustrated. I read this one only to see how someone else would finish it. Surprise! JPB finished it! And an intriguing finish it was with interest-holding, unexpected twists and turns. In fact, the end was a thunk-the-forehead moment: he takes her back knowing she's currently cheating, when he initially rejected her when she was not actually cheating?!?!?! I guess these weird unexpected twists make it more interesting.
Still not finished. What happens with their last attempt? And the daughters?
Paul in Oklahoma


at first I thought it was going to be realville. Then it went mission impossible on us. Enjoyed it though. Guess I'll search for other versions.


Interesting story. Relevance to this story?

For myself, any sex while we were separated would have been no problem. Sex or even an emotional affair with the lawyer after she moved back into my bed would have been a deal killer. Wouldn't have happened though in the first place. To all you young single men, if she runs with a motorcycle gang or some other bad boy, don't consider her as wife material unless you are an even badder boy. If she drinks more, does more drugs than you, etc f her if you must but don't let her in your heart or house.

Loved it!

Awesome but also a bitter sweet ending love the overall story build up and characters. Probably the best pair of twins I've read in any story on here thus far.

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