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Always a tough question to answer because the more pressure you put on the
question the uglier the replies get. Perhaps in the end a brain tumour would be a better explanation. She did seem a bit young for the big A.

complete dumbass

he was completely a dumbass for taking her back,He should have told her to hit the road and married Amy instead .she made a fool out of him again, who's to say that the boy-toy is not the father of her kids without a DNA test, not to mention she made a fool out of him again by trapping him into marrying her again by not telling him she went off the pill and getting knocked up thus, ensuring that he would marry her again, also giving her a 500 dollar a week allowance to piss away that did it for me, I give this story 0 stars, no one that fucking stupid

Another Great story

we all make misakes, your story has wishing we could get the good ending


Why say more? Perfect!

Come back to this one!

Come on, TTT. You have GOT to come back and turn this into a series. I enjoy your talented story telling, and the framework you built around the given inspiration is phenomenal. I haven't seen anymore contests like these, and frankly I can't picture you NOT winning this one.

You said enough but not too much

I wish I had that ability. Thanks for another excellent tale.

Another great one

Enjoyed it way too much.Especially the slow build up and the story line
and not being just sex but all the related intricacies also being there

Just As Good

This was as good a read the second time as the first. (another 5)

Very good

Very sexy, shot alot of cum at end of story

Loved it.

The knight chuckled. "Correct me if I am wrong, but seeing as how we have the same grandfather, and I am older . . . technically, I suppose, that would make me the rightful regent of Vix." He finished his statement with a wink.

Okay, he was joking, laws of succession can be different in a fictional universe, and also he may not have been familiar with thelaws of succession, but in English law at least he would have been wrong in several ways:
1) She's the legitimate offspring of the King - succession by direct descent.
2) John's mother was illegitimate, whereas Evelyn's father was legitimate.
3) Even if John's mother had been legitimate, being female would still have given Evelyn's father the throne, pushing John out of the direct line of succession.
The story implies that reason 3 at least still applies in the fictional universe.

OOPS, I gave that point a much bigger write-up than it deserves, although some may find it interesting.


This is just a really really great piece of eotica.
Kudos on the ending; it was clever, endearing in a cheesy good fashion, and made the rest of the story work.

5* Man Up Time

The author finally wrote a manly story...tough guy! Congrats!

I can't believe this dumb story...

But, I love it. Had fun reading it too.....bill



Why have I not read this before? 5* Can't wait for your next effort: 'The can of Spam was tipped on its side'. Begin writing your story......

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