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Well written but not exactly my cup of tea.

I wouldn't want to be tied down by anyone, even my wife whom I mostly trust. Wouldn't want to be blindfolded and certainly would have had some second thoughts when the wife said get everything clean and then hoisted my ass up into the air. At this point the odds would have been more in favor of her having brought in another man and the tied up husband getting ass fucked all night long for her edification. As it is that ribbed thing that went up his ass could have been a dick with a ribbed condom on it. Not such an exciting night that. As to the wife and her friend playing with each other, not such a good sharing night there either. Seems like the night was at his expense for her. There would be some really deep conversations if that were my house. Probably be some umbilical blood draws for a quickie paternity test. She's 2 months pregnant and this is the first he hears about it? Seriously?

Well, as you can see I was less than impressed with this story. I read it all the way through, it was a good read. Just like I said, not my cup of tea.

finally a real story

the "why" she did it is clear enough, still for those who skimmed, she did it because her identity was lost hence she wanted to have an affair.
but finally i got a real reason rather a please forgive me am sorry, may not reduce the hurt but atleast its honest & logical.


I thought this story was absolutely gorgeous. Good pacing, built up from a slow beginning, I thought that the was story about Heracles and Omphale would be absolutely gorgeous (and it was). I love things that subvert or reverse things, and I can just imagine a gorgeous queen dominating the big strong hero. There was a gentleness to everything that I really enjoyed; the dialogue, the pacing, the sex, all seemed very gentle, very tender. Wish the story had more likes, it was excellent.

Just another unfinished piece of trash

That the author couldn't be bothered to finish.

I must have read a different story

With thoroughly disgusting characters what was to like in this mess? UGH!

Unexpected development, but interesting and compelling story

I don't know why, but as I reflect upon this story, it reminds me of "A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man". I'm guessing the narrator reminds me of Stephen Dedalus and the conflict he felt until he makes his decision to follow his aesthetic ambitions and become his own man.

And I like the fact that Cynthia did not turn out to be a love interest, which is the predictable path most writers would have taken. I enjoyed Cynthia's lesson on developing the artist's inspiration and using that to create the painting - true for writing as well.

Memorable and well done!



Although I appreciate and respect KarenE's comments in most cases, she is dead wrong on this one. Not her fault, she simply is incapable of looking at it through the prism of being a Dad. NOTE: being a DAD is completely different than being a sire.

When I met my second wife, she came with a darling little 9-year old girl. Girl is now 21, and is in the middle of her Jr year of college, and is drop-dead gorgeous. (True in fact as well as through my biased eyes). If she ever tried anything like this story, I would also reject her, because she IS my daughter, no matter what the DNA says.

great start

But now sadly abandoned?
I hate when a good writer does that.

Plaza De Toros

Oh this was very erotic. The Matador plays Alexis with the skill of a bull fight. Teasing taunting leaving her hungry for more. I could feel Alexis's being swept along and her being set up for the conquest.

a perfect ending of a childhood to woman hood

With the new understanding of loving approval of a parent

A lesson for us parents


He should have taken Barb up on her offer.

I don't care how sincere Audrey was in her confession, she STILL did what she did, and there is too much water under the bridge, and now Barb has to suffer.

Barb and Bev

He should carry a concealed voice recorder and get evidence to play for their mother.

Well written and I liked it. BUT.....

As was stated, bringing a stranger in without prior consent does not sit well. I doubt that his wife would not accept a reversal, especially when it came to anal play. Yeah the protagonist liked it and didn't throw the the safe word flag but the entire event was essentially non-consensual. If this was wifeys celebration of pregnancy (why I hate fucking surprise parties) she owed it to him to reveal and introduce Mystery Woman. Especially when it appears that the play between the two women perhaps was not their first time.

And Tx Tall Tales, I like your writing but never realized you were such an OCD Internet Troll. Your nitpicking was juvenile and neither critical comment or review. That weak-ass shit should have gone in an email. #ASSWAFFLE

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