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Not Bad

Not a bad story but not JPB. It was a valient attempt and I did enjoy it. Kudos to Bob for allowing this kind of thing. My

Another Great Story

I would never deign to assume I was ta!ented enough to write an ending to one of JPB's stories but I would enjoy reading the endings that were submitted if I could find them. thanks


Best line, clown tastes funny


Rather like this one...

The part that I did not feel complete about? Yes, the stabbing - but that also made the relocation to SOTB necessary, and put the protagonist in limbo...

The female leads' run through the countryside - can't have been idyllic. What soul searing things happened there?

Yes, yes - I know... "people were so kind"... but self destructive impulses meeting poor/different country/culture ain't a good recipe.

Green - something

This was epic

Thank you for publishing this story! I really enjoyed the series!!

real life

I was diagnosed with MS seven years ago, at 60. The best sex of my life came afterwards.
Doctors keep telling me that MS is a terrible disease. The MRI tests show typical MS patters in my brain. Fortunately I don't have any symptoms - except perhaps a newly acquired taste for Literotica-:)

This is one of

the loveliest stories on Literotica. Should be a 10 star

Good grammar matters.

This is the first chain story I've read, but it would read a lot easier if you used quotation marks properly, or if you just used them at all. I say this because in my own writing for this site, what few readers I have seem to appreciate good grammar. Keep writing and good luck.

Sweet love story

I loved it! Well written. Read easily. Likable characters, even an almost cheating wife. A 5 Star Rating.

Help needed

Where can I find the rest of the chain for these stories?

I don’t understand

1st instalment starts labelled Ch 06, 2nd as Ch 09 and the 3rd as Ch 14?
Is there more elsewhere?

A fun read!

I really enjoyed how Lisbon learned how much she loved Gabriel!

Wrong Tool Good Story

It;s very easy to take the head off of a pickaxe. Just bang the butt on the ground one or two times, & it slides right off. An axe on the other hand takes a good bit of work, & tools to remove the head.



Interesting change, one of your stories with an ending.Nice ending, nice story, five stars.

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