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Interesting story, wish we had gloryholes here in Sweden, but doubt there are any other than in the bigger cities. Quite realistic written, and very erotic.

A passing thought though; there is such a thing as not being able to fit in a womans mouth, A couple girlfriends haven't been able to open their mouths that wide, and I even measured my own mouth once. If I knocked out my teeth it would have worked, otherwise not.

If there is any truth to the story I wish you all the best with Houston. :)


powerful for the message if nothing else.


Didn't know what to expect,turned out hot and cute.


I Would wish for a hundred more chapter but I`m not in possition of Laresa ring but please please keep writing
thanks for the amazing stories

Another xelliebabex favorite!

Gosh, I can't believe it took me so long to read this story. Shorter in length than other xelliebabex's stories, 'For Her' was a nice change and a convenient option when I didn't have much time.

Don't let the story length fool you. The characters and dialogue made this more than an ordinary story about a wealthy bachelor trying to win back his true love.

There were some typos but I always lose myself in a great story.

not quite

This is not RAAC, a true RAAC is when the one that broke the relationship is taken back without any real remorse or penance or change on their part.

Had he taken her back when she could not even give him an explanation of why she did it then it would have been RAAC.


Congrats. This story was perfect. Five out of five. I don't give out a lot of fives. It is the perfect combination of BTB middle and RAAC ending. I think that is my favourite combination. You are a very good writer. The emotions were powerful. The characters believable. There was a lot of detail about their lives outside their relationship situation which I think makes for a better story. I am going to have to read more of your stories now that I have read Ohio's entire stock.


After reading the entire series, I can't help but want more. This was just a really amazing series, and I think I have a good idea for a sequel if sorts. In Pokemon Black/White,in the beach city whatsitsname You see Cynthia there in her vacation home, so that might be some good incentive. But if you do choose to lie thus series to rest, at least you gave it a good story, and a beautiful ending. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing an outstanding story.

Another vastly enjoyed story...

Points in no particular order...

His stabbing of "swarmy bastard" - this actually isn't a stretch. He had no reason to not believe that this man had been instrumental in the loss of the thing he held most dear - the love of his wife. It's a good thing that he still SERIOUSLY loved her or he might have done something radical to her as well.

Perhaps though, it's the fact that he COULDN'T hurt her that made it so easy to stab the bastard - someone had to be hurt for what was done to him and them.
Her "I did it because I could" - my wife has often spent money we could ill-afford even after we seriously discussed the reason for that. And the obvious reason though maybe never directly stated by her...? "Because she could." I'm sure she knew no matter how angry I'd get over it, I'd forgive her. Is it that big of a stretch to think a spouse would forgive you for something they couldn't prove you did...?

The only thing about it that really irks me is even if he couldn't prove she cheated on him and would forgive her for the behavior she HAD engaged in - she had to KNOW he was hurting by what she was doing... and yet she continued to do it. Where was HER love for HIM during that time...? Knowingly hurting him...
Him having sex with Gabrielle - I don't believe he had sex with her when Sandy was there as a revenge fuck. He'd been building himself a structured life because that was what it was taking for him to survive - and really, that was all he was doing.

Sandy showing up was a glitch but since he had no reason to believe anything had changed since the last he had seen her, he needed his structure to continue.

Unfortunately (for his sake OF structure) her being hurt still had the capacity to get THROUGH his structure.
His apologizing to her because HE "cheated" and SHE didn't...?? - that was just him having to ignore a fact so he was more readily able to reconnect with her.

That fact being - the ONLY reason she hadn't cheated the last he knew was because HE stopped it. She was GOING to cheat. How close could she have gotten without actually having sex before he WOULD have considered her as having cheated: being at the other guy's house? being naked in his bedroom? laying on his bed naked? his dick an inch from entering her...?

No, he cheated - fine... but her plan to is as good as her having done it too.
Oh, I'm a romantic so am glad they worked it out... but I'd have preferred more honesty in what they both know what counted against both of them.


is this minx by chance the youtuber manga-minx

Great Story as usual

Just read this one. This is one of your great stories. Thank you for it.

Great Read

A great read. TTT does familial relationships better than anybody else. I just can't wait to see how he end the Two Moms. Two Laps series.

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