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Where are the Americans?

Your story is a very funny take on international relations but where, o where are the meddling Americans with their finger in every oarlock and up every bung hole with their declarations that if it ain't American, it ain't good?


I see it progressively getting to b more and more. Sad


That is crap. There is so much wrong with this story. I would have bit the bitches clit off. Let her go to the hospital and explain that. And wife would be close to divorce. I know some of you would think that is wrong. But this was RAPE. To hell with them. This

awesome story, great to have help.

An interesting development.

I liked the gentler tone of this chapter.

Some feedback: several times you misspelled Afsoon's and Farisa's names, which I found distracting.

Now I kno why your story got only 14 likes

I stopped reading your story after page 2. I cant imagine my giving another person giving her head or even a kiss

A nice twist.

Interesting, one stable hand not affected by fade, his best friend immune to sex magic!

Thank you.

A nice long story.
I like how you you closed one plot line nicely, even as you added new twists.

Really good!

I'd love to see more of Hanan's story.

This is a Story, It's just a story. The names have been invented to protect the innocent. I liked it as he ended up with two women and single... So, he knocked his ex up, He could easily have knocked Amy up too and had a polygamus relationship with both. The hiring of Randy was a little too much but then again, this is just a story.

A really nice twist to the story.

I like how you took the story in a different direction, with less focus on the magic.

Great story!

I love how once her poor memory was fixed, Brigid proved to be an intelligent and shrewd woman.

Kind of an uneven story

Too many characters had too many ups & downs, too mant flip flops.
Can't give it more than a 3 or 4.
Good thing Hathaway didn't call him a wimp. I guess?


Pure fiction rubbish

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