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You said enough but not too much

I wish I had that ability. Thanks for another excellent tale.

Another great one

Enjoyed it way too much.Especially the slow build up and the story line
and not being just sex but all the related intricacies also being there

Just As Good

This was as good a read the second time as the first. (another 5)

Very good

Very sexy, shot alot of cum at end of story

Loved it.

The knight chuckled. "Correct me if I am wrong, but seeing as how we have the same grandfather, and I am older . . . technically, I suppose, that would make me the rightful regent of Vix." He finished his statement with a wink.

Okay, he was joking, laws of succession can be different in a fictional universe, and also he may not have been familiar with thelaws of succession, but in English law at least he would have been wrong in several ways:
1) She's the legitimate offspring of the King - succession by direct descent.
2) John's mother was illegitimate, whereas Evelyn's father was legitimate.
3) Even if John's mother had been legitimate, being female would still have given Evelyn's father the throne, pushing John out of the direct line of succession.
The story implies that reason 3 at least still applies in the fictional universe.

OOPS, I gave that point a much bigger write-up than it deserves, although some may find it interesting.


This is just a really really great piece of eotica.
Kudos on the ending; it was clever, endearing in a cheesy good fashion, and made the rest of the story work.

5* Man Up Time

The author finally wrote a manly story...tough guy! Congrats!

I can't believe this dumb story...

But, I love it. Had fun reading it too.....bill



Why have I not read this before? 5* Can't wait for your next effort: 'The can of Spam was tipped on its side'. Begin writing your story......

Not finishing this is just evil.

Well, I'm dissapointed about this story having ended there. I hope you find it in your heart to write a complete series on this one.


Loved the story

Hope you fuck Houston. He loves you and deserved your pussy.


Very well written garbage about a so called tough guy that all along he was nothing but a cockold wimp.


5 stars. So gentle. So tender. And still adventurous.

I just have to say this, I hate the way this is ending! I don't mind some BDMS but I actually hate this. You are an excellent storyteller and I love most of your other works, but not this one. A good Dom/sub relationship is about trust and I don't condone violence for Any relationship. Keep writing!!


Why did a hermit have two chairs
Why did he give her a beer
Why did he buy her lunch
Why did you not tell how she found him.

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