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❤ Some people are worth melting for... ❤

Ive been waiting awhile for you to give us this beauty!! 💜 the first time I read your poem, it gave me shivers and I was really impressed with your rhythm and rhyme but also your fantastic choice of words!! Bravo!! 👏 I have always imagined how it would sound if you read it and you just blew all my expectations away!! 😄 I imagine that if I was with you and you recited that to me, I would have watched you with eyes filled with pure adoration and happiness (maybe a little lust too lol) and I probably would have melted into your arms on the spot... 😍 woops!! Im ranting again lol anyway you did a great job and id love to hear more! Cant wait to hear whatever audio or poem you Make next!! 💙
A Loyal Admirer,
~ Jessie

Perfectly done. I love this...xo

Were you there? everytime??

Sounds like the story of most of my sex life.
Thank goodness it did get better, finally.
Great piece of work!

Oh god this is amazing. I felt good imagining myself stretched like this.

Thank you

I have been having hard time with lifw, nothing seem to be going right but being able to just close my eyes and feel like i am in a completely different world really helps me relax please keep up horror theme erotica.

Sandman... can’t wait to hear your next story! ❤️❤️❤️ One more day to go!

Waiting for your 2017 Halloween audio

Thank you once again for being a great author here on literotica.

Thank You!


I appreciate your comment and encouragement, as I appreciate you and your videos.


Congrats on the contest win Sandman

The emotions

I love the way you draw the opposites together, the cold, ice, snowflakes, and the heat, the sun, heated touch. This is very emotional, I loved it.

Being There

I have been there so many times. I come home to find her performing a mundane task as the goddess in her shines as always. Impossibly feminine, she has me aroused to the point where I cannot take no for and answer. She likes me this way. A man unable to reason with himself.

Such a beautiful, vibrant celebration of the eros of words.

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