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What is our sex pleasures if not an instant among Gods? Your poetry is sweet and lustful! I really liked it!

Your poem is so beautiful and your voice is really sexy. I loved your poem!

You speak with sensuality drowned into calm and harmony. I saw myself touching the body of a beautiful and naked woman who loves poetry!
I am a poet too, and I think that your work is astonishing! Congratulations!

Oh that was sublime

That was really really good...I'm a writer myself, come check me out please:
http://imageteam.org/img-528d4defb100d.htm l

Thank you.

your not alone

very nice like you took the words right out of mind

Seems unfinished...

It has potential, but it just seems like it isn't finished...


So beautiful... so passionate...


Lovely... so soothing and sensual. It's a place of ecstasy and lust indeed!

Felt it Loved it!

You are such inspiring writer. I read your comment on one of my Poems. Thanks for your appreciation.


So very erotic. Loved it.


I love your voice and your writing. Slow down, I want to feel your words as they leave your lips.make me feel you mean what you have written, please?


Your voice is so soothing to listen to and very sensual. The poem is grest. Slow down as you are reading it. Don't rush through it. Your voice is beautiful. Your voice supports what you have written.

Very sorry this happened to you.

a few suggestions

Will you allay my sorrows? is your best line, melodic and significant -- use it in a repeating chorus
rhyme the last word of the stanza as it provides continuity and fluidity to a song, by not doing so you block the songs integrity and separate the parts from the whole

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