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Thank You!


I appreciate your comment and encouragement, as I appreciate you and your videos.


Congrats on the contest win Sandman

The emotions

I love the way you draw the opposites together, the cold, ice, snowflakes, and the heat, the sun, heated touch. This is very emotional, I loved it.

Being There

I have been there so many times. I come home to find her performing a mundane task as the goddess in her shines as always. Impossibly feminine, she has me aroused to the point where I cannot take no for and answer. She likes me this way. A man unable to reason with himself.

Such a beautiful, vibrant celebration of the eros of words.

My heart smiled!

Great job on capturing that akward first time!

sweet voice

Nice poetry and I like the way you say it.

Very good

One of the best I've read so far.


This was so beautiful in words and voice.


Ive been listening to you recently. Your recordings are so beautiful especially your art

What is our sex pleasures if not an instant among Gods? Your poetry is sweet and lustful! I really liked it!

Your poem is so beautiful and your voice is really sexy. I loved your poem!

You speak with sensuality drowned into calm and harmony. I saw myself touching the body of a beautiful and naked woman who loves poetry!
I am a poet too, and I think that your work is astonishing! Congratulations!

Oh that was sublime

That was really really good...I'm a writer myself, come check me out please:
http://imageteam.org/img-528d4defb100d.htm l

Thank you.

your not alone

very nice like you took the words right out of mind

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