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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Home & Horny

 — Warrior wife returns from Iraq horny & demanding. by tonysnow01/14/083.53

Home Again

 — Absence makes sex all the better. by Writeman08/28/054.41

Home Again

 — Rediscovering each other after a long time apart. by hissecretdream01/04/084.35

Home Again

 — After months of separation, two lovers reunite. by Purrfect76906/16/094.20

Home Again

 — They say you can never go home again... by Aussiemerk12/06/164.55HOT

Home Again

 — You can go home again. by Ann Douglas08/29/174.71HOT

Home Again.

 — "We wasted no time." by Dhampie08/27/124.15

Home Alone

 — She's alone so he comes over. by harder01/03/034.43

Home Alone

 — Dinner at the table will never be the same. by Smashley03/14/083.86

Home Alone

 — A surprise encounter leads to wild afternoon delight. by imperfect_goddess01/13/183.94

Home Alone and Bored

 — Couple finally meets up after only ever having phone sex. by tighttight6901/10/094.50HOT

Home Alone Ch. 02

 — He walked his craving cock right into her mouth. by BradCarson09/03/054.24

Home Alone for the Holidays, Again

 — There is someone for everyone. Isn’t there? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/26/074.13

Home Alone with Jason

 — Lexie gets a visitor while sun bathing topless. by fms961202/24/174.25

Home Alone?

 — Just when things get interesting, you vanish. by Halos11/06/063.12

Home Alone?

 — What to do with a day alone? She finds out. by Wish4me02/24/054.43

Home At Last

 — Long awaited relief. by queen_guenevere02/22/044.48

Home at Last

 — A typical weekend evening for Vic and Poppy. by kirby300009/30/154.83HOT

Home at Last!

 — After a hard night ones needs a little 'play' before bed. by BrightCatsEyes11/05/024.63HOT

Home at the Movies

 — Watching movies leads to a lusty midday tryst. by RobHammer03/16/043.98

Home Away

 — Facing another night alone, Inga's invitation changes that. by JudeWrites07/27/104.47

Home Coming

 — It was Logan, an old friend of mine from childhood. by heatround05/10/104.17

Home Cooking

 — A seduction with food. by alsensu11/28/064.54HOT

Home Cumming

 — Two lovers screw each other in the town they first met. by GucciBarbie08/16/093.71

Home Cumming

 — A short story of a lover's return home. by AngryPanther05/28/104.00

Home Cumming

 — She's been gone ten days and she finally cums home. by kinkem04/25/143.53

Home Early

 — Slow day turns hot. by ChiPete7102/22/044.56HOT

Home Early on a Wednesday

 — Sometimes, breaking the routine is all you need. by ausqldbris11/27/014.41

Home For Christmas Again!

 — I get more daring. by RoseBrn07/03/114.20

Home for Halloween a Hero's Welcome

 — Blown to pieced, a war hero returns home for Halloween. by andtheend10/15/104.55HOT

Home for Lunch

 — A lunch time interlude. by JosieMayBlu712/27/153.68

Home For More

 — After her night out, Katie's boyfriend gives her some more. by Fit Like09/27/114.28

Home For the Holiday

 — Family holiday parties lead to fun for Hunter and Maria. by eaver beaver01/19/043.93

Home for the Holidays

 — Sherrie finds flying is more than mode of travel. by Arlie11/18/034.10

Home for the Holidays

 — War-weary soldier meets lady who raised his morale. by celticlass12/24/054.55HOT

Home for the Hols

 — Laurie and Frankie are coming to England for the Holidays. by PAUL C07/29/034.50HOT

Home From Home Ch. 06

 — Two's Company. . . by Cliff1103/05/114.57HOT

Home From Work

 — Hot wife welcomes husband. by OLord ErosO11/05/004.38

Home From Work

 — He comes home early to find her alone. by cwadkins289905/16/044.32

Home from Work

 — I get home from work and I'e been thinking about you all day. by chunkythighs01/17/123.69

Home from Work

 — A man relaxes his wife after a tough day at work. by Quiet10010/27/154.15

Home Girl: The Single Woman's Guide

 — A university student starts a job as a nanny with a family. by treehugger4life04/15/084.46

Home Improvement

 — An exciting encounter between lovers in a store. by SaffronStorm06/15/104.00

Home Inspection

 — She came to inspect the house. by mtman269u10/11/143.84

Home Invasion

 — A home invasion turns into an erotic encounter. by ErosinaScarlett01/25/174.38

Home Invasion... Vol. 01

 — John & Chloe... by Biggangstarr05/05/114.08

Home Is Where...

 — A fantasy about you, someone I almost met. by Peds10006/01/144.25

Home Late

 — A surprise awaits you as you return home from work. by English Rose10/16/034.40

Home Made Movies...on DVD

 — Jenny finds a DVD of her roommate & boyfriend. by SpaWriter03/15/084.71HOT

Home Movies Ch. 04

 — New Movies - with a twist by Obaki11/28/044.64HOT

Home Movies Ch. 05

 — Dad finds more movies. by Obaki02/14/054.40

Home Nudist

 — Every day is nude day, when you work from home. by Spurtulator07/03/084.42

Home Office Lovers

 — Karen gets more than just a disk from Jason. by Dawns07/23/083.12

Home Office Seduction

 — A birthday he will never forget. by VeryHappyHubby10/01/024.34

Home On Leave

 — An incredibly hot re-acquaintance. by smalltowndude6901/15/104.47

Home Renovation

 — A kinky home renovation project goes awry. by HalfAsleep10/15/174.48

Home Run

 — Baseball night takes an interesting turn. by Wickid Cherry Pie08/31/034.20

Home Sweet Home

 — Blind date turns hot. by DomesticAnimal06/18/034.56HOT

Home Sweet Home

 — Soldier returns home to sister's friend's new bustier look. by evil_in_the_flesh08/23/054.33

Home Sweet Home

 — Fredrick's surprise part three. by kandie02/09/053.50

Home Sweet Home

 — Aaron has to work from his sexy Valentine's Day Gift. by oOScarletWingsOo01/21/114.34

Home Visits. My Wednesday Woman

 — Pete makes his second home visit. by alexcarr07/01/124.15

Home Visits; Lorraine

 — Pete begins a new occupation. by alexcarr06/25/124.54HOT

Home Visits; Louise

 — Another one of my home visits of a sexual kind. by alexcarr06/29/124.11

Home, Not So Alone

 — Hot girl wants to watch porn with him. by blover07/22/054.26


 — Lover returns after long absence. by yourwickeddelight02/25/014.36


 — If only you knew! by deefer10/12/024.00


 — A wild homecoming with girlfriend. by LuckyVic11/05/024.64HOT


 — A pilot returns home from war. by AZmulie01/03/034.22


 — She arrives home to a surprise. by wildsweetone02/27/033.98


 — A tale of mutual lust. by mikejb06/12/054.32


 — Making sure her man is well taken care of. by 1SpiceyAngel02/25/064.23


 — Trip back leaves nothing untouched or regretted. by Mae1302/28/044.12


 — Finally, he's here. by anna61008/07/064.20


 — She says welcome back in the best way. by Navig8tor12/06/044.66HOT


 — Jack takes what he wants - no regards. by Angelindisguise223x06/29/084.25


 — She's been waiting for you, soldier. by Adie2406/26/064.55HOT


 — Prelude to "Picnic." You're coming home. by Brazen_Woman11/12/082.00


 — A young man returns home after three weeks away. by ilikecake01/11/093.43


 — A mindblowing surprise for your return home from war. by secretsxywriter04/24/124.52HOT


 — A hard working man returns home with a present. by Auswoody02/03/154.51HOT


 — Husband returns from a business trip. by sweetsubmissive_8810/20/164.44


 — Making me yours. by Souldeepdesires07/26/174.24


 — Mya's crush on her dad's best friend leads to fireworks. by HexingGirl09/26/174.64HOT

Homecoming Again

 — Welcome home after a long deployment. by Navig8tor12/21/044.42

Homecoming Again Ch. 02

 — The welcome home continues. by Navig8tor01/24/054.40

Homecoming Bath

 — Couple enjoy long, slow erotic reunion in the bath. by Hikergirl01/10/074.68HOT

Homecoming Ch. 01

 — Flight home experiences a lot of turbulance. by Kamakura08/02/084.47

Homecoming Ch. 01

 — Jen was not the only one who had grown up. by cbentley01/24/104.04

Homecoming Dance

 — A loving return after a business trip. by readcarefully01/08/163.93

Homecoming Day Dream

 — A man dreams of his wife returning from a long business trip. by LePoisson05/13/184.12

Homecoming Surprise

 — She waits for your arrival with anticipation. by iaffectyou12/21/064.77HOT

Homecoming Surprise

 — She waits for and gives him a welcome he won't forget. by Wingwalker6906/26/133.95

Homecoming: From a Soldier Ch. 01

 — A soldier on leave. by cbentley12/29/094.48

Homecoming: From a Soldier Ch. 02

 — Soldier's homecoming. by cbentley01/08/103.96

Homecoming: From a Soldier Ch. 03

 — Truth between Jen and Seth. by cbentley01/20/104.10


 — Professor Jones teaches Liz new meaning of homecoming. by ShyyyGirl02/23/184.35

Homeless Heart

 — Young woman's need served at homeless meal. by sr71plt01/20/134.63HOT

Homeless Man In My Locker Room

 — Cheerleader meets bum. by Phallux09/01/004.49

Homemade Pie

 — A widow gives Will much more than homemade pie. by luvjuice4310/20/164.59HOT

Homerun Love

 — A baseball and softball player fall in love. by cntry_chick0907/19/104.46


 — He takes her to the family farm. by angela14603/26/044.52HOT

Hometown Ch. 01

 — He finds the women in his hometown have changed. by Slickman12/25/104.69HOT

Hometown Ch. 02

 — His move back to his hometown gets complicated. by Slickman01/26/114.73HOT

Hometown Ch. 03

 — Things heat up for Ted at work and at play. by Slickman02/14/114.73HOT

Hometown Ch. 04

 — The whole damn town gets horny. by Slickman03/26/114.67HOT

Hometown Ch. 05

 — Bank fraud and soft swinging in full bloom. by Slickman05/05/114.69HOT

Hometown Ch. 06 - Final Chapter

 — Ted's return to his hometown finds love and danger. by Slickman05/11/144.64HOT

Hometown Help

 — He finds the milk of human kindness in his small town. by edgarf21703/10/164.50HOT

Homeward Bound

 — She savors a sexy flight home. by sweetlinda01/28/054.33

Homeward Bound

 — He gains his freedom, his girl, her home. by AnonAndAnon09/30/064.18

Homeward Bound

 — A soldier gets a hearty 'welcome home' between flights. by velvetpie03/20/054.47

Homeward Bound

 — Eric and Tess head home. by munkin22405/10/134.58HOT


 — Couple has fun while house hunting. by theblack02/13/053.85


 — He makes her admit her fantasies. by justachicky09/05/054.27

Homework Ch. 01

 — In which our hero and heroine prepare themselves. by FrankFriday07/16/133.94

Homework Help

 — He helps hot neighbor get extra credit. by Anonymous Author09/01/003.68

Homo 'Erect'-Us Ch. 01

 — Caveman erotica. by BasedOnATrueStory06/30/174.09

Honest Work

 — A bonus for working late. by Ashson06/27/164.35


 — Sometimes you don't know what you like, until you're told. by LiquidFyre11/03/054.60HOT

Honey Awoke Horny

 — Good morning sex as it was meant to be. by Katthrynn04/18/064.56HOT

Honey I'm Home

 — His wife makes himm feel right at home. by woodman6903/25/024.40

Honey I'm Home

 — After a long day, Ben cums home to you. by bennyboy51109/05/034.17

Honey I'm Home

 — Cumming home to my horny wife. by ianbornscots02/20/134.10

Honey I'm Home

 — Mutual release after a long day. by DrLargo03/05/133.62

Honey I'm Home

 — A girl surprises her man at home. by CanadianAngel83502/13/174.10

Honey In A Jar

 — Things get sticky between lovers by Heathen Hemmingway09/13/054.56HOT

Honey's Sleepy Morning

 — What a wonderful way to wake up. by SweetestDistraction12/12/084.43

Honey's Surprise

 — A fond memory of one lazy summer afternoon. by aznhoney05/20/064.36

Honey, I'm Home!

 — Husband comes home early, gives wife HUGE surprise. by GoodOnTheOutside03/16/164.33

Honey, I'm Home...

 — It's dark when you get home and I am in bed asleep. by Mammi8908/01/144.12

Honey, Syrup, and Cream

 — A simple desert turns into a very erotic experience. by Mr_Neb09/26/074.48

Honey-Lee. Journeys of a TG Nympho

 — Honey-Lee stranded at a truck stop. by HoneyDew90909/03/134.29


 — Bill Ward-inspired tale #3. by Goatilocks06/29/064.32

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